How to import Sony/Canon/Panasonic/JVC MTS to iMovie?


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MTS to iMovie lets Mac OS X users convert high-definition camcorders recorded MTS files
to Apple Intermediate Codec for importing and editing with iMovie.

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How to import Sony/Canon/Panasonic/JVC MTS to iMovie?

  1. 1. How to import Sony/Canon/Panasonic/JVC MTS to iMovie? iMovie 11, the consumer-level digital video editing software for Macintosh, now supports a wide range of digital video cameras and camcorders. To simplify the process of selecting compatible devices, Apple has even tested hundreds of popular models. From the search results, we can see that iMovie 11 supports to import AVCHD mts file format from various high definition camcorder models. However, as noted by many early adopters of iMovie 11, when they tried to import some loose .mts files to iMovie, the files greyed out. The reason why you can’t import mts files to iMovie can be various, the following article will illustrate them one by one. 1. iMovie can not import raw MTS files moved from the PRIVATE folder structure. Therefore, when trying to import MTS files to iMovie, make sure the the PRIVATE folder structure is complete. 2. iMovie does not support MTS footage recorded in 1080 50p
  2. 2. or 60p. iMovie imports three format video cameras: video cameras purchased in North America use the NTSC format (30 fps), cameras purchased in Europe use the PAL format (25 fps) and Cinema format video with a frame rate of 24fps. 3. iMovie prefers to load video encoded with Apple Intermediate Codec The Apple Intermediate Codec is an intermediate format in an HDV and AVCHD workflow. It features high performance and quality, being less processor intensive to work than other editing formats. It is similar to standard-definition DV codec, enabling every frame to be decoded immediately without decoding other frames. Therefore, to successfully import MTS files to iMovie, you should convert MTS to iMovie compatible file format and frame rates. Jihosoft Video Converter for Mac, a powerful video conversion application which can not only perfectly rewrap Sony/Canon/Panasonic/JVC camcorder recorded mts files to Apple Intermediate Codec, but also enable you to customize output profile parameters such as video codec, resolution,
  3. 3. bitrate, frame rate and audio codec, sample rate, bitrate and channel. How to Convert MTS to iMovie on Mac OS X? 1. Launch Jihosoft Video Converter for Mac on your computer. 2. Input MTS file to the program. 3. Select Apple Intermediate Codec as the out format. 4. Start Conversion. When the conversion is over, launch iMovie from your computer, click the “File” menu, from its drop-down list, select
  4. 4. “Import”>”Movies...” and then locate and import the converted MTS files from your local computer to the application.