Social media case study: Promoting sustainable transport


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A social media case study showing a successful campaign to achieve behavioural change to sustainable transport for Brighton & Hove City Council, delivered by social media agency Qube Media.

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Social media case study: Promoting sustainable transport

  1. 1. Brighton & Hove City CouncilBehavioural change social media case studyPromoting sustainable transport
  2. 2. CHALLENGE Brighton & Hove City Council wanted to change travel behaviour in the city – specifically encouraging people to drive less and walk, cycle, bus or train more. In partnership with
  3. 3. INSIGHT Simply trying to tell people to change, or giving them information and expecting them to act on it, may not work if you forget to consider the benefits people derive from certain behaviours. The Guardian (March 2011)
  4. 4. INSIGHT One of the key influencing factors on travel behaviour*: habit *Derived from Triandis’ Theory of Interpersonal Behaviour
  5. 5. WHAT WE DID Our strategy for this campaign was to encourage people to scrutinise their travel habits. We would invite them to ‘self-report’ and share their travel behaviour publically in social media. Supported by information, this activity could prompt people to change.
  6. 6. WHAT WE DID We created a hashtag for Twitter. We asked the public simply to tweet how they were travelling each day, where they were going and use this hashtag. There was no judgement on how they ‘should’ travel #twago [TWeet As you GO]
  7. 7. WHAT WE DID We rewarded participation with prizes for best tweets
  8. 8. WHAT WE DID We had started a conversation about transport on Twitter. We then pulled it together on a Twago blog We hit the streets of Brighton to find out what people felt about transport issues
  9. 9. WHAT WE DID We engaged Influencers by inviting them to guest blog
  10. 10. WHAT WE DID We published participation weekly on the blog with the aim on introducing social comparison – community ‘ judgement’
  11. 11. IMPACT We engaged a large chunk of Brighton Twitter universe 369,676 Awareness of Twago: Potential reach on Twitter Brighton active accounts 17% participated in Twago
  12. 12. IMPACT People tweeted about transport MODE broken down bus blocking north street, we cyclist types smugly weaved our way through the traffic to freedom. 2 wheels=better than 4. #twago askgoneonfire it is way too hot to be on a bus this full. Another check in the cycling column i reckon #twago askgoneonfire awesome bus ride in with @lola_bones.then a lovely wander around victoria garden #twago special_noodles left bike at pub after unexpected demotion to designated driver... bus to work today : ( #twago micheal rose Im grumbling about having to walk home from the station rather than cycle. I miss my bike, or more accurately, my bike lock #twago blogbookblog Going to jump into my dry, leather-lined, air conditioned f**k-off big black Volvo & cruise home, listen to tunes, & stay DRY! #twago jasontill
  13. 13. IMPACT People tweeted about transport CHOICE thinking about why they travel the way they do Drove in today... no good reason other than lazyness, I admit it... #twago nijay Looking forward to my sweaty cycle up hill to the pta meeting while the yummy mummies fly by in their cars #twago Rosie Fresh Saw neighbor who thinks I’m a ‘natural pedestrian’ while I was in a car yesterday - she waved but I felt obscurely guilty for driving #twago Key Sexton Boo am driving all way to Rustington today. Would take train but buses up to Hove station are rare and baby is heavy! #twago hovehousewife For the first time in ages i dont have to get into the car today. Train and Shanks Pony is best. Especially when its sunny. #twago Today I have walked everywhere because I am very good. #twago mrsPboutique For the first time in ages i dont have to get into the car today. Train and Shanks Pony is best. Especially when its sunny. #twago timmission car-less and cycling everywhere with 2 children is not fun on these roads. More cycle lanes please. #twago victoriajane I walked 4 minutes into work this morning, its a minimal distance but i DO feel that i am deserved of a #TWAGO prycie
  14. 14. IMPACT We extended influence and awareness through media 52,592 Awareness of Twago: Monthly average traffic
  15. 15. IMPACT We could identify triggers to transport mode choice in real-time …weather …money …lifestyle
  16. 16. IMPACT We received honest feedback on local transport
  17. 17. IMPACT Twago prompted people to start scrutinising their habits
  18. 18. IMPACT
  19. 19. Qube and Peter Brett Associates• Qube has partnered with global infrastructure consultancy Peter Brett Associates on a number of projects using social media to change travel behaviour and promote sustainable transport.
  20. 20. Qube MediaA leading social media agency witha focus on behavioural changeContact us if you would like tounderstand the new marketinglandscape and to discuss how wecan help you engage the public+44 1273 689