FACEBOOK: Stop notification in your phone from a particular post


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Hello friends, yet another useful tutorial presentation from Quantum PC Support, https://www.quantumpcsupport.com. Today we will show you how to stop facebook notification from a particular post you are not interested. You could stop this notification from your Phone without using desktop pc. By default mobile version of facebook don’t include a Stop notification button in each post. It is only found in the desktop version of facebook. But you could still restrain the facebook post from sending you notification. The feature is hidden but you could still use it. But if the notification is not visible in the list of 6 notifications in your phone then you have to open the desktop version of Facebook in your phone. Let’s watch the presentation. We are thank full to http://www.tech-recipes.com/ for images.

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FACEBOOK: Stop notification in your phone from a particular post

  1. 1. Stop Facebook Notification from Particular Post Using Phone This presentation will show you how to unfollow those facebook posts, that you are not interested and getting notification regularly.
  2. 2. Launch Facebook App in Your Phone
  3. 3. If you are a facebook user in Android phone then slide finger from left on screen to display the sidebar, and scroll down bellow to locate Settings section. Then tap the account settings option for continuing the process.
  4. 4. If you are a Facebook user in IOS phone follow this step For your IOS phone, tap More on the bottom bar, Choose “Account Settings” under the Settings section.
  5. 5. In the setting screen, tap on notifications
  6. 6. Now you will see a list of recent notifications top section of your page. By default 3 notifications are displayed but you could tap on Show More to see more notifications.
  7. 7. If your notification is under first 6 positions it will be invisible on screen and you have to use desktop version of facebook to do this, which is described at the end of presentation.
  8. 8. Now you have to tap on Edit button and choose Turn Off to stop notification from that particular post. Notifications will be removed from the list after turning them off. You could see new notification at the bottom of the list then next time you will come back to that page.
  9. 9. In the mobile version of facebook you could not undo your action unlike in the desktop version of facebook. Once you turn off a notification, it is final and you can’t revert back. You could only undo or turn on that notification by logging in desktop version of facebook.
  10. 10. If you could not find your notification in the list of 6 notifications then use the Desktop version of facebook in your phone.
  11. 11. 1) Launch your favorite web browser. 2) Access its settings page. 3) Set user agent to Desktop.
  12. 12. The location of the settings option depends on individual browsers you are using. For the stock Android browser, tap the Menu key and choose Request Desktop Site
  13. 13. Now using the browser log in your facebook account. Go to the post for which you want to turn off the notification, and tap Stop Notification.
  14. 14. Thank you for watching. Please share the post if you liked it. Know more about us here https://www.quantumpcsupport.com