Apple IOS 8: New and exciting features


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Hello friends this presentation will show you IOS 8 new features. The new features includes QuickType, Interactive Notifications, intelligent spotlight, improved messaging, Location sharing. So watch and learn about using the features.

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Apple IOS 8: New and exciting features

  1. 1. Upcoming features in IOS 8 Hello friends this presentation will show you some upcoming and exciting features of IOS 8.
  2. 2. Interactive Notifications IOS 8 introduced interactive notifications. Now you could response or take actions from the notification center. Buttons like “send”, “Decline”, “accept”, “mark as read” or “trash” are associated with notifications.
  3. 3. Now you could find your key people (you interact often) at the top of multitasking app switcher. They will appear in circular avatars. Recent Contacts in app switcher
  4. 4. More Intelligent Spotlight When you will type your query in Spotlight, it will automatically recognize your intent and show the relevant results. If you search for movie, it will also provide you nearby theaters also. If your query is place related, Wikipedia and Map result will be displayed.
  5. 5. QuickType IOS 8 is introducing a modern keyboard QuickType, faster, smarter solution for useful typing. It will offer you predictive word suggestion to use in your text. It will also learn your typing habits. Android has this prediction feature.
  6. 6. 3 improvement in messaging Group messaging: Now you could name a thread, add or remove contacts from threads and also inactive threads. Location Sharing: Now in ISO you could share your location via message with your friends. But it is for a limited time period or indefinitely. Tap to Talk: Now you may create audio or video clips by tapping a button and send them to your family or friends via messages. If you are in a footpath and someone is playing a sweet music, you can record that what a tap and send immediately to your friends your chatting with.
  7. 7. Location sharing
  8. 8. TAP to talk
  9. 9. IOS introduced a service like iCloud Drive like Dropbox, Box, OneDrive,Google Drive etc.
  10. 10. Apple introduced a new Health App and HealthkIT platform which keeps a centralized database for all your fitness and health data. Health providers who are partnered with apples can view and add new data from checkups.
  11. 11. Inter-app communication Now third party apps can offer services to other apps in your system. This will allow some services like Pinterest which will offer sharing in other apps too.
  12. 12. In this IOS8 developers are allowed to develop their own keyboards for IOS 8 devices.
  13. 13. Thank you for watching