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Quantum's iLayer Intelligent Management
Quantum's iLayer Intelligent Management
Quantum's iLayer Intelligent Management
Quantum's iLayer Intelligent Management
Quantum's iLayer Intelligent Management
Quantum's iLayer Intelligent Management
Quantum's iLayer Intelligent Management
Quantum's iLayer Intelligent Management
Quantum's iLayer Intelligent Management
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Quantum's iLayer Intelligent Management


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Overview of Quantum's iLayer Intelligent Management.

Overview of Quantum's iLayer Intelligent Management.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. iLayer Intelligent Management
    Presented by Ryan Duffy, Product Marketing Manager for Quantum's Tape Automation Products
  • 2. iLayer Intelligent Delivers Value
    Automates Management
    Automates Tasks
    Saves up to 75% administrative time
    Simplifies Growth
    Flexible growth options
    Non-disruptive scalability
    Improves Reliability, Availability and Serviceability
    Reduces service calls by 50%
    Decreases time to resolution by 35%
    Data Protection and Security
    EDLM proactively protects DR and archive data
    FIPS validated encryption solution
  • 3. Common iLayer Library Management
    • Common set of features, tools and reports
    • 4. Standardize management process and procedures
    • 5. Minimizes training needs
    • 6. Eases growth, transition to higher capacity products
    Scalar i80
    Scalar i500
    Scalar i40
    Scalar i6000
    Entry Automation
    Midrange Automation
    Enterprise Automation
    iLayer Management Across the Portfolio
  • 7. iLayer Simplifies Tape Management
    Easy to use interface
    Local op panel and remote management use same GUI
    Easily check system status
    Green, Yellow, Red indicators
    Quickly drill down into specific devices
    Capacity and Configuration statistics
    Quickly launch into other management tasks
  • 8. iLayer Saves Time by Automating Tasks
    Flexible alert delivery
    Identify multiple recipients
    Use severity level for delivery rules
    Report creation and delivery
    Schedule report creation
    Customize reports
    Save as report templates
    Identify recipients for automatic delivery
    E-mail (manual and automated)
    Export (manual)
  • 9. Capacity-on-demand
    Software enablement ofadditional slots
    Fast, non-disruptive growth
    Two ways to grow
    Expansion Modules sent as needed
    Advanced installation of Expansion Modules
    Tape consolidation
    Create virtual libraries to assign to different applications
    Savings can be higher than 80%
    Floor space consumption
    Power and cooling costs
    Maintenance costs
    Management time
    iLayer Offers Flexible Growth Options
  • 10. Improved reliability and service
    Proactive monitoring
    Advanced diagnostics
    Repair wizards
    “Learns” over time
    Redundant components or high availability
    Redundant power
    Control path failover and data path failover
    Redundant Robots
    Media and drive reports
    Reduces disruptions to operations
    Improves performance
    iLayer Improves Your Service Levels
  • 11. Library security
    Media Security Notifications
    Login-Based Access Control
    Three User Accounts: Admin, User, Service
    LDAP support
    Network security
    Defines network access
    Independent of network security
    Encryption for mobile data
    Tape based encryption
    FIPS Validated key management
    Highly secure, using one key per tape
    Simple to use
    Integrated with the library
    Can manage keys across your organization
    Certificate N. 1445
    Scalar Key Manager
    Securing Your Library, Cartridges and Data
  • 12. Results of iLayer Intelligent Management