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Powered by DXi 3.0 software, Quantum’s new portfolio of deduplication solutions provides patented variable length deduplication that not only reduces disk usage and capital expenditures, but also enables efficient data movement across the WAN to other sites and to the cloud.

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  • IT Datacenters are more complicated
    Multiple sites, virtualization, rapid data growth and retention
    Cloud Adoption: Moving the data to the cloud
    It’s not just about protecting data, but also moving data – moving 1TB
    Dedupe is established technology
    Evolution/shades of dedupe
    Lots of choices where/how to dedupe
    Flash – use flash to get the price of disk
    ISVs - good enough is not good enough
    PBBA – best approach for doing dedupe
    The way people buy technology is shifting: lowest opex wins
    EMC market share leader, losing share to Symantec
  • Let’s talk about how deduplication can
    Future Proof | Buy technology today that will prepare you for tomorrow and how will you get to the cloud
    VM Data Protection in native format | treating vm data differently than traditional data is an important aspect to how you will manage your data long term
    Open Source | DP as-a-service delivery depends on non-proprietary formats. With data locked into a proprietary format, the data is a boat anchor.
    It’s all about the Cloud | Deduplication is still a game changing technology. Enables DR for the masses (hybrid approach and efficient replication), now with cloud using an opex model, more attainable than ever.
    It’s all about Opex | customers buy technology differently today and the lowest opex wins.
    PBBA is the way to go | good enough is NOT good enough. Next gen data centers are too complex for good enough.
    Technology Integration is a must | Cloud, ISVs, Tiered Storage
    Deduplication will not solve all your backup challenges | Data, content, access needs should be evaluated for Deduplication best-fit

    Virtualization.  Take Virtualization.  With the advent of virtualization, the relationship between the server and data has changed.  So why would you continue to protect the information using legacy approaches?  Quantum has unique VM technology that allows you to take a snapshot of the VM at any point in time, in native format.  Once you have a native copy, your data now becomes much more portable and useful to the business.  You can store and access the copy of data in the cloud or DR facility, or archive it to tape.  You no longer need a complex restore process to access, analyze, or leverage your content for business needs.
    To enable portability, data must be stored and transported in a way that minimizes the requirements for storage and network resources.  Q has developed patented dedupe technology and an innovative replication engine that reduces WAN costs and is extremely resilient to WAN latencies.  And we have 256-bit encryption to ensure that data is protected in flight and at rest. In addition, we give you the flexibility to select how you will deploy deduplication, either in purpose-built hardware appliances with industry-leading performance or as virtual appliances so you can leverage your own server and storage resources. Finally, by leveraging LTFS technology, we can present a tape library as a large NAS store, allowing you to store your data for the long term.
  • Maximize disk storage density | Patented variable block deduplication minimizes disk storage as data grows over time
    Improve backup windows and restore SLA’s | Using StorNext 5, the world’s fastest file system, to power our deduplicated block pool means faster data deduplication and faster access to your backup data
    Increase IT Staff Productivity|  Proactive monitoring and reporting enables precise business decision making, configuration wizards and speeds resolution time, even from your mobile device. Allow your staff to focus on more strategic projects versus manage a device all day long.
    Protect Data Across Sites & In the Cloud | Using Quantum’s WAN-optimized replication to minimize network bandwidth and Q-Cloud Protect, DXi provides secure offsite data protection for as little as pennies per GB per month.
    Scale on Your Terms | Physical and virtual appliances that scale from 1TB to over 500TB using DXi’s unique capacity-on-demand approach with minimal or no downtime, and as simple as activating a license key.
    Provide Extra Layers of Security | Military-grade, hardware based AES-256 bit encryption at rest and in flight provides security without sacrificing performance
  • The way you dedupe matters and variable length is the best approach. When you look at the dedupe market, as mentioned earlier, there are lots of places to do dedupe, but there are also lots of ways to do dedupe. Deduplication is not a pedestrian exercise and good enough is not good enough, particularly when it comes to data reduction in general terms. Software approaches have adopted a variable block approach (sometimes referred to as fixed block) as this is the least compute intensive, but it also doesn’t provide the maximum amount of data reduction. Quantum is seminal patent holder for variable length dedupe, resource intensive, sure, but as shown above the most efficient when it comes to data reduction. We ran 18 backups using DXi variable length approach and compared those same 18 backups to a fixed block approach and we are able to clearly demonstrate that variable length provided data reduction upwards of 3x the amount that the fixed block approach provided. This is astounding when think about the amount of disk capacity savings that provides. Put another way, at 90% reduction for variable length you can store 100TBs on only 10TBs of disk whereas with the fixed block approach that same amount of protected TBs, 100TBs, would need 27TBs of disk capacity, for the same data. Again, good enough is not good enough, and when it comes to dedupe, variable length will save you money in the long run and allow you to increase the value of your data.

    Let’s turn our focus to network impact. Deduplication has enabled customers to see dramatic resource reduction from a disk and backup capacity standpoint, but the network is still being taxed. With DXi we have taken tremendous steps to help alleviate the pressure on the network with several key features:

    Reducing Network Traffic:
    -- Accent (hybrid based dedupe)
    -- Optimized deduplication – allows DXi to do the movement to a second DXi without having traverse the network or go back to the media server
    -- Optimized Synthetic Fulls – puts the burden of doing synthetic fulls on the DXi, again so the network and the media server are not impacted
    -- Direct path to tape – only PBBA with a DIRECT path to tape, keeping data in the background and not having to pull the data through the front of the DXi, traverse the network and have the media server do the work of writing to tape
    -- Replication – we will discuss replication shortly, but know that dedupe allows for secure and efficient replication to DR sites or to the cloud, making a DR strategy come to life quickly and easily.
  • We built SN 5 from the ground up in the last 6 months and is at the heart of the DXi, demonstrating not only our commitment to continue to innovate and invest in the DXi, but also cross pollinating with our own technologies.  A lot of other appliances use file systems that are not their own, so tweaking them for specific purposes (tiered tuned storage) and needs is not done easily.  SN5 was designed to native operate directly with flash technologies, works with 4K video, can now support over 5 billion files, so it manages streaming data very well, and is being used in some of the most intense data environments.  With SN5 in DXi it will allow us to handle more files, smaller files, continue with the linear high performance and scale (regardless of current performance, we are still the fastest, broadest scale appliance on the market because of SN5).   While is it not new that SN is the file system for DXi, we are setting the stage for some really cool and unique ways to use the DXi and our dedupe software in the near future.

    More flexibility to tune the file system in future releases (StorNext 5)
    Have a full flash based dedupe backup appliance
    Software partners that require faster metadata operations (creates, deletes, copies, moves, etc)
    backup applications like Symantec GRT would benefit from the use of SN 5, again, since the file system can handle more smaller files than ever before
    Think of this as a way to explore “next generation” data protection where the software detects changes and moves the data to backup as it changes in primary storage

    What SN as a file system does, beyond all the excitement and extras that SN 5 brings and will bring, is the ability for the DXi to have tuned tiered storage. What the heck is that? Well, we use high performance disk (designed for high IOPS based instructions) for the meta data for fast look ups (improves read performance for example) and put the actual content on lower performing disk (more workhorse based disk technologies), but with more integrity analysis and checks built in to protect the data as a whole. SN is natively an extremely powerful and fast file system and is used in some of the most demanding environments and it is the heart of the DXi, that’s cool!! SN is also a journaling file system and provides an extra layer of system wide checks to ensure the integrity of the data remains, even in the case of a drive or system wide failure.
  • Deduplication is still a game changing technology, even it has been around for almost 10 years now. It may be a staple for many customers, but it’s benefits go beyond just data reduction at the primary site level and into a cost effective way to deliver DR for the masses (whether that is site to site or to the cloud). Deduplication is about moving data and with variable length dedupe, efficient replication is a positive by-product of that function. With DXi replication, only changed blocks are replicated minimizing WAN connectivity and storage requirements at a remote location. When replication automatically begins in a continuous fashion, DXi will create two types of data to move; the blocks that are not present on the target DXi and namespace (metadata) all compressed and designed to recreate the data when needed. Bandwidth throttling of the replication can be done using the system wide Scheduler all done via step-by-step wizards.

    This also holds true for cloud based environments. Customers can continue to have a full copy of their data locally, maintaining complete control (preferred by 97% of those looking for cloud based data protection services – IDC 2014), as well as fast free restores. With Q-Cloud Protect BaaS using DXi as a Gateway appliance, customers end up paying for deduplicated capacity, bringing their monthly costs, in the case of Q-Cloud Protect BaaS, for pennies per GB per month. Bringing cloud based technologies into this scheme, brings the DR barrier to entry down even further as customers can use OPEX versus CAPEX for their offsite protection needs.

    With DXi solutions, customers have a choice to deploy either metal based versions with capacities spanning 5TBs up to 510TBs in a single system, or 100% software, 100% virtual versions with capacities from 1TB to 24TBs in a single VM instance. This provides the ultimate in flexibility for those that are tasked with protecting sites that are largely virtual in nature or have limited IT staff to support. With multiple DXis in an environment, customers can also manage all the Dxis from a single pane of management GUI using Quantum Vision to make life easier. More of this to come later in the presentation.

    When it comes to helping reduce network traffic with replication, DXi provides concurrent optimized duplication. In this functionality, DXi will start replication to secondary DXi before the backup application tells us to, shortening the replication window and getting data offsite quicker and more efficient than any other solution on the market.
  • Quantum’s simple comprehensive management solution, iLayer for DXi, is an integral part every DXi deduplication backup appliance reduces, overall opex, management time, unpredictability associated with other backup appliances and self-monitoring tools.

    On-Board Intelligence for Smarter Operations and Lower Operating Expenses
    Deduplication is a process that is hard to do well and without the right management tools, can become very overwhelming to manage on a daily basis and long term. Quantum iLayer Management for DXi included in every system takes the guess work out of management and puts control back into the customer’s hands. DXi Advanced Reporting provides more details for better operation, and extended trend analysis for smarter planning (including predictability, CPU usage, network traffic and trend analysis for up to 6 years), resulting in lower long-term costs. The reporting capabilities don’t stop there. With Advanced Reporting, detailed and comprehensive on-demand reports, through a browser interface or sent via email, in detailed graphs, with up to the minute stats on everything including, but not limited to, capacity utilization, network and HBA activity, data and system disk activity, CPU load and replication and space reclamation activity. As with any deduplication backup appliance, capacity planning is key to a successful reduction in costs. With DXi Advanced Reporting, up to six years of data is compiled to provide the customer with concise capacity planning tools allowing proactive future deployment options and eliminates unplanned expenses. DXi Advanced Reporting allows for active monitoring of the system with easy to read and understand active alerts, improves reliability and dramatically speeds resolution time.

    Simplified Deployment and Management through Step-by-Step Configuration Wizards and Scheduler
    When it comes deploying DXi deduplication backup appliances, enterprise data protection doesn’t come with the cost of being difficult to deploy, configure or manage. Inherent to the DXi family is easy to use step-by-step deployment and configuration wizards that speed up setup, but simplify daily management tasks. With easy wizard driven network configuration for OST, VTL, NAS, VLANs, Port Bonding, Round Robin and up to three layers of DNS IP addressing, iLayer Management for DXi has eliminated the difficulty in networking configuration. Replication configuration and operation management is also dramatically simplified with iLayer Management for DXi with advanced user friendly configuration and monitoring of replication events. The Replication reporting shows the location of the target DXi list along with a list of NAS, OST shares and VTL partitions, culminating with details regarding every replication job process. A system wide scheduler allows managed scheduled events on the DXi, including replication and replication throttling, e-mail reports, health checks, and space reclamation. With schedules, customers specify when certain events should occur, and the system automatically performs those events at the specified time. Events can be one-time only, or they can reoccur at defined intervals.

    Proactive Monitoring and Remote Troubleshooting
    One of the biggest advantages that the Quantum DXi with the iLayer management software offers is in the way that the iLayer handles monitoring, alerting, and diagnostics to reduce service calls, increase disk reliability, and shorten issue resolution time. In many cases, the iLayer technology lets Quantum DXi find resolution before issues become critical and even before end-users realize that an issue exists. This approach makes backups easier to manage, reduces service calls, speeds up issue resolution, and reduces costs. This type of proactive management can reduce service tickets by as much as 50% and dramatically reduce resolution time, up to 30%. The methodology behind this is the constant monitoring of hundreds of events in all the key components and log data from the DXi. When an abnormal event is detected, the data collectors extract synchronized log data from related components and gather them into a report (called a “RAS ticket”). The iLayer technology then correlates the data to determine probable causes and possible next steps—if any. If the condition is not serious and corrects itself quickly, the report is kept inside the system to become part of the DXi’s diagnostic history. If the condition is serious, the user is alerted through the system, and the report—with the diagnosis, associated log files, and recommended resolution—is automatically emailed to the administrator and to the Quantum service team. This type of unique monitoring and troubleshooting preserves allows time and resources to be utilized on more strategic projects.

    Rich and Intuitive Central Management for all Quantum Devices
    Vision® software simplifies multi-site data protection by providing global management of Quantum disk and tape systems through a single console, using at-a-glance status and automatically generated alerts to provide an overview of all systems. Vision software management tool extends the iLayer Management for DXi capabilities, including DXi predictor tool, capacity upgrade estimator, and overall health of all DXi’s in enviroment, regardless of physical locations, with topology based “click and drill” functionality. For those customers, whether public or private cloud services providers, tasked with reporting in a “chargeback manner”, Vision with DXi allows the creation of comprehensive reports showing overall usage of DXi and how much a specific “customer” is backing up on any given point in time.
  • Pay-as-you-grow scalability provides simple, predictable & easy-to-install storage capacity. This allows users to increase the capacity of their DXi in 17TB increments by simply unlocking capacity through the addition of a license key – no additional on-site installation needed. The benefit of this approach is that it allows users to not have to overprovision their storage and purchase more capacity than they need. With pay-as-you-grow, users can now buy what they need today, and then as their storage needs grow, the DXi6900 will grow with them.

    Each expansion shelf contains 34TB of usable capacity with a maximum of six expansion shelves for a total of 510TB usable capacity – that’s over 7PB of logical capacity in only 32U of space. The base system ships with 17TB usable capacity. If the user needs more storage than that, they simply add the number of 17TB increments they need to achieve the desired total system capacity.
  • DXi V-Series
    1-24 Usable Capacity
    15-360TB Logical Capacity
    4.9TB/hr ingest

    5-135TB Usable Capacity
    75-2PBs Logical Capacity
    11TB.hr ingest

    17-510TB Usable Capacity
    255TB-7.7PBs Logical Capacity
    18TB/hr Ingest
  • DXi Deduplication | Powered by StorNext

    1. 1. 1 Quantum Corporation| DXi Deduplication Powered by StorNext
    2. 2. 2 Quantum Corporation|2 Quantum Corporation| Data Protection Trends DATA CENTER COMPLEXITY Multiple sites, virtualization, rapid data growth CLOUD ADOPTION Moving data is becoming more and more critical DEDUPLICATION CHOICES A lot of options on where and how to deduplicate
    3. 3. 3 Quantum Corporation|3 Quantum Corporation| Deduplication Workflow Considerations Off-Site Physical Environment DatabaseCRM Exchange Virtualization Environment Snap a native copy On-Premise Dedupe & Replicate  Remove unstructured data from backup workflow  Create separate workflows for physical and virtual data  Variable-length deduplication  Purpose-Built Appliance (PBBA)  WAN-efficient replication for data movement  Keep data onsite and offsite  Holistic reporting and management Structured Data
    4. 4. 4 Quantum Corporation|4 Quantum Corporation| DXi Deduplication  Maximize Disk Storage  Improve Backup & Restore Times  Protect Data Across Sites & In the Cloud  Increase IT Staff Productivity  Scale on Your Terms  Provide Extra Layers of Security Intelligent. Simple. Powerful.
    5. 5. 5 Quantum Corporation|5 Quantum Corporation| Maximize Disk Storage & Network Resources Patented variable-length deduplication maximizes data reduction to lower storage TCO and reduce network impact BETTER 3XDATA REDUCTION
    6. 6. 6 Quantum Corporation|6 Quantum Corporation| Metadata stored on high-transaction disk User data stored on throughput-optimized storage Improve Backup and Restore Times Purpose Built, Powered By the World’s Most Advanced File System, StorNext 5
    7. 7. 7 Quantum Corporation|7 Quantum Corporation| Protect Data Across Sites and in the Cloud  WAN-Efficient Replication  Multi-Target Replication Scheduling  Integrated Off-Site Cloud Services for DR
    8. 8. 8 Quantum Corporation| Integrated Intelligence for Smarter Operations and Lower Operating Expenses Simplify Management and Monitoring  Improve System Reliability – Advanced Reporting  Reduce Service Calls – Proactive Diagnostics  Faster Time to Resolution – Advanced Graphical Reporting  Shrink Administration Time – Centralized Global Management
    9. 9. 9 Quantum Corporation|9 Quantum Corporation| CoD Capacity (TB) 17 or 34 51 or 68 65 or 78 91 or 104 117 or 130 Up to 510 Scale on Your Terms 32U 17TB expansion ordered, 34TB shipped* UNUSED STORAGE *DXi6900 Increments; DXi4700 is in increments of 18TB shipped and 9TB licensed Unique Capacity-on-Demand for Simplified Scaling
    10. 10. 10 Quantum Corporation| Provide Extra Layers of Security Self-encrypting drives, AES 256-bit encryption at-rest and across the wire with no performance impact
    11. 11. 11 Quantum Corporation|11 Quantum Corporation| DXi Deduplication Series DXi4700 5-135TB DXi6900 17-510TB DXi V-Series 1-24TB
    12. 12. 12 Quantum Corporation| THANK YOU © 2014 Quantum Corporation. Forward-looking information is based upon multiple assumptions and uncertainties, does not necessarily represent the company’s outlook and is for planning purposes only.
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