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  • Khôngaingờ T6-2007 làthờiđiểmthựcsựlàbướcngoặtcủatoànbộnhânloạivề Mobile: Apple giớithiệu iPhoneSince then, smartphones have evolved from an expensive luxury to a common tool. Things that didn't exist -- the App Store, Angry Birds, Google Android -- are now everyday realities for a lot of people.Companies that were doing well four years ago -- Motorola, Nokia, Palm, RIM, and Microsoft -- are now trying to mount comeback efforts after losing their footing.Faster and cheaper phones, brighter screens, better Internet access, and more games, of course.Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/future-of-mobile-2011-6#ixzz1XzlSkebw
  • Mobile làm cho con người được thực sự tự do
  • Touch & Touch & Touch & Type: nokia, black berryMobile for business: TibbrNg ta nhac den mobile ngay cang chi nhac den cac ung dung khac chu ko ai hoi co goi dien duoc khong? Co nhan tin duoc khong?Nhieu mau dien thoai se that bai chi vi khong co ung dung gi tren do, ko co tro gi choiQuang cao mau dien thoai la quang cao ung dung no co the chay duocMobile ecosystem: the phone designer, the phone maker, the ads, the app maker, distribution, content provider
  • Huawei va cac hang may trung quoc ngay cang duoc xem la dien thoai thong minhKo con khai niem dien thoai thong minh nua, ma chi con khai niem dien thoai, vi da la dien thoai la phai thong minh roiMobile biết chúng ta còn hơn cả vợ hoặc bạn gái, khi nằm mà chưa ngủ được thì mobile chính là thiết bị giải trí tốt nhất
  • Giai doan Telco raise ti le, delay thanh toanCPs 257 xuong con 20-30
  • Trên thế giới sẽ ít tìm ra đất nước nào có số mobile ít hơn số dânĐến T4 2010: 7 triệu TB 3G có phát sinh lưu lượng“By 2012, we forecast the total 89 million mobile market is achievable in Vietnam. Mobile penetration of about 99 per cent is possible in that timeframe,” said, Roger Barlow, chairman and CEO of RJB Consultants Limited.2004: 4million2007: 45 million2008: 74 million2009: 98 million2010: 112,6 million2011: 170-180 million/140 million activeXu hướng thế giớiCác nước cấp 3G mới hàng loạt (niger, afghanistan, azerbaijan, )Trên thế giới sẽ ngày càng ít đất nước nào có số mobile ít hơn số dân
  • Mobile EducationMobile internet access with unlimited bandwith
  • Những dịch vụ web nổi tiếng nhất hiện nay chưa hề xuất hiện năm 1996-2000


  • 1. 2011
    MOBILE APPLICATIONMarket & New Trends
    Nguyễn XuânTài
    CEO - Naiscorp
  • 2. “ The Future Of Mobile is The Future Of Everything ”
    Matt Galligan, co-founder of SimpleGeo
  • 3. The “Start”
  • 4. World’s Trend
    3G to be awarded in more and more countries
    Less country with mobile subscribes less than population
    Touch & Touch & Touch & Type
    Every brands are making tablets
    Mobile for business (+entertainment)
    The mobile ecosystem
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7. “ The future of online is offline. Tap on a mobile phone, and like magic a bridge springs up between the interactive world and the real world”
    CyriacRoeding, co-founder of Shopkick
  • 8. Vietnam in its own trend
  • 9. What’s now: Crisis & Crisis
    Financial crisis
    Gold crisis
    Real estate crisis
    Stock market crash
    CPs crisis
  • 10.
  • 11. Mobile operator marketshare(active users as of end-2010 - MIC)
  • 12. Devices landscapeSales report as of June 2011 - Gfk
  • 13. Mobile Applications
    Mobile portals
    Mobile messaging
    Yahoo chat in Mobile
    Offline games
    Online games
    • Cards game, Chess, Farm, etc.
    Mobile social network
    Mobile TV
    Mobile dating
    Mobile News (mobile version of news sites)
    Music apps
    Location search
    Much more
  • 14. Development platforms
    Windows phone
    MTK (600M devices)
  • 15. Players
    There were over 250 of them
    Internet start-up companies
    This is an era of mobile internet services.
  • 16. The trends in Vietnam
    More android
    More touch
    More pictures/video <BOOM!>
    More social
    More mysterious
    More interactive
  • 17. Trends for Developers
    Mobile Marketing
    D2C: “No wireless, No marketing”
    Mobile wallet/payment
    Virtual goods
    Local deals
    Ads supported
    business model
  • 18. 1 MinuteFor OurImagination
  • 19. Mobile Understands, Mobile Knows
    Our Generation
    “Dânta phảibiếtsử ta,
    cáigìkhôngbiếtthìtra Google”
    The NextGeneration
    “Hey phone, let me ask you a question”
    Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Foursquare
  • 20. “The future of mobile will largely be defined by the small, creative entrepreneurs and companies that leverage the device capabilities in new and interesting ways.”Bob Borchers, general partner at Opus Capital, former Apple marketing executive
  • 21. Thanks!
    Naiscorp Information Technology Service Join-Stock Company
    Add : 101 B1 Nguyen Khanh Toan Str., CauGiay Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
    Tel : +84 (4) 3767 8458
    Fax : +84 (4) 3767 8024
    Email : search@socbay.com