3. mobile monday.vn Mobile or Death TIC


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3. mobile monday.vn Mobile or Death TIC

  1. 1. ion Ce nter gy Inn ovatTechnolo h Duo ng City mex T I C – B in Beca
  2. 2. Start-ups current conditions Average startup burns $50K/year 50% of the cost goes into office related expenses Most startup do not last more than 1 year Most startup have to do contract works to keep themselves afloat. Almost all startups fail to have an exit
  3. 3. Startups problems Too much money wasted on non value generating expenses (e.g. office related expenses, etc..) and not enough on value generating factor (i.e. human resources and business development). Very bad quality of life for startups’ staff. No contacts and links to potential buyers leads to no exit strategy No concrete exit option leads to no investment making it’s almost impossible to start up a business despite a large talent pool. Complete lack of exposure and visibility into International market. Spread out all over the country making it hard to form a community
  4. 4. Startups advantages A large pool of talented engineers hungering to challenge themselves and get to new highs. Hard working young workforce. Super low start-up cost, only 5-10% of the US. Totally open consumer market with relatively low competitions. Low cost for M&A by international corporations
  5. 5. What startups need? Minimizing expenses on non-value-generating factors. Improve staff’s quality of life and working condition. Monetary investment at angle and VC level. Good guidance/direction on products. Exposure and relationship with international corporations. The right legal and financial structure for good exit strategy
  6. 6. What we provide at TIC State of the arts infrastructure for better living and working conditions. No expenses on non-value-generating factors. International links and exposure. World class guidance and directions from top executives of international corporations/VCs. Monetary investment to get it off the ground
  7. 7. Becamex TIC Situated at the heart of Binh Duong City, adjacent to Maple Tree Hi- tech Park Surrounded by universities, colleges and science research institutes Located close to Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park State-of-the-arts facility Access a large talent pool not only from Binh Duong’s universities and research institutes, but also from Ho Chi Minh City’s workforce
  8. 8. TIC facility – phase 1 (July 2012) A total of over 20,000 sqf state-of-the arts office floor can house up to 10-15 Start-ups Shared receptions and administrative center Large board rooms and various sized meeting rooms In-house common area, canteen and lounge Overnight short-stay rooms Showers and toilets
  9. 9. EIC Eastern International University’s main campusTechnology Innovation Center TIC
  10. 10. State-of-the-arts infrastructure Beautiful office space provides excellent working condition that on par with any place in the world. Fully equipped office right on campus of one of the largest universities allows access to a large talent pool and R&D facilities. Free housing for staff at the most livable city in Vietnam
  11. 11. EIC Eastern InternationalTechnology Innovation Center University Campus TIC 11
  12. 12. EIC Eastern International University Campuscampus EIC Eastern International University’s main 12
  13. 13. Minimize expenses All office spaces and facilities are free for 18 months. Free top quality housing for startups’ members. Free access to all world class facilities and infrastructure of the city (sport centre, library, public transport, etc..) Free foods and drinks at the TIC facility Free high-speed internet and telecommunication.
  14. 14. International exposure We organize 2 annual international conferences with world-class speakers and guests to maximize startups exposure. Our Bay Area office will support startups with contacts and relationship with the right partners Advisory board contains of influential people in technology will increase exposure and visibility into international scene.
  15. 15. World-class guidance Advisor Board contain of high-level executives from large international corporations, VCs and influential business people, to provide the startups with the best strategies and directions. Open doors for partnership/contract with the right partners internationally. Line up exits for startups by putting them on the large corporations’radar
  16. 16. $$$ Investment Having provided all necessary infrastructure, we also invest real money into startups to cover salary and other expenses. We also line up the right investors for startups ranging from angel’s to VC’s to Industry’s money at the right stage of the business.
  17. 17. Legal and financial structure Provide world-class legal and financial advice. Provide the best structure to ensure next stage investment and exit Accounting & corporate governance
  18. 18. What do we give a start-up Free office space for maximum 20 people State of the art facility and infrastructure for best possible working condition Free housing (short and long term) for startups members Free representative offices in the Bay Area and major cities in VN An international advisory board contains of the most influential people in technology worldwide Partnership with large corporation domestically and internationally for business and potential trade sales Financial and legal structure and advice Exposure to international scene Up to $100,000 in cash investment
  19. 19. What do we take from a start-up 25-30% Equity
  20. 20. What’s in it for Becamex Becamex is one of the largest state-own corporations inVietnam and we’re proudly the largest and major developer of Binh Duong City. Being a major developer and having own a majority of land in BDC, it is important to us to have strategy that attract the best people to live in our city. To turn BDC into the Silicon Valley of Vietnam has a tremendous value for us from a developer point of view. With the full support of the government, we trust that we can deliver on this vision and turn Binh Duong into one of the strongest cities in Vietnam
  21. 21. About Binh Duong City The up and coming urban city of Vietnam with the best infrastructure and living standard 2,700 km2, 1.5 million population Average annual growth of 15% over the last decade 20 miles from Ho Chi Minh City (country’s largest city) 18 miles from country’s largest international airport Less than 2-hour flight from Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Hanoi. Less than 4 hour flights from Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Beijing and Bangalore
  22. 22. Binh Duong New City – Central Business District 22
  23. 23. About BecamexOne of the largest State-owned corporations with morethan 4,000 employeesLargest urban developer in Vietnam with asset exceedingUS$5BnVietnam’s top industrial park developer.Main developer of Binh Duong City’s infrastructureincluding industrial, residential, commercial andadministrative zones.
  24. 24. Becamex’s key investment in Binh Duong City Industrial Park - US$1.3Bn Binh Duong new CBD - US$1.2Bn Eastern International Hospital – US$400mil Eastern International University – US$300mil Other infrastructure – US$600mil
  25. 25. Thank for your attention! Contact: hoanganhviet@gmail.com Phone: 0983. 833011