Joyful Mysteries 2: Visitation


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Joyful Mysteries 2: Visitation

  1. 1. Meditations on the Visitation Recommendation: Please read the contents of one of the 20 mysteries meditations before you start your prayer with the video. Some of these presentations (e.g. The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery: The Crucifixion) contains over 60 slides. With so much spiritual food that it is best to read and contemplate on a few of the slides each time. We welcome biblical scholars, theologians, lecturers and professors of theological institutions and seminaries and lay people around the world to contribute precious pictures and words to accompany specific scenes in the Rosary in Visual Art. You can contribute through the BLOG on our website.
  2. 2. Second Joyful Mystery The VisitationElizabeth was filled with the HolySpirit and cried out in a loud voice:“Blessed are you among women,and blessed art the fruit of thywomb.” Fruit of the Mystery: Love of Neighbour
  3. 3. Words of the Queen onThe Long Journey
  4. 4. 1. Mary rose up and went with all haste to a city of Juda, inthe hill country. “I am in a hurry because the times havearrived. Souls are daily being lost in greater numbers. I wantto save them through an extraordinary intervention of mymaternal love. I need your help and your love.” (Gobbi) You thought of others rather than yourself. Help us to be selfless too, and to put other’s need before our own.Joseph von Fuehrich, Mary’s walk across the mountains, 1841.
  5. 5. 2** Mary took a 4 day journey, travelling 80 miles south in the hilly country.How beautiful on the mountains are the feet ofthose who bring good news.-----Isaiah 52.7 “Oh, in your days, how beautiful are the feet of those who announce peace, and spread the good news of salvation. You must be the vigilant sentinels on mountains.” (Gobbi)Giotto, The visitation.
  6. 6. 2** Mary took a 4 day journey, travelling 80 miles south in the hilly country.“I have come down from heaven to join you in yourjourney. With you and through you, I want to manifestmyself, to save my children who are in such great need.” May you run for our Lady. May Blessed Juan Diego run with you in all your travels on behalf of our Lord and our Lady.Giotto, The visitation.
  7. 7. 2** Mary took a 4 day journey, travelling 80 miles south in the hilly country.“For you I leave heaven again; for you I set out on the road of theworld; for you I pray and ask help of many generous souls. Mydecisive move is you. I want all these lost children to come backthrough you.” “Go to every part of this vast continent to brighten up the earth with the light of your faith, holiness and love. I am always with you on your journey.”Giotto, The visitation.
  8. 8. 2. Mary took a 4 day journey, travelling 80 miles south in the hilly country.How beautiful on the mountains are the feet ofthose who bring good news.-----Isaiah 52.7 “You are on the vigil of a long and tiring journey to many countries, which I am asking you to undertake for me. The task I have entrusted to you is to bring my announcement to every part of the world.” (Gobbi)Giotto, The visitation.
  9. 9. Words of the Queen on Your Long Journey “Do not be concerned over such a long and wearisome journey, for which you are preparing yourself to undertake in order to hold cenacles with the faithful of my Movement. Entrust to the angels of light of my Heart all that has to do with this new itinerary of yours. They will carry you on their wings and will keep watch lest you strike your foot against any obstacle. Oh, in your days, how beautiful are the feet of those who announce peace, of those who spread the good news of salvation and of the triumph of divine mercy! You must be these announcers of peace. You must be today vigilant sentinels upon the mountains of confidence and hope.” (Gobbi)
  10. 10.  “The whole world awaits your announcement with ardent hope. You are the apostles of this second evangelization. Preach to all people that Jesus Christ is the one and only Lord, your Saviour and Redeemer, and that He is now about to return to you in the splendour of his glory. Be vigilant sentinels in the dark time of infidelity and apostasy. Be vigilant sentinels in the hour of the greatest triumph of Satan. Be vigilant sentinels who mark out the way of return to the God of peace and life, of love and joy. Set yourselves against the spirit of the world. Be vigilant sentinels who announce that the great day of the Lord is now imminent.
  11. 11.  “I am bringing you again to distant places and asking of you such a very toilsome work and a very heavy task, which is humanly impossible. But I am carrying and leading you, sustaining and assisting you, consoling and encouraging you. You must bring all my little children into the refuge of my Immaculate Heart.” “My little child, go without fear on this new journey of yours. The angels of light of my Heart, at my orders, will arrange everything for you. Walk once again along all the roads of the world to bring to all the announcement of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.”
  12. 12.  “Carried in my arms and led by me, you must go ever farther. Ever farther, as regards the place, because you must reach even the most remote and scattered parts of the earth. You must gather up these precious heartbeats and place them in the bright garden of my Immaculate Heart. Even farther in extent, where all united in one single and great family, my children who are rejoicing in paradise, being purified in purgatory, or who are still suffering and struggling in the arid desert of this world. You are being called to contemplate this stupendous reality which forms, in one profound unity, the great family of the Church.
  13. 13.  “Even farther in time, because your mission is to unite, in my Immaculate Heart, the hours of suffering to those of joy; for the hours of the great tribulation to those of the new heavens and the new earth; the painful hours of the trial to those of my motherly triumph. Pay no regard to your weakness and poverty, to your great fragility, to the weariness and exhaustion which takes hold of you. Look on the other hand at the joy which, through you, the heavenly Mother brings into hearts; to the grace which fills souls; to the life which flourishes anew; to the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. Love and bless all those whom you meet along a journey which now, in place, in extent and in time, brings you ever farther.”
  14. 14.  Oh such a burdensome journey. Rest on the Heart of your heavenly Mother and rejoice in the response which you receive everywhere from all my littlest children.” “I am consoled by you through your pledge to walk along the road of holiness. Today, how necessary for the salvation of the world is the holiness of priests! Walk with joy along the road strewn with flowers of all the virtues, and thus you will arrive at sanctity. I want to communicate to you the very holiness of your heavenly Mother. I am consoled by you because you are following the road which, in these years I have traced out for you. Do not let yourselves become distracted, or enticed along other roads. ( Gobbi)
  15. 15. Words of the Queen onI wish to visit you out of love.
  16. 16. 3.* The Greeting: There entering in, she gaveElizabeth greeting. “As I visited Elizabeth out of love, I wish to visit you out of love. I wish to come into your situation whatever it may be: to be present with you and to pray with you and for you.” “I am at your side when you pray.” (Gobbi)
  17. 17. 3A. The Greeting: There entering in, she gaveElizabeth greeting. “I am the Mother of Consolation. I am taking my place at the side of each one of you. I am at your side when you pray and work, when you rejoice and suffer, when you are lonely and abandoned.”
  18. 18. Rogier van der Weyden,1426.Leipzig museum
  19. 19. 4. The Leap for joy No sooner had Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting than the child leaped in her womb for joy. God, when the infant John leapt in Elizabeth’s womb in recognition of Christ’s divinity, You miraculously showed us that the sanctity of life begins before birth. It was an unborn child who first paid homage to Our Lord. Help our society to recognize the sanctity of lives of the unbornJoseph Strub The Visitation. 1505. Madrid children.
  20. 20. 4. The Leap for joy No sooner had Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting than the child leaped in her womb for joy. “Feel in your hearts the deep wounds caused me by the millions of infants slaughtered in the wombs of their mothers.” (Gobbi)Joseph Strub The Visitation. 1505. Madrid
  21. 21. 5. Elizabeth’s Exultation Elizabeth was filled with theHoly spirit and cried out in a loud voice: blessed art thou among women. Whenever we pray the rosary our Heavenly Mother is at our side, praying with us and for us. We should also jump with joy and say to ourselves: “How have I deserved to be thus visited by the Mother of my Lord?”Domenico Ghirlandaio, The visitation, 1491. Musee du Louvre. Paris.
  22. 22. Words of the Queen onBring Christ to the World.Turn praise to God & Avoid flattery
  23. 23. 6.** Bring Christ to others“Speak always byyour life. Let yourlife be your word.”(Gobbi)“Preach the Gospelat all times, and ifnecessary usewords.”(St. Francis of Assisi)
  24. 24. 6A. Bring Christ to others“Today the most urgentduty is that of giving thegood example, which isone of the most importantexigencies of your ownministry.”This mystery teaches us tofollow the example of Mary,who brought Christ toothers. By our lives,actions, and words, wemust be teaching Christ tothe people of our day.Pray for His help.
  25. 25. 6B. Bring Christ to others“You must live the Gospelof Jesus to the letter. Youmust be, purely and simply,the living Gospel. Thenyou must proclaim to all,with strength and courage,the Gospel which you live.Your words will have thepower of the Holy Spiritand the wisdom given youby your heavenly Mother.”
  26. 26. 6C. Bring Christ to usAs the Ark of theCovenant, Mary bringsthe presence of Godbecome man to theworld. She continuestoday her role ofbringing Christ into theworld through herpowerful intercessionfor our lives.
  27. 27. 7.**Turn praise to God Mary, when Elizabeth praise you, calling you “blessed among all woman”, you turned your praise toward God immediately. In your humility, you saw that you were but a mirror of God’s own glory. Help us always to recognize Him as the source of our own gifts and blessings.Visitation on glass window. Holy Rosary Church. Minneapolis. MN.
  28. 28. Words of the queen on Avoidance of praise andflattery“Learn especially to seek direction in the way of virtue andof eternal life in all thy interactions with men. Do not allowthyself to be influenced by even the least breath of flatteryand avoid the conversations which expose thee to it; for suchdeceitful pleasure darkens the light and perverts theunsuspecting mind. The Lord is so jealous of the soulsespecially beloved by Him, that He will immediately turnaway from them if they find pleasure in the praises of menand seek to recompense themselves by their flatteries; sinceby this levity they become unworthy of his favors. It is notpossible to unite in a soul the adulations of the world and thecaresses of the Most High. For these latter are sincere, holy,pure, and lasting: they humiliate, cleanse, pacify andillumine the heart; while on the other hand the flatteries ofcreatures are vain, fleeting, deceitful, impure and false,issuing from the mouths of those who are all liars (Ps. 115,11); and whatever is deceitful is a work of the enemy.”
  29. 29.  This Lady was the Mother of God, Queen of all creation, superior in excellence and dignity to all creatures, and yet She remained the humble servant of the least of them; and never would She accept homage and service as if due to Her, nor did She ever exalt Herself, or fail to judge of Herself in the most humble manner. What shall we now say of our most execrable presumption and pride? Since, full of the abomination of sin, we are so senseless as to claim for ourselves with dreadful insanity the homage and veneration of all the world? And if this is denied us, we quickly lose the little sense which our passions have left us. This whole heavenly history bears the stamp of humility, and is a condemnation of our pride. And since it is not my office to teach or correct, but to be taught and to be corrected, I beseech and pray all the faithful children of light to place this example before their eyes for our humiliation. -----Mystical City of God. Mary of Agreda.
  30. 30. The MagnificatSt. John the BaptistMiracle in your life
  31. 31. 8.* • Every time the Son of . God comes to us in the “ “poverty” of the sacramental signs of bread and wine, the seeds of the new history wherein “the mighty are put down” and “the lowly are exalted” takes root in the world. • The Eucharist has been given to us so that our life, like that of Mary, may become completely a Magnificat! (Pope John Paul II )
  32. 32. 8. “In the Heart of my little . ones, I find my greatest “ joy. By means of them, your heavenly Mother can repeat her eternal Magnificat.” (Gobbi) •Mary praises God “through” Jesus “in” Jesus and “with” Jesus. This is itself the true “Eucharistic attitude”. (Pope John Paul II)
  33. 33. 8. The Magnificat tells us . that what God has done “ for this lowly woman of Nazareth, He will do for all who humbly serve him. God will bless our faithfulness, look mercifully on our lowliness, and exalt us in our afflictions. May we imitate Mary in thanking and praising God, who does “great things” for us. May we also sing with her: “My soul magnifies the Lord.”
  34. 34. 9.**St. John’s privilege Mary had been with her for aboutthree months, until John the Baptist was born. One of the privileges ofthe Baptist is to have been first held by Mary, Mother of God. Dear blessed Mother, help me to share Christ with others less privileged spiritually. Whenever I keep my faith in Christ to myself, please remind me to share, at least through the charity of prayer.Rogier van der Weyden, St. John the Baptist . 1450. Gemalde-galerie. Berlin.
  35. 35.  She offered to serve and assist Elisabeth as a handmaid, for She said, that this was the purpose of visiting her and consoling her. O what friendship is so true, so sweet and inseparable, as that which is formed by the great bond of the divine love! The Precursor was so fortunate that the great Queen, with her own hands, sewed and prepared the swaddling clothes and coverlets in which he was to be wrapped and reared; for his mother Elisabeth, in her maternal solicitude and attention, had secured for saint John this good fortune humbly asking this favor of the heavenly Queen. Mary with incredible love and subjection complied with her request in order to exercise Herself in obedience to her cousin, whom She wished to serve as the lowest handmaid; for in humility and obedience most holy Mary always surpassed all men. ----Excerpts from the Mystical City of God. Mary of Agreda.
  36. 36. 10.** Miracle in your Life.“My children, never doubt thatGod can work a miracle in yourlife even if things seemimpossible: all things arepossible with God. Trust Him.Offer this mystery to theHeavenly Father that He willalso work a miracle of gracein your life.” (Gobbi)
  37. 37. 10. Miracle in your Life.“Offer each day the flowers of love and prayer to your heavenly Mother. Offer the fragrant and precious flower of your suffering.”“You, my beloved sons, be the flowers which come to maturity on the tree of your life of consecration to my Immaculate Heart, to cause the heavenly dew of hope and consolation to come down upon the immense desert of today.”
  38. 38. 10. Miracle in your Life.“You are my lilies. From every snarewhich Satan sets for you, you will emergepurer, more beautiful and more renewed.You are my roses which should give offthe fragrance of love only for my SonJesus and for me.You are my cyclamens by reason ofyour interior littleness, and your childlikespirit. If you do not remain little inthis way, my designs cannot be realized.Come to me, all of you, because youare so little, so insecure, so helpless!Come, because you are my little babies,Because you have such need of me to walkAlong the way of perfect love!” (Gobbi)
  39. 39. My Gift to you “Everything in life has been arranged for you; in every particular, by the providence of God the Father and of your heavenly Mother; the moments of suffering, those of spiritual trial and interior difficulties, the moments of joy and of consolation, the moments of special fervour and of union with me. Everything is the gift of God to you. It is also a gift from me. The task of the Mother is to prepare this gift each day for all; for the furthest away, it is a gift of mercy and pardon; for sinners it is a sorrowful gift; for the many who suffer, it is a gift of compassion and comfort; for those soon to die, it is a gift of support. And for you, my beloved ones, the gift is one of most particular predilection, expressing itself by the ordering of all things, the arranging of every circumstance of your day like an embroidery of perfect beauty woven by the fingers of your heavenly Mother. (Gobbi)
  40. 40.  “Also a gift of my Immaculate Heart-O yes, a most particular gift!—is the book containing my messages. Read it, my beloved sons, meditate on it, live it! Have no doubt; I am speaking to you. Only tomorrow will you understand the importance of this maternal message of mine. I speak to you in virtue of the light of paradise, in a true communion of life the present, the past and the future. I speak to you always in the vision of eternity. Above all, the gift of my Immaculate Heart will be the new Pentecost. You the apostles of these last times can, with your heavenly Mother, obtain a new effusion of the Holy Spirit. It will be the Spirit of Love, with his powerful action of fire and of grace renewing the very foundations of the whole world. He will bring my Church to new splendor, making it humble and poor, evangelical and chaste, merciful and holy. It will be the Spirit of Love, through the fire of innumerable sufferings renewing all creation, like the sun of light reflecting its rays everywhere.”
  41. 41. The ( National ) Rosary For the Evangelization of (Nations)1. Fatima Prayer: To Eucharistic Jesus, source of all evangelization. “O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially those who are in most need of thy mercy.”2. Invocation of the Holy Spirit: Principal agent of evangelization. “Come, Holy Spirit! Fill the hearts of the (National) people and enkindle in them the fire of your love! Come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well-beloved Spouse.”3. Prayer to Our Lady of ( Nation ): Star of the new evangelization. “Hail Holy Queen, Mother of (Nation), come and present the (National) people to Jesus, the fruit of thy womb. Look upon them continually with mercy and through your