Glorious Mysteries 3: Holy Spirit


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Glorious Mysteries 3: Holy Spirit

  1. 1. Meditations on the Holy Spirit Recommendation: Please read the contents of one of the 20 mysteries meditations before you start your prayer. Some of these presentations (e.g. The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery: The Crucifixion) contains over 60 slides. With so much spiritual food that it is best to read and contemplate on a few of the slides each time. We welcome biblical scholars, theologians, lecturers and professors of theological institutions and seminaries and lay people around the world to contribute precious pictures and words to accompany specific scenes in the Rosary in Visual Art. You can contribute through the BLOG on our website.
  2. 2. Third Glorious Mystery Descent of the Holy Spirit All were filled with the Holy Spirit. They began to express themselves in foreign tongues and made bold proclamation as the Spirit prompted them.Fruit of the Mystery: Love of God & Charity
  3. 3. 1. MaryMother of the first EvangelizationStar of the New Evangelization
  4. 4. 1.**** Mother of Evangelization. “In the CENACLE with the apostles, I have participated as Mother in the birth of the Church. My motherly task is that of leading the Church along the way of its Evangelization.” (Gobbi)Mosaic of the Pentecost, Rosary Basilica. Lourdes, France .
  5. 5. 1A. Mother of Evangelization. Mary is at the Heart of the Church on the morning of the Pentecost. Mary, the Mother of the Church leads the apostles in prayer. Many of the apostles are confused and frightened. But Mary is calm and recollected, and her conduct comforts them. She reminds them, and us ----to pray.Mosaic of the Pentecost, Rosary Basilica. Lourdes, France .
  6. 6. 1B. Mother of the Evangelization. Vatican II describes Mary’s prayer at the Pentecost as a petition for the whole Church to receive the Holy Spirit. With Mary’s ‘Yes’ at the Annunciation, the Holy Spirit conceived the body of Christ in her womb. With Mary’s prayerful intercession at Pentecost, the same Spirit descend upon the apostles to form the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church.Mosaic of the Pentecost, Rosary Basilica. Lourdes, France .
  7. 7. Details on the event of the Pentecostas revealed by Our Lady to Mary of Agreda. When the days of Pentecost were about to be fulfilled (Act 2, 1), (which happened fifty days after the Resurrection of the Lord our Redeemer), the most blessed Mother saw, how in heaven the humanity (John 14, 26) of the Word conferred with the eternal Father concerning the promised sending of the divine Paraclete to the Apostles,. He besought his Father also, that, besides bringing grace and the invisible gifts the Holy Ghost appear in the world in visible form. On Pentecost morning the blessed Virgin Mary exhorted the Apostles, the disciples and the pious women, numbering about one hundred and twenty, to pray more fervently and renew their hopes, since the hour was at hand in which they were to be visited by the divine Spirit from on high.
  8. 8.  At the third hour (nine oclock), when all of them were gathered around their heavenly Mistress and engaged in fervent prayer, the air resounded with a tremendous thunder and the blowing of a violent wind mixed with the brightness of fire or lightning, all centering upon the house of the Cenacle. The house was enveloped in light and the divine fire was poured out over all of that holy gathering (Acts 2, 2). Over the head of each of the hundred and twenty persons appeared a tongue of that same fire, in which the Holy Ghost had come, filling each one with divine influences and heavenly gifts and causing at one and the same time the most diverse and contrary effects in the Cenacle and in the whole of Jerusalem, according to the diversity of the persons affected.
  9. 9.  The purest Lady was transformed and exalted in God; for She saw intuitively and clearly the Holy Ghost, and for a short time enjoyed the beatific vision of the Divinity. Of his gifts and divine influences She by Herself received more than all the rest of the saints. Her glory for that space of time, exceeded that of the angels and of the blessed.
  10. 10.  The Apostles, as saint Luke says (Acts 2, 11), were also replenished and filled with the holy Ghost; for they received a wonderful increase of justifying grace of a most exalted degree. The twelve Apostles were confirmed in this sanctifying grace and were never to lose it. In all of them, according to each ones condition were infused the habits of the seven gifts: Wisdom, Understanding, Science, Piety, Counsel, Fortitude and Fear. In this magnificent blessing, as new as it was admirable in the world, the twelve Apostles were created fit ministers of the new Testament and founders of the evangelical Church for the whole world: for this new grace and blessing communicated to them a divine strength most efficacious and sweet, which inclined them to practice the most heroic virtue and the highest sanctity. Thus strengthened they prayed, they labored willingly and accomplished the most difficult and arduous tasks, engaging in their labors not with sorrow or from necessity, but with the greatest joy and alacrity.
  11. 11.  In all the rest of the disciples and the faithful, who received the Holy Ghost in the Cenacle, the Most High wrought proportionally and respectively the same effects, except that they were not confirmed in grace like the Apostles. According to the disposition of each the gifts of grace were communicated in greater or less abundance in view of the ministry they were to hold in the holy Church. The same proportion was maintained in regard to the Apostles; yet saint Peter and saint John were more singularly favored on account of the high offices assigned to them: the one to govern the Church as its head, and the other to attend upon and serve the Queen and Mistress of heaven and of earth, most holy Mary. The house itself was filled with wonderful light and splendor. and overflowed and communicated itself also to others outside of the Cenacle; for it caused diverse and various effects of the Holy Spirit among the inhabitants of Jerusalem and its vicinity. All those, who with some piety had compassioned our Savior Jesus in his Passion and Death, deprecating his most bitter torments and reverencing his sacred Person, were interiorly visited with new light and grace, which disposed them afterwards to accept the doctrine of the Apostles. Others of the just who were in Jerusalem outside of the Cenacle, also felt great interior consolations, by which they were moved and predisposed by new effects of grace wrought in each one proportionately by the Holy Ghost.
  12. 12.  Not less wonderful, although more hidden, were some contrary effects produced on that day by the Holy Ghost in Jerusalem. By the dreadful thunders and violent commotion of the atmosphere and the lightnings accompanying his advent, He disturbed and terrified the enemies of the Lord in that city, each one according to his own malice and perfidy. This chastisement was particularly evident in those who had actively concurred in procuring the death of Christ, and who had signalized themselves in their rabid fury against Him. All these fell to the ground on their faces and remained thus for three hours. Those that had scourged the Lord were suddenly choked in their own blood, which shot forth from their veins in punishment for shedding that of the Master. The audacious servant, who had buffeted the Lord, not only suddenly died, but was hurled into hell body and soul. Others of the Jews, although they did not die, were chastised with intense pains and abominable sicknesses. These disorders, consequent upon shedding the blood of Christ, descended to their posterity and even to this day continue to afflict their children with most horrible impurities. This chastisement became notorious in Jerusalem, although the priests and pharisees diligently sought to cover it up, just as they had tried to conceal the Resurrection of the Savior. As these events, however, were not so important, neither the Apostles nor the Evangelists wrote about them.
  13. 13. 1C. Mother of the Second Evangelization. “I am the Mother of the second evangelization. I am guiding you as a star along the bright way of fidelity to Christ and to the Gospel. My motherly task is that of forming you into apostles of the second evangelization.” (Gobbi)Mosaic of the Pentecost, Rosary Basilica. Lourdes, France .
  14. 14. The Holy Spirit,Principle agent ofEvangelization:Changes our hearts andOpens our minds
  15. 15. 2.**** The Holy Spirit is the “Principalagent of Evangelization”. The Holy Spirit filled the Apostles with Truth and Love. They were infused the Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Piety, Fear, Counsel, and Fortitude. By this blessing, the Twelve were transformed into truly apostolic founders and missionaries. This event marks the birth of the Church.
  16. 16. 2A. The Holy Spirit changes our hearts. The Ten Commandments written on stone is not enough as the Israelite constantly failed to keep it. The new law is written by the Holy Spirit in the hearts of believers, prompting them to love as Christ loved, turning them away from sin, and giving them the power to fulfill the law, which they could not keep on their own. (Rom. 8:1-4; CCC 733) “God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying, ‘Abba! Father!’ (Gal 4:6)
  17. 17. 2B. The Holy Spirit changes our hearts “A new heart I will give you, and a new spirit I will put within you; and I will take out of your flesh the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes.” (Ez. 36: 26-27) “I will put my law within them and I will write it upon their hearts; I will be their God, and they shall be my people.” (Jer. 31: 31-33)
  18. 18. 2C. The Holy spirit opens our minds The Holy Spirit prepares men and goes out to them with his grace, in order to draw them to Christ. The Spirit manifests the risen Lord to them, recalls his word to them and opens their minds to the understanding of his Death and Resurrection. (Catechism)
  19. 19. 2E. The Holy Spirit is the “Principalagent of Evangelization”. The twelve Apostles were made fit ministers of the new Testament and founders of the evangelical Church for the whole world. A divine strength most efficacious and sweet, inclined them to practice the most heroic virtue and the highest sanctity. They prayed, they labored, and accomplished the most difficult and arduous tasks, engaging in their labors with the greatest joy and
  20. 20. 2D. The Holy Spirit is the “Principalagent of Evangelization”. my immaculate Heart “In the Holy Spirit communicates himself to you in an ever more munificent manner. He breathes upon you with love, transforming you into sparks of fire, flames of grace, stars of sanctity and zeal for renewing the firmament of the Church. He communicates Himself to you with his seven holy gifts, and makes you suitable instruments for the conversion of the world.” (Gobbi)
  21. 21. 3.** Evangelization is the work of the Holy Spirit. “Only the Spirit of Love can renew the Church and the whole world. Only the Spirit of Love can prepare hearts, souls, the Church and all humanity to receive Jesus who will return to you in glory. The Holy Spirit has the task of transforming all humanity and renewing the earth. You are living in the time of the Holy Spirit.”
  22. 22. 3A. Evangelization is the work of the Holy Spirit. “Only the spirit of Love can renew the Church and the whole world. Only the spirit of the Lord can overcome the power of the huge Red Dragon. The huge Red Dragon is Marxist atheism which has succeeded in building up a new civilization without God, materialistic, egoistic, hedonistic and cold.” (Gobbi)
  23. 23. 3B. You must be We can be witnesses of Christ only if we allows ourselves toholy missionaries. be led by the Holy Spirit who is ‘the principal agent of evangelization’ and ‘the Principal agent of mission’. You must be holy and you must be missionaries, since we can never separate holiness from mission. Do not be afraid to become holy missionaries like St. Francis Xavier who travelled through the Far East, or like St. Therese of the Child Jesus who was a missionary even though she never left the Carmelite convent. (Pope Benedict XVI)
  24. 24. 3C. Missionary fruitfulness depends on prayer. “If we are to understand the mission of the Church, we must go back to the Upper Room. This icon of the nascent Church should be a constant source of inspiration for every Christian. Apostolic and missionary fruitfulness is not principally due to programs and pastoral methods that are cleverly drawn up and efficient, but is the result of the community`s constant prayer.” (Pope Benedict XVI)
  25. 25.  The second I will mention is the power of the Holy Spirit. If we want to re-evangelize our secularized countries, we must go through a Pentecost experience. Only after Pentecost were the apostles able to preach Jesus with such power.------Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher to the papal household.
  26. 26.  “In the spiritual cenacle of my Immaculate Heart, the miraculous event of the Second Pentecost must now be accomplished, implored and expected by you. Tongues of divine fire will bring heat and life to a humanity which has now become cold from egotism and hatred, from violence and wars. Tongues of fire will come down to enlighten and sanctify the Church, and will heal Her of every malady, will purify Her of every stain and every infidelity. Tongues of fire will come down upon you all, my poor children, so ensnared and seduced by Satan. The Holy Spirit will work the new miracle of universal transformation in the heart and the life of all: sinners will be converted, the weak will find support; the sick will receive healing, those far away will return to the house of the Father; those separated and divided will attain full unity. Tongues of fire of the Spirit of Love will renew the whole world, which will become completely transformed by the greatest manifestation of Divine Mercy.” (Gobbi)
  27. 27. Purify us“Through interior suffering and by means of trials, the Church will beled to its divine splendor. It will be healed of the wounds of error andcured of the leprosy of sin. Through the power of fire and of blood, thewhole world will also be renewed.” (Gobbi)
  28. 28. Purify us“Pray to the Father that the fire of the Spirit will purify you from alltraces of sin. The Holy Spirit will come down as fire which will burnand transform everything, sanctify and renew the earth, and lead allsouls to holiness and grace. Only the Spirit of Love can renew thewhole world.” (Gobbi)
  29. 29. Listen to the Holy SpiritHoly Spirit, You dwell within us.Help us to listen to You as Youguide us on the Way to Heaven.Help us to see and appreciateYour work in the Church.Deliver us from falsehood andDispel our ignorance.Open our sinful lips and teach ushow and what to pray for.
  30. 30. Cenacle with Maryfor the New Evangelization Our Lady’s invitation to the whole Church to enter into Cenacle to bring about a New Pentecost. “Come, Holy Spirit.”
  31. 31. 4.**** Invitation to CENACLE with Mary “I invite the whole church to gather together in a continuous prayer made with me and through me, in order to obtain the gift of a new and second Pentecost for the Church and for all humanity.” My Immaculate Heart must now become the new and spiritual CENACLE in which you must all gather together to obtain the gift of the Second Pentecost.” (Gobbi)
  32. 32. 4A. Invitation to CENACLE with Mary “Come, O Holy Spirit, •Renew the whole Church, •Renew the face of the earth, •Make us courageous witnesses of the gospel, •Renew the life of all those who have been baptised, •Open the way for hearts to the understanding of the truth.” (Gobbi)
  33. 33. 4B. “Come Holy Spirit!Come and transform the heartsof all your people!Come quickly, so we may atlong last “see” the new heavensand new earth: where men canlive together as in a largefamily; where the wound ofegoism, hatred, impurity,injustice may be healed.”The new era will be able to comeonly as a gift of the Holy Spirit,not as the work of man. It isnecessary to ask for this giftthrough a continual and trustingprayer.” (Gobbi)
  34. 34. 4C. “It is necessary that the second Pentecost come quickly. I renew today the invitation to all the Church to enter into the CENACLE which the heavenly Mother has prepared for you for the final times. You are able to enter through the act of consecration to my Immaculate Heart. I request that this consecration, asked by me with such anxious insistence, be made by the bishop, the priests the religious and the faithful. Let it be made by all in order to shorten the time of the great trial which has now arrived.” (Gobbi)Henri and Antoine Cibille. 17th century, Pentecost . Pays d’Ussel France.
  35. 35. 5.** The Second Pentecost “You have now entered into the times of the second Pentecost. For this reason, it is necessary that these CENACLES of prayer carried out with me and by means of me, be multiplied in every part of the world. I ask that all the Church be gathered together in the spiritual CENACLE of my Immaculate Heart.” (Gobbi)
  36. 36.  “A new and universal effusion of the Holy Spirit is necessary to arrive at the new times, so longed for. It is necessary that the Second Pentecost come quickly. It can come to pass only in the spiritual cenacle of my Immaculate Heart. I renew today the invitation to all the Church to enter into the cenacle which the heavenly Mother has prepared for you for the final times. You are able to enter through the act of consecration to my Immaculate Heart. I request that this consecration, asked by me with such anxious insistence, be made by the bishop, the priests, the religious and the faithful.
  37. 37.  The triumph of my Immaculate Heart will coincide with the great prodigy of the Second Pentecost. A new fire will come down from heaven and will purify all humanity, which has again become pagan. Thus sinners will come back to grace and holiness; the straying to the road of righteousness; those far away to the house of the Father, the sick to complete healing; the wicked collaborators of Satan will be defeated and condemned for ever. Unite yourselves to me, my little children, in invoking today the gift of the Holy Spirit. Let your prayer be habitual, repeated frequently, because it has been taught to you and demanded of you by your heavenly Mother: “Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well- beloved Spouse.” (Gobbi)
  38. 38. 6.** Come, Holy Spirit--Mary’s specific words “My Immaculate Heart is the golden door through which the Holy Spirit passes to come to you and bring you to the Second Pentecost. And so I invite you to repeat often: “Come, Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well-beloved Spouse.” (Gobbi)
  39. 39. 6A. Come, Holy Spirit “My powerful function as mediatrix between you and my Son is above all exercised in obtaining for you in superabundance, the Spirit of Love. My immaculate Heart is the golden doorway through which the Holy Spirit passes to reach you. And so I invite you to repeat often: ‘Come, Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well-beloved Spouse.’ The Holy Spirit, invoked by means of me, has communicated Himself to you with his seven holy gifts. Let it become your habitual prayer.” (Gobbi)
  40. 40.  “I obtain for you the gift of the Holy Spirit, who descends upon this, your cenacle, as He descended upon the Cenacle of Jerusalem. It is the Holy Spirit who transforms you, who changes your heart and gives wisdom to your mind, so that you may be today a light burning on a mountaintop in these times of great darkness. Go out from this cenacle in peace and joy. I am always with you. Spread my light everywhere so that the dew of Divine mercy may reach all.” My plan is to lead all my children along the road of perfect imitation of Jesus that He may live again in them. My plan is to prepare hearts and souls to receive the Holy Spirit. My plan is to point out to all my children the way of faith and of hope, of love and of purity, of goodness and of holiness.” (Gobbi)
  41. 41. 7. Cenacle with Mary to invoke thedescent of the Holy Spirit upon nations “Come Holy Spirit! Come and transform the hearts of all your people! The new era will come only as a gift of the Holy Spirit, not as the work of man.” (Gobbi) Popes Benedict, John Paul II and Paul VI have called repeatedly for a new out- pouring of the Holy Spirit on the People of God. We need a golden age of the Holy spirit for the second Evangelization of nations.
  42. 42. 8. We pray for the world There is an old man at the centre of the Icon who symbolizes the world. He reminds us that we do not pray for ourselves alone, but for the entire world. Our prayer helps to transform not only ourselves, but also our friends, neighbours, and the world.How to pray with icons. By Myroslaw Tataryn
  43. 43. Words of the Queen onBe my Apostles
  44. 44. 9. Be my Apostles“Be my apostles, in spreadingeverywhere the one and onlylight of Christ.Be my apostles, in spreadingmy light and in leadingeveryone into the refuge ofmy Immaculate Heart.Fight with prayer andpenance. Let the Rosary beyour victorious weapon.”(Gobbi)
  45. 45. 10.**** Apostles of these last times: “Go out from this cenacle, renewed by the Holy Spirit, as courageous apostles of the second evangelization to which I am calling you. Go to every part of the world to carry the light of Christ. I am always with you and guiding you.” Duccio di Buoninsegna, 1308. Siena. (Gobbi)
  46. 46. 10A. Apostles of these last times “You must be the apostles of these last times. Go out everywhere and proclaim with strength and courage the Gospel of Jesus. Walk along the path of contempt for the world and for yourselves. Cause the rays of light of your faith, of your holiness and of your love to come down upon the world. I am with you. (Gobbi)Duccio di Buoninsegna, 1308. Siena.
  47. 47.  “I am the Mother of the second evangelization. I am guiding you as a star along the bright way of fidelity to Christ and to his Gospel. You need to return to a belief in the Gospel of Jesus. You must announce it to all in the strength of its integrity. Preach it with the same clarity with which my Son Jesus announced it to you. My mother task is that of forming you into apostles of the second evangelization. I invite you beloved sons, to consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart in order to be formed and guided by me. Moved by the power of the Holy Spirit, which your heavenly Mother is obtaining for you, go and preach to every creature---be converted; believe in the Gospel.” (Gobbi)
  48. 48.  “You are being called to be the instruments of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world. I have obtained for you a special outpouring of the Holy spirit. I have worked deeply in your hearts and in your souls, to make you fit to carry out my great plan of love and mercy. My times, and yours, have arrived. Show yourselves to all as the apostles of these last times. Your light must shine ever more brightly in the great darkness. Let your love be a sign of my motherly presence , a soothing balm on the wounds of these times of yours, a heavenly dew for the suffering Church.
  49. 49.  “I have a great design upon you. This design of mine has been revealed to you in every detail. It must now appear to the Church and to humanity in all its splendor, because these are the times of your maturity and of your public witness. As apostles of the last times, you must announce with courage all the truths of the Catholic faith . You must follow Jesus along the road of disdain for the world and for yourselves, of humility, prayer, poverty, silence, mortification, charity and a more profound union with God. You are unknown and despised by the world and by those who surround you. This suffering is necessary for the fecundity of your very mission.
  50. 50.  “As apostles of the last times, you must now illumine the earth with the light of Christ. You have the duty of carrying out the second evangelization. Evangelize the Church. Evangelize humanity which has again become pagan after almost two thousand years. Evangelize all men, who has become victims of errors, of evil, and of sin. Evangelize the peoples and the nations of the earth. Allow the Holy Spirit to mould you with his sweet and powerful action of love. Only thus can you be ready for the great plan which awaits you.” You form the new heart of the new Church.
  51. 51.  “Now I am asking you to become the apostles of the new era. There awaits you the task of rebuilding the Church. Give to all the light of Christ and of his Gospel. There awaits you the task of evangelizing this poor humanity. Take them up in your arms, these straying children of mine, and carry them all into the safe sheepfold of my Immaculate Heart. There awaits you the task of causing the sweet balm of my motherly tenderness to come down upon so many open and bleeding wounds. You must be an expression of my love and my motherly concern. Love all with the strength of your heart and with the light which is given you by your heavenly Mother. If you carry out this task which I am entrusting to you today, you become truly the apostles of the new era.
  52. 52.  “The moment of your public witness has come. Show yourselves to all as my little sons, as the apostles formed by me for the great task of the new evangelization which is awaiting you. I am calling you all to be apostles of the second evangelization. I am entrusting to each one of you my motherly mandate : go and evangelize. Go to every part of this great nation of yours. Go into every place, even the most distant and out-of-the way. Go to all my children, especially those furthest away, to the sinners, to the poor, to those who are victims of evil, of vice, of egoism, of hatred, of impurity. Evangelize this poor humanity, which has again become pagan after nearly two thousands years. Let the idols be destroyed, the idols of pleasure, money, pride, impurity, atheism, unbridled egoism, hatred and violence.
  53. 53.  “Come out of your hiding, my beloved sons, and go everywhere to enlighten the earth with the sole light of Christ. Your times have arrived. Do not be afraid if you are unknown to the world, if your are despised, rejected and persecuted. I am always with you. Show yourselves to all as my beloved sons, the apostles of these last times. Walk along the road of contempt for the world and for yourselves, of humility and littleness, of love and purity. Love always; judge no one. Set out upon all the roads of the world, in search of my poor straying children, the poor, the sick, the abandoned, the oppressed. Carry them all into the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart.
  54. 54.  “Evangelize the suffering and divided Church. Let the Gospel of Jesus, preached and lived to the letter, become the only light. Evangelize all men, preaching that the reign of God is at hand. The moment of the second coming of Jesus is drawing close. Throw open the doors to Jesus Christ who is coming! Preach the need for prayer and penance, for courageous practice of all the virtues, for the adoration and reparation offered to Jesus present in the Eucharist. Spread everywhere the cenacles of prayer which I have been asking of you. Above all, spread everywhere the family cenacles. Do not be afraid. I am with you always and I am leading you along this bright path.
  55. 55.  “My Immaculate Heart will Triumph over this ailing and materialistic humanity. Go and preach the necessity of prayer and penance, of conversion and return to the Lord. It is you who must be the instruments of this general return. It is you who must be the apostles of this second evangelization. My Immaculate Heart will triumph over this suffering and divided Church. It is you who must be this instruments of the interior renewal of all the Church, you who are called to be the new heart of the new Church. I have granted to all the grace of a change of heart, and a transformation of life. I am with you and I will cause you to feel my motherly presence in an extraordinary way.” (Gobbi)
  56. 56. For the Salvation of the World. “I unite myself with your prayer. In these times of yours, the prayer of my priests is necessary to me for the salvation of the world. As a Mother, I call you to meet with each other. I help you to get to know one another, I urge you to love one another. It is thus that I am able to realize in each one of you the plan for the triumph of my Immaculate Heart, for the salvation of the world. For the salvation of the world, I am making you precious instruments of Divine Mercy.
  57. 57.  Carry in your arms the little ones, the poor, the weak. Walk with the feet of your heavenly Mother to seek out those who are farthest away, to help those who are marginalized and abandoned. For the salvation of the world, I want to make of you the new heart of the new Church. Be in the Church my very presence. Love with my Heart your holy Mother Church, who is suffering and carrying such a great and heavy cross. I have obtained in abundance the gifts of the Holy spirit, who has worked in you a transformation of heart and of life. You will soon come to understand how important these days have been for you. I give you the grace of living in the Heart of the Most Holy Trinity, where you heavenly Mother has her habitual dwelling place.”
  58. 58. The happy beginningand the golden ageof the evangelicalChurch
  59. 59. .. all were filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak in foreign10. tongues and made bold proclamations, as the Spirit prompted them.“The whole world awaits your announcement with ardent hope. Youare the apostles of this second evangelization. Preach to all peoplesthat Christ is the one and only Lord, your saviour and redeemer.” (Gobbi)The Children’s Illustrated Bible. Hermes House
  60. 60. “You are surprised that, in spite of all this, only three thousand were.converted by the first sermon of the Apostle among all that greatmultitude then in Jerusalem. It should cause a greater surprise that inour times so few are converted to the way of eternal life, as the Gospelis more widespread, its preaching is frequent, its ministers numerous,the light of the Church clearer and the knowledge of the divinemysteries more definite. With all this men are blinder, the hearts morehardened, pride more inflated, avarice more bold, and all the vices arepracticed without fear of God and without consideration.” (Mary ofAgreda)The Children’s Illustrated Bible. Hermes House
  61. 61.  On account of the visible and open signs, by which the Holy Ghost descended upon the Apostles, the whole city of Jerusalem with its inhabitants was stirred to wonder. When the news of the astounding events at the house of the Cenacle spread about, the multitude of the people gathered in crowds to know more of the happenings (Acts 2, 6). On that day was being celebrated one of the paschs or feasts of the Jews; and as well on this account, as on account of the special dispensation of heaven, the city was crowded with foreigners and strangers from all parts of the world. They all left the house of the Cenacle and, placing themselves before the multitudes, began to preach the mysteries of the faith and of eternal life. Though until then they had been so shy and seclusive, they now stepped forth with unhesitating boldness and poured forth burning words, that like a flashing fire penetrated to the souls of their hearers.
  62. 62.  All the Apostles, on account of the plenitude of science and of gifts gratuitously received, were able to speak in the languages of all nations, because that was necessary for the preaching of the Gospel, This miracle the Lord wrought at the time in order that they might be understood and believed by those different nations, and in order that saint Peter might not be obliged to repeat in the different languages of those present, what he preached to them concerning the mysteries of faith. He preached only once and all heard and understood him, each in his own language, and so it happened also with the other Apostles. What saint Luke says about their speaking different languages, must be understood as meaning, that the Apostles were then and there able to understand them.
  63. 63.  The three thousand, who were converted by the first sermon of saint Peter, were from all the nations then gathered in Jerusalem, so that forthwith all nations, without excluding any, might partake of the fruits of the Redemption, all might be gathered to the Church, and all might experience the grace of the Holy Spirit; for the holy Church was to be composed of all nations and tribes. The tenderest Mother remained prostrate with her face upon the ground during the whole time, tearfully praying for the conversion of all that subjected themselves to the faith of the Savior, and for all the rest, if they should consent to cooperate with the helps and the graces of the Lord. The most holy Mary sent many of her accompanying angels with holy inspirations, encouraging the sacred Apostles and giving them strength to inquire and to manifest more explicitly the hidden mysteries of the humanity and Divinity of Christ our Redeemer. The angels fulfilled all the commands of
  64. 64.  The Apostle saint Peter spoke to the recently converted and said to them: "My brethren, and servants of the Most High, this is the Mother of our Redeemer and Master, Jesus Christ, whose faith you have received in acknowledging Him as true God and man. She has given Him the human form, conceiving Him in her womb, and She bore Him, remaining a Virgin before, during and after his birth. Receive Her as your Mother, our Refuge and Intercessor, for through Her you and we shall receive light, direction, and release from our sins and miseries." The privilege of conferring great interior blessings and of giving light to those who looked upon Her with pious veneration, was renewed and extended in Her time when She was at the right hand of her divine Son in heaven. As all of those faithful partook of these blessings in the presence of their Queen, they prostrated themselves at her feet and with tears besought her assistance and blessing. But the humble and prudent Queen evaded this latter, because of the presence of the Apostles, who were priests, and of saint Peter, the Vicar of Christ. Then this Apostle said to Her "Lady, do not refuse to these faithful what they piously ask for the consolation their souls." The blessed Mary obeyed the head of the Church and in humble serenity of a Queen She gave her blessing to the newly converted.
  65. 65. As they perceived how obediently She had yielded to saint Peter, they turned to him and begged him to ask Her not to send them away without some word of encouragement. Saint Peter though he considered this favor very proper for the souls who had been born again to Christ by his preaching and that of the other Apostles, nevertheless, aware that the Mother of Wisdom knew well what was to be done, presumed to say no more than these words; "Lady, listen to the petitions of thy servants and children." Then the great Lady obeyed and said to the converts: "My dearest brethren in the Lord, give thanks and praise with your whole hearts to the Almighty God, because from among all men He has called and drawn you to the sure path of eternal life in the knowledge of the holy faith you have received. Be firm in your confession of it from all your hearts and in hearing and believing all that the law of grace contains as preached and ordained by its true Teacher Jesus, my Son and your Redeemer. Be eager to hear and obey his Apostles, who teach and instruct you, so that you may be signed and marked by Baptism in the character of children of the Most High. I offer myself as your handmaid to assist you in all that serves toward your consolation, and I shall ask Him to look upon you as a kind Father and to manifest to you the true joy of his countenance, communicating to you also his grace."
  66. 66.  The Apostles and disciples from that day on continued withoutintermission their preaching and their miracles, and through the entireoctave they instructed not only the three thousand, who hadbeen converted on Pentecost day, but multitudes of others, who dayby day accepted the faith. Since they came from all parts of the world,they conversed and spoke with each one in his own language; forthey spoke in various languages from that time on. This grace wasgiven not only to the Apostles, although it was more complete andnoticeable in them; also the disciples and all the one hundred andtwenty, who were in the Cenacle at the time, and also the holywomen, who received the Holy Ghost, were thus favored. This wasreally necessary at the time on account of the great multitudes, whocame to the faith. Many after having heard them, went to Magdalenand her companions, who catechized, instructed and converted themand others that came at the report of the miracles they performed.For this gift was also conferred on the women, who, by theimposition of hands, cured all the sicknesses, gave sight to the blind,tongue to the mute, motion to the lame, and life to many of the dead.These and other wonders were principally wrought by the Apostles,nevertheless both their miracles and those of the women excited thewonder and astonishment of all Jerusalem; so that nothing else wastalked about except the prodigies and the preaching of the Apostles
  67. 67.  This was the happy beginning and the golden age of the evangelical Church, where the rushing of the stream rejoiced the city of God (Ps. 45, 5) and the current of grace and the gifts of the Holy Ghost fertilized this new paradise recently planted by the hands of the Savior Jesus, while in its midst stood the tree of life, most holy Mary. Then was faith alive, hope firm, charity ardent, sincerity pure, humility true, justice most equitable, when the faithful neither knew avarice nor followed vanity, when they trod under foot vain pomp, were free from covetousness, pride, ambition, which later prevailed among the professors of the faith, who while confessing themselves followers of Christ, denied Him in their works.
  68. 68.  It will be possible in this third part to describe only a minute portion of the wonderful and great works accomplished by the mighty Queen in the primitive Church; but from those which I will describe, and from her life in this world after the Ascension, much can be inferred. For She did not rest or lose one moment or occasion of conferring some singular favor either upon the whole Church or some of its members. For She consumed Herself either in praying and beseeching her divine Son, without ever experiencing a refusal; or in exhorting, instructing, counseling, and, as Treasurer and Dispenser of the divine favors, distributing graces in diverse manners among the children of the Gospel. Among the hidden mysteries, which were made known to me concerning this power of the blessed Mary, was also this, that in those first ages, during which She lived in the holy Church, the number of the damned was proportionately very small; and that, comparatively, in those few years a greater number were saved than in many succeeding ages.
  69. 69.  It is true we have not the happiness of seeing Her, conversing with Her and listening to Her with bodily senses; and in this respect those first children of the Church were more fortunate. But let us all remember, that in the heavenly knowledge and charity of this most loving Mother we were all present to Her, also during those times (Vol. III, 78); for She saw and knew us all in the order and succession in which we were be born in the Church; and She prayed and interceded for us no less than for those who lived in her times. Nor is She at present less powerful in heaven, than She was then upon earth; nor less our Mother, than of those first children; and She held us as her own, just as well them. But alas! that our faith and our fervor and devotion should be so very different! Not She has changed, nor is her love less ardent, nor would we experience less of her intercession and protection, if in troubled times we would hasten to her with the same sentiments of humility and fervor, asking for her prayers and trustfully relying upon Her for help, as was the case with those devoted Christians in the first beginning. Without a doubt the whole Catholic Church would then immediately experience the same assistance of the Queen throughout the whole world.
  70. 70.  Many of those new faithful, highly impressed with her greatness by their conversation with the heavenly Mistress, returned to present to Her jewels and the richest gifts; especially the women despoiled themselves of fineries to lay them at her feet. But She would receive or permit none of these gifts. She secretly inspired the minds of the givers to bring them to the Apostles, in order that they might be equitably and justly distributed in charity among the most poor and needy of the faithful. The poor and the sick She received with ineffable kindness, and many of them she cured of inveterate and long-standing infirmities. Through the hands of saint John She supplied many secret wants, never omitting the least point of virtue. As the Apostles and disciples were engaged all day in preaching the faith and in converting those that came, the great Queen busied Herself in preparing their food and attending to their comfort; and at stated times She served the priests on her knees and with incredible humility and reverence asked to kiss their hands. This She observed especially with the Apostles, knowing and beholding their souls confirmed in grace, endowed with all that the Holy Ghost had wrought in them and exalted by their dignity of being the high priests and the founders of the Church (Eph. 2, 20). Sometimes She saw them clothed in great splendor, which elicited from Her increased reverence and veneration.
  71. 71. WORDS OF THE QUEEN On the Predestination of Souls Attitude most pleasing to God New union with God and inner peace Coming of the Holy Spirit in our time
  72. 72.  WORDS OF THE QUEEN on the Predestination of Souls. (The Virgin Mary speaks to Sister Mary of Agreda, Spain.) “My daughter, in what thou hast come to know of the events related in this chapter, thou wilt find a great deal that points to the mystery of the predestination of souls. Be convinced that, since the Redemption was so overflowing and copious, it was sufficient for the salvation of all men (Rom. 5, 20). The divine truth was made known to all, whoever heard its preaching or who saw the effects of the coming of the Godman into the world. Besides the outward preaching and knowledge of the remedy, all received interior inspirations and helps in order to seek and accept the means. You are surprised that, in spite of all this, only three thousand were converted by the first sermon of the Apostle among all that great multitude then in Jerusalem. It should cause a greater surprise that in our times so few are converted to the way of eternal life, as the Gospel is more widespread, its preaching is frequent, its ministers numerous, the light of the Church clearer and the knowledge of the divine mysteries more definite. With all this men are blinder, the hearts more hardened, pride more inflated, avarice more bold, and all the vices are practiced without fear of God and without consideration.”
  73. 73.  In this most perverse and unhappy state mortals cannot complain of the most high and equitable providence of the Lord, who offers to all and every one his fatherly mercy, and points out to them both the way of life and the way of death; so that if any man hardens his heart, God can permit it in strictest justice. The reprobate will have none but themselves to blame, if afterwards, when there is no more time, they shall be uselessly dismayed with what in opportune time they could and should have known. If in the short and transient life, which is given to them in order to merit the eternal, they close their eyes and ears to the truth and to the light, and if they listen to the demon, giving themselves up to all the promptings of his malice; if they thus abuse the goodness and clemency of the Lord, what can they then allege as their
  74. 74.  If they do not know how to pardon an injury and for the slightest offense meditate the direst vengeance; if, for the sake of increasing their property, they pervert the entire order of reason and of natural brotherhood; if for a passing delight they forget the eternal pains, and if, in addition to all this, they despise the warnings, helps and admonitions sent to them by God to inspire them with the fear of perdition and induce them to avoid it, how shall they afterwards find fault with the divine clemency? Let then mortals, who have sinned against God, undeceive themselves: without penance there shall be no grace, without reform no pardon, without pardon no glory. But just as these are not conceded to those that are unworthy, so they are also never denied to those that are worthy; nor is ever the mercy of God withheld from any one who seeks to obtain it.”
  75. 75. At a meeting of the Apostles and disciples, when the subject of money was being discussed, Peter and John asked the Blessed Virgin to describe to them the attitude that would be most pleasing to her Son, and She said:“My masters and brethren, many times during His life our true Teacher, my divine Son, told me that one of the important purposes of His coming into the world was to uplift poverty and to teach it to mortals who have a horror of it. In His conversation, His teachings and His holy life, He made me understand that the holiness and perfection which He had come to teach were to be based on the most perfect voluntary poverty and contempt of money. I am therefore of the opinion that we should all detach our hearts from the love of money and of wealth.”Mary of Agreda. Mystical city of
  76. 76. Words of the Blessed Virgin on New Union with God and Inner Peace (to Venerable Mother Mary of Agreda)“My daughter, the Divine Spirit in coming for the first timeupon the Apostles, intended it as a pledge and proof that Hewould confer the same favour on the rest of the children ofthe Church, and that He was ready to communicate His Giftsto all who would dispose themselves to receive them.Blessed is the soul who longs for this grace which enkindles,enlightens, and consumes all that is earthly and carnal andraises it up to a new union with God .As your true and loving Mother, I want you to have thishappiness, and therefore I again urge you to prepare yourheart by trying to maintain an unshatterable inner peaceand calm, no matter what happens to you.”
  77. 77.  WORDS OF THE QUEEN on Coming of the Holy spirit in our Times (The Virgin Mary speaks to Sister Mary of Agreda, Spain.) “My daughter, so great was the love, by which He sought to draw them to Himself, that, in order to make them sharers of his divine perfections, He sent them first the Son, who is wisdom (John 3, 16) and afterwards the holy Ghost, who is love, so that all might be enriched in the manner in which they were capable. The divine Spirit, intended it as a pledge and testimony, that He would confer the same favor on the rest of the children of the Church, and that He was ready to communicate his gifts to all who would dispose themselves to receive them. Also in our times He comes to many just souls, although not so openly. The interior effects and gifts are all of the same nature, acting according to the disposition and state of the one who receives them. Blessed is the soul which sighs and aspires after this blessing and seeks to participate in this divine fire which enkindles, enlightens and consumes all that is terrestrial and carnal, which purifies and raises it up to new existence and a new union with God himself. As your true and loving Mother, I want you to have this happiness, and therefore I again urge you to prepare your heart by trying to maintain an unshatterable inner peace and calm, no matter what happens to you.”
  78. 78. The ( National ) Rosary For the Evangelization of (Nations)1. Fatima Prayer: To Eucharistic Jesus, source of all evangelization. “O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially those who are in most need of thy mercy.”2. Invocation of the Holy Spirit: Principal agent of evangelization. “Come, Holy Spirit! Fill the hearts of the (National) people and enkindle in them the fire of your love! Come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well-beloved Spouse.”3. Prayer to Our Lady of ( Nation ): Star of the new evangelization. “Hail Holy Queen, Mother of (Nation), come and present the (National) people to Jesus, the fruit of thy womb. Look upon them continually with mercy and through your