7. The Marian Movement


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7. The Marian Movement

  1. 1. Marian Movementof Priests and Laity: To consecrate to the Immaculate Heart. To join the Rosary Apostolate, the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary. To fight the spiritual battle with prayer and suffering. To multiply everywhere Cenacles of prayer for Evangelization of Nations.
  2. 2. Consecration to the Immaculate Heart (Short version)“ Virgin of Fatima, Mother of Mercy, we who belong to the MarianMovement, consecrate ourselves in a special way to yourImmaculate Heart. We also consecrate our motherland (China) toyour Immaculate Heart. We intend to live with you, through you andfor you, all the obligations assumed by our Baptismal consecrationto bring about in ourselves that interior conversion so urgentlydemanded by the Gospel, that we may be available only to doalways the will of the Father.Allow us to dwell in the garden of your Immaculate Heart . Lead usto a spiritual renewal with prayer and penance, with the daily
  3. 3.  “I am the dawn. I am the Virgin Mother who brings help and salvation to all the peoples of the world. I am the Woman clothed in the Sun.” “I am the Mother and Queen of your homeland. I love you with particular motherly tenderness. I want to bring comfort and consolation today to all those who live in this land.” ‘My time has now come: this extraordinary intervention of mine must be clearly recognized by all” “My great net of love and of salvation has now been spread out in every part of the earth.” “I invite you all to follow me as your heavenly Mother who am coming down from heaven in order that I myself may become, in these times, your salvation and your sure liberation.”
  4. 4.  “I have chosen you for the Movement. You must live for this; you must pray, work, suffer, you must become holy. This is the wonderful purpose that I am giving to your life.” “I invite you all today to second this plan of mine, and to accept this loving Work of mine. I am making use of you, the littlest of my children, and I am bringing you everywhere, to even the most distant places, for a new and ultimate call to action.” “I have chosen you for a plan. This is the hour of your public witness! Go to all parts of the world to carry out the mission which Jesus has entrusted to each one of you.” “I choose as my preferred instruments those whom no one notices and who know how to be silent, to pray, to suffer and to love.” “Be little, docile, humble, poor. Be the most beautiful flowers about the crib of you infant Mother.”
  5. 5.  “Offer me the most beautiful fruit: the Marian Movement. Let me act; trust me. Offer your prayers and sufferings for this intention. You do not have to be numerous, but you must be holy. I will lead you all to great holiness, if you all truly entrust yourselves completely to me.” “I bless the courageous act of my Pope in his wish to entrust the world and all the nations to my Immaculate Heart, and because of it I promise to intervene to shorten greatly the hours of purification and to lessen the gravity of the trial.”
  6. 6.  “What must I do—you ask me—to spread this Movement? Remain solely in me, always, at each moment in prayer. I will do everything myself, O my son, because this is my hour. I ask you only to believe, to pray, to suffer, to let yourself be led by me by the hand and you will soon see my marvels.” “Begin the new year on your knees, praying with me, O my son. With the coming year, my Movement will develop beyond all expectations.” “The Movement goes forward when you offer me your prayer & suffering. I have no need of human means.”
  7. 7.  “I want you here to give each of you my spirit, in such a way that I might truly live and work in you. The time has come when I wish to manifest myself through you to the whole Church, because the time of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart has come. “You are the apostles of my Immaculate Heart, called to illumine the earth with the light of Christ, which must shine forth in your persons, in your lives and in all your apostolic actions. Respond to my pressing invitation to be priests of prayer. Respond to my invitation to suffer. Respond to my invitation to walk towards holiness.”
  8. 8.  “You are on the vigil of a long and tiring journey, which I am asking you to undertake for me, to many countries. This is the task which I have entrusted to you: to bring my motherly announcement to every part of the world.” “Go and give to all the light which comes from my Immaculate Heart. God forth with me in prayer, in love and in trust. Beloved sons, you have been called by me to be, today, the workers of this divine wonder. I want to act and to manifest myself to the world through you.” “I am your heavenly leader. Now is the hour to go with me into combat. Go to every part of the earth and spread the light which comes from my Heart. Soon you will understand fully the great gift which I have given to each one of you during these days.”
  9. 9.  “Do not let yourself be caught up with things; do not become anxious. No outside interference will be able to harm this Work of mine. I am making known to you how I want this Work done and I myself will lead you by the hand to realize this plan of mine. You will see how the Mother knows how to do all things well in your place! You will always be carried by your Mother, who knows where and how to lead you, that in each of you the design of the Father’s will be realized.” “You are the warp and woof of my plan; the loving design of your Mother; the gift that I give to the Church.” “Difficulties, misunderstandings and sufferings are permitted by me that this work of mine may be purified yet more. I want it to be purified of every human element that it may thus reflect only my most pure light.”
  10. 10. On the Marian Movement “As for the rest, leave it to me. This is my Work alone and no one will touch it. Your place is the Marian Movement of priests (and laity). Through my priests, an immense number of the laity will again be consecrated to my Heart. Be my priests; be solely priests of prayer. Do not waste any more time, because the time left to you is far too precious. Pray the holy rosary often and well.” “My motherly action is the only thing necessary for the spread of my movement. This is why I ask you insistently to support my action with your prayer. Of you, my dearest son, I ask prayer, suffering and silence.” “Do not be afraid; it is your Mother who is preparing each thing for you. Do not be anxious; leave all your worries in my Heart.”
  11. 11.  “I have chosen you precisely because of your littleness, your poverty. My Son Jesus does not love you for what you can do, but for yourself. He loves you just as you are. I also, your Mother, love you just as you are: even with your defects, as long as you are always striving to correct them.” “I have chosen you, my son, for this simple reason: because you are the poorest, the smallest and the most limited. Humanly speaking, you are the most destitute.” “In you I have chosen the smallest and poorest child, and I am taking you to every part of the world to gather all into my Immaculate Heart. I fill your hearts with pure love of Jesus, so that you may thus save a great number of souls. I have special love for you because of your extreme littleness, and fragility. I am leading you because it is your duty to carry out the most important task at the moment of the decisive struggle.”
  12. 12.  “Beloved sons, this is your hour. I am calling you all to fight along with me the final phase of the battle. Your Mother is on the eve of her greatest victory. “The weapon that you must make use of is Trust in Me. It is your complete abandonment to me. The weapons that I will use to fight and win this battle will be your prayer and your suffering.” “My mother’s Heart will be for you the place of your peace, while outside the most violent storm is raging.” “You will meet with sufferings and misunderstandings, but never obstacles! This is my Work; no one will touch it.”
  13. 13.  “This complete offering of yours is the only thing I ask of you: the offering of yourselves with your limitations, your weaknesses and your inabilities.” “I want my movement to spread in silence and hiddenness. The weapon you must use is your trust, your prayer and your silence. Interior silence: let it be the Mother who speaks within you. Exterior silence: let it be the Mother who speaks through you. In order that I may speak, I need your silence.” “Speak always by your life. Let your life be your word. Then it will be I myself who will speak in you and through you.” “The time has come when I must make myself present in person and act in the Church whose Mother I am. I want to act through you.”
  14. 14.  “I want to save all my children through my motherly love which always understands, helps and pardons. I want to act through you. In order that I may do this, you must be totally at my disposal, and allow yourselves to be possessed by my gentle motherly action. Live this consecration of yours! Your life will be transformed: I will accustom you to my way of seeing, of thinking, of praying, of loving.” “I am your leader. There should be no leader among you: you are all brothers. If anyone wishes to become the greatest let him become truly the least. Only he who loves the most, who serves the most, who listens to me the most is the one whom I myself will make ever greater. Obedience and docility: this is the livery in which I wish to attire you.
  15. 15.  “This is the hour of Satan. It is the hour of darkness! The darkness has spread to every part of the world, and even pervaded the Church. If this is the hour of darkness, this must also be your hour! The hour of your light, which ought to shine more and more brightly.” “I want to carry out this great work of co-redemption today through you, my beloved sons. I have wanted to withdraw myself into the desert of your life, where I have set up my safe refuge. I call you to prayer, to the perfect offering of yourselves, to suffering, to self-immolation. I lead you along the way of the cross and gently I help you to climb Calvary in order to transform you into sacrificial victims pleasing to the Father, for the salvation of the world. In the desert of your life, I daily work the great prodigy of transforming you more and more, that Jesus Crucified may again live in each one of you. My merciful work of co-redemption has now become more necessary and urgent than ever.”
  16. 16.  “Your mission is sublime. My time has come and soon I will leave the desert for the decisive phase of this battle of mine. I therefore have need of you and of the powerful weapon of your love. Open your heart to the dimensions of my Immaculate Heart. We will trace out a great path of light, along which my poor wandering children will be able to be led back and to be saved.” “Step out with perfect trust in your heavenly Mother. You will be led to the heroism of love. You will receive new strength and new enthusiasm to spend yourself for souls. My Immaculate Heart has a great design upon you. You will shed my light, and you will contribute ever more and more to the triumph of my maternal love in the souls and lives of so many of my children. You will spread about you the fragrance of all those virtues.”
  17. 17.  “This is the hour of my victory. The struggle between your heavenly Mother-the Woman clothed in the sun-and her Adversary, the Red Dragon, has now entered into its conclusive phase. I can accomplish it only through you. I await from you a complete response to my will. No more doubts, no more hesitation, no more uncertainty. Do not look to those about you. Pay no attention to the criticisms you hear, to the scepticism which often surrounds this work of mine. Only in my Immaculate Heart is the source of your security.
  18. 18.  The time has come when I wish to live in you and to manifest myself to all through you. I want to love with your heart, to gaze with your eyes, to console and encourage with your lips, to assist with your hands, to walk with your feet, to follow your footprints and to suffer with your crucified body. “I invite all to consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart. I am extending this my request, to the most extreme limits of the earth, through my Marian Movement of Priests (and Laity). In this way, I am offering you a safe refuge which the Most Holy Trinity has prepared for you, for these stormy times of the great tribulation.
  19. 19.  “ I am renewing my pressing request to return to the Lord, who awaits you with the love of a Father, on the road of conversion and of a change of heart and of life. I am the Queen of Peace and the dawn which announces the new time. Multiply everywhere the cenacles of prayer which I have asked of you. Mine is the task of washing you from every stain, of consoling you in every sorrow; of bringing trust to you in you great discouragement, and strong hope to you in your loneliness. I desire that all of you belong solely and always to my Son Jesus.”