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This slide show is made to be presented in 1 hour or less, in a exhibit hall setting.
Perfect to supplement hands on livestock workshops.

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  • This is the introduction slide. Note that this is a cooperative effort between Extension and Ag Science Teachers.
  • This slide has the two-fold mission of Quality Counts.
  • The next 3 slides discuss the main objectives of Quality Counts.
  • The next two slides talk about the 8 Core Concepts that should be gained from the program.
  • This slide starts the section on the first concept.
  • This slide gives the total number of livestock projects exhibited in Texas in 2000.
  • Read from slide
  • This slide starts the section about the second core concept.
  • Introduce next concept
  • Introduce core concept
  • Livestock Education & Texas Trails Info

    1. 1. A Texas Curriculum for Livestock Education
    2. 2. Curriculum Focus Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance Character EducationCharacter Education
    3. 3. Objective 1  Enhance Character Education for Texas 4-H and FFA Youth
    4. 4. Objective 2  Ensure all 4-H and FFA livestock projects meet all food quality standards
    5. 5. Objective 3  Promote a Positive Image of Youth Livestock Programs
    6. 6. Eight Core Concepts Character Education  Six Pillars of Character  Purpose of 4-H/FFA  Purpose of Livestock Projects  Making Decisions/Goal Setting
    7. 7. Eight Core Concepts Quality Assurance  Impact of Livestock Projects on Red Meat Industry  Responsibilities of Producing a Safe Product  Medication use/Reading and Following Labels  Animal Care and Well-Being
    8. 8. Core Concept Impact of Livestock Projects on Red Meat Industry
    9. 9.  Reveal impact of 76,000 market projects
    10. 10. How many pounds of carcass are there?  Terms & Calculations: (1) Live Weight, (2) Dressing Percent, and (3) Carcass Weight
    11. 11. Total Entry Numbers Market Swine: 32,617 Meat Goats: 23,821 Market Lamb: 11,438 Market Steers: 8,438 TOTAL: 76,225
    12. 12. PORK Ave Wt. – 240 D. P. - 73% 5,714,498.4 lb
    13. 13. SHEEP Ave Wt. – 125 D. P. - 53% 751,871.25 lb
    14. 14. GOATS Ave Wt. – 110 D. P. - 55% 1,441,170.5 lb
    15. 15. BEEF Ave Wt. – 1200 D. P. - 62% 6,277,872.0 lb
    16. 16. Grand Total Grand Total: 14,185,412.15 pounds of carcass!!!!!!
    17. 17. What does this mean?  Livestock projects can IMPACT thousands of people!!!  Think about the CONSUMER!!!!  You never know who they might be……..
    18. 18. Core Concept Six Pillars of Character
    19. 19. Trustworthiness #Be honest #Don’t deceive, cheat or steal #Be reliable Do what you say you will do #Have the courage to do the right thing #Build a good reputation #Be loyal Stand by your family, friends and country
    20. 20. Respect #Treat others with respect Follow the Golden Rule #Be tolerant to differences #Use good manners, not bad language #Be considerate of the feelings of others #Don't threaten, hit or hurt anyone #Deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements
    21. 21. Responsibility #Do what you are supposed to do #Persevere: Keep trying! #Always do your best #Use self control: be disciplined #Think before you act Consider the consequences #Be accountable for your choices
    22. 22. Fairness #Play by the rules #Take turns and share #Be open minded Listen to others #Don't take advantage of others #Don't blame others carelessly
    23. 23. Caring #Be kind #Be compassionate and show you care #Express gratitude #Forgive others #Help people in need
    24. 24. Core Concept Responsibility of Producing a Safe Product
    25. 25. Understand role and responsibility in the food supply continuum  Consumers have a right to expect a safe, wholesome product  It is a producer’s responsibility to provide that safe product  Producers are also consumers CitizenshipResponsibility
    26. 26. Understand role and responsibility in the food supply continuum Food Supply ContinuumFood Supply Continuum ConsumerConsumer FoodFood ServiceService Retail/Retail/ DistributionDistribution ProcessingProcessing HarvestingHarvesting MarketingMarketing TransportationTransportation ProducerProducer AttitudeAttitude From: NPPC, Youth PQA; 2000
    27. 27. Understand role and responsibility in the food supply continuum  ALL producers are affected by negative publicity concerning our food supply  Product safety can be compromised at any time in the food supply continuum Responsibility Citizenship
    28. 28. Core Concept Medication Use/Reading and Following Labels
    29. 29. Exhibit knowledge of medication and feed labels and their meaning  Expiration date  Lot number  Dosage  Warnings  Cautions Responsibility Caring  Application Method  Precautions  Active Ingredient  Trade Name Read the Labels!!! From: NPPC; PQA for Youth; 2000
    30. 30. Exhibit knowledge of medication and feed labels and their meaning  Prescription drugs must be used according to label instructions  Over-the-Counter drugs can cause residues and may not be appropriate for animal use  Human sunburn remedies  Human dietary supplements  Etc.! Responsibility Caring
    31. 31. Exhibit knowledge of medication and feed labels and their meaning Types of drug use  Labeled Use: Using the drug EXACTLY as it is specified on the label. Legal and the type of practice most producers use.  Off Label Use: The PRODUCER uses drugs on their own in a manner other than what is stated on the label without veterinarian guidance. ILLEGAL!  Extra Label Use: The VETERINARIAN prescribes a drug to be used in a manner other than what is on the label. LEAGAL and used when a good veterinarian-client-patient relationship exists From: NPPC; PQA for Youth; 2000
    32. 32. The Relationship between Quality Counts and the local County Fair
    33. 33. Where does it start?  Quality Counts starts at home (At your local or regional shows)
    34. 34. Where we show… Local and County Shows
    35. 35. Where we show… Major Shows… State Fair of Texas
    36. 36. Question  If Quality Counts is just for major show exhibitors, what about the rest of us?
    37. 37. County Fair Concerns  County Fairs also have to be concerned with the quality of products that are sold to buyers at fair time
    38. 38. Quality Counts for Everyone  Quality Counts is for All Youth Livestock Programs in the state of Texas
    39. 39.
    40. 40. The Future of the Youth Livestock Show Program Depends on Us!
    41. 41. Thank You!