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Mair press release

  1. 1. Media Contact: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEHoward Nelson CromwellLLEWMORC Media & Production AgencyOffice: 202-642-3221Email: Braat Musik/Universal Music Recording Artist Pop Star MAIR Releases Her Latest Album ALLOW ME TO RE-INTRODUCE MYSELFWashington, DC – February 27, 2013 – BRAAT Musik/Universal Music Group recording artist,Pop Star MAIR releases her latest album, entitled Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself,Braat Musik/INGrooves/Fontana/Universal Music Group. This latest project is a mix-tape-styledalbum with 19 original bangers, including 5 previous releases from when she was with WarnerMusic Group (2009-2011); also including 14 unheard select studio leaks, recorded from the ageof sixteen.The goal of this album is to re-introduce MAIR to the fans that have grown with her over thepast years, as well as introduce her to brand-new fans; and there is no better way to re-introduce MAIR to her audience than with an album that allows everyone to see where shecame from, where she is now and to where she is headed.“I always envisioned myself becoming a world-renowned, Grammy Award-winning popstar−before releasing an album of songs written and recorded as my best form of therapy,during a time when I was trying to find myself as an artist while still dealing with the strugglesof being a troubled teen,” states Mair. “But why should a certain level of success dictate when Iallow myself to showcase my imperfections to my fans? After all, the majority of my fans havealways been just like me in one way or another, and its not like Im some pre-fab pop artistbeing told who to be or what to do. No, I am an independent artist living in the digital agewhere traditional rules dont apply;” which is why Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself is soperfectly imperfect.With crazy hot beats that cross the genres of Electronic, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock and Drum & Bass,songs like "Night Mair" and "Being Myself" showcase just a bit of MAIR’s rebellious flow beforetransitioning into the playful, girly hook of "Nahny Nahny Boo" or a soulful ballad like "IWonder". As much as the style of the tracks differ from each other, each telling its own story,merged together in Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself, they tell MAIR’s story. That of anadolescent who had to pay the price of growing up in a dysfunctional family, dealing withsevere self-esteem issues; she lost friends to tragedy; self-medicated and lashed out fromfeeling completely alone in the world. Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself is a story familiar to somany young people around the world: male or female; gay or straight; rich or poor.
  2. 2. But through all that is ugly during the most confusing and difficult time in a growing personslife, beauty is found in discovering your inner strength and defying all odds− disproving theskeptics, discovering your passion and becoming the person you were born to be.“My name is MAIR and if one song on my album can become a source of encouragement orinspiration to you, then I have already won my Grammy.”Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself is now available everywhere music is sold onlineworldwide, including all mobile devices and music apps. Her highly anticipated second full-length album, “Pop White Girl” will be released in Summer/Fall 2013 via Braat Musik/Fontana/INGrooves/ Universal Music Group. For more info about MAIR, please ###About BRAAT Musik/Universal Music Group:Braat Musik is an independent record label with major worldwide distribution through WEA/Warner Music Group(2009-2011) UMG/Universal Music Group (2011- ). Our company specializes in Artist Development, Film, Video &Music Production and Distribution. We have offices in 5 major cities across the US including LA and NY with our mainheadquarters located in NW Washington, DC.About LLEWMORC MEDIA & PRODUCTION AGENCY:LLEWMORC Media & Production Agency is a full-service marketing firm specializing in media, public relations, eventsmanagement/production, small/start-up business development, product development/artist management, crisismanagement and advertising. We maintain practice areas in fashion, arts & culture, nightlife & entertainment,restaurant & dining, business, politics, nonprofit/philanthropic/community organizations and celebrity/high-profileindividuals. Headquartered in Washington DC, LLEWMORC Agency is known for implementing creative andcustomized public relations programs designed to impact a client’s specific business goals and objectives. LLMEWORCAgency is a subsidiary of DRAOH LLEWMORC Omnimedia, Inc. For more info please visit