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Body image of Teenager
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Body image of Teenager



IEP level 4 :

IEP level 4 :
It was my last presentation from IEP school.



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Body image of Teenager Body image of Teenager Presentation Transcript

  • The influenceof media :Body imageof teenagersNasneen P.
  • Contents3. What messages arebeing sent from media?2. Body image isshaped by manyfactors1. What are the definitions ofMedia & bodyimage ?4. What is themedia’s influencein teenagers’ life?5. Tip for criticalviewing of media
  • 1. What is thedefinitions ofMedia & bodyimage ?
  • Media• (n.) : the main ways that largenumber of people receiveinformation and entertainment,that is television, radio,newspapers and the internet
  • Body image• (n.) : a picture of one’s ownphysical look established byself-observation and bynoting the reactions of others
  • • Body image is made up of twocomponents1. How you perceive your body ?2. How do you feel about thatperception ?
  • Male and Female&
  • 2. What are factors ofBody image ?
  • Body Image is Shaped by Many Factors• Judgments or comments from others• Sexual and racial harassment• Stigmatization• Prevailing social values• Physical changes in the body duringpuberty, menopause & pregnancy• Socialization• How the individual feels abouthim/herself• Actual conditions of the body – illnessor disabilities
  • • Changes inbody imageover time
  • Body Size Over the Years1700s
  • Body Size Over the Years1800s
  • Body Size Over the Years1950s
  • Body Size Over the Years1960s
  • Body Size Over the Years2000s
  • Body Size Over the YearsToday
  • 3. What messageare being sent frommedia?
  • In the Media, Perception is not Reality• Extremely Thin/Muscular Models• Hair & Makeup• Clothes• Lens & Lighting• Selective Posing• Airbrushing
  • How would you describe this woman?
  • How would you describe this woman?
  • Airbrushing in the Media
  • Behind the scene•Let’s watch video clips
  • Airbrushing
  • Real or Not ?Real Not
  • 4. What is the media’sinfluence inteenagers’ life?
  • The media’s influence inteenagers’ life• Models• Health and fashion magazine covers• Computer doctored photos• ‘Barbie’ and ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’• Music-video queens and kings• Movies, billboards, television
  • 2 main effects on Teenagers•Eating disorders•Losing Selfesteem
  • There are3 main ‘types’of eating disorders:Eatingdisorders
  • 1. Anorexia nervosa
  • 2. Bulimia nervosa
  • 3. Binge eating disorder
  • Self-esteemSelf-esteem is all about how muchyou feel you are worth — and howmuch you feel other people value you.
  • Why are Self-Esteem and BodyImage Important?Self-esteem is important because“feeling good about yourself canaffect your mental health andhow you behave”.
  • 5. Tip for criticalviewing of media
  • Tips for Critical viewing of the MediaA.Medias messages about body shape and size will only affectthe way feel about ourselves If we let them.• All media images are constructions, not reality• Advertisement have been carefully constructed with aninternet to send a very specific message• Advertisement are created for one thing: to convinceyou to buy something• They create their message based on what they thinkyou want to see• We can choose a filter that protects our self-esteem
  • Become Media LiterateB.o By becoming media literate, you can help protect yourself-esteem and body imageKnowledge isPower!Awareness isKey!
  • The Three A’sC.• Attention– listening to internal cues• Appreciation– enjoying the pleasure your body can provide• Acceptance– accepting what is instead of longing for what is not
  • D.• Force yourself to look for yourgood points in the mirror• Decide which of the culturalpressures prevent you fromfeeling good about yourself• Exercise to feel good aboutyourself
  • E.Work on focusing your thoughts and energytoward the unique and amazing person you arerather than focusing on what you believe you are not.
  • Thanks for your attention