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What is QlikView and What makes it Unique
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What is QlikView and What makes it Unique


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View this presentation made at India's largest Business Discovery World Tour. It talks about how QlikView Business Discovery - user driven BI is different from traditional BI applications. Customers …

View this presentation made at India's largest Business Discovery World Tour. It talks about how QlikView Business Discovery - user driven BI is different from traditional BI applications. Customers are loving this user-driven BI and are actively embracing it suffice to say there are over 26000 customers worldwide who are already using QlikView.

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  • 1. What Is QlikView and What Makes It UniqueHenry SeddonVice PresidentQlikTech Inc.
  • 2. Messaging SummaryWhat Is QlikView? • QlikView is a Business Discovery platform – User-driven BI supporting the creation and consumption of dynamic apps for analyzing information • QlikView apps allow non-technical users to explore visual views of information and ask streams of questions, through simple interactions such as clicks and taps • QlikView’s patented software engine dynamically calculates new views of information, instantly, based on user selections
  • 3. Messaging SummaryWhat Makes QlikView Unique?• It’s about enabling users to ask and answer the next question• Why does this matter? − Reports and visualizations lead to follow-up questions − The more users, the more questions, the more reports − Fewer apps supporting more questions drives economies of scale• How does QlikView enable this? − Core patented technology – dynamic calculation engine − The associative experience − Collaboration and mobility
  • 4. What Is QlikView?• A Business Discovery platform – User-driven BI – Supports creation and consumption of dynamic apps for analyzing information
  • 5. QlikView’s Dominance in the Data Discovery Market “QlikTech benefits from being the dominant vendor with the highest brand recognition in the hot data discovery segment.” SWOT: QlikTech, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Worldwide – December 26, 2012, Gartner Research
  • 6. The QlikView Business Discovery Platform
  • 7. What Users Do with QlikView• Explore visual views of information through simple interactions such as clicks and taps• Start anywhere and go anywhere – Make selections in any chart or object – Evaluate results across entire app – Ask any number of follow-up questions based on what they have learned
  • 8. Users Ask and Answer Streams of Questions“What do my “It looks like “Ok, it seems “Wow, it looks “Let’s expandmargins look one of my that bicycles like 20-40 year the view to seelike for the last regions has are not selling olds are not all productsthree quarters been under well in this buying many bought by 20-broken down goal, I wonder region, is there bicycles at all, 40 year olds. Itby region?” if there’s a a particular specifically looks like specific product product or mountain hiking gear is that’s driving customer bikes.” more popular this?” segment that’s with this group, the issue?” which is good because it’s less costly to stock…”
  • 9. How QlikView Enables This• The heart of QlikView – a patented software engine that generates new views of information on-the-fly• Each time a user clicks, the QlikView engine instantly responds by updating every object in the app with a newly calculated set of data and visualizations, specific to the user’s selections• QlikView… – Offers access to a full set of record-level data – Manages all associations in the data automatically – Fully leverages the power of available hardware and memory Dynamic calculation is the major innovation in the QlikView engine
  • 10. What Makes QlikView Unique? It’s About Asking and Answering The Next Question
  • 11. Reports and Visualizations Lead to Follow-up Questions• Standalone visualizations provide a single view• Reports provide a static view• How do you best support follow-up questions? With QlikView apps, the Ask users to build Require experts answers are already new analysis to build more there, available through themselves reports for them simple clicks or taps Impractical Not Sustainable Scalable and effective
  • 12. The More Users, the More QuestionsReports and Visualizations QlikView• The more users, the more requests • The more users, the more clicks, for new reports the same apps• New reports are built by IT or • Users simply click to refine views business lines to serve requests and answer questions• The number of reports spins out • Apps deliver new views of information of control dynamically • Users get instant feedback
  • 13. More Reports for More Questions = Backlog and Cost
  • 14. Fewer Apps For More Questions = Economies of Scale
  • 15. The “100,000 Questions” Jam• With one QlikView app, users can ask and answer their own questions• Experiment: 17 people for 20 minutes with 1 QlikView app yielded >170 answerable questions See the QlikView blog post, “100,000 Questions”
  • 16. How Does QlikView Enable This? Patented Core The Associative Collaboration and Technology Experience Mobility
  • 17. QlikView’s Patented Core Technology• The basics – Holds data in memory – Compresses data to as little as 10% of original size – Fully utilizes CPU and memory – Offers enterprise-class capabilities for Business Discovery
  • 18. QlikView’s Patented Core Technology• The “secret sauce” – Dynamic calculation  Generates new views of information on-the-fly, as the user clicks or taps  Instantly responds by updating every object in the app with a newly calculated set of data and visualizations  Offers access to full set of record- level data and manages associations in the data automatically
  • 19. The Associative ExperienceReports and Visualizations QlikView AppsRegion RegionState Sales State PersonProductSalesPerson Product • Linear, pre-defined paths • User decides where to • Insights missed with limited start and end next steps • All data is always there • Developer-centric • Insight driven • Data warehouse / appliance • In-memory and big-data
  • 20. The Associative Experience with Green, White, and Gray
  • 21. QlikView Users Can Ask Questions in Many Ways
  • 22. Collaboration and Mobility
  • 23. Customer Story: Swedbank• Sought to empower 5000+ users across 300+ branches to better target and service customers• Previous solution required branches to request reports from regional specialists or build on their own “QlikView is an immensely• Lack of agility at branch level meant lost opportunities powerful Business Discovery platform. The solution gives – long delays in generating call lists and executing users the power to gain access• Considered MSTR, Cognos, BO, and SAS, but chose to and freely analyze data. It makes it possible for them to QlikView due to “free analysis” vs. fixed reporting climb the knowledge ladder from• Solution Benefits: raw data to refined information to analysis and conclusions – Improved cross-selling in branches increased mortgage resulting in relevant action.” renewals and transfers to higher value products – More effective price optimization and product – Anki Ahrnell, Head of promotion design at corporate level Marketing and Online Banking, – Solution serves individual advisors, salespeople, Swedbank branch managers, and global corporate users – Includes 250 million rows of customer data with omer-listing/s/swedbank high dimensionality – 5000+ users live in six months
  • 24. Customer Story: Genzyme• Started ‘Power of Intelligence’ initiative to drive value from traditionally ‘locked in’ data across the company• No comprehensive view of productivity, efficiencies, or revenue, inaccurate performance measurement “QlikView has connected our• Medical information personnel spent hours manually organization from grass roots right up to the top of the tree compiling reports to answer customer inquiries with true business discovery and• Existing investments in Cognos and Business accurate intelligence for the entire business and in real time. Objects were not meeting SLA’s with business units In turn, this allows Genzyme to• Solution Benefits: deliver against our core objectives of being efficient, – Employees now able to gather insight into customer effective and exceptional.” inquiries nearly as fast as they are being asked – Sales and CRM apps, delivered in just days, powered – James Sharp, Regional IT sales teams to exceed targets Manager, Genzyme – Apps serve executive users, finance, HR, IT, Therapeutics Ltd Marketing, Operations, Sales, and Service & Support – Significant reporting and analysis cost saves omer-listing/g/genzyme across company