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QlikView for Risk and Customer Intelligence

  1. 1. QlikView forRisk and Customer IntelligenceMehul Desai, Director - SalesApril 2013
  2. 2. Agenda• Introductions• QlikView for Risk / Fraud / Crimes• QlikView for Customer Intelligence• Customer Examples / Screenshots• Next steps
  3. 3. In the current Financial Crisis, effective business analytics canhave a significant impact on your viability and bottom lineIndustry challenge:
  4. 4. Typical BI approach in FS organizationsPushing Static Reports in SilosHundreds of SQL Queries, Access db’s, other stand-alone entry points
  5. 5. Business DiscoveryEnables Both Agility and Governance• Self Service• Visual dashboards• Associative search• Interactive analytics• Any device• Assemble andprepare data• Deliver relevant data• Ensure securityand scalability• Enforce standardsBUSINESS USERSMOVE FASTIT RETAINS CONTROLOVER DATADEVELOPERSARE AGILE• Rapid development cycles• Quick turn around• Leverage global standardsand best practices
  6. 6. True self-service BI that empowers business users
  7. 7. QlikView sweet spots in Analytics• Visualization: Spot trends/patterns/outliers through intuitive UI• Discovery: Explore/analyze/modify analysis by Business users• Data aggregation: Leverage in memory storage and compression to pulltogether large volumes of multiple disparate sources at low levels of detail• Search: Locate data in structured and unstructured fields• Association: Find data relationships through built in association logic• Rapid Apps: Spin up custom ‘1-off’ apps quickly for custom questions• Scoring: Apply mathematical calculation logic to score fraud / Sentimentpropensity• Drill down: Identify trouble spots and drill down to transaction level details• Mobile consumption: Deploy content to iPads, iPhones, Android, etc• Reporting: Build simple or complex, interactive reports
  8. 8. QlikView Case Studiesin Fraud / Risk Management
  9. 9. QlikView for Fraud and Risk AnalyticsExperience and Customer Use CasesDashboardAnalysisOperational Risk• Internal / External Events• External Loss Events• Risk Control Self Assessments (RCSA)• Advanced Measurement Approach (AMA)• Data Quality and ControlsMarket Risk• Trade book performance and what -if:- Equity Performance- Interest Rates and FX Rates- Commodity Prices• Portfolio VaR, Stressed VaRLiquidity Risk• Intraday Liquidity Snapshot/trend• Limit Management• Idiosyncratic Survival• Cash Flow Events• Liquid vs Illiquid ProductsCounterparty Risk• Counterparty Performance Trends• Risk calculation / Simulation integration:- Credit Valuation Adjustment (CVA)- Right way / Wrong way Risk Analysis- Risk CorrelationEnterprise Risk Management• Economic and Regulatory Capital• Risk & Exposure Analysis- Credit, Operational , Market, Liquidity- Regulator and Board ad-hoc requests• Executive Risk Dashboards / ScorecardsFraud and Anti-Money Laundering• Fraud Detection and Investigation• Suspicious Activities / Transactions• Watch List and Case Management• Transactional Pattern Analysis• Social ProfilingCredit Risk• Mortgage and Loan Production• Delinquencies and Charge-offs• Transaction Activity Analysis- Deposits and withdrawals- Payments and collectionsRegulatory Compliance• Basel II/III (Banking)• Solvency II (Insurance)• Know Your Customer (KYC)• Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)• Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)
  10. 10. ABN Amro - Bank Neuflize OBCRisk Management and ComplianceChallenges• Build a centralized, cross-entity operational risk monitoringsystem for the bank’s controllers, analysts and executives• Provide reliable, real-time tracking of processes acrossthousands of operational control pointsSolutionDeployed QlikView to central risk control organization for:• Global Operational Risk Monitoring and Fraud Investigation• Centralized, real-time monitoring across1700 checkpoints,over 8000 instances, and 5M monthly transactions• Allowed team to compare and combine from different sourcesand standpoints to understand activity and pinpoint areas ofconcernResults• Reduced operational risk by allowing investigation down tothe transaction level, to uncover underlying drivers• Empowered business users with risk discovery and selfservice analysis capabilitiesReduced operational risk by allowing investigationdown to the transaction levelEliminated 120 days of reporting overhead permonth for team of 20 controllers (4 days / month)
  11. 11. Case Study – ”Hundreds of QlikView apps”Top 10 Global Bank80% reduction in cost per question2m+ ROI on specific projects (their quoted total)Challenges• Improve visibility into performance across the firm, includingretail bank, investment bank, compliance, fraud, andoperational areas• Reduce manual data consolidation and analysis backlogs formultiple decision support and operational reporting groupsSolution100’s of QlikView apps deployed QlikView to 3000+ usersenterprise-wide for example:• Basel III Risk Management (Credit/Market/Liquidity, etc)• Compliance and Anti Money Laundering Investigation• Retail Bank Sales, Marketing and Branch Performance• Security and Investigative Services (fraud)• Operational Efficiency, Expense Management, Physical Asset Utilization• Investment Bank Trade Activity• Fixed Income Sales AnalysisResults• Created a new capability for business user informationdiscovery to support innovation• Provided ability to get answers to questions that were not evenpossible to ask with legacy BI and reporting tools• Some apps with 2300+ million rows of data
  12. 12. Standard Bank• Region: UK & Africa – 27 Countries• Line of business: Retail and Investment Banking.• Size of deployment : 1000+ users.• Risk Disciplines: Credit, Market, Operational.• Challenges:– Multiple source systems.– High volumes of data.– Risk managers only had a 30 dayview of risk.– Stress tests took weeks.– Highly distributed team.– Siloed view of risk.– Lack of agility in the front office.– Poor data networks in Africa.• Business Value Delivered:– Consolidated 12 systems.– 7 years P&L consolidation.– Global Op-Risk Reporting.– Credit Portfolio tool deployed to 600users across IB.– Stress tests on demand, in minutes.– Firm-wide view of risk delivered.– Ad-hoc analysis and aggregations.– High performance even over low-bandwidth African networks.
  13. 13. Piraeus Bank• Region: Greece• Line of business: Retail Banking.• Size of deployment : 600+ users.• Risk Disciplines: Credit, Market, Liquidity.• Challenges:– Operating in extreme marketconditions.– Competing teams had beentrying to deliver for 2 yearswithout success.– reporting bottleneck of severalweeks.– Constant liquidity challenges.– They needed to be able toidentify who was taking moneyout – by customer segment.• Business Value Delivered:– Delivered a near-real-time view ofliquidity by directly accessing sourcesystems.– Enabling analysis by customersegment to understand daily liquiditychallenges.– Monitoring KPI’s for the exec team.– Enabled immediate analysis forbusiness users.– Enabled rapid identification of nonperforming loans.
  14. 14. Risk and ComplianceCredit Risk app
  15. 15. Risk and ComplianceReal time Intraday Liquidity Risk app (with Panopticon)
  16. 16. Sample Risk/Fraud ArchitectureTradingdataOther data(.xls, etc)Loan data GL dataMarketdataCalculateddataRisk data-mart / warehouse(optional)Optional:What ifscenarios(custom UI)Risk /FraudCalcEngineDataCustom /3rd partyQlikViewFiltered analysisQlikViewBusinessDiscoveryDashboardsCommittedScenariosSessionScenariosPublisherSessionWhat-ifData intoQlikView
  17. 17. QlikView for Customer Intelligence
  18. 18. Customer Analysis Customer profile / single view Customer profitability Multi-channel analysis Cross-sell and up-sell Social medial sentiment analysisSales and Revenue Analysis Profitability analysis Industry benchmarking Revenue tracking CRM analytics Account characteristicsTransaction Management Fraud detection and prevention Transaction monitoring Risk & pricing strategies Credit scoring Case managementCustomer Targeting Customer segmentation Target marketing Application processing Risk management Campaign performanceCustomer (Client) Servicing Extranet reporting portal Dispute management Customer retention Call center management Mobile and web deliveryProducts and Services Product management Affinity / loyalty programs Points and rebates tracking Channel marketing Regulatory complianceCollections & Portfolio Management Credit line tracking Customer fraud Delinquent accounts Collection department Credit limits and authorizationCustomer On-boarding Account Opening Process improvement Asset management Measure effectiveness Account characteristicsCommon QlikView application areasfor Customer Intelligence
  19. 19. Case Study – ”5000+ users from a single app”Swedbank - Leading European Retail BankChallenges• Improve ability for the bank’s 300+ branches to targetcustomers in a customized manner• Empower 5,500+ sales advisors to increase customerinteractions and better cross-sell / up-sell products &services• Replace legacy SQL based tools and find an alternative tothe bank’s reporting tool – Microstrategy – which couldnot solve the problemSolutionDeployed QlikView to ALL 5,500+ users at 300+ branchesfor:• Customer targeting at the individual branch level• Ad-hoc customer base analysis for cross-sell / up-sellResults• Increased volume of client interactions: target a 1%increase Improved quality of meetings: a 1%improvement in sales Created new, flexible analyticsalternative to Microstrategy
  20. 20. • 1.4 TB of financial data analysis at a multinational bank• 6150 business users in eight regions (4800 concurrent)• QlikView application size 20 GB in RAM• Over 300 columns in largest appDeployment SummaryTechnical Solution• 3 clustered QlikView servers, 2 clustered publisher servers• 1 stand alone QlikView server to handle heavy analytics• Web Server clustering and Cisco NLBPerformance Result• 1600 concurrent users with 3088 clicks per minute• Average response time less than 3 secondsCase Study – ”5000+ users from a single app”Swedbank - Leading European Retail Bank
  21. 21. Sales Performance:Commercial Lending (Loan Portfolio) App
  22. 22. Customer Analysis and TargetingSocial Media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) Sentiment Analysis appThis app was developed by Partner named QVSource.
  23. 23. Customer Analysis and TargetingRetail Banking Sales app
  24. 24. Customer Analysis and Targeting:Customer Analytics app
  25. 25. Transaction AnalysisRetail Banking Loan Portfolio appThis ‘Compass Banking’ app was developed by aSolution Partner named Axis Group.
  26. 26. Extranet Client Servicing:Branch Performance App
  27. 27. What is QlikView and Its Uniqueness
  28. 28.  Founded 1993 in Sweden 26,000 customers in 100 countries Used in all Top 20 FinancialServices firms in US and EMEA* 15 of the top 15 banks 5 of the top 5 Insurers 10 of the top 10 capital markets 1,100+ employees across28 offices in 23 countries Dedicated QlikView FinancialServices teams globally 1,200 global partners includingindustry specific technology,solution and SI partners2,500+ Financial Services clients* 2011 Forbes 2000 listin Financial Services
  29. 29. Mobile DevicesSearchInnovations Are Remaking MarketsBICRMSIMPLICITYSIMPLICITY SIMPLICITY SIMPLICITYPageRankSearchiPhone/iPad SAAS-basedCRMBusinessDiscovery
  30. 30. QlikTech: Gartner 2013 BIMagic Quadrant Leader• Data Discovery nowmainstream: All leaders nowhave an offering, validatingthe market we pioneered• QlikTech in leader quadrantfor third year• Customers’ choice forimplementation easeand ROI• Customers report strongdelivery of business benefitsMagic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms:February 2013
  31. 31. Source: Gartner Emerging Technology Analysis: Visualization-Based Data Discovery Tools Report, June 2011Gartner 2011 – Data Discovery Report
  32. 32. Gartner: Total Cost of Ownership AnalysisLowest TCO of any MQLeader or ChallengerTotal Cost of Ownership• Software License• Implementation• IT Administration• Business Administration
  33. 33. The Empowered ConsumerMobilitySearchSocial Networking AppsThe EmpoweredConsumer
  34. 34. Business Discovery:Business User-Driven BIInsightEverywhereApp ModelRemixabilityand Reassembly Social andCollaborativeMobilityFinance HRSalesMarketingITProduction
  35. 35. What makes QlikView different?1. User Experience: QlikView is highly flexible and intuitive with a lower learningcurve than competing products. Our clients are able to deploy large internal andexternal (customer) user bases.Proof: Gartner’s 2013 MQ ranked QLIK #1 in terms of ease of use for end users.68% of the customers surveyed selected QLIK due to ease of use.2. Rapid Development: QlikView is an agile development tool that providescapability to integrate multiple data sources and build visual analytics in a very rapidtimeframe. Typical turnaround is days to weeks. Change the way Citi uses BI.Proof: IDC reports that average time to deploy a BI solution is 18 months.3. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership of the Top 10 BI solutions.Proof: Gartner reports that QlikView has the lowest TCO of any Leader orChallenging vendor in their 2012 MQ report.
  36. 36. QlikView Unique Patent: Associative Search Puts Users in ControlRegionStateProductSalesPersonIT Driven• Linear, pre-defined thinking• Insights missed in hidden data• Months to change• Data-centricUser Driven• Follows the user• All data, always visible• Minutes to change• Insight drivenTraditional BI Vendors: Linear QlikTech: AssociativeRegionProductStateSalesPerson
  37. 37. The unique customer experience at QlikTech- Operational ExcellenceBI Initiative Success and Satisfaction• 96% of customers are satisfied with QlikViewROI (Return On Investment)• 150% Return On InvestmentTime to Value43% deployed QlikView in 1 Month82% deployed QlikView in 3 Months59% reduction in information access and analysis time-100 0 100Findings from independent survey of QVFinancial Services customers
  38. 38. QlikView’s Uniqueness: Better for UsersRapid time tovalueAssociativeexperienceSpeed-of-thought analysisAccess tobusinessdata―fromanywhereUser-centricinteractivity
  39. 39. THANK YOU!