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this information packed power point will show you mobile marketing – the hands on, low cost marketing tool – can really help you drive your business success. Discover how communicating with your customers regularly can help you stay connected, and generate increased referrals, repeat sales, and unwavering customer loyalty.

You will learn…

How to start and build a strong permission-based customer list.
Get your audience to act on your text messages.
Use your past results to sharpen your mobile marketing program as you go along.

This comprehensive overview of how easy it is to create and send professional-looking texts and take your business Mobile.

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Qittle mobile marketing power point

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing
  2. 2. Contact InformationCasey McConnell casey@Qittle.com Facebook.com/Qittle @Qittle http://www.linkedin.com/caseymcconnell Text CASEY to 37404
  3. 3. What is Mobile Marketing? Marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a mobile phone. “Any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device". Andreas Kaplan, marketing professor
  4. 4. Examples of Mobile Marketing Shopping Social Apps Payments Email Web Voice SMS
  5. 5. Who is Mobile? Everyone!!!90% of Americansown a Mobile Phone 45% of Americans own a Smartphone (Pew Research Center for Internet & American Life)
  6. 6. Facebook VP:Facebook VP:“We Pivoted To Create The Right Mobile Experience First,“We Pivoted To Create The Right Mobile Experience First,The Desktop Can Catch Up Later”The Desktop Can Catch Up Later”
  7. 7. Mobile Content Usage
  8. 8. Smartphone Platform Market Share More than 114 million people in the U.S. owned a Smartphone during the three months ending July 2012. 85% Market Share
  9. 9. Smartphoneusage 2012(Google)
  10. 10. Mobile Platforms
  11. 11. Social Media – #1 Facebook now has 600M mobile users
  12. 12. Like – facebook.com/Marketing
  13. 13. Social Media – 2 & 3
  14. 14. www.SocialQuickStarter.comwww.SocialQuickStarter.com
  15. 15. SEOFrequency of looking for local information on a Smartphone
  16. 16. Google Places for Business www.Google.com/PlacesforBusiness
  17. 17. EmailFrequency of email use on Smartphone
  18. 18. EmailThink Mobile userexperience!
  19. 19. Mobile Website/AppBy 2014 mobile will take over desktop internet usage.
  20. 20. Qittle Mobile Website Experience Before Before After After
  21. 21. SMS - #1 use on a Mobile Phone75% of all AmericanMobile Phone usersSMS Message(The Pew Research Center)
  22. 22. Definition of Terms 1. SMS – Short Message Service (160 Characters) 2. Text Message – is a SMS message 3. Shortcode – 5 to 6 digit phone number used for commercial text messaging Short Code Reply Keyword
  23. 23. Cost Cutters is seeing a 30% – 40% Redemption of their mobile offers to customers who have Opt into their mobile campaignHow it works?1. Customer Opts into Cost Cutters Campaign when they see ads.2. Text CostCutters to 37404 to receive $2 off your haircut today.3. Cost Cutters follows up in 4 weeks with another text coupon.4. Customer walks in and redeems coupon.
  24. 24. SMS example: At The Beach
  25. 25. In Store Marketing Text Reply Follow Up
  26. 26. What do I do next? 1. Mobile web/app 2. Social 3. Messaging