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Qittle mobile & email presentation
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Qittle mobile & email presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Contact InformationContact InformationCasey McConnellText CASEY to
  • 2. My goal for you todayMy goal for you todayThat you leave here with at least 1new idea or tool that you canimplement into your business thathelps make your business better!
  • 3. The Business ChecklistThe Business Checklist
  • 4. 1. Your Message1. Your MessageDo you have a message for yourproduct or service that “People”understand and connect with?
  • 5. “The business of business is People.”Herb Kelleher, Founder & former CEO of Southwest Airlines
  • 6. Everyone has a marketing strength, so figure out what yoursis (writing, speaking, video creation, or networking) and use itto find avenues to promote your business.By focusing on your strengths, your marketing effectivenessand quality will be better and youll have more fun creating it.
  • 7. 2. Website2. WebsiteDo you have a website thatyour customers & potentialcustomers can find yourbusiness online?
  • 8. 3. Google Places3. Google PlacesDo you have a Google Placeslisting for your business?
  • 9.
  • 10. Facebook VP:“We Pivoted To Create The Right Mobile Experience First,The Desktop Can Catch Up Later”Facebook VP:“We Pivoted To Create The Right Mobile Experience First,The Desktop Can Catch Up Later”
  • 11. 4. Facebook Page4. Facebook PageDo you have a Facebook Pagefor your business?
  • 12. 5. Mobile Website5. Mobile WebsiteDo you have a Mobile Website?
  • 13. Mobile Website/AppMobile Website/AppBy 2014 mobile will take over desktop internet usage.
  • 14. 6. Content Creation6. Content CreationDo you have unique contentbeing created for your business?
  • 15. In todays busy world of mobileapps, tablets, and social mediaplatforms, it is challenging forbrands to engage consumersand tell their own stories, but tobreak through the clutter, manymarketers have learned the keyis content creation.
  • 16. Content
  • 17. Hire a freelance writer
  • 18. 7. Contact Sign Up7. Contact Sign UpDo you have a strategy to Signup People to get your message?
  • 19. 8. Content Calendar8. Content CalendarDo you have a ContentCalendar for your business?
  • 20. 9. Text Messaging9. Text MessagingDo you have Text Messaging?
  • 21. Let’s take a look at the Harold’sChicken Shack method that stands asa blueprint for 2013 marketing efforts.
  • 22. Harold’s Chicken Shack wanted to boost sales during the slow dining hoursbetween lunch and dinner. Because mobile marketing (SMS or textmessaging) provides immediacy, they decided to offer customers an opt-in forSMS promotions.Harold’s Chicken Shack used traditional advertising, in-store signage, andtable top displays to encourage customers to opt in to SMS texts. And theyalso provided incentives.Customers who signed up received an immediate thank you message and anoffer to save ten percent off on future meals on weekdays between 1–5 PM.They were also offered a “Bring a Friend Along” deal within three days of theoffer and each saved 20 percent.Here is the most compelling element of the plan: Harold’s tested the timing andcontent of the offers to optimize the usage of the promotions. They did this byplacing a distinct keyword in each promotional message to track andunderstand the customer response. Harold’s discovered that the bestresponses came from messages delivered before noon and redeemable aftera span of a few days.
  • 23. Results• The result was 10,000 opt-ins during the first sevenmonths.• The promotions delivered53% redemption of theintroductory coupon• 37% redemption rate ofsubsequent promotions• And an overall 11% lift insales, resulting inincremental revenue!
  • 24. 10. Email Marketing10. Email MarketingDo you have Email Marketing?
  • 25. What is Mobile Marketing?What is Mobile Marketing?“Any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to whichconsumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device".Andreas Kaplan, marketing professorMarketing on or with a mobile device, such as a mobile phone.
  • 26. Examples of Mobile MarketingExamples of Mobile MarketingShoppingAppsEmailVoiceSocialPaymentsWebSMS
  • 27. Who is Mobile? Everyone!!!Who is Mobile? Everyone!!!90% of Americansown a Mobile Phone 45% of Americansown a Smartphone(Pew Research Center forInternet & American Life)
  • 28. Social Media – #1Social Media – #1Facebook now has 600M mobile users
  • 29. Like – –
  • 30.
  • 31. SEOSEOFrequency of looking for local information on a Smartphone
  • 32. EmailEmailFrequency of email use on Smartphone
  • 33. EmailEmailThink Mobile userexperience!
  • 34. Qittle Mobile Website ExperienceBefore AfterQittle Mobile Website ExperienceBefore After
  • 35. SMS - #1 use on a Mobile PhoneSMS - #1 use on a Mobile Phone75% of all AmericanMobile Phone usersSMS Message(The Pew Research Center)
  • 36. Definition of Terms1. SMS – Short Message Service (160 Characters)2. Text Message – is a SMS message3. Shortcode – 5 to 6 digit phone number used forcommercial text messagingShort CodeReplyKeyword
  • 37. Cost Cutters is seeing a 30% – 40% Redemption oftheir mobile offers to customers who have Opt intotheir mobile campaignHow it works?1. Customer Opts into Cost Cutters Campaign when theysee ads.2. Text CostCutters to 37404 to receive $2 off yourhaircut today.3. Cost Cutters follows up in 4 weeks with another textcoupon.4. Customer walks in and redeems coupon.
  • 38. SMS example: At The BeachSMS example: At The Beach
  • 39. In Store Marketing Text Reply Follow Up
  • 40. What do I do next?What do I do next?1.Mobile web/app2.Social3.Messaging