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China auction industry report (2014 2018), market forecast and investment strategy planning
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China auction industry report (2014 2018), market forecast and investment strategy planning


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China auction industry report (2014 2018), market forecast and investment strategy planning

China auction industry report (2014 2018), market forecast and investment strategy planning

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  • 1. China Auction Industry Report (2014-2018), Market Forecast and Investment Strategy Planning In 2012, because of the international and domestic macroeconomic slowdown, China's auction market continued its contraction trend since 2011. The annual gross turnover was 575,465 million Yuan, down 8.15 percent year on year. In 2012, business situation was relatively stable overall and was in the slow stabilization trend. Throughout the past "eleventh-five year", the auction industry achieved total turnover of 2.002982 trillion Yuan; enter "twelfth-five year” period, the auction market growth will decline and will be gradually in stabilized development. Currently, the art market is the third largest investment channel following the real estate market, stock market. In the 2008 financial crisis, the Chinese art market also suffered a serious setback, but since the second half of 2009, with the gradual recovery of the Chinese economy, the Chinese art market is gradually out of the shadow of the financial crisis on the whole. The market performance was excellent in the global art market. Chinese art market has made a qualitative leap in the past decade and the scale of the art market transactions completed from several billion dollars to hundreds of billions in this decade. While the exchange interaction with the international art market, China has more rights to speak and influence. In 2012, according to statistics of art auction revenue in countries around the world, China was ranked first in the world and China has become an important part of the global art market. In 2013, China's macroeconomic growth rate adjusted, but still achieved rapid growth. The external economic environment of the future of the auction industry also faces pressure of series of problems of controlling inflation, adjusting the industrial structure and layout of the "twelfth- five year" development. They raise new issues for the macroeconomic, but also will inevitably have an impact on the development of the auction industry. This report is based on long-term market tracking information by Forward Intelligence on the auction industry. This report mainly analyzes market environment of Chinese auction industry, development of the international and domestic auction industry; market development of auction industry segments; development of key regions of Chinese auction industry market conditions; operation of leading enterprises. Meanwhile, based on first-hand market data of the whole industry in the past five years, it can allow you to fully and accurately grasp market trends and trends throughout the auction industry. The greatest feature of this report is forward-looking and timeliness. Based on the development path and years of practical experience, it makes careful analysis and prediction of the future development trends of auction industry. It is a rare quality for pawn shops, auction houses, consignment, asset management companies, asset valuation companies and related investment companies to accurately understand the latest developments in the auction industry, grasp
  • 2. market opportunities, make the right business decisions and clear corporate directions. During the writing process, the report is supported strongly by the National Bureau of Statistics the National Bureau of Customs, the International Institute of Information, Ministry of Commerce of China, Tsinghua University Library, Market and Economy Research Institute of the State Council’s Development Research Center and other institutions. We express our special thanks! Pls note: This report includes a lot of market data, especially enterprise ranking data, it is for business reference purposes only, we hope corporate advertising clients do not use for advertisement ranking comparison. Otherwise, all the consequences caused, Forward Business will not bear! Qianzhan Industry Research Institute Auction Industry Research Group Chapter 1: Chinese auction industry background 1.1 research background and methods 1.1.1 industry research background 1.1.2 industry research methods 1.1.3 main statistical indicators 1.1.4 professional glossary 1.2 definition of the auction industry 1.2.1 definition and coverage of auction 1.2.2 basic features of auction 1.2.3 analysis of business process of auction 1.2.4 the main auction methods of auction industry 1.2.5 operating range of auction industry 1.3 investment highlights of auction industry 1.3.1 commission levels of auction industry 1.3.2 the main risks of auction industry 1.3.3 establishment processes of auction companies 1.4 analysis of auction qualification evaluation indicators 1.4.1 corporate regulating 1.4.2 corporate integrity 1.4.3 capacity for sustainable development 1.4.4 corporate operation scale 1.4.5 corporate social contribution 1.5 analysis of associated industry development of auction industry 1.5.1 analysis of development of the asset management industry 1.5.2 analysis of development of asset valuation industry 1.5.3 analysis of development of land bank industry 1.5.4 analysis of development of the banking-related business 1.5.5 analysis of development of the pawn industry-related business
  • 3. Chapter 2: Analysis of operating environment of Chinese auction industry 2.1 policy environment of auction industry 2.1.1 analysis of the main regulations of the industry 1 " Auction Law of the PRC " 2 " PRC Cultural Relics Protection Law " 3 " Procedures of Heritage Art Auction " 4 " Auction Management Approach" 5 " Provisions for Branch Establishment " 6 " Rules for foreign investment in auction enterprises " 7 other relevant regulations 2.1.2 industry tax policy 2.1.3 industry regulatory policy 2.1.4 real estate macro control policy 2.1.5 related land policy 2.2 economic environment of auction industry 2.2.1 analysis of the consumer confidence index 2.2.2 analysis of correlation of industry and GDP trend 2.2.3 impact of macro liquidity on the auction industry 2.2.4 forecast of national macroeconomic environment 2.2.5 "twelfth-five year" industry development plan 1 relics of "Twelfth Five Year Plan" 2 real estate of "Twelfth Five Year Plan" 3 automotive industry of "Twelfth Five Year Plan" 4 land and resources of "Twelfth Five Year Plan" 2.3 social environment of auction industry 2.3.1 analysis of the national situation of luxury consumption 2.3.2 analysis of domestic private wealth investment 1 crowd scale of domestic wealth 2 distribution of domestic private wealth 3 investment methods of private wealth More In : Or Contact :