Online Artificial Jewelry Business Idea


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  • Hello, We are the Exporters of Indian Handicraft and Artificial Jewelry. For latest products, please visit our website and also like our facebook page. Thanks!!
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Online Artificial Jewelry Business Idea

  1. 1. 1. Qasim Raza2. Faiza Batool3. Faisal HafeezClass: MBA-6th Date: 25-03-20131
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. 1. Market Opportunity2. Product Offered3. Capabilities4. Value3
  4. 4.  Market trend in artificial jewelrybusiness shows the 5% - 10%compounded annual growth rate(CAGR). Home delivery of jewelry productalso encourage us to response theartificial jewelry industry. Gap between demand and supply of artificialjewelry provide us the opportunity todevelop online business.4
  5. 5.  To get the competitive edge in marketby offering return policy. To develop a profitable and sustainableonline business. To get the large number of customer onour website. To increase the number of jewelry designsover the year.5
  6. 6. “To provide innovative designs, attract and retain the customers.Our services will also exceed the expectations of ourcustomers.”6
  7. 7. There is numerous jewelry products that are available in the market and offered on many retail shops andonline websites. The Nimra artificial jewelry especially offer Ear Rings, Necklace, Bangles, Finger Rings andComplete Jewelry Set. The price of these jewelry products may vary from their designs and quality but stillavailable on competitive price in the market. You can visit soon for more designs on :www.nimrafashiongallery.com7
  8. 8. 1. Offering an open interface on website2. Return and exchange policy3. Privacy8
  9. 9. Capturing minds and visits RFM Easy payments mode Target market( At major cities of Pakistan)9
  10. 10. Jewelry ItemsNo. of Units(Sold)Total SalesOur Revenue(As per 15%Commission)Ear Rings 3000 7,50,000 1,12,500Necklace 1200 4,00,000 60,000Bangles 850 3,40,000 51,000Finger Rings 2200 4,00,000 60,000Complete JewelrySet900 45,00,000 6,75,000Total 8150 57,24,000 9,58,50010
  11. 11. 3.1 People and Partners:11PartnersInvestment(PKR)Profit Share DevelopmentQasim Raza 30,000 27% 10.50%Faiza Batool 25,000 25% 6.25%Faisal Hafeez 25,000 25% 6.25%Total 80,000 77% 23%
  12. 12. 1237.5%31.25%31.25%Partners InvestmentQasim Raza Faiza BatoolFaisal Hafeez27%25%25%23%Profit Share (%)Qasim Raza Faiza BatoolFaisal Hafeez Development
  13. 13. 3.3. Marketing: News Paper Adds Social Web-sites (Face Book, Twitter) TV Channels Brochures3.4. Business Development: By attracting customer attention on our website By making innovation in products design Increase in demand of artificial jewelry13
  14. 14. 4.1. Benefits Returned to Owners: Increase in number of customers By achieving business success.4.2. Market share and performance: The number of customers increased by 7% annually. To improve our performance focused on niche marketing.4.3. Brand and Reputation: Our Brand name is “Nimra Artificial Jewelry” To improve our brand image , display our visual adds onexhibitions, Art galleries etc.1458%42%Market Share &PerformanceNimra Artificial
  15. 15. Particulars Amount (Rs.)Start-up Expense to Fund 32,000Start-up Assets to Fund 1,18,000Total Funding Required 1,50,000AssetsNon-cash Assets from Start-up 38,000Cash Balance on Starting Date 80,000Additional Cash Raised 0Total Assets 1,18,000Liabilities and CapitalLiabilitiesCurrent Borrowings 70,000Long Term Liabilities 0Accounts Payable (Outstanding bills) 0Total Liabilities 70,000CapitalPlanned Investment 80,000Additional Investment Requirement 0Total Planned Investment 80,000Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) (32,000)Total Capital 48,000Total Liabilities and Capital 1,18,000Total Funding 1,50,00015
  16. 16. Nimra Artificial JewelleryProfit and Loss StatementFor the period ended March 25, 2013Particulars Amount (Rs.) Amount (Rs.)Sales 9,58,500Cost of Goods Sold (3,00,000)Gross Profit 6,58,500Operating Expenses:Marketing Expenses 70,000Distribution Expenses 35,000Utility Expenses 25,000Transaction Fees 20,000Web Hosting Fees 15,000Administrative Expenses (Salary) 2,88,000 (4,53,000)EBIT 2,05,500Interest Expense --------Taxes --------Net Profit 2,05,50016
  17. 17. 17
  18. 18. 18“ Chase Your Passion, Not Your Pension”