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Qrl pp 31 jan 2012

  1. 1. Investor Presentation 31st January 2012drilling determination discovery
  2. 2. Quintessential Resources LtdDisclaimer Statements: This presentation has been prepared to provide information on Quintessential Resources Limited.It is not intended as an offer, invitation solicitation or recommendation with respect to the purchase orsale of any securities. This presentation should not be relied upon as the sole representation of any matter that a potential investor should consider in evaluating Quintessential, its affiliates or any of its directors, agents, officers or employees do not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to or endorsement of, the accuracy or completeness of any information, statements, representations or forecasts contained in this presentation, and they do not accept any liability for any statement made in, or omitted from, this presentation. The information in this report that relates to Exploration Results and Mineral Resources is based on information compiled by, or compiled under the supervision of Dr Salam Malagun - Member of the Aust. Inst. of Geoscientists. Dr Malagun is the Technical Director of Quintessential Resources Ltd and a full time employee of the Company. Dr Malagun has sufficient experience which is relevant to the type of mineralisation and type of deposit under consideration to qualify as Competent Person as defined in the 2004 Edition of the Australasian Code of Reporting Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Resources. Dr Malagun consents to the inclusion in the report of the matters based on the information in the form and context in which it appears. Prospective investors should make their own independent evaluation of an investment in the Company.
  3. 3. Corporate Structure Quintessential is a dynamic junior mineral exploration company focused on acquiring,exploring and developing highly prospective mineral properties in Papua New Guinea for World Class Porphyry Copper and Gold deposits.LISTED ON ASX: 10.8.11ORDINARY SHARES: 30,000,000IN ESCROW (24 months): 10,000,000UNLISTED OPTIONS: 12,000,000CASH 31/12/11 : $1.991MMARKET CAP @ $0.23 : $9.2MRANGE: $0.18 - $0.32TOP 20: 52.05%DIRECTORS HOLD: 37.40%
  4. 4. Experienced Management TeamManagement have strong PNG technical and logistical experience with proven corporate and exploration track records.Chairman Jay Stephenson MBA, FCPA, CMA, FCIS, MAICD Over 21 years of business development including approximately 16 years as Director, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary for various listed and unlisted entities. Jay has been involved in business acquisitions, mergers, initial public offerings, capital raisings, as well as managing all areas of finance for companies. Jay sits on the boards of Doray Minerals, Drake Resources, Strategic Minerals and Aura Energy.Managing Director Paige McNeil GradDipEd, ACIS, GAICD& Company Secretary Over 13 years mineral exploration experience including the past 7 years as Administration Manager and/Company Secretary for various Australian and Canadian listed and unlisted companies predominantly operating in PNG, including Frontier Resources Ltd. 2010 Recipient of WA Business News 40under40 award.Exploration Director Dr. Salam Malagun PhD, MSc, MAIG Over 26 years geological experience through out Papua New Guinea and Queensland. Salam has worked on most of the major mineral deposits in PNG and his PhD research contributed significantly to the discovery of the Simberi Gold Deposit.
  5. 5. Tenement Portfolio
  6. 6. Strategic Land Position
  7. 7. EL1727 : Bismarck
  8. 8. Tekem Gold DepositA distinct NW oriented magnetic low is obvious through the Tekem Gold District.“Lows” represent intense hydrothermal activity and possible mineralised zones.
  9. 9. Tekem Gold Resource JORC COMPLIANT INFERRED RESOURCE Cut off Grade Tonnes Grade Approx Total (g/t Au) (g/t Au) Ounces Gold Zone 1 0.5 526,000 1.52 25,700 1 350,000 1.93 21,700 Zone 2 0.5 272,000 1.79 15,650 1 187,000 2.28 13,700 0.5 798,000 1.61 41,400 Total 1 536,000 2.05 35,400HOLE NUMBER INTERCEPT TKD 001 LENGTH GOLD GRADE (g/t) FROM TO Entire Hole 80.1m 0.51 0.0m 80.1m Including 7.9m 1.34 7.6m 15.5m Plus 0.7m 2.86 35.1m 35.8m Plus 2.2m 7.30 43.2m 45.4mHOLE NUMBER INTERCEPT TKD 002 LENGTH GOLD GRADE (g/t) FROM TO Entire Hole 75.1m 0.57 0.0m 75.1m Including 13.1m 1.02 8.1m 21.2m Plus 3.1m 2.96 9.1m 12.2m Plus 2.1m 8.10 63.5m 65.6m Plus 1.1m 0.90 74 75.1
  10. 10. Tekem Drilling ProgramTekem resistivity (top) and chargeability (bottom) cross sections showing traces of holes 1, 2 and 3 relative to the contouredgeophysics. The cross section (4E) is looking to grid west or WSW . The structure appears to be trending to the lower leftcorner of the chargeability section from the surface – apparently associated with the shoulder of the chargeability
  11. 11. Tekem Drilling ProgramTekem cross section looking to the WSW showing the drill hole traces and higher grade goldzone with coloured assays representing the various gold grades.
  12. 12. Tekem Drilling Program
  13. 13. Tekem Drilling ProgramProposed hole TKD 006 shows planned trace testing the conductivity anomaly ending up relatively to the topof the chargeability anomaly.
  14. 14. Mal Porphyry Copper DistrictThe aeromagnetics (TMI) clearly show the Mal District as a typical porphyry copper signature in thisenvironment with a strong positive on the northern side and a corresponding negative on the southern side.
  15. 15. Mal Geophysics Chute Tube 3 Mogul Half Bowl Pipe PlugThe 3D-IP contoured model shows chargeability (orange >30ms, red >40m and purple >50 ms), conductivity (grey) and resistivity(green) anomalies. This image looks from the bottom SE to the surface in the NW under an opaque Digital Elevation Model (DEM orDTM). The high intensity chargeability anomaly cores (red to purple) to the Pipe, Chute, Plug and some of the Half Bowl are readilyapparent and are open at depth and /or along strike.The grid is 1,200m wide and 2,700m long (area = 3.25 sqkm) and the 3D-IPmodel was generated to an average of >500m below surface level (deeper at the topographically higher N and S ends but notedas below the level of reliability). This plan looks from the bottom to an opaque Digital Elevation Model (DEM or DTM), where north is+Y, east is +X and up is +Z.
  16. 16. Mal Drilling ProgramInterpreted image of proposed drill holes over 3D-IP chargeability at 300mbelow topography. The image also shows the projected extension of the DSC1300C capable of drilling to 1000m inhalf bowl model. NQ is being mobilised to Mal
  17. 17. Exploration Summary Exploration Strategy Achievements / TimelineFocus is on advancing the Tekem Gold District for World Five short diamond drill holes have been completed to date.Class epithermal gold and porphyry copper-gold deposits via Hole TKD 006 will test the large conductivity anomaly to 400m.an initial 5000m drilling program. TKD 003 & 004 at laboratory, TKD 005 to be flown from Tekem.Aggressively explore for World Class porphyry copper-gold- 3D-IP defined excellent drill targets at Mal which will be testedsilver-molybdenum deposits at the Mal District. forthwith to a depth of ~800m with DSC1300C.Define drilling targets at the Giwi Porphyry Copper District. Geophysical and geochemical programs were completed and results are being complied.Define drilling targets at the Irak Porphyry Copper Prospect. Geophysical and geochemical programs were completed and results announced.Establish road access to the Bismarck tenement by Landowner negotiations continue and stage 1 of the dozercompleting a track to Tekem (stage 1) and then to Irak and track has commenced to Tekem.Mal (stage 2). Two EL Applications in Milne Bay are pending ministerialBlue Sky: Additional geographic focus in PNG granting.via Exploration Licence Applications Mining Warden Hearings have been completed on New Britain Island applications.
  18. 18. Tekem Exploration Camp Tekem Landowner MeetingMt Hagen Logistics Base Road from Mt Hagen to Kompiam