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The QNET Life Site is designed to be the ultimate sales and marketing tool for you—the professional IR. Jam-packed with useful features, you can convert prospects to IRs and Retail Customers, whilst increasing your retail and repeat sales. And you are being given first options on your global Website name before anyone else – names are unique so once a name is taken, no one else can use that name.

Like an office desk, your email, calendar, contact manager, daily tasks, product orders, marketing tools, support centre and so much more is conveniently available at the click of a button! Give your business a personality by connecting with the QNET community and grow your business with

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  • The QNET LIFE SITE is a powerful, automated marketing system. All you do is send people to your site, let the system work for you, and follow-up and closeSend people to your site. Prospects visit your QNET LIFE SITE. These prospects could be from your warm market such as family, friends, and co-workers, or even marketing efforts like Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords and other pay-per-click services.Let the system work for you. Your website presents a 24×7 automated video tour, captures the contact information of interested visitors and starts sending them time-released emails. All while you are away from the computer!Follow-up and close.Newly-captured contacts appear in your Contact Manager. You continue to build the relationship using powerful tools in your QNET LIFE SITE Back Office. They buy your product or join your QNET team and your income grows.
  • Visitors can watch videos and even download PDF documents with additional information. Each new lead is automatically placed in your Contact Manager, and they will instantly receive an email with your contact information.
  • In the Contact Manager, you can view activity of contacts on your site, send pre-formatted emails and track 'opens' and 'clicks', use call scripts to follow up and close prospects, and more!
  • These pre-formatted groups of emails, called email campaigns, are professionally written and include graphics, colors, and links to your personal website.
  • Master the QNET Lifesite

    2. 2. IT IS ASALES &MARKETINGSITEAn automatedmarketing system thatpresents the QNETstory, capturesvisitors info andfollows up—24 hoursa day, 7 days aweek—even while youare away from thecomputer.A COLLECTIONOF POWERFULBUSINESSTOOLSIntegrated sales andgenealogy reports,professional training onInternet marketing andan online suite of toolsthat lets you market likea pro. Email campaigns,time and taskmanagement, follow-upscripts and more.YOURONLINECOMMUNITYThe networking powerof Facebook with themonetising potential ofQNET—right in yourQNET LIFE SITE BackOffice. Connect with anetwork of like-mindedpeople. Learn, shareand inspire.HOW DOES IT WORK?
    3. 3. WHAT DOES IT OFFER?Sendpeopleto yoursite.Let thesystemwork foryou.Follow-up andclose.
    4. 4. We cannot make these fit in anutshell…
    5. 5. PROFESSIONAL MARKETING SITETrue business-building power comeswith the QNET LIFESITE. With thisrevamped andupgraded website,your visitors can takefree automated videotours that present theproduct and businessopportunity 24 hoursa day, 7 days a week.Visit today!
    6. 6. LEAD CAPTURE PAGESWhen people visit your marketing site, the system can capture theircontact information as a new lead using the contact forms located on mostpages. Their info appears in the Contact Manager of your QNET LIFE SITEBack Office.
    7. 7. PRODUCT MARKETING LANDING PAGESYou feel like selling a particular product on a particular week, month or any periodof your choice? Choose one from our amazing Product Marketing Landing Pagesand use it as your default home page!
    8. 8. 24/7 VIDEO TOURSPresent your products andopportunity message right everytime-24 hours a day, 7 days aweek, 365 days a year. Just tellyour prospects to go to your siteand take the free tour.
    9. 9. INTEGRATED CALENDARNo other calendar can work on your QNET business like this one does.Events posted by QNET Corporate instantly display on your calendar.Plus, you can add your own events and also get reminders for events onyour cell phone or email inbox.
    10. 10. CONTACT MANAGERA QNET LIFE SITEcapturesinformation of yoursite visitors andtakes action onthem.In todays fast-paced business, youre always on the go. Take yourcontacts information with you-wherever you are-with an online addressbook.
    11. 11. TASK MANAGERYouve got so much to take care of! Phone calls, emails to team members,finding new recruits. Get things done using the Task Manager. Assign eachtask a reminder and receive an email or text message before the due date.
    12. 12. QNET BRANDED EMAILYou can use your QNET LIFE Email the same way youre used to using Gmail orother ordinary web-based email providers. But it doesnt stop there. With QNETLIFE Email, send event invitations from the Calendar, attach files from theResource Library and add HTML formatting to your messages.Your personalized QNET-branded email address:!
    13. 13. EMAIL CAMPAIGNSHTML emails, like the ones in your email campaigns, arethree times more effective than regular text-only emails.Easier AND more effective? It doesnt get much better thanthat.Send a series oftime-releasedmarketing emails!You click Sendonce and eachemail in the seriesdelivers on ascheduled basis—a day apart, a weekapart...youchoose!
    14. 14. DOWNLINE COMMUNICATIONWhen composing an email or starting an email campaign, click Send to MyTeam to send to everyone in your Downline in a matter of seconds, withoutever having to type their email addresses! Narrow down the recipients bycountry, rank or individually.
    15. 15. PRIVATE ONLINE COMMUNITYView not only your recent activities but also the activities of your visitorprospects and Downlines!
    16. 16. ORDERS AND SIGN-UPSVisitors can buy products or join your QNET team as an IR right on your site.You dont even have to be there. Everything you need to get started is foundon your QNET LIFE SITE.
    17. 17. CUSTOMER SUPPORTWhen emailcommunication isntenough, call ourfriendly QNET GlobalSupport Centre (GSC)and instantly receiveanswers to yourquestions.
    19. 19. End SlideThank you.JT | NSD | 2013