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All five of our guides in one neat little package to improve your quality of life.

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The Lifestyle Guide

  1. 1. TheLifestyle GuideAll five of our guides for one low price!Presented by Resources to improve your quality of life
  2. 2. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 2 The Lifestyle Guide Presented by www.QualityLifeResources.comThank you for reviewing sample pages from The Lifestyle Guide. The sample pagespresented here are all taken from full guides available on the main website. Here is abrief overview of each guide and their prices:Health and Nutrition 101: Health and nutrition facts to live a longer life naturally. $19.99Job and Career Guide: Effective career tools and resources for your job search. $19.99The Relationship Files: A blueprint to finding a keeping a great romance. $25The Credit Doctor: Easy and free resources to fix your credit. $19.99Book Marketing Strategies: 100 ways for authors to sell more copies of their books. $25The Lifestyle Guide compiles all five of our guides in one convenient package for one lowprice at only $50.00. It is filled with resources to improve your quality of life.
  3. 3. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 3Four Important Health Facts That Will Change Your LifeNutritionGrowing up we were always taught to eat our fruits and vegetables. Our parents, relatives, siblings,teachers, ministers and even strangers all encouraged a healthy diet. And with good cause.Without proper nutrition from fruits, vegetables and grains our bodies cannot and will not function,inevitably shortening our lives. Fruits and vegetables serve a dual purpose. They provide nutrientsto strengthen us and they provide roughage to cleanse our bodies. Even if you cannot meet therecommended amounts, it is important to consume some portion of fruits and vegetables daily.Another crucial element to superior health is water. To identify the correct amount of water youshould drink daily, divide your body weigh by two. That number represents the number of ouncesyou need to sustain yourself.CirculationBlood circulation is a vital part of our health. Blood delivers nutrients, vitamins, oxygen, medicineand other important substances to our cells and tissues. It also carries waste and other harmfulagents out of the body. Blood circulation aids the body in fighting infections, diseases and injuries.The list of pros and cons can go on and on. The bottom line is that we all need strong bloodcirculation to sustain our lives. The damage to our bodies is unimaginable if this issue is leftunchecked. Simply walking for thirty minutes a day will improve your circulation and your healthdramatically.SleepIn a nutshell our bodies cannot function properly without adequate sleep. There are severaldifferent areas of our system that benefit from sufficient rest. Have you ever heard the term, Sleepon it? Though this catchy phrase is meant to suggest consideration of a matter, it actually toucheson the importance of sleep by implying a clearer, calmer mindset is present after rest. Lack of sleepis associated with blood pressure which is a factor for heart attacks and strokes. Sleep reducesstress. There are many technical explanations for this, but plain and simple, when we are sleeping,our bodies are resting/ repairing and our minds are not overwhelmed by our problems. Stress canlead to inflammation in the body – yet another factor contributing to diseases such as cancer anddiabetes. You will find a good night’s sleep of seven to nine hours will do wonders for your entiremind, body and spirit.SunshineHave you noticed that when the sun is shining you tend to feel happier? More enthusiastic? Moreencouraged? That’s because the sunlight increases the production of serotonin in the brain. Thisemotion hormone produces pleasant and optimistic outlooks. When you deprive yourself adequateexposure to sunlight, you reduce your serotonin levels. As a neurotransmitter it ensures emotionalstability, reduces aggression and controls your senses, sleeping and appetite. Optimism, peace ofmind and positive thoughts are far more important than we realize. Please consider the following:“As a man thinks in his heart; so is he…” Proverbs 23:7. “Fix your thoughts on what is true, andhonorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent andworthy of praise.” Philippians 4:8.
  4. 4. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 4Preventative Foods Protects Prevents Blocks Improves lung apples your heart constipation diarrhea capacity Cushions joints Combats Controls blood Saves your Shields against Slows aging apricots cancer pressure eyesight Alzheimers process Aids Protects your Guards againstartichokes digestion Lowers cholesterol heart Stabilizes blood sugar liver disease Battles Helps stops Controls bloodavocadoes diabetes Lowers cholesterol strokes pressure Smoothes skin Protects Strengthens Controls blood bananas your heart Quiets a cough bones pressure Blocks diarrhea Prevents Lowers Stabilizes blood beans constipation Helps hemorrhoids cholesterol Combats cancer sugar Controls blood Strengthens beets pressure Combats cancer bones Protects your heart Aids weight loss Combats Stabilizes Preventsblueberries cancer Protects your heart blood sugar Boosts memory constipation Strengthens Combats Controls blood broccoli bones Saves eyesight cancer Protects your heart pressure Combats Prevents Promotes Helps cabbage cancer constipation weight loss Protects your heart hemorrhoids Saves Controls blood Lowers Supportscantaloupe eyesight pressure cholesterol Combats cancer immune system Saves Prevents Promotes carrots eyesight Protects your heart constipation Combats cancer weight loss Protects against Prostate Combats Breast Strengthens Guards againstcauliflower Cancer Cancer bones Banishes bruises heart disease Protects Shields against cherries your heart Combats Cancer Ends insomnia Slows aging process Alzheimers Promotes Lowers Controls bloodchestnuts weight loss Protects your heart cholesterol Combats Cancer pressure
  5. 5. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 5The Benefits of HerbsThe following herbs hold various healing benefits and can be found at your local health foodstore. Many are available in pill form. I prefer to make a tea when possible. Please consulteither a nutritionist, a representative at the store from which you purchase the herbs or adiagnose me website to help identify the cause of your ailment(s). They will be able to provideinsight regarding the best way to take the herb and the best dosage.ALBIZZIA BARKUsed to overcome excessive worry, fright, paranoia, insomnia, irritability, a bad temper, and apoor memory due to constrained emotions; promotes a feeling of inner calm and contentment;nourishes the heart, invigorates the blood, and strengthens the body.ALFALFAA blood purifier; reduces and prevents symptoms caused by arthritis, bursitis, and gout; lowerscholesterol. Contains natural fluorides, preventing tooth decay and helps rebuild decayingteeth. Alfalfa contains eight essential digestive enzymes and eight essential amino acids ofprotein and a high chlorophyll content. Extremely rich source of Beta-Carotene, Minerals, Traceelements, and vitamins A,B-1, B-6, B-12, C, D, E, K, Biotin, Folic Acid, Niacin and PantothenicAcid. Minerals are Calcium, copper, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc.ALOE VERAHelps lower cholesterol; reduces inflammation resulting from radiation therapy; increasesblood-vessel generation in lower extremities of people with poor circulation; soothes stomachirritation; promotes the healing of cuts, burns, insect bites, bruises, acne, blemishes, poison ivy,welts, eczema and sunburns; aids in the healing of ulcers; promotes normal bowel movements;alleviates many colon problems.AMERICAN GINSENG (panax ginseng)The part of this plant that is used is the root. Panax comes from the Greek for “panacea”meaning “all healing.” In the Ginseng family there are American, Korean, Chinese and Siberianginsengs. A Chinese text dating from the First Century A.D. describes ginseng as “enlighteningto the mind and increasing the wisdom.” Russian folklore promotes ginseng as a stimulant andimmunity booster. Ginseng is believed to enhance physical and mental endurance, increaseenergy, reduce cholesterol, to support adrenal function, to reduce stress and regulate bloodsugar.A prominent aphrodisiac; cools the body and takes stress off overheated livers; providesstimulation to all body systems; alleviates stress and fatigue; promotes strength and vitality;nourishes the male reproductive organ; strengthens the adrenal glands; increases bloodcirculation.
  6. 6. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 6YOUR OBJECTIVE (Job and Career Guide)Your objective can be as specific or as vague as you want it to be. If you are tailoring yourresume to a specific company or for a specific position you should include that information.The objective tells the recruiter what you want. This is an opportunity to show the prospectiveemployer that you are genuinely interested in the position with their company. You can alsosubmit the same resume to several different companies for the same position or title. Includewhat you are looking for in a company and/or position and number of years experience(optional). Since the objective states what you are interested in, and is located at the top ofyour resume, it is the first thing employers review. This can make or break an employer’sinterest in you as a candidate. Should your objective note interest in something other thanwhat the position calls for, an employer may not continue to read the rest of your resume. Youwant your objective description to appeal to the nature of work you are seeking. For example,finance companies like the word analytical, retail companies like positive customer service typedescriptions.Specific Example: Account Manager with over five years (industry) experience seeks growthoriented position with ABC Company.Vague Example: Highly enthusiastic Customer Service Representative seeking long termposition with stable (type of industry optional) company.THE SUMMARYThe Summary of your resume is a summary of either your personal attributions that would bebeneficial in a business environment, or additional skills that you could not fit in the body of theresume. Depending on the industry, company and type of position, determine which would bebest to represent your character and qualities. For example, if you are applying for a job in aDaycare, your summary should include personal qualities like very attentive individual. Try tokeep your summary short. Also try to include key words in this section of the resume,especially if you are making it scannable. It is best to note the most importantaccomplishments or activities in order of importance, with the most important first. Use bulletsto create this section of the resume as it allows you to list each item.Example: For a supervisor position  Supervised 30 team membersExample: For a finance position  Increased company revenue by $2 million by fourth quarter
  7. 7. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 7 Jason A. Myers 123 Success Lane, New York, NY 10011 Phone: (212) 555-1234 E-mail: jasonm@freemail.com1Objective:Seasoned Fashion Merchandiser seeks challenging role with ABC Company as Assistant Buyer toutilize and strengthen industry acquired interpersonal skills.Summary:  Extensive fashion experience in merchandising, design and administration  Takes initiative to solve problems and to build and maintain vendor relationships  Professional, reliable team player, self motivated starter and effective problem solver  Organized and creative with proven ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneouslyProfessional Experience:Beyond Clothes (2004 – present) New York, NYFashion Merchandiser  Arrange and organize the receiving of all incoming fashion apparel  Track and analyze market trends, production costs, and previous sales  Track consumer trends and the latest styles to determine store inventory  Research social, economic, as well as fashion trends to identify salable styles  Familiar with reputations and capabilities of various manufacturers and their fabricsHouse of Style (2000 – 2004) New York, NYFashion Designer  Conceptualized and created new clothing and accessory designs  Specialized in sportswear, men, women, kids, maternity & bridal  Analyzed fashion trends and worked closely with production, sales and marketing departments to design, produce and promote a finished, ready-to-wear, salable product for apparel manufacturers, specialty and retail stores and individual clients  Read fashion magazines, newspapers, and other media that reflected current trends  Reviewed materials, attended fashion shows, and worked with designers on projectsManhattan Fashion Design (1996– 2000) Brooklyn, NYOffice Assistant  Scheduled meetings, set up conference rooms and made travel arrangements  Managed calendars in Outlook and directed phone calls according to need/urgency  Liaised with design staff and other publishing departments  Answered phones, prepared samples and processed invoices  Followed up with outstanding issues & prepared presentationEducation:City University of New York/ B.A. in Fashion Design (1996) Brooklyn, NYBronx Community College/ A.A. in Fashion Design (1992) Bronx, NYComputer Skills:MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Photoshop and Internet navigation
  8. 8. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 8SAMPLE FAX OR MAIL COVER LETTERJason Myers123 Success LaneNew York, NY 10011(212) 555-1234May 3, 2009Contact at CompanyTitleCompany NameCompany AddressCity/State/ZipDear Contact Name:The purpose of this letter is to submit my resume for consideration for the Assistant Buyerposition. I learned of your opening from (website name, acquaintance or newspaper name).I am interested in this position because I believe my education, training, work experience andskills are a good fit. ABC Company is known for high standards and I would like to be apart ofyour success. I offer you over ten years Merchandising and Marketing experience. I trust mycombined qualifications meet your requirements and position me as a strong candidate for thisposition.Although my resume is detailed, it cannot fully profile the manner in which I have beensuccessful. To further discuss the possibility of joining ABC Company I will call you in thecoming week to arrange an interview. Again, thank you for your time and consideration, and Ilook forward to meeting with you soon.Sincerely,Jason MyersEnclosure
  9. 9. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 9The Compatibility Factor (The Relationship Files)Compatibility is an important factor in dating and marriage. If you are notcompatible with your special someone then you’re missing out. Far too manypeople find themselves stuck in unhappy relationships with people they have verylittle in common with. As a result, they spend less time together and enjoy eachother less. Instead they do things with friends and family members that could bedone with their mate. Or shared activities lack excitement.Compatibility comes in many different shapes and forms. There are peoplewhose idea of compatibility relies heavily on meaningful factors. They categorizeindividuals by how they make them feel; how sincere the person is and even howmuch support their partner offers.Again, this all depends on the foundation of your own desires. Are you moreinterested in internal or external factors? Does your date have to have certainmeasurements? Is their degree level the most important reason you’re withthem? External factors have their place – you should be attracted your mate afterall – but try to create some room for flexibility.Josh’s Story:“I dated this girl once and I was crazy about her. She had a nice body, she wasnice, she took good care of me. We spent time together, but it was mostly at herplace or mine. She hung out with me and my friends a few times, but I didn’treally know too much about her friends. She was really religious and I’m not, soshe had her personal time and I had mine.Deep down I guess I knew we wanted different things in life, but I couldn’t let hergo. Plus I couldn’t imagine her with somebody else. She wouldn’t leave mebecause women tend to hang in there more than men.We broke up and got back together several times – which was a red flag – it washard to stay broken up. It got to the point where we were both pretty miserable.She told me I was wasting her time and eventually we ended it for good. I didn’twant us to break up but I knew it wouldn’t last.”More…
  10. 10. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 10Dating EtiquetteEtiquette is not a word that is used much these days, but what it represents stillmatters and is looked for in different ways by people. Etiquette refers to behaviorand mannerisms that reflect on a person. Etiquette is also about how anindividual’s behavior and action affect others.The mannerisms that are important include being courteous, respectful to others,and behaving in a way so that the public has a perception of you that is positive.Your date needs to be courteous because it affects what others will think. Andwhile you can’t always be concerned about what others think, nor should it rulehow you behave, you have to conform to certain norms in society and beingcourteous is one of them.Being courteous also makes it pleasant to be around an individual. If beingcourteous is an issue, then it means there will be disrespect. You must haverespect for yourself and for others who deserve such respect, including your date.If you don’t give or get respect from your date, then common sense would saythat you shouldn’t be dating. Having respect while dating means that you won’tengage in offensive behavior. When you have been dating for a while and youand your date have gotten to know each other better, you’ll both feel free to beopen. After you both know each other better, you also know the bounds of whatis acceptable to be said and done.Dating etiquette is to be practiced and monitored. How you behave and howyour date behaves says a lot about both of you as individuals and how you feelabout the other person.Kurt’s Story:“Before I married my wife, we spent a lot of time with each other’s family. Wehad meals together, attended church events together and got to know eachother’s friends. There was some geographic distance, so we both valued thetimes we got to share.One night I was having dinner at her parent’s house and I watched her interactionwith them, how she served my dinner and communicated with all of uscomfortably. It was that night I realized I wanted her to be my family. In simplemoments like that you just know that’s who you want to marry.” More…
  11. 11. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 11Signs of Lust 1. You would rather kiss than talk 2. Youd never be friends with him/her if they were the same sex as you 3. You only use physical attributes to describe the person 4. No interest in the person other than for intimacy 5. You don’t really care if you go weeks without speaking 6. You consider the person “fun for now” 7. Most of your conversations mainly consists of exchanging pleasantries 8. You think their best quality is something physical 9. You get physical way too quickly after meeting each other 10. You can’t spend time together anywhere without touchingSigns of Love 1. You see your partner’s imperfections as what makes him/her unique 2. They bring out the best in you; they make you want to be a better person 3. You know the worst parts of each other and it doesnt change your feelings 4. You think about the way your actions will affect him/her 5. You dont need to test his/her feelings or loyalties 6. You dont notice other men/women as much 7. Other priorities take a backseat to your bond with him/her 8. You have stopped thinking about ex-relationships 9. You find their quirks charming 10. When you see your future you see them in it and plan your future together More…
  12. 12. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 12How do you get a free credit report? (The Credit Doctor)The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states that U.S. consumers are entitled to a freecredit report each year. The federal government’s goal in enforcing this act is to ensureconsumers are informed, able to fight identity theft, and get fair credit treatment.Credit reports contain the raw data that goes into your credit score.Previously, consumers had to pay or qualify based on certain activities in their creditreport to receive this information. Now a nationwide requirement, some states oncerequired that residents were periodically entitled to a free credit report.Through a team effort of the nation’s credit report bureaus you can now get your creditreport for free each year by visiting or by calling 1-877-322-8228 and requesting your free credit report. The only guaranteed way to get yourfree annual credit report is by using the organization above. Viewing the report online isinstant, but calling the toll free number can take up to fifteen days.Of course you can also contact the three major credit agencies directly and request afree credit report. Keep in mind however the “Annual Free Credit Reports” mandatedby the FCRA are only available through the above website and phone number. Thismeans you might have to pay for your report if you contact a credit bureau directly.You’ll need to have personal information such as your name, date of birth, your currentand past addresses, social security number, driver’s license and date of birth. As asecurity measure, you will be asked to disclose something that only you will know. Thisis usually information that will appear on your credit report like a bill payment amount.The regulations only entitle you to get a free credit report and not a free credit score orany other service. When you order your reports, it’s possible additional services will beoffered to you that are not free, so be careful when selecting or accepting options.Other ways to get a free credit report is if you are denied credit, employment orinsurance, if you were charged higher rates and fees based on a credit report or a victimof fraud. You must get a letter of denial from the lender stating the name and addressof the bureau that produced the credit report used to disqualify you. You then have upto thirty (30) days to request a free report from that bureau. That credit must themdivulge the sources of the information and who has received your report for theprevious six months (two years for reports furnished for employment purposes).
  13. 13. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 13What is ChexSystems?ChecxSystems is an organization comprised of financial institutions that monitor and keeptrack of consumers who have poor banking histories. When your bank accounts are closeddue to overdrafts, bounced checks, nonsufficient funds (NSF), monies unpaid to banks orother various payment issues, this information is reported to member institutions.Once your negative record has been listed in ChexSystems you will have problems openingnew bank accounts. Once this information has been reported it can remain on yourChexSystems report for up to five years. That means any institution that is a member ofChexSystems will likely deny your application for a new bank account.How to Dispute a ChexSystems ReportYou can dispute information in your ChexSystems report by submitting letters and proof toChexSystems to remove inaccurate information from your file. Once you have successfullycleaned up this report you will be able to open a bank account without any obstacles.Here are the necessary steps to correct any invalid information listed with ChexSystems.Step 1: Visit the ChexSystems website at and request a freereport. As with your credit report you are legally entitled to a free report annually, or ifyou’ve been denied a bank account because of information in ChexSystems.Chex Systems, Inc.Attn: Consumer Relations7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100Woodbury, MN 55125Phone: (800) 428-9623 Fax: (602) 659-2197Step 2: Once you receive your report, reference the information that you wish to challenge.Identify institution names, account numbers, dates and locations etc. Send your disputeletter as certified mail with return receipt requested. This provides proof of the date yourdispute was received, which can be used to have your information removed under the FairCredit Reporting Act if they do not act in a timely manner.Step 3: If ChexSystems replies within the 30-day timeframe, you should request verificationfrom the original bank and ChexSystems. Send another letter to ChexSystems and to thebank that filed the information with ChexSystems asking for details of the correction. Allcorrespondence should be sent certified mail with return receipt requested.Step 4: If you don’t receive a response within thirty days, send a follow up letter toChexSystems and to the original bank referencing your original request advising you willConsider the matter permanently closed if you don’t receive a response within thirty days.
  14. 14. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 14Sample Credit Repair LettersFirst and Last NameMailing AddressCity, State and ZIPSocial Security number: XXX-XX-XXXXDate of birth: XX/XX/XXXXRE: Report, Confirmation and/or File #12345Equifax, Experian or TransUnionMailing AddressCity, State, Zip01/01/2009Dear Credit Bureau Name:After being denied a loan because my credit scores were too low, I requested my creditreports. Upon careful review, I have noticed several errors in my report from yourbureau. The below items have errors that need to be corrected as soon as possible.I have never lived at or recognize any of the following address:The following public records have no association with me:I have no knowledge or records of the following accounts:If any of these accounts are verified, please furnish me with the name and address ofthe verifying party, the method of verification, and the reported first delinquency fromthe original creditor. Your cooperation is appreciated.Sincerely,First and Last Name(123) 555-0000 – Phone number with area code
  15. 15. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 15Offline Book Marketing StrategiesRadio InterviewsDon’t forget or underestimate the importance of radio interviews in this age oftechnology and the influence of music. A radio interview can increase your exposurebeyond your imagination. It’s important to select radio stations that have a listeningaudience that will be interested in your book’s topic. Simply call the station(s) you’vechosen and ask for the person who schedules book interviews.Book SigningsBook signings are a great way to build your platform, interact with the public and mostimportantly your readers. Benefits of book signings include: increasing the value of yourbook with your signature and increasing sales. This is not a difficult task. The rewardsfar outweigh any fears you might have about the process. I personally suggest you havesome sort of gift for the person who schedules your book signing. It can be somethingsmall like a pen or bookmark or something more creative like a mug.Corporate CollaborationConnect with a company that has a website and whose business is associated with yourbook subject or storyline. Approach them and ask if they will allow you to place aclickable image of your book on their site in exchange for being mentioned in the book.For example, if you’ve written a children’s book, contact a website that sells children’sproducts or caters to children and pitch your collaboration.Local or National Chain VenturePartner with a local or national company that will allow you display your book at theircash register. Next to the book place a reasonable sized bowl in which patrons willleave business cards. Have a drawing to be awarded to the patron whose business cardis selected at the end of one or two months. During the process you are receiving freeadvertising and you’ve gained a new reader who will discuss the book with friends,family and co-workers.NewspaperContact your local newspaper, set up an appointment with one of their feature writers.Explain that you want to submit an idea for an article about you and your book,identifying what led you to write the book. Writers tend to stick together especially ifthey recognize an opportunity to build their own credentials. This approach will attractlike-minded readers to purchase your book and possible be picked up by an even largerpaper.
  16. 16. The Lifestyle Guide (sample pages) P a g e 16Online Book Marketing StrategiesAuthor WebsiteAs a writer you must have an online presence to be able to build your brand. Adding a“Recommend It” button to your website will allow viewers to easily suggest your bookto someone else via an emailed form. Someone who comes across your site, but is notinterested in your book may know someone who is. The recommend it button is a quickand easy way for them to forward your page or site to another person.MySpaceMySpace is a very popular social media with millions of members and potential readers.The one thing I’ve learned about MySpace is that the members are very curious andvery much interested in adding a lot of “friends”. Certainly some of those curiouspeople would also be curious about your book. Create a professional profile forMySpace so you can reach some of those members. Be sure to check your accountregularly. A major marketing must is prompt replies.AmazonAmazon is by far the major online source for books, so list your book in their catalog. Agreat way to connect with Amazon members is to set up a discount price for pre-ordersof your book. Amazon sends out emails to their members depending what the membersigned up to receive. For their members who read your genre, your book will be readyand waiting for them.OverstockOverstock is also a popular online shopping website with over seventy thousand booktitles. They have a section for new releases. This will give your book some isolatedpromotion shortly after it is published. You can also set up the same discount offer forpre-orders with Overstock as a part of your pre-launch campaign.CraigslistEven though you have to limit your advertisements and/or posts to specific regions, you can still reach a large readership. You can place a free ad under theFor Sale section under the Books category. With the location posting rules in place, youcan repost the same ad in a different location once the first advertisement expires.Consider weekly postings depending on location. Cities like New York, Los Angeles etc.fill up quickly and you will find your ad on the fourth or fifth page in a couple days. Are you ready to improve your quality of life?