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  1. 1. Marketing “Battleship” Daniel Robinson
  2. 2. • What are film trailers?Film trailers are short brief clips of the film put into a small video to entice the audience. They usually display the best bits of the film itself.• Why are they made?They are made to excite the audience and make them want to go see the film – create excitement about the film. They are also created to give people an idea of what the genre of film is.• Who are they for?The trailers are for anyone to have a quick preview of what the film is about, it is mainly aimed at their target audience.• How do they work?They work by showing short clips of the film itself to give an insight to the viewer of what the film is about.• Where do we see them?Film trailers are usually advertised it many places to a wide audience. They are usually advertised on: TV, the films website, other websites that a lot of people visit e.g. YouTube.• When are they released?Film trailers are released before the actual film itself is released, this is to create a hype about the film and get viewers excited about it.
  3. 3. How is Battleship advertised?Battleship has used many methods of advertising to try and raise awareness and create a hype about the film. Some waysthat the film is advertised are: On TV (commercial), posters, trailers, using social networking websites, magazines, reviewsand more. Social media is a great way to advertise anything because it will usually be free (on websites such as Facebook),also a lot of people use social networking so it will appeal to a wide audience.
  4. 4. ActorsDirected by Peter BergProduced by - Peter Berg Brian Goldner Duncan Henderson Bennett Schneir Scott StuberWritten by - Jon Hoeber Erich HoeberStarring - Taylor Kitsch Alexander Skarsgård Brooklyn Decker The actors etc. in the film are Rihanna important as they need to appeal to Liam Neeson different people, therefore targeting a Tadanobu Asano wider audience.
  5. 5. Unique selling pointsThis is the things that makes the film stand out from the rest. This can include things such as popular actors, CPI, theme of the film, genre of film, etc. It is important that a film has a unique selling point because it may be what entices the audience to go and see the film. Battleship has its own unique selling points, an example of one is that Rihanna is one of the main actors in the film. She has many fans so this may entice them to want to see the film just because she features in the film. Another USP of battleship is that the makers of Transformers the movie are producing this film. This may make people want to see battleship as they may of enjoyed Transformers the movie.
  6. 6. PostersBattleship has created several posters, this is good as it helps to market the film further. From looking at the posters it is clear to see that the film is an action film as most of them include guns or a battleship. The posters also help to advertise the films USP’s, such as one poster featuring Rihanna.
  7. 7. Marketing package OverallThe marketing package signifies the genre of the film by showing brief clips of the film itself, this would show what genre of film it is as well as the sound/music on the trailer would signify the genre of film e.g. a horror film would use music that creates tension. The promotional material shows what the film is about by displaying short clips of the film to the audience giving an idea of what the actual film is about.