Data Sheet No. AIC_Alarm_Input_Client_Spec_SheetEZcall™ EnterpriseAIC - Alarm Input ClientDescriptionThe Alarm Input Clien...
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Aic alarm input_client_spec_sheet


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Aic alarm input_client_spec_sheet

  1. 1. Data Sheet No. AIC_Alarm_Input_Client_Spec_SheetEZcall™ EnterpriseAIC - Alarm Input ClientDescriptionThe Alarm Input Client is the input gateway for an EZcall™ system to retrieve alarm information from virtually any alarmsystem or hardware. Various protocols are supported by the AIC client application that may be received by a direct serial,TCP/IP, or UDP/IP connection. Every AIC client networks to an EZcall™ DCS (Display Control Server) over a standardEthernet LAN or WAN network using the TCP/IP protocol. A single EZcall™ DCS will support up to 10,000 supervised AICclient connections over a network allowing that many systems to be networked into a single-node EZcall™ installation.Watchdog signals are used between the DCS and all AIC applications to ensure reliable communications.Features • TCP/IP, UDP/IP, RS232, RS485 communications support • Supports XLM, SOAP, TAP, and Proprietary protocols • Secure encrypted server communications • Rapid setup and deployment • AIC hardware appliance; reduces setup/deployment time • May be run as an application or a supervised Windows service • Virtual COM port support • Integrated simulator for testing & troubleshooting • Built-in web-server provides instant alarm display & activity monitoring • Extensive log reports simplify system troubleshootingSupported Systems/ProductsFire Alarm Systems Nurse Call Systems Intercom SystemsEdwards EST-3 serial interface Dukane Procare 6000 VM input Algo VoiceComm 3400 OAI inputEdwards Quick serial interface Dukane Procare 2000 network input Dukane Starcare OAI inputSimplex 4100U serial input Dukane Procare 6000 ARMS input Edwards AccuSound Network inputSimplex 5000 serial input Dukane Procare 6000 OAI input Maxivox MC1 network interfaceNotifier AM2020 serial Dukane Procare 6000 TAP input Sentex InfinityMircom serial Dukane StaffCall Pro Network inputHoneywell XLS-1000 serial GE Caregard modem input Other Alarm Systems GE Telligence Telergy TAP input Andover Continuum ascii input GE Telligence SQL database interface Genetec Synergis/Omnicast Hill-Rom ComLite network input GE Facility CommanderPaging System Emulation Maxivox Maxicomm I network interface GE Summit Pro PET inputAscom Wireless paging input Maxivox Maxicomm II network interface Kantech Enterprise/GlobalGeneric TAP server emulation Rauland Responder 3000 net-controller KeyscanVisiplex pocket paging input Rauland Responder 4000 PIP OAI RBH AxiomCOMP1 / COMP2 paging input Rauland Responder IV TAP input Senstar Stellar StarNetGlobestar Formatted TAP input Tunstall CMS4000 OAI serial interface X-Mark Halo TAP inputHome Free AMS ElmoPage input Zettler Sentinel 500 TAP input X-Mark Hugs/MyCall/FintItNordicom AL800 server West-Com Endeavour/Novus/Odyssey+ X-Mark RoamAlert TAP inputSalcom paging server Tektone NC300 / NC300 II Visonic Eiris OAI inputScope paging server Ascom TeleCARE / TelePROTECT Visonic Eiris 3.0 UDP capture Simplex EZcare TAP input ADAM-6000 I/O boards Austco APR protocol Ontrak ADR2000 I/O boardsSystem RequirementsCPU: Intel Core2 Duo or Equivalent, >200MHzOS: Windows XP, 7, Server 2003, Vista UltimateMemory: 2GB minimum (4GB recommended)LAN/WAN: 10/100 (Gigabit recommended) 1939 144 Street thHard Disk: 120Gb Surrey, BC V4A 7M7Interface: RS232 db9/Ethernet (alarm system dependent) T. 604.812.SOFT (7638) E. W. www.qbsoft.caSpecifications subject to change without notice. Copyright 2010 – QBsoft Solutions All trademarks, and trade names shown here are the property of their relative owners.