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About Go-Robo Programming System
from: Jane, 29 mins ago more info
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About Go-Robo Programming System
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About Go-Robo Programming S...

29 mins ago
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This is a short presentation about the Go-Robo Programming System for WowWee robots. Go-Robo is d... More
This is a short presentation about the Go-Robo Programming System for WowWee robots. Go-Robo is designed for educational use in the classroom. The aim is to teach children and young people the skills of computer programming in a fun and engaging way. You can download Go-Robo at http://www.q4technologies.com

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  • Go-Robo is a Programming System for WowWee infra-red robots. The first edition – for Robosapien was created in 2006 by Q4 Technologies, a UK-based Education Software publisher. In January 2007 Go-Robo was first shown to the world of education at the London BETT Show, using RS1, RSV2, RS Media, Roboraptor, Roboreptile and Robopet with a RedRat3 infra-red controller.
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    1. 1. Programming System for WowWee™ Robots
    2. 2. “ Go-Robo aims to teach children and young people programming skills in a fun and engaging way.”
    3. 3. There’s a higher level programming system for Grades 7-12. It works with 11 different WowWee robots simultaneously.
    4. 4. There’s a much simpler single robot programming system for Grades 2-6. This assumes the learner has no previous programming experience.
    5. 5. The user interface is based on Microsoft’s Visual Studio. The language is based on Microsoft’s Visual Basic.
    6. 6. You use a time-line system to control several robots and sounds simultaneously.
    7. 7. There’s a single-robot interface for younger children, with plenty of learner support features. Also suitable for SEN learners.
    8. 8. You can use a basic database to store twelve programs in the Roboremote infra-red transmitter.
    9. 9. Programs can be stored on the computer, downloaded to the robot or stored in Roboremote. Keep a printout of the stored programs as a record of the student’s work.
    10. 10. It is a delight to watch students test their programs on a ‘real’ robot … it maintains student enthusiasm, and encourages a determination to succeed.” Janet Simner, e-learning consultant, Nottingham E-Learning Centre.
    11. 11. A Programming System for WowWee™ Robots END