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  • 1. SECOND LIFE AS A LEARNING PLATFORMis in most cases better than areal classroom Pyy Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 1
  • 2. 2012-01-30 SL in practice• Screen sharing in SL table• Sharing the real-world lecture globally (broadcasting)• Sharing web camera in SL tables• Videoconferencing in SL• White board sharing SL• PowerPoint presentation in SL table• Video sharing via SL• Voice in SL• Building and programming in SL Pauli Pyy Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 2
  • 3. • 3-D virtual world – “a mirror of a real-world “• The users create their own virtual character, avatar, through which they communicate with other avatars• With more than 20 million users• Basic usage is free• The system developer, Linden Lab Research Inc., rents Second Life land Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 3
  • 4. A virtual environment has no borders. It is a safe and prejudice-free environment It encourages equality for all. It promotes equality for all. no geographical borders Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 4
  • 5. It is cost effective. Once the course is created it can be shared and used over and over again The material costs are limited since they only exist in the virtual environment and can easily be shared and re-used. Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 5
  • 6. It offers unlimited possibilities for vocational educators and students SL brings along possibilities to wide range of teaching technics + implementations in a virtual environment: a creative way of teaching and learning Students (and teachers) can learn design skills and programming skills whilst developing and creating activities in a virtual environment . Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 6
  • 7. It offers unlimited possibilities for vocational educators and students Students enjoy playing various roles as avatars (a representative of a real person in a virtual environment). A real life simulation and configuration can be performed in a virtual environment. The same goes for planning, establishing and marketing new enterprises! Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 7
  • 8. E-VIWO Education in a Virtual World International Fair is one of the work package tasks. The project of five schools  Finland  Finnish  Swedish  England  Scotland  Turkey The fair will be implemented in spring 2012 Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 8
  • 9. What kind of education is SL suitablefor? • Simulation of Spaces and places - the potential for constructing • Drama and role playing • Distance meetings and group discussions • Lectures Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 9
  • 10. What kind of education is SL suitablefor?• Languages- authentic speakers available• Use of experts as a part of teaching• Simulating Social situations - customer support Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 10
  • 11. What is needed, when developing education in SL?• Pioneering spirit• Activity• Courage• Critical check on what does and what does not work?• People, networking! Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 11
  • 12. Second Life is:Motivational CollectiveEnjoyable SurprisingInspirational AstonishingExperiential StunningCommunal Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 12
  • 13. Second Life brings:• Creativity• Feeling of presence• Has unlimited opportunities to develop different kind of learning environments• Provides opportunities for different types of learners Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 13
  • 14. Successful teaching practices• Pair Work (Auxiliary instructors or teachers)• Find out in advance the infrastructure of the participant’s equipment• Guidelines for the creation of an Image (Avatar)• Guidelines for Second Life installation and settings Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 14
  • 15. Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 15
  • 16. Successful teaching practices• Provide social etiquette instructions (the people are behind avatar)• Group Guidance must be carefully planned in advance• Novice users in SL should be invited to training site Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 16
  • 17.  The fair was a pilot project, in which we tested SL in an exhibition environment. The project was carried out with students. Included were IJKK (FPD Järvenpää Training Centre), SLK (Helsinki Business College). The fair was in spring 2011. Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 17
  • 18. Successful teaching practices• Avoid long lectures - organize activities (workshop)• Use chat effectively (instructions)• Use Notecard to administrations, tasks and program lists Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 18
  • 19. Successful teaching practices• Be Prepared to Technical Problems (back up)• SL requires bold attitude and ability to tolerate failure• Learning new all the time Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 19
  • 20. Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 20
  • 21.  LSL =Linden Scripting Language We have studied the C programming language in the SL (Second Life)  Elementary Building and scripts  Deeper access to scripts  The development of own objects  Fair (exhibition stand and further development of the objects.) Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 21
  • 22. Second Life dangers• Students freedom to move disturbs learning?• Will the group stay together ?• Video and image upload costs• Side-effects and disruptive behavior are possible Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 22
  • 23. Second Life technically• Requires much capacity from computer and the network• Parameter settings can be difficult at the beginning• Construction of the learning environment requires special skills and can, at least at the beginning, be laborious and time consuming• Technical problems are still common• Requires rights to install and know- how Invalidiliiton Järvenpään koulutuskeskus 23