IC2011 Report - PwC by AIESEC International


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IC2011 Report - PwC by AIESEC International
AIESEC International Congress 2011, Kenya
PwC Workshop
PwC Launch
Alumni Hall of Fame sponsored by PwC and DHL

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IC2011 Report - PwC by AIESEC International

  2. 2. International Congress 2011From August 20 to 29, 600 young leaders from over 110 countries and territories, along with senior management of over20 companies congregated in Kenya for the AIESEC International Congress 2011 to showcase our youth leadership anddiversity.The conference also attracted over 12,000 virtual participants to join this important event. It is the first year of the 2015mid-term vision for AIESEC globally and this was one of the main topics of the Congress. This year the InternationalCongress was hosted by AIESEC in Kenya at the Multi Media University in Nairobi. As a Global Partner, PwC was involved in different events throughout the Congress: August 23 – Global Youth to Business Forum and Global Partners’ Dinner August 24th – Partnership Launch and International Advisory Council Meeting August 26 – Global Alumni Hall of Fame Ceremony Continuous - Meetings with AIESEC International and other global company representatives present.
  3. 3. The Global Youth to Business Forum 2011 was the pinnacle event of AIESEC’s annual International Congress onAugust 23, 2011. Thousands of virtual participants joined via Twitter and Facebook with over 600 delegates present at theconference in dynamic dialogues with corporate leaders from 5 continents.These discussions harvested a forward-thinking global youth stand on the topics Innovation, Corporate Responsibilityand Leadership. The Youth to Business Forum this year was a day long event hosted at the Nazarene University inNairobi. PwC representatives participating in IC 2011: Karel De Baere, Chairman at PwC Belgium Nancy Onyango, Partner Assurance Tabitha Muema, Marketing and Communications Manager James Maitho, Africa Central Human Capital Manager Claudia Calinescu, AIESEC Global Coordinator
  4. 4. Partnership WorkshopAs a part of the Global Youth to Business Forum, PwC delivered a workshop to 65 students on the topic ofDemystifying innovation. The workshop covered a background on the importance of innovation for manyindustries in the next years.Facilitated by: Karel De Baere, Chairman at PwC Belgium How did you like this workshop? Would you like to work for PwC? No, 11% ExcellentVery Good Yes, 89% Good 0 10 20 30 40
  5. 5. Partnership Workshop Delegates comments: It was a good topic, and it was delivered in an interesting way. One key learning: knowing new strategies how to innovate effectively in my entity! The workshop was to the point, provided learning and space for discussions. The workshop’s presenter made us to discuss our thoughts, and it stimulated me to have more valuable questions about innovation. Very interesting facts on innovation and how AIESEC should continue innovating in a creative environment.
  6. 6. Global Partners’ DinnerThe Official Partners’ dinner was formal networking platform for AIESEC’s national and global partners.The dinner created a space at the end of a successful Global Youth to Business Forum where all ourpartner could interact with each other.The Partners’ Dinner began with a speeches from our representatives from partners and AIESECInternational and was followed by dinner, drinks and an extended invitation to African Night.
  7. 7. Partnership Launch This 30 minute partnership launch was delivered by Karel De Baere, Chairman of PwC Belgium and Claudia Calinescu, AIESEC Global Coordinator at PwC. PwC presented to over 600 delegates attending the congress representing 110 countries. The presentation focused on PwC’s partnership with AIESEC, the PwC re-branding, and upcoming initiatives PwC will be working with AIESEC on. (24th August) 21% 30% Excellent Very Good Good 49%
  8. 8. Partnership Launch Delegates comments:PwC represents what I consider a role-model of professionalism!This (PwC) is a place I can use my finance skills and knowledge and I think there is a strong fit.The most colourful & attractive launch! Connected thinking!Great Presentation and it’s a company which has values aligned with us so its easier for me to connect with them.The guy speaking was just incredible. A true role model for everyone.I like how they rebranded themselves. We sometimes do the same.
  9. 9. Global AIESEC Awards CeremonyThis prestigious event celebrates the success of AIESEC in creating the needed leaders for society by recognizingthe outstanding achievements of AIESEC alumni in their chosen fields. The ceremony was co-presented by the co-sponsors - James Maitho, Africa Central Human Capital Manager, PwC and Eva Mattheeussen, Regional HRManager East Africa, DHL Global Forwarding Kenya Ltd. PwC illustrated their commitment to excellence andleadership by associating its brand with Awards Ceremony; in addition to the vast impact the AIESEC alumni havehad on PwC for many decades. (August 28th) Honored AIESEC Alumni:
  10. 10. Thank you, !International Congress online presence Global Youth To http://www.aiesec.org/cms/aiesec/AI/Y2B/index.ht Business Forum ml Page IC 2011 on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/34836988@N07/sets/ (Pictures of PwC 72157627553478479/ during Global Youth to Business Forum) IC 2011 on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/34836988@N07/sets/ (Pictures of PwC 72157627560730403/ during the Partnership Launch)
  11. 11. Thank you, !