Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 1 2010


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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 1 2010

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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 1 2010

  1. 1. 1st Quarter Report 2010Leaders of Tomorrow www.sampoernafoundation.org
  2. 2. Table of Contents Letter from the Managing DirectorLetter from the Managing Director 2 As we review the progress made by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) during 2009 all the way through the first quarter of 2010, it isThe Pathway To Leadership 3 gratifying to see that the dedication and efforts of so many individualsMother and Son Can Inspire Us All as well as corporate entities have contributed many excellent and inspiring results.Insights 4 - 8• Creating a Pathway for Future Business Leaders It is wonderful to see that the Sampoerna Academies (SA) in Malang and Sampoena School of Business Palembang have successfully completed their first semester with their• Creating Local Leaders initial intake of students and will soon be recruiting for their second Sampoerna Academy student intake. It was also satisfying to see that the Academy students• Hand in Hand for Entrepreneurship Development achieved outstanding results in their first ever international standard SF Scholars Club & Alumni IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) mock exams. Other news for 2010 is that another Sampoerna Academy will bePartners 9 - 13 moving ahead in Bali this year – please stand by for updates on the new• Encouraging Beginning for 2010 Bali initiative. PT Rio Tinto Indonesia• Workshops for Principals and Superintendants The Sampoerna School of Education (SSE) is also making excellent PT HM Sampoerna, Tbk. progress. The success of SSE’s lecturers at the 13th UNESCO – APEID• Teachers Implement New Techniques International Conference in Hangzhou, China and the students’ triumph Mobil Cepu Ltd. in an English debating competition at home have placed the SSE firmly on• Two-Day Workshop Focuses on Policy and Planning the map and raised awareness of the quality of the staff and, critically, the Deutsche Bank capability of its students.• Significant Changes on Display PT Sampoerna Agro, Tbk. Other recent highlights include the receiving of ISO9001:2008• MOU Signed by General Manager certification which recognizes our commitment to quality management Aston Denpasar and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.Government Partners 14 The first quarter of 2010 also saw the opening of the Sampoerna School• Bali Government Provides Support of Business (SSB) which is now taking enrollments. SSB is PSF’s second tertiary institution after SSE with the aim of creating a pathway towardsNews & Event 15 - 21 the establishment of Indonesia’s leading world class University, while also• Inspiring Young Leaders serves as a best practice model for the internationalization of tertiary PSF Ambassador education in Indonesia.• Concert at Balai Sarbini PSF Ambassador I would also like to acknowledge and thank our retail partners who are• Joint Forces working with PSF on our Save a Teen Program, including Amigos, Wendy’s, Ministry of National Education & NGI Aston Denpasar, Blitz Megaplex, Citibank, Elite Advertising, Grand Cemara• Partnerships Worthy of Gratitude Hotel, LaSalle College, My Body Gym, Papa Ron’s Pizza, Pisa Café & Resto, Media support and Solitaire Indonesia Magazine .• Attending Washington IFC Conference PSF International Director We have also been very fortunate to have received the continuing• Offering Encouragement commitment of donors including Deutsche Bank, Java Jazz, PT HM Ministry of National Education Sampoerna, Tbk., PT Sampoerna Agro, Tbk., MarkPlus Inc., Mobil Cepu• PSF “Save a Teen” Campaign Promoted Ltd., Media Group, MNC Networks, MRA Group, and the Government of MarkPlus Inc. Bali Province.• Gathering Briefed on Latest Developments Oil & Gas Executives Another thing to be proud of is that one of our strategic partners, the• Fundraising for Scholarships Yayasan Sahabat Wanita (Friends of Women Association) together Tiffany & Co. and Java Jazz with QM Financial has started a series of financial training workshop with the theme “Family & Small Business Financial Training” in JakartaStrategic Partner News 22 - 24 and Yogyakarta.• Yayasan Sahabat Wanita Training Sahabat Wanita I am also pleased to report that as of March 2010 the number of scholars• Recruiting Deserving Youth we have been able to support including in partnership with our donors Siswa Bangsa totals 34,098 and total alumni stands at 25,547.• Two Scholarships Awarded for Nursing Studies Bait Al-Kamil As we move forward in 2010, I look forward to updating you further on the progress the Putera Sampoerna Foundation is making as we help turnList Of Contributors 25 dreams into reality for the best and brightest among the nation’s less economically fortunate.New Partners 26 - 27Partners Galleries 28 - 30 Nenny SoemawinataFinancial Highlights 30 - 31 Managing DirectorPutera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  3. 3. Pathway to Leadership 3Mother and Son Can Inspire Us AllMany people are familiar with the story of Sandiaga Sandi commented, “I give 150% effort in everything I do. WhenUno, at the age of 40 already one of Indonesia’s most I was campaigning for the leadership of HIPMI there were 2,500successful entrepreneurs. members in 30 provinces so I went to all those 30 provinces to put my credentials for becoming the leader”.Married with two children, Mr. Uno graduated Summa CumLaude with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Sandi’s persistence paid off for at the HIPMI leadershipWichita State University in 1990 and obtained his Master conference in Medan when he received 138 votes from the 150of Business Administration from George Washington State HIPMI representatives.University in 1992. Sandiaga Uno’s story is one that many Indonesians wouldSandi, as he is also known, was the Chairman of the Indonesian wish to emulate. However, current statistics show that a greatYoung Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) from 2005 – 2008 deal needs to be done to create an environment where moreand has been serving as Chairman – Permanent Committee citizens can achieve similar successes.for Small & Medium Enterprises of the Indonesian Chamber ofCommerce (KADIN) since 2004. In 2008, 18.42% of all working Indonesian citizens did not complete Primary School education, 35.84% only completedSandi is the son of prominent educator and community Primary School education, 18.57% only completed Junior Highorganizer Mien Rachman Uno who graduated from the Institute School education, 20.63% only completed Senior High Schoolof Teaching and Education in Bandung in1965. Her foundation, education and only 6.58% completed a College education (BPS-the Mien R. Uno Foundation was established in 2000 by her Statistics Indonesia, 2009).husband Razif Halik Uno, has collaborated with universitiesand local communities to develop small business in Indonesia. The sad fact of the matter is that Indonesia ranks 111th on theIn 2001 she established the Duta Bangsa (Ambassadors of the Human Resources Index out of 165 countries (UNDP, 2009).Nation) College in Jakarta which offers classes in developingsocial and presentation skills. These figures underscore the mission of the Putera Sampoerna Foundation which is dedicated to improving education inOne may think that with a mother like Mien, it was relatively Indonesia for the creation of young leaders. Mien Uno andeasy for Sandiaga Uno to become a successful entrepreneur; her son Sandiaga are excellent examples of how persistence,however the reality is quite different from what at first may hard work and support from within the family can enableappear obvious. Indonesia’s citizens to achieve success both at the national and international levels.The key to Sandiaga Uno’s success and the success of peoplelike him is the extra effort they put into everything they do. With its resources and passionate commitment to improving education, the Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s core aim is to create more world class leaders for Indonesia as we move forward in the 21st Century. Thank you Mien and Sandiaga Uno for being an inspiration to us all. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  4. 4. 4 Insights Creating a Pathway for Future Business Leaders An Interview with the Brain behind Sampoerna School of Business Establishment The recently opened Sampoerna School of Business (SSB) has appointed Professor Nasser Spear as its international advisor. The SSB academic programs are being developed by leading international academics led by Professor Nasser Spear. Professor Spear visits monthly to review and advise on SSB’s processes and systems. The Sampoerna School of Business is an international- standard institution combining world-class business best- practices, industry relevance and leadership development for future leaders. Sampoerna School of Business provides outstanding individuals the opportunity to pursue a 4-year Bachelor of Accounting or a Bachelor of Management with specializations in finance, management or marketing. Professor Spear’s appointment is effective immediately. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  5. 5. Insights 5Interview withProfessor Nasser SpearPSF: Can you tell us about your aims for SSB, Professor Spear? PSF: When and why was SSB established?PROFESSOR SPEAR: My aim is to provide an innovative PROFESSOR SPEAR: The Sampoerna School of Business wasexperiential business education and to ensure that SSB is established in early 2010 following Putera Sampoerna’s initiative.renowned for its exceptional learning environment that is Complying with the government policy to have at least 5 higherchallenging and rewarding, its applied research agenda that education institutions before establishing a university, SSB isis of national, regional and international relevance, and for its one of the steps to establish Putera Sampoerna Internationalproductive engagement and exchange of ideas with local and University. As well as SSB, PSF also established the Sampoernainternational communities. School of Education in 2009.PSF: How do you see SSB contributing to the development of PSF: Can you give us some details about the learningfuture leaders? environment, language used, etc.?PROFESSOR SPEAR: Putera Sampoerna, with his Pathway to PROFESSOR SPEAR: The strength of SSB will be in its studyLeadership vision, believes that to create this nation’s future curriculum, which is based on international standards but alsoleaders, we must also create a supportive ecosystem. One of the complies with the national standard curriculum. SSB focusescrucial elements of this ecosystem is a quality higher education on students’ active participation in the day-to-day teaching andinstitution or a university. The Sampoerna School of Business learning activities which are in English. We are also recruitingis an integral part of establishing that ecosystem. The young academics who can deliver the learning experience we promise.professionals who pass through the school will be academicallyexcellent, possess multidisciplinary knowledge and skills, andhave both a local and global outlook with a profound awarenessof community’s needs and a high regard for equity and ethics.We expect that through character building, our students at SSBcan become future business leaders who contribute back tothe community. Professor Spear received his PhD from the University of North Texas in 1992 and currently holds the G.L. Wood Chair of Accounting in the Department of Accounting and Business Information Systems at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He has published in leading international accounting journals such as the Journal of Accounting and Economics. Professor Spear, is Co-Editor of the International Journal of Accounting and serves on the editorial board of a number of academic journals. The Sampoerna School of Business in an integral part of the Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s Pathway to Leadership. Along with the Sampoerna School of Education, both schools are the central elements to the Sampoerna University system. As a key component of Putera Sampoerna’s “Pathway to Leadership” strategy, the university is designed to be a microcosm of a leading American university. The ultimate aim is that this university will eventually become a world-class higher education model for Indonesia with the best practices and a strong international and local faculty that will accommodate young visionaries and potential leaders who will contribute to society and economic development. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  6. 6. 6 Insights Sampoerna Academy Creates Local Leaders Multiple Projects for the Academy Students and Teachers Sampoerna Academy students and teachers were involved in a wide range of projects and events during the first quarter of 2010. A number of students took part in the Indonesian Science Project Olympiad, the National Mathematics Competition and the Toyota Eco Youth Competition. As well two SMA Negeri Sumatera Selatan teachers were featured on national television for their participation in an Intercultural Relationship and Dialogue program held on Kangaroo Island, Australia. Green Technology Sampoerna Academy Teachers at Youth Competition on “Kick Andy” Metro TV Show SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) took part in the 5th Two SMA Negeri Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy) Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) Competition 2010 with the results being teachers, Kasim Bahri and Sally Kharisma Putri were featured on display at the TEY Exhibition in the Jakarta Exhibition Center on the “Kick Andy Show” on April 2, 2010, discussing their during March 4 – 7, 2010. experience and participation in BRIDGE (Building Relationships through Intercultural Dialogue and Growing Engagement) The Toyota Eco Youth Competition is one of the biggest Australia – Indonesia Program. International Environment Fair and Conferences in Asia with 22 senior high schools in Indonesia being invited to participate. The BRIDGE program was conducted on Kangaroo Island, Australia from February 22 – March 15, 2010 and the two Each school was required to create an effective and sound teachers informed host Andy F. Noya that they intended to green technology to reflect current conditions and the needs of implement what they had learned during from BRIDGE. the environment. One teaching innovation they wish to implement is to have The SA team’s entrants in the competition consisted of a Leaves students sitting in circles rather than in rows which is the Crushing Machine for the project itself and a Homemade Solar usual practice in Indonesia. The teachers believe that sitting Stove for the exhibition display. in circles enhances the two-way interactions between teacher and students. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  7. 7. Insights 7Sampoerna Academy Students in Two Students Win BronzeNational Mathematics Competition at Science Project OlympiadMathematics Olympiads have been held around the world for Two SMA Negeri Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy)a number of years with the aim of nurturing students with a students won the Bronze Medal at the Indonesia Science Projectspecial talent in mathematics. Olympiad (ISPO) which is open to students from Junior and Senior High Schools, Madrasah and SMK (Sekolah MenengahTo better prepare Indonesian students for upcoming Mathematics Kejuruan) or Vocational High Schools.Olympiads, the Faculty of Technology of Tarumanagara Universityheld a National Mathematics Competition (KOMAT 2010) at their ISPO is an annual event held by PASIAD (Pacific Countries Socialcampus from February 26 – 27, 2010. and Economic Solidarity Association) Indonesia, with the support of the Ministry of National Education, Indonesian ScienceTwo teams from SMA Negeri Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Institution and several leading Indonesian universities.Academy) entered the competition – Vera Dona/TimotiusAndrean P. Lagaunne and Novita Sari/ Daniel O. Sinambela. At the final round of the competition which was held at Balai Kartini Jakarta March 3 – 5, the Sampoerna Academy studentThe SA teams managed to reach the Quarter Finals which was team of Gabriella Estherita and Vera Dona secured the Bronzeconsidered a credible result considering the large number of Medal with their chemistry project entitled “The Porous Black:entrants and high level of competition. A Simple Tool in Reducing the Level of Water Pollution”. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  8. 8. 8 Insights Hand in Hand for Entrepreneurship Development Scholars Explore Indonesian Young Talent with Starbucks ™ In the first quarter of 2010, the Jakarta Sampoerna Foundation Taking part as well was the Sampoerna Foundation Alumni Scholars Club (JSFSC) together with Starbucks™ Coffee Association (SFAA) which was founded in 2001 to develop Indonesia organized a series of entrepreneurship workshops entrepreneurship and create a sustainable source of funding with the theme “Explore Indonesian Young Talent”. for the Foundation’s scholarship recipients. SFAA has as its goal to continue the vision and mission of the Foundation to create The workshops were held in three locations in the greater new leaders and make a difference in society. Jakarta area and featured four different speakers each of whom is a successful business person and motivator. The workshops followed the themes of 1) Workshop to build motivation spirit 2) Sharing success stories with businessmen 3) Tips and tricks to running a business 4) How to make an effective business proposal. All participants in the workshops will have their business proposals evaluated and those with the winning proposals will receive internship opportunities at companies that work together with Sahabat UKM (Friends of UKM), a small and medium business association which is a partner of PSF. Sahabat UKM aims to empower young men and women to become independent entrepreneurs, assists small and micro businesses in order to expand and promotes the concept of Students and young enterpreneurs attending the opening ceremony sharing, openness, equality and solidarity in its efforts. of “Explore Indonesian Young Talent” workshop, held in Pusat Studi Jepang, UI. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  9. 9. Partners 9Encouraging Beginning For 2010Rio Tinto Scholarship FundMakes Progress In 2010With a history of more than 30 years in Indonesia, PT Rio Tinto Indonesia has committed to Indonesia’s community developmentthrough its Corporate Social Responsibility program.Since 2008 PT Rio Tinto Indonesia has collaborated with the Putera Sampoerna Foundation to grant scholarships for Indonesianqualified individuals in tertiary level of education (undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate program).The Rio Tinto Scholarship Fund is expected to benefit up to ten national Undergraduate students, one overseas Master’s Programstudent and four overseas post graduate students.To date the total funds provided by PT Rio Tinto Indonesia is approximately US$700,000 through the Rio Tinto Scholarship Fund.Candidates during focus group discussion section.Three Chosen for2010 Undergraduate ScholarshipsDuring February 21 – 26, 2010 a team of representatives from After the interviews and discussions, the team proceeded to thePT Rio Tinto Indonesia and Putera Sampoerna Foundation next stage of the recruitment process which involved visits to thetogether with university personnel participated in interviews and homes of the candidates to gain further information about theirpanel discussions with five short listed undergraduates from two economic status and family backgrounds.universities, Universitas Haluoleo and Universitas Tadulako. The conclusion of this process was the announcementThe objective of this process was to gain a deeper understanding by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) of the threeof the applicants’ qualifications and personality as stated on successful candidates – Adrianto (Universitas Haluoleo), Triantheir profiles. The criteria of the evaluation were Integrity, Febriyanti (Universitas Haluoleo) and Husniati M. KamaluMotivation, Adaptability and Commitment to Community and (Universitas Tadulako).National Development. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  10. 10. 10 Partners Panel interview conducted for candidates at Kendari. Finalists Confirmed for Overseas Graduate Program The Rio Tinto Scholarship Fund – Graduate Program provides The purpose of the 3rd stage, Home Visits, is to elaborate on the for a graduate student to take a Master’s program at the financial condition of candidates and their families to determine if University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia with program the candidates are entitled to be rewarded with the scholarship. options of Master of Science, Master of Social Science and Master of Commerce. At the end of this rigorous selection process, two finalists, Suharjuddin SPd. and Miftahul Ulum, were chosen to proceed The scholarship, valued at more than US$70,000 provides for to UNSW’s admission process with recommendation and University Application Fee, IELTS Test Fee, Student Visa Application guidance from PT Rio Tinto Indonesia and the Putera Sampoerna Fee, Return Airfare Jakarta-Sydney-Jakarta, Tuition Fees, Health Foundation. The scholarship winner will be announced after Insurance, Living Allowance and Literature Allowance. UNSW releases their admission decision. The selection of which finalist will be awarded the scholarship will be based on the result The search for the graduate student who will receive this of the entire selection process. scholarship in 2010 began in October 2009 with scholarship applicants invited to attend Information Sessions held at Putera Sampoerna Foundation also recommended another Universitas Tadulako, Palu and Universitas Haluoleo, Kendari. finalist, Wawan Cahyadin as alternate finalist should one of the other two finalists withdraw from the UNSW admission process. From an initial total of 81 applicants, 18 graduates were chosen based on the scholarship guidelines to begin the final selection The winner of the Rio Tinto Scholarship Fund – Graduate Program process which consisted of three stages. will be announced in the Putera Sampoerna Foundation second quarterly report of 2010. The 1st stage, Paper Screening’s aim was an evaluation of the applicants’ eligibility by the PSF Selection Committee based on Stay tuned as we wish the scholarship winner all the best data provided by applicants in their application form, personal in Australia. statement, CV and reference form. Selected candidates were then invited to the 2nd selection stage. At the 2nd stage, Panel Interview & Focus Group Discussion, “Integrity, motivation, adaptability candidates’ competencies, character and skills were elaborated and verified with the aim of selecting those applicants who would and commitment to community national compete in the university admission process. Candidates were evaluated on subjects including Leadership, Broadmindedness, development as selection criteria” Vision, Self Motivation, Integrity, Adaptability, Self-Management, Stress-Tolerance and Social Values. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  11. 11. Partners 11Workshops for Principals and SuperintendentsHM Sampoerna Leadership ProgramReturns in 2010The HMS Leadership Development Program entered its second The two themes of this Superintendents’ workshop wereyear with the first workshop of 2010 being held at SMP Negeri “Classroom Management” and “Effective Teaching” which22 Surabaya on February 9 – 10. covered classroom management and the ability to work with teachers to plan a classroom display and manage classesThe Principal Leadership Development Program is designed effectively, as well as identifying students’ learning needs.for school leadership teams, usually the principal and vice-principal, and equips participants with the management skills The aim of the workshop was for participants to comprehendto enhance their leadership capacity. the ideal teaching and learning process so that as an education manager they will be able to support teachers to implementTwo topics, “21st Century Education” and “Principal’s Roles effective teaching methods.and Responsibilities” were discussed at the workshop andparticipants were expected to comprehend 21st Century The HMS Leadership Development Program and The Principaleducation and its targets, including how schools are able Leadership Development Program are both supported by PTto support the teaching and learning process to achieve HM Sampoerna,Tbk. as a commitment for the development ofthose targets. education in Indonesia.Immediately following the Principal Leadership workshop,the HMS Superintendant Leadership workshop was held inSurabaya on February 11 – 12, 2010. Both workshops werelead by Maytha Monica of Sampoerna Foundation TeacherInstitute (SFTI).The Superintendent Leadership Program is designed to increasethe leadership capacity of a superintendent as an academicsupervisor, an education manager and evaluator. The programalso educates and prepares superintendents to work moreactively with schools while taking the above mentioned roles. Techniques on how to run an “effective school” were discussed. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  12. 12. 12 Partners Teachers Implement New Techniques Mobil Cepu Ltd. Program Nurtures More Effective Teachers The Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Institute reports that 390 teachers and principals completed the Professional Development Program sponsored by Mobil Cepu Ltd. in Bojonegoro, Blora and Tuban in February 2010. In the Tuban area, 12 schools participated in the program from February 8 – 12, 2010. The response from all teachers involved was extremely positive and they expressed confidence that the program would create a big impact in the schools that took part in the program as well as surrounding schools. In Blora, a total of 10 schools were visited and evaluated by members of the Teacher Institute between February 15 – 19 with most participants implementing the new training procedures as well as providing them to other schools in the area. At SMAN 1 Tambakboyo the teachers have begun to implement the classroom management and cooperative learning techniques. English teacher Ibu Rina Astuti stated that Classroom management and cooperative learning translated into now the students show great feedback and enthusiasm in their creative gallery walk of student works at SMAN 1 Tambakboyo. learning activities. Two-Day Workshop Focuses on Policy and Planning School Principals Development Moves Ahead Fifteen school principals and vice-principals attended a workshop at SMP 3 Mataram from February 9-10, 2010 as part of the Principal Effectiveness Training Program which is conducted in cooperation between Deutsche Bank and the Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Institute. During Day 1 of the workshop School Policy was discussed and explored. At the end of Day 1 all participants were expected to be able to explain the school policy concept, to distinguish between policy and procedure, to comprehend key aspects of school policy making and be able to create an effective policy. On Day 2, the workshop focused on the Strategic Action Plan, with the aim being that participants are able to comprehend the components of a school Strategic Action Plan and create a school development Strategic Action Plan. The aim of these workshops is that by exposing them to Participants from 15 schools discused about the school policy and its concept. these methods, principals will be able to disseminate the methodologies demonstrated by facilitators to their teachers. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  13. 13. Partners 13Significant Changes on DisplaySampoerna AgroContributes to Education Quality In January 2010 the Teacher Education & Training Program and the Principal Education Training Program were successfully completed in Ogan Komering Ilir, the area where PT Sampoerna Agro, Tbk. operates. To showcase the outcome of the training, an Education Exhibition was held on February 19, 2010 in Gedung Kesenian, Kayu Agung, Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI), Palembang which was attended by Bupati OKI, PT Sampoerna Agro, Tbk. representatives and members of the Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Institute as well as 106 target participants. At the exhibition the significant changes which have been generated during the one-year program were on display, with participants describing the comprehensive journey of their learning experiences with local resources through project based learning. The other objective of the education exhibition was to encourage local government as well as Dinas PendidikanThe Regent of Ogan Komering Ilir, Mr. H. Ishak Mekki visited (Regional Education Office) to support the targetthe education exhibition. participants in sustaining the program which was initiated by PT Sampoerna Agro, Tbk.MOU Signed by General ManagerAston DenpasarCommitted to Saving Teens In Bali on March 19, 2010, Aston Denpasar Hotel & Convention Center confirmed its support for the Putera Sampoerna Foundation “Save a Teen” Program. At the event in Denpasar, a MOU was signed by Irmansjah Madewa, General Manager of Aston Denpasar Hotel & Convention Center and Vira Soekardiman, PSF’s Director of Sales. Regarding the cooperation, where the hotel encourages its visitors to donate a dollar or Rp 10,000 when checking in or out, Irmansjah Madewa commented “This is evidence of the commitment from Aston Denpasar to Indonesia’s education progress”. Vira Soekardiman said, “We thank Aston Denpasar as the first hotel in Bali to support the Save a Teen campaign. According to the Education Ministry’s data from 2008, there were 20, 913 students aged 6 – 18 years in the Province of Bali who droppedPress conference on the MOU signing at Aston Denpasar Hotel & out of school. With a strong commitment from the GovernmentConvention Center. of Bali Province, we plan to build an International Standard High School with a special Boarding House for academically gifted students from financially disadvantaged families”. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  14. 14. 14 Government Partners Bali Government Provides Support New Sampoerna Academy to be Built in Bali Balinese government officials recently signed the agreement to build the next Sampoerna Academy in Bali. The signing ceremony, held in the Governor’s office in Denpasar on March 31, 2010 was attended by Provincial Secretary Drs. I Nyoman Yasa M.Si and Head of Youth Education I Wayan Suasta SH with PSF representatives Eddy Henry and Vira Soekardiman. This agreement follows on from the previous signing of a MoU on October 7, 2009 for the establishment of an international standard high school with boarding facilities in Bali for the brightest teenagers from financially disadvantaged families. The Bali government is supporting Sampoerna Academy by providing 5 hectares of land for the school building and dormitory in Kubutamban, Buleleng. Provincial secretary Drs. I Nyoman Yasa Msi and government officers from Bali province meeting up with PSF’s Eddy Henry and With a target of 100 students each year, the academy will provide Vira Soekardiman. students with academic and non-academic skills including life skills, entrepreneurship and personality development. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  15. 15. News & Event 15Concert at Balai SarbiniPSF Ambassador Gita GutawaInspires Scholars with PerseverancePSF Education Ambassador and singer Gita Gutawa’s concertat Balai Sarbini, Jakarta on February 25, 2010 was an inspiringexperience for high school scholars from SMAN 55 Jakarta, whowere able to meet Gita face to face.The scholars were asked to give their impressions of Gita andthe concert.Nova Farhan Septiani said, “Gita expresses the values ofbrotherhood, solidarity, cooperation and education where wemust not give up in achieving our ideals”.Anissa Wulandari said, “Many of the songs at the concert tellthe story of dreams and that makes me want to study hard toachieve my dreams”.Muhammad Naufal commented, “Gita is an inspiring figure forstudents and very suitable as an education ambassador”.Yulia said, “The concert was able to motivate the children From left to right: Annisa, Nova, Gita, Yulia and Naufal.of Indonesia to be more diligent in learning and achievingtheir goals”.PSF and National Geographic Magazine Join ForcesPortrait of Indonesian Education ExhibitionA combined effort between National Geographic Indonesia Mr. Taufik Hanafi from the Social and Economic Education,(NGI) Magazine and Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) Ministry of National Education said, “The Ministry of Educationresulted in an exhibition and workshop of photographs with fully supports this exhibition. Hopefully such activities will addthe title “Portrait of Indonesian Education” which was displayed to the awareness and community participation in advancingat the National Education Ministry in Jakarta from December education in Indonesia”.8, 2009 to March 12, 2010. Attendees included educationcommunities (schools and universities), corporate partners,public and government institutions staff.The 40 portraits were chosen from more than 2,000 photoswhich were entered by the public and journalists throughoutIndonesia in a Photographic Competition organized by PSF andNational Geographic Magazine.The aim of the competition and exhibition was to inspire moreparties to give attention to the education situation in Indonesiaas photographers were asked to depict the “spirit, challenges,struggles and successes of Indonesian education”.As part of the event, on March 11, 2010 a photographyworkshop on “How to Use Photography for Education World”was held, lead by Feri Latief and Reynold Sumayku, NationalGeographic Indonesia’s Photo Editor. PSF’s Alda F. Siregar and Ministry of National Education’s Mr. Taufik Hanafi at the opening ceremony of “Portrait of Indonesian Education” exhibition. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  16. 16. 16 News & Event Inspiring Young Leaders Imelda Fransisca on 100 % Dedication for Education PSF Education Ambassador and former Miss Indonesia 2005 The Putera Sampoerna Foundation is one of the strategic Imelda Fransisca visited the Sampoerna School of Education partners for this event which supports more inspiring young (SSE) on March 3, 2010, and met with scholarship participants. leaders to help build a better future for Indonesia. Commenting on her meetings with the students at SSE, Imelda said, ”My hope is that after the SSE students graduate they will dedicate themselves 100% to being educators because Indonesia is in dire need of qualified teachers.” Imelda was also one of 22 high achieving youths invited to join the MarkPlus New Wave Marketing Lunch on February 22, 2010 at the MarkPlus Institute of Marketing in Jakarta. The selected 11 men and 11 women came from a variety of backgrounds. Participants also included Doni Tata (racer), Hendy Setiono (CEO of Kebab Turki), Sandy Sandhoro (winner of the 2009 New Wave Music Contest in Latvia), Firman Utina (soccer player), Theresia Ebena E. Pardede (musician and politician) and Angelina Veni Johanna (silver medal winner at Imelda Fransisca putting her “time cube” as one of 22 selected youth the World Computer Olympics). icons in 2010. A highlight of the event was when 22 selected youth icons each wrote down their hopes and visions on a document which was then signed by the State Minister for Youth and Sports, Andi Mallarangeng and the founder and president of MarkPlus Inc., Hermawan Kertajaya. The document was then put inside a “time cube” which is to be opened and read on February 22, 2020. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  17. 17. News & Event 17Partnerships Worthy of GratitudeMedia Supportsthe Raising of Education AwarenessIn the first quarter of 2010 the Putera Sampoerna Foundation During the first quarter of 2010, PSF has also entered intocontinued to receive considerable media support in its ongoing partnerships with a wide network of media, including the MRAefforts to introduce many of its activities to the public. and MNC Networks. PSF is looking forward to cooperating with more media partners in the coming months.Details of the Foundation’s various messages were heardon Hard Rock FM’s morning session “Pemimpin Cilik” duringthe entire month of February and in March 2010 NennySoemawinata, Managing Director of the Putera SampoernaFoundation could be seen and heard on TV and Radio talkshows including “Deltanesia”- Delta FM, “Talk to CEO” – TrijayaFM, “The Interview” – Metro TV and ARH Global.During 2010’s first quarter, information on the Foundation’sprograms was published in a wide range of Newspapers andMagazines including Koran Tempo, Majalah Tempo, TheJakarta Globe, Jakarta Shimbun, Sekar Magazine and GirlfriendMagazine while an article on PSF’s Chairperson of Board ofSupervisors Michelle Sampoerna appeared in Marie Claire’sfirst edition.Also this year PSF’s founder Putera Sampoerna and PSF’s Nenny Soemawinata, Managing Director of Putera SampoernaPrograms and Alumni Affairs Director Eddy Henry were Foundation on “The Interview”, Metro TV.interviewed by CNN. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  18. 18. 18 News & Event Ron Perkinson Attends Washington IFC Conference PSF Director Sees Positive Outlook at International Education Conference The International Finance Corporation conference held in Key stakeholders at the Washington conference discussed Washington DC, USA in March 2010 attracted representatives strategies for recruitment and retention of staff and students, of private education organizations and institutions from around methods of adapting to financial realities and innovative use of the world including Ron Perkinson, International Director of technologies in private education around the world. the Putera Sampoerna Foundation. Ron Perkinson said that future areas of growth for the It was the fifth global conference to be held in Washington by private sector would be found in postsecondary (technical the IFC, an arm of the World Bank. and vocational) education and lifelong-learning, given the increasing demand for more employable graduates. The IFC has already committed US$469 million in financing 62 education projects in 30 countries at a total value of US$1.54 Mr. Perkinson also said that more than 50 % of the populations billion. Of these 21 or 35% are in the world’s poorest countries in countries from Indonesia to the Middle East were below 30 with IFC-supported projects helping educate over 1.2 million years of age, thereby providing many opportunities for the students annually. private sector. In the past decade private education has had an increasingly He added that with strong demographic trends and increasing significant impact in the developing world, with many countries private investment in education in developing countries, private promoting private sector growth to expand educational education was on a ‘crest of a wave’ in emerging markets in the capacity and access at all levels. coming years. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  19. 19. News & Event 19Minister of Education Offers EncouragementPSF EventHelps Raise Education AwarenessAround 60 participants attended the 4th Public Private Participants included representatives from the governmentPartnership Discussion Series (P3DS) “Crisis in Leadership: sector, Sampoerna School of Education and other universityPeran Pendidikan Dalam Menyiapkan Calon Pemimpin Masa representatives, corporate partners, NGOs, school principals,Depan (The Role of Education on Creating Future Leaders)” at UPZ alms distribution units (Unit Penyaluran Zakat) andGraha Kemendiknas, Senayan on March 19, 2010. media partners including The Jakarta Post, Kompas, Warta Kota, Kedaulatan Rakyat, Seputar Indonesia, Republika andOrganized by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation together Future Magazine.with the Ministry of National Education the event was held toraise awareness of current education conditions in Indonesia The P3DS was fully supported by the Minister of Nationalthrough shared discussions with the aim to provide solutions Education and was encouraged to continue on a regularand recommendations on education issues. basis. Comments from participants at the event were extremely positive. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  20. 20. 20 News & Event PSF “Save a Teen” Campaign Promoted Scholars and Alumni Speak for the Foundation MarkPlus Inc. together with Putera Sampoerna Foundation “Save a Teen” is a campaign, supported by a wide network of (PSF) held a Marketing Seminar at the Four Seasons Hotel in partners and in terms of strategic branding can create added Jakarta on March 31, 2010 which was attended by 400 people. value for a company or brand. Also in this event, Hermawan The seminar, with its theme “Indonesian Youth Marketing Kertajaya announced his commitment to support a high school Subculture” was lead by founder and president of MarkPlus student for one full year. Inc. Hermawan Kertajaya. MarkPlus Inc. together with PSF enable those in the marketing Three scholars and two alumni represented the Foundation industry who wish to create more effective social campaigns by promoting the PSF’s “Save a Teen” campaign which or make personal contributions to channel their funds in a aims to reduce the number of students dropping out of coordinated manner through the “Save a Teen” campaign. secondary school. Our two alumni and three scholars from Faculty of Economy University of Indonesia (Fadila, Adi, Citra) had the chance to meet and share opinions with 15 inspiring youth icons, including Pandji Pragiwaksono, Theresia Ebena Pardede, and many more. Together they shared the visions to create a better Indonesia. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  21. 21. News & Event 21Gathering Briefed on Latest DevelopmentsPathway to LeadershipGathering with Oil and Gas ExecutivesAn executive gathering with executives of the Oil & Gas Companies attending the Executive Gathering included BP, BPindustries was held on February 3, 2010 at IndoChine Migas, Anadarko, Santos, Tately, Shell, Bosowa, ExxonMobil,Restaurant at FX, Senayan, Jakarta where representatives ConocoPhillips, ITM, JAC Indonesia, JAPEX, Marathon Oil andfrom the Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) presented PT Pertamina (Persero).PSF’s Pathway to Leadership model in creating a holisticeducation system to nurture future leaders.Fundraising for ScholarshipsSparkling with Tiffany & Co. and Java JazzPSF’s Save a Teen campaign received some sparkling supportfrom global jeweler Tiffany & Co. during the first quarterof 2010 when a fundraising event was held at PSF’s office inSampoerna Strategic Square.PSF also participated for the second time in Indonesia’s biggestjazz festival, Java Jazz under the title “Jazz for Education”where jazz lovers were invited to contribute to Indonesia’sdisadvantaged yet academically gifted teenagers throughdonations for scholarships. “Jazz for Education” booth at Java Jazz festival, March 3-5, 2010. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  22. 22. 2222 Strategic Partners News Yayasan Sahabat Wanita Training Future Leaders Ensured Through Gender Equality On March 2 2010 Yayasan Sahabat Wanita (Friends of Women In addition to the establishment of Yayasan Sahabat Wanita, the Association) together with QM Financial conducted a financial Koperasi Sahabat Wanita (Friends of Women Cooperative) was training workshop with the theme “Family & Small Business founded with the purpose of organizing women in rural areas Financial Training” at Dinas Koperasi Jakarta. The workshop into social groups which are structurally pyramided upward was guided by QM Financial coach Ligwina Hananto. Similar into a national organization. Currently Koperasi Sahabat Wanita workshops with QM Financial were also held in Omah Kampung, is on its way to gaining 1 million members by 2014. Bantul and Yogyakarta during the first quarter of 2010. Yayasan Sahabat Wanita is one of the strategic partners of the Putera Sampoerna Foundation and has as its goal to “Promote the empowerment of women and gender equality through training and economic development”. The UNDP Gender Development Index shows that Indonesia is lagging behind other ASEAN nations, particularly Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines in terms of gender equality and the empowerment of women. Two major gender equality issues for Indonesian women are lack of access to education and wage inequality. Founded in 2009, the Yayasan Sahabat Wanita works to address Attendants were trained on how to manage their small business during issues relating to gender equality and women’s empowerment. a financial training in Bantul, Yogyakarta. With support from various partners, including the Putera Sampoerna Foundation, the Yayasan Sahabat Wanita provides training programs on health, hygiene, nutrition, family planning, home economics and legal aid services. E Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  23. 23. Strategic Partners News 23Recruiting Deserving YouthSiswa BangsaStudent Financing Program BeginsSiswa Bangsa (The Student of the Nation) was established in To be eligible, candidates are required to be senior high schoolearly 2010 with the absolute focus in providing support system graduates with acceptable academic results, considered to bethat ensures access to quality education through high value financially disadvantaged, pass the admission test of Siswaquality student financing, student assistance, as well as scholar Bangsa and its affiliated schools and pass an internal creditand alumni networking. underwriting process.As PSF’s strategic partner, in the first quarter of 2010 Siswa It has become very clear that quality education is difficult toBangsa introduced the first Student Financing Program, with afford. Within the last six years, Indonesia sees that in averageSyariah (Sharia) principle to finance the education needs of only 15.8 % of all students is able to continue their educationSampoerna School of Education (SSE) and Sampoerna School from elementary level all the way up to university entranceof Business (SSB) students, academic institutions under the (Ministry of National Education, 2008).Putera Sampoerna Foundation. Siswa Bangsa’s new Student Financing Program will play anHighlights of the new program include simple financing that important role in increasing the numbers of students able towill be repaid over a 5 years grace period, no inflation, no continue their studies.provision, easy to apply, caring and trustworthy service, freeyouth training and mentoring and free career consultation. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  24. 24. 2424 Strategic Partners News Two Scholarships Awarded for Nursing Studies Creating Islamic Leaders of Tomorrow Together with its committed partners Putera Sampoerna To celebrate the 1431 Hijriyah Prophet Mohammad’s Birth, Bait Foundation supports the development of Indonesia’s Muslim Al-Kamil together with Manulife Financial held the “Pengajian community through education in hopes of contributing towards Maulid” or the Qur’an recitation gathering of the Prophet a peaceful and pluralistic Islam. Mohammad in the Manulife Mosque, Sampoerna Strategic Square on March 18, 2010. One of our strategic religious-giving partners is Bait Al-Kamil, the first secular, non-religious organization to be awarded a license by the national religious body (BAZNAS) to collect religious contributions and tithes. In February 2010 scholarships were awarded to two alma mater of An Nuqayah Boarding School to continue their education at Nursing College. After the two scholarship recipients graduate as Nurses they will employ their new skills at An Nuqayah, Guluk-Guluk, Sumenep and Madura schools which cater to more than 6,000 students. From February 15 – 25, 2010, Bait Al-Kamil took part in a socialization program with muzaki at Jakarta’s Wisma Bakrie as a way of letting more people know about the organization and Alumni from An Nuqayah Boarding School received scholarship to collecting donations. continue nursing education. A similar program was held at the Jakarta Stock Exchange Building from March 1 – 5 2010. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  25. 25. List of Contributors 25List Of ContributorsCorporate ContributorsDeloitte Arfy Frisnanto Cyntia K Nana PriatnaHM Sampoerna Tbk., PT Ario Widiyanto Daniel Hartono Noermansyah MaulanaLawrence Quahe & Woo LLC Budi Mulyono Danny Karta Nova Liliana SitanggangMercy Relief Budi Suryanto Deden Rochmawaty Ozal Thirafi UdayaPemerintah Kabupaten Lahat Catharina Palupi Ari Dewi Desiyana CH Pandeka PerkasaPemerintah Provinsi Bali Chandrika Purwarin Dian Saraswati Ponky N. PudjiantoPerkebunan Nusantara VII (Persero) Dewa Kadek Widhinugraha Dian Artati Poppy ImeldaRio Tinto Indonesia, PT Eka Handaya Wiraha Doni AS Pratomo Dimas BayuSampoerna Agro Elden Dwimayati Kanadia ProfianitaYayasan Sejahtera Trada Ersy Dhiyanawati Dwinanto Santoso Putu A F Andriyani Febriny Rimenta Eka Kusuma Wardhani Ratih Sukma Wirdhani Franky A Widjaja Elvy Setiawati Raymond Virgy AriefRetail Contributors Ivon Erianita Erin Supriyanti Reda Gaudiamo J. Prima Thamarina Ezekiel Sutjiamin Redho YhophansaAndreas Rudy, Dr. Juliani Farani Harida Putri RestiawatiBank Mega Credit Card Karina Mochtar APIN Fendi Kenny Rhensi Margareth HutapeaBatavia Hotel Linda Yanuar Tandjung Firdaus Widya Putra Ridwan TjitradjajaBlitz Lydia budianto Francisca Woon Rina SuhastiBoga Catur Rata, PT Melania Eka Widra D Galuh Antari Rini YuliantiCalifornia Pizza Kitchen Moh Syafri Pontoh Gilbert Thomas Rizki Imam ArdhiChopstix Restaurant Nataya Vidasagita Gita Rini Subeno Robby Naru SanusiCilandak Town Square Persekutuan doa SF Glaudy Hendarsa RosaliaHEMA Dutch Resto Poedji Churniawan Halim Perdana Kusuma Rosalia Heny ChrismawatiJava Festival Production Reagan Halim Hanindyo Putro IR RositaLasalle College International Riyanda Taswar Harumi Putri Dwiani Rudi Indra JayaCiputra Mall Ryana Kharismawati Hendra Cahyono Rusmi RusdiMCI Organizer Shirley Lauw Hian Ni Sandrine Jezabel BPangeran Jayakarta Hotel Soenarso Sugiono Huidi Sutanto Santy NeriaSampoerna Legacy Book Sri Widyastuti I Putu Gde Sanjaya Sari Chawalida NStaco Graha Parklane Stella Maris Yappy Ifia Farika Sisi SularsoTony Roma’s Suhaimi Ganda Imelda Kusumastuty Steven Audy Luntungan Sulistyo Yuwono Indah Aprilia Sugianto Vissy Vandiya Indra Hastoadi Suryajati Dharma Yufinah Sutharia Indra Imansyah Sutarto WiryoIndividual Contributors Istiadi Wijaya Syifa Fauziah IDR < 1.000.000 Jastin Iskandar SyunestiIDR > 5.000.000 Alvira Juddy Anugrah Tan MelanAndrini Hendrayani Ananda Novita Juliana Wisupeno Tarasanti AnindyaEtza Anyasamova Andries Sibarani Kartika Aprianingsih Theresia Gerungan SKarina Mochtar APIN Anindita Rahardjo Laksmi Maharani Tigor SimanjuntakKathleen C. Liem Ario Saptomo Hediarto Le Nie Tjatur SuharsoMichael Sampoerna Asmarawaty Zaini Lieshida Jati Uun SuandaniNathalie Halim Athouf Ibnutama Linda Zujanty Vilia SusantiRio Rido Auditya Nisa Andriani Luh Putu Anggraeni Vira Soekardiman Beta Novandaru M.Kurniawan Virginia RusliIDR 1.000.000 - 5.000.000 Billy Yuriko Maria Ellen Wandy JohnAlexander Abimanyu Bimo Widhi Nugroho Marsal Irwan Masita Willy SoetomoAlia Risyamaya Dewi Cecillia Hidayat Misda Falah Yahya PermanaAndi Eridanie Chandra A Naradhipa N.P Pratomo Yurike MaedaAnggis Rakhmi Ichsan Cicik Sukma Setya Wahyu Nabila Restiadirejeki Zamia MutiaraAram Kaleva Cindy Lenggo Genie Nana Kurnia Astuti Becoming Contributors We welcome your participation and commitment to if you would like to make a direct donation, please send it to: support the work of Putera Sampoerna Foundation. If you would like to become a sponsor and need further Yayasan Putera Sampoerna information about our program, please contact us: Bank: ABN Amro, Juanda Jakarta A/C: 36 0052 3484 or 36 0052 3508 (USD) info@sampoernafoundation.org Bank: BCA, KCP Bursa Efek - Jakarta A/C: 458 300 7914 www.sampoernafoundation.org
  26. 26. 26 New Partners New Partners Amigos The Mexican-Spanish themed family restaurant with its fun, festive atmosphere and delicious menu catering to all ages and every demographic donates Rp 2,000 from every purchase of its monthly promo to Save a Teen program. Aston Denpasar Aston Denpasar is a 4-star hotel with a condominium concept located in the middle of Central Business Center of Denpasar, close to the main business interests in Bali. Comprised of tastefully decorated 388 hotel rooms. Aston Denpasar encourages its guests to donate Rp 10,000 or one dollar to keep disadvantaged Indonesian students stay in school. Citi Citi is today’s pre-eminent financial services company and was built to create a highly diversified financial services company that could act as one to deliver solutions to clients throughout the world. Citi enables its customers to conveniently contribute through monthly donation from direct debit Citi card. Elite Group E-Lite Advertising Indonesia is a pro-active organization that aims to provide opportunities to people from all walks of life to earn a living while continually training and developing their individual skills. It is a promotion, advertising, and marketing company founded in the year 2000. Elite Advertising participates by creating moneybook for fundraising activities. Grand Cemara Hotel Conveniently located in the heart of Jakarta, Grand Cemara hotel is perfect for both business and leisure stay, with a blend of traditional décor and modern design with 104 spacious guest rooms, completely redesigned meeting and banqueting facilities, coffee shop, cyber lounge, pool bar, bakery, swimming pool, spa and business center. The hotel encourages its visitors to make a dollar or Rp 10,000 contribution to save Indonesian students. Java Jazz Java Jazz Festival is the largest jazz music festival in Indonesia. The festival provided for Putera Sampoerna Foundation “Jazz for Education” booth at Java Jazz from 5-7 March 2010 which encouraged jazz-lovers to care for deserving students. Lawrence Quahe & Woo, LLC A boutique firm comprising a team of experienced legal practitioners with a combined wealth of multi-industry and international expertise and experience. The firm offers a myriad of solution-oriented legal services for businesses and individuals. In terms of caring for the deserving, the firm contributes to the educational development and advancement in Indonesia by participating in Sampoerna Academy Leadership Camp program and project proposal. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  27. 27. New Partners 27Lasalle CollegeLasalle College is the largest private bilingual technical college in Canada. It wasestablished in 1959 and is accredited by the Quebec government. LaSalle Collegecontributes and participates in Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s fundraising event.My Body GymMybody gym is an amusing, pleasant, modest, and medical driven fitness center,providing comfortable and fully equipped fitness environment with high qualitystandard, dedicated, and professional trainers. The gym provides spaces for PuteraSampoerna Foundation booths at several counters and also encourages its membersto make contributions.Papa Ron’s PizzaPapa Ron’s is a pizza house with unique variety of international cuisines, from traditionalItalian to the fusion Indonesian, Japanese, or Thai-style pizzas. It contributes Rp 2,000of its each sold Loaded To The Max Pizza menu to Save a Teen program.Pisa Café & RestoFounded in 1993, Pisa Café & Resto serves Italy-imported ingredients-made ice cream,pasta, pizza, omelettes and additional variety of meals. It also has daily live music onstage. Pisa Café participates in Save a Teen by donating Rp 2000 from every purchaseof menu: Spaghetti Bolognaise, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Special Fried Rice, Gindara VincoBianco, Gindara Teriyaki, Salmon Primavera and Chicken Teriyaki.Solitaire IndonesiaLicensed from Solitaire Media Pte Ltd., Singapore, the bi-monthly magazine SolitaireIndonesia covers the latest news in fashion, jewelry, and watches. The magazinecontributes in Save a Teen fundraising event which donates 15 % of transactions tokeep teenagers stay in school.Wendy’sWendy’s is an international fast food chain restaurant, with menu specializing onhamburgers, chicken sandwiches, french fries, and beverages. Wendy’s burgers aremade from fresh ground beef, not frozen patties. Wendy’s contributes Rp 1000 fromeach up-sized Combo meals purchase to Save a Teen program. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  28. 28. 28 Partners Galleries Partners Galleries Education Program Partners Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  29. 29. Partners Galleries 29Student Loan PartnersStrategic AlliancesMedia PartnersInternship Provision Partnership www.sampoernafoundation.org
  30. 30. 30 Financial Highlights 2010’s First Quarter Financial Highlights Started the first quarter of 2010, Putera Sampoerna Foundation had a slight increase in its net asset by 15 % and maintains its healthy final balance of more than Rp 182 million for the upcoming quarters. CONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS CONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS USD USD IDR (In 000) IDR (In thousand) SOURCE OF SUPPORT AND INCOME Institutional Contributors 5,675,722 51,734,210 Individual Contributors 39,872 363,436 8.90% 0.64% Other Income 558,710 5,092,641 TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS 6,274,305 57,190,287 IDR (In 000) EXPENSES AND CHANGES IN NET ASSETS USD IDR (In thousand) PSF Sponsored Program Expenses Scholarship Expenses 406,681 3,706,900.02 Sampoerna School of Education 482,981 4,402,373.26 90.46% SF - Sampoerna Academy 139,387 1,270,516.44 Student Loan 20,721 188,873.01 Institutional Contributor Others Non Scholarsip Program* 66,702 607,993.27 Individual Contributor Total PSF Sponsored Program Expenses 1,116,474 10,176,656.00 Other Income Donors Sponsored Program PSF-SPONSORED PROGRAM EXPENSES School Reconstruction, SF-USP, Sampoerna Academy, Computer 5.97% 12.48% Donation, Teacher Knowledge and 1,161,352 10,585,721 1.86% 36.43% Resource Centre Program- PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. Scholarship - Astro 83,435 760,509 School Construction & Educators Quality 63,646 580,134 Improvement Program - Sampoerna Agro Education Quality Improvement Program - 43,407 395,654 Mercy Relief 43.26% Scholarship, School Reconstruction 34,235 312,055 and Adopt a Teacher Program - Scholarship Expenses Standard Chartered Bank Sampoerna School of Education Teacher Training and Teacher Scholarship - 31,500 287,123 Credit Suisse Foundation SF - Sampoerna Academy Education Quality Improvement Program - 29,737 271,051 Student Loan PT Weda Bay Nickel Others Non Scholarship Program* Teacher Training and School Construction - 24,183 220,424 Deutsche Bank Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  31. 31. Financial Highlights 31 Capacity Building Program - 22,421 204,364 Asian Pasific American Society Scholarship - Rio Tinto 17,112 155,975 Other Sponsored Programs** 77,888 709,946 Total Donors Sponsored Program 1,588,915 14,482,956 Total Program Expenses 2,705,388 24,659,612 General & Adm Expenses 1,159,049 10,564,727 Fundraising Expenses 38,711 352,849 TOTAL EXPENSES 3,903,147 35,577,188 Increase (Decrease) in Net Asset 2,371,157 21,613,100 Net Asset, Beginning Balance 17,610,414 160,518,927 NET ASSET, ENDING BALANCE 19,981,572 182,132,026 * Consists of Alumni Affairs, Research and Program Development, SEER (School Establishment & Education Recovery Program), and Unit Pelayanan Zakat (UPZ) - Bait Al-Kamil ** Consists of donor sponsored program expenses below 1% of total donors sponsored program expenses DONORS SPONSORED PROGRAM EXPENSES 1.52% 1.41% 4.90% 1.08% 1.87% School Reconstruction, SF-USP, Sampoerna Academy, 1.98% 2.15% Teacher Knowledge and Resource Centre Program-PT HMS Tbk.2.73% Scholarship - Astro4.01% School Construction & Educators Quality Improvement Program - Sampoerna Agro Education Quality Improvement Program - Mercy Relief 5.25% Scholarship, School Reconstruction and Adopt a Teacher Program - Standard Chartered Bank Teacher Training and Teacher Scholarship - Credit Suisse Foundation 73.09% Education Quality Improvement Program - PT Weda Bay Nickel Teacher Training and School Construction - Deutsche Bank Capacity Building Program - Asian Pasific American Scholarship - Rio Tinto Other Sponsored Programs** www.sampoernafoundation.org
  32. 32. Sampoerna Strategic Square, North Tower, 27th floor Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 45, Jakarta 12930 Telp. (62-21) 577 2340 Fax. (61-21) 577 2341 E-mail: info@sampoernafoundation.org Website: www.sampoernafoundation.org