The garrulous gastronaut v3


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The garrulous gastronaut v3

  1. 1. The Garrulous Gastronaut_V.3 Pushpi Bagchi (All text inside brackets comes under flaps) Gastronaut? / gass-tro-not / • noun. ORIGIN Greek gaster ‘stomach’ and nautilos ‘sailor’. (Not a tummy sailor! A FOOD EXPLORER!!!) FOOD EXPLORER? Gastronauts explore and enjoy the world of food the way an Astronaut explores outer space. 1. A Declaration It was a regular Sunday morning, just as usual. Ma making hot pancakes for everyone, Pa enjoying his breakfast. Dadu pottering about with his watering can. Cheeku got ready to make an announcement... _Next spread Cheeku- “I want to be an explorer... The greatest one ever!!!” _Next spread Dadu- “But... what will you explore?” Cheeku- “Insects, of course! Only I have nerves of steel to deal with squirmy wormy bugs.” Pa- “Cheeku, Entomologists study insects for a living.” FINE! Then He would become an Astronaut. Zoom through the galaxy in search of eerie aliens. But Ma said they don’t make space suits his size... _Next spread Cheeku- “Arghhh! Blast these dreary dismissals! How do I become an extraordinary explorer?” _Next spread Dadu-
  2. 2. “Maybe you should explore something simple... something from your everyday?” Cheeku- “Dadu, what do you know about being an everyday explorer?” Dadu loved to study nature and plants, like a Botanist. But instead of going outdoors he would explore possibilities of potted planting out on the balcony. _Next spread (Plants in pots need special love and care.) (Outdoor plants can sustain themselves in difficult situations without our help. To sustain means to be able to support yourself without the help of others.) (To be sustainable means to be capable of living and providing for yourself without harming others.) _Next spread Later that morning, Cheeku thought of all the things he loved. Mango chutney and guava jelly Pea soup that warmed his throat and belly Aromas that wafted from fresh-baked cakes The yummy slurps of flavoured shakes Chomp munch gulp- tastes that are radical Essentially all things Gastronomical! (GASTRONOMY is the art of good cooking and eating. So all things GASTRONOMICAL are YUM! True Gastronauts not only explore food, they are also fantastic chefs and daring eaters.) _Next spread Cheeku- “Ma! I’ve got it! I’m going to be a food explorer. THE BEST EVER! Quick, give me some food growing seeds.” Ma- “Please?” Cheeku- “Please!” 2. Sowing Success Ma gave Cheeku a bunch of coriander seeds from the kitchen. To sow the seeds he got a rusty old cookie tin. Dadu told Cheeku to plant the seeds about an inch into the soil and water the pot- but not too much! His coriander would be ready to eat in about 3 weeks and until then Cheeku would have to water his plants everyday and make sure they get a lot of sunlight. But Cheeku wanted to do something right that minute. Perhaps he could go food hunting?
  3. 3. (Coriander/ ko-ri-an-der /• noun. Herb ORIGIN Latin Coriandrum Sativum) (Other seeds from the kitchen: ground nuts, chilli, mustard) _Next spread Cheeku rushed to Ma. Going to a supermarket would be ideal to study the local hunting and gathering techniques. Ma- “Oh good. You can strap on this shopping bag and help me carry the fruits and vegetables that we’ll buy.” Cheeku- “These bags are a lot more stylish, and easier to carry than shifty plastic!” 3. Hunting and Gathering Most of the food sold in supermarkets travel long distances in trucks, trains, ships and even planes to get there. Even though the fruits and vegetables look shiny and new - they are not fresh. (Food miles are the distance that food travels to reach your plate. Starting from the farm where it’s grown, all the way to your home.) (Apples from Washington travel thousands of kilometres by planes to reach India. They are then loaded on trucks to reach fruit sellers and super markets before reaching us.) _Next spread Ma- “Fresh food is a lot tastier than food that has been in a plane or train for days.” Cheeku- “Is there a place where we can buy food that grows close to us and doesn’t have to travel for long?” _Next spread The farmers market was piled high with mounds of fruits and vegetables fresh from the field. It was loud with the hustle and bustle of buying, selling and bargaining. Cheeku wiggled his way through. (A farmers market is a place where farmers sell their fruits and vegetables fresh from the farm directly to people instead of selling them to a shop first.) _Next spread Cheeku- Hello Mr. Farmer! I’m a Food Explorer; I’ve even grown my own coriander. I’ve come here to inspect the locally grown food. Do you have anything interesting to offer?
  4. 4. Farmer- “You must sample my organic harvest. It’s fresh as this sunny Sunday morning.” (Organic fruits and vegetables are gown using natural fertilizers, and without pesticides that can harm the soil and water. a variety of plants are grown together in one place. This helps the soil remain nutritious and makes the plants grow better. ) _Next spread Ma bought a plump pumpkin from the organic farmer and they set off for home. 4. Recruitment On reaching home Cheeku sorted their shopping. He felt the smooth oily skin of the brinjal, separated the beets from the pomegranates, the tomatoes from the lime, and gathered together the slim, long lady fingers. Cheeku- “Ma, I’m ready to tell everyone about my unparalleled knowledge of food.” Ma- “Why don’t you call your friends over and fill their tummies instead?” Cheeku- “Great idea Ma! Let’s bake some cake to go with my recruiting mission.” _Next spread How to make pumpkin cupcakes: Ingredients- mix it all in a big bowl with an electric beater for 8 minutes. Pre heat the oven at 200 degrees centigrade. Bake the cupcakes for 20 minutes approximately. To see if the cupcakes are done insert a long needle (knitting needle-draw) into the centre of the cupcakes. It should come out with a few moist crumbs on it. _Next spread Cheeku called his friends over for a cupcake tasting before helping Ma clean up. Dadu and Pa also hung around. _Next spread *Illustration only* 5. Cooking Clubs (or Secret Societies?) Cheeku-
  5. 5. “I have called all you excitement seekers to share the food knowledge that I’ve generously gathered for everybody’s benefit. But there is a more to do. Together we can be the GREATEST GASTRONAUTS EVER!” _Next spread Toto- “We’ll be a Secret Society- or a Club... Let’s make a rule book.” Cheeku- “No we can’t be a Secret Club. It was my secret to tell and I told you all!!!” Pingu- “we should sign a treaty!” Minty- “Eww... I hate rules! Let’s do TASTING TUESDAYS.” Bobo- “I want to have a planting party!” Chimpu- “Have you been slurping my smoothie?” _Next spread After a lot of bickering and chattering, accompanied by a bites, slurps, scuffles and sniffles, the eager explorers jotted down notes on how to become a Gastronaut. _Next spread A Gastronaut - 1. Buys food that grows locally. • To make farmers our friends. • Ensure your food is fresh and yummy. • Reduce food miles. 2. Tries to grow food. • Its fun and it’ll test your abilities. • You’re allowed to eat what you grow. 3. Learns to recognise food. • To be a true food expert, you have to know what you’re eating! 4. Gets busy in the kitchen. • To be food safe • Cooking is cool! • Sharing food brings people together. 5. Learns to recognise tastes. • A trained tongue can distinguish flavours and will make you a taste expert. . • It will help you come up with your own fantastic recipes.
  6. 6. 6. Spreads the word and gets more people to join the club! Cheeku, Chimpu, Chintoo, Bobo, Toto, Minty, Pingu, Maya, Joy, Shubho. Put your signature here...............................