2+2 American Bachelor's Degree Program at NMS
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2+2 American Bachelor's Degree Program at NMS

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Study 2 years in India followed by 2 more years in the USA to get a 4-year American Bachelor's Degree through the 2+2 American Bachelor's Degree Program. Get an Associate of Arts degree from......

Study 2 years in India followed by 2 more years in the USA to get a 4-year American Bachelor's Degree through the 2+2 American Bachelor's Degree Program. Get an Associate of Arts degree from Broward College after the first two years. Transfer to any American university to major in Engineering, Science, Arts or Business.

Visit www.nms.edu.in for more information.

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  • 1. 2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree Program The National Management School Regd. Office 23, Dr. Nair Road, #3, T. Nagar, Chennai 600017 Ph: +91-44-42151804 Mo: +91- 93848-63178 West Campus – Mumbai 346A, “Saffron” , Linking Road, Khar (W), Mumbai 400052 Ph: +91-22-26485858 Mo: +91-98195-55980 International Center of Broward College, FL, USA presents the
  • 2. 2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree • What is it? • 2 years in India + 2 years in the USA for a 4-year American Bachelor’s Degree in ANY subject – Engineering, Science, Arts or Business • Offered in collaboration with Broward College, a 50 years old state college in Florida • Website: www.broward.edu/international The National Management School (NMS) is an International Center of Broward College, authorized to enroll students in the SACS accredited Broward College Associate of Arts (AA) degree program
  • 3. 2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree • Features • Guaranteed Admission into Florida state universities (conditions apply) • Transfer to ANY university in the USA • Our partner universities give scholarships • Save money on an American Bachelor’s Degree – up to 40% • Get the American curriculum in India for the first two years
  • 4. History of the Broward 2+2 Program • 2+2 works through the TRANSFER process in the American college system • Being run successfully in other countries (Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Singapore, Ecuador, Peru) for many years • Many students have transferred into top American universities through this program
  • 5. 2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree • Why 2 + 2? • Spend the first two years in India • Maturity level of a 20 year old better than maturity level of 18 year old • Improve your chances of getting into a top university of your choice by achieving good grades at NMS • Lower cost of US bachelor’s degree • Choose any top university after 2 years • Choose any program (engineering, science, arts, humanities, business)
  • 6. 2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree • What is the curriculum? • Curriculum of Broward College, Florida, Associate of Arts (AA) degree program accredited by SACS • 60 credits of study including • 36 credits of General Education (English Communication, Mathematics, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities) • 24 credits of Electives that could lead you to majors in Engineering, Sciences, Liberal Arts or Business
  • 7. 2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree • Admission Criteria • Complete 12th grade in Any curriculum (CBSE, ICSE, SSC, HSC, State Boards) (OR) • IB Diploma (OR) • IGCSE (O Levels) / GCE (A Levels) • SAT (OR) P.E.R.T. Placement Test of Florida State • Interview by Admissions Panel
  • 8. 2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree • How to apply? • Email us at info@nms.edu.in for the application form • Send us the completed application • application form, essays, reference letters • copies of 10th board exam results, and 11th and 12th report cards • application fee of Rs.1,000/- for applicants living in India • We will call for interview and Placement test (in case you do not have SAT scores) • Provisional admission given based on the application • Admission confirmed after completing 12th Standard / IGCSE / IB successfully
  • 9. 2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree • Cost of the Program • In India • Year 1 tuition: USD 9,000/- • Year 2 tuition: USD 9,000/- • Living expenses extra • In USA • Year 3 and 4 tuition: depends on the university to which you transfer • Living expenses per year: USD 9,000/- estimated • Health Insurance, Books and Travel Expenses extra
  • 10. Scholarships Offered by NMS • 33% Renewable Scholarship • Up to USD 6,000/- for tuition, at USD 1,000/- per term, renewable each term if the student maintains a GPA of 3.5 and above, for students with above 85% in 12th grade, and SAT and P.E.R.T. scores above our scholarship cut-offs • 50% Tuition Waiver Scholarships • Offered by NMS – West Campus to TWO qualified candidates who meet our criteria for 12th grade results and SAT and P.E.R.T scores
  • 11. Estimate of Costs for 4 Years Assumptions for costs in USA: -out-of-state annual tuition fee of USD 18,000/- in the US university -Monthly expenses of USD 750/- in the USA - Exchange rate of 1 USD = Rs. 60/- Costs US Dollars (Indian Rupees) In India Tuition for two years USD 9000 X 2 = $18,000 (Rs. 10.80 lakhs) In USA Tuition for two years USD 18,000 X 2 = $36,000 (Rs. 21.60 lakhs) Living Expenses for 24 months USD 750 X 24 = $18,000 (Rs. 10.80 lakhs) Total for 4 years $72,000 (Rs. 43.20 lakhs) Additional costs will be travel, health insurance, books, and lifestyle expenses Get an American Bachelor’s Degree for less than Rs. 50 lakhs!
  • 12. Scholarships From Partner Universities • Broward College, Florida offers a tuition waiver for the third and fourth year, in any major that they offer, leading to a bachelor’s degree! This means the student will only have to pay for their living expenses, travel and books, for years 3 and 4. This is an excellent offer for those looking for bachelor’s degrees in Education, Information and Technology, Supervision Management, Supply Chain Management, and Technology Management. This scholarship is available for one student, recommended by NMS. • Florida Atlantic University will provide for up to five students per year, a tuition waiver for six credits per semester, for four semesters for qualified students, who are accepted into their bachelor’s degree programs through the 2+2 program. In monetary terms, this translates to about USD 8000/- per year! FAU has many undergraduate programs in Arts, Science, Business and Engineering • Florida Gulf Coast University gives a 50% tuition fee waiver for years 3 and 4 to students who have completed the first two years at NMS. This translates into around USD 9500/- per year tuition scholarship to students who are accepted into FGCU after completing their first two years with us. FGCU has many programs in Business, Arts, Sciences and Engineering.
  • 13. Scholarships From Partner Universities • Concordia College-New York offers a USD 10,000/- annual tuition scholarship for students who have finished their first two years at NMS, for years 3 and 4. CC-NY has excellent bachelor’s degree programs in Biology, Business, Teacher Education, English, Health Studies, Social Work and Social Sciences like Psychology and Sociology. • Ball State University will accept the students from The National Management School, Chennai, who have completed the two years in India, and will give a scholarship of USD 10,000/- per year to deserving students. This brings down the tuition fee substantially. Ball State has many majors in Business, Arts and Sciences.
  • 14. 2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree • Advantages of this program • Save up to 40% of the cost of an American Bachelor’s Degree • Academic standards and grading norms exactly as those followed by Broward College, Florida • Degree and transcripts granted by Broward College • US qualified professors • Excellent academic facilities • More options for those who do not get the college of their choice in India • More options for those who do not know what major they want • No capitation fees in this system
  • 15. Top Transfer Destinations Boston University Purdue University Brown University Stevens Institute of Technology Bucknell University University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of William & Mary University of Michigan Columbia University University of Pennsylvania Embry Riddle Aeronautical University University of Southern California George Mason University University of Texas at Austin George Washington University University of Toronto Indiana University National University of Singapore New York University Swiss School of Hospitality Management (Laroche) Penn State University University de Toulouse – de Mirail A complete list of transfer destinations is given at our website at: http://www.nms.edu.in/cie/transferring_us.html
  • 16. Tuition Costs for Florida Universities (for reference only) University Per Year Tuition Out of State USD* University of South Florida (Tampa) $17,324 Florida International University (Miami) $18,506 Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton) $21,540 Florida State University (Tallahassee) $21,741 University of Central Florida (Orlando) $22,415 Florida Gulf Coast University (Ft. Myers) $24,070 University of Florida (Gainesville) $28,908 Embry Riddle Aeronautical University $31,344 Florida Institute of Technology $35,860 University of Miami $39,980 *Most accurate data is available in that university’s website
  • 17. Tuition Cost Comparison for Various Universities (for reference only) University Per Year Tuition Out of State USD $$$* Winona State University 14,236 Truman State University 13,160 California State University, San Diego 21.152 George Mason University 29,950 Ohio State University 25,726 Texas A & M University 26,356 Georgia Tech 30,698 Penn State University 29,566 Indiana University Bloomington 32,350 University of Texas at Austin 37,160 Harvard University 43,938 Princeton University 41,820 American University 41,316 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 43,230 Fordham University 42,845 Boston University 45,686 University of Notre Dame 46,237 Brown University 46,408 Columbia University 49,138 Johns Hopkins University 47,060 Bucknell University 48,234 *Most accurate data is available in that university’s website
  • 18. Honors Program • Exceptional students can join the Honors program • Honors program is: • Academically more challenging • Requires some amount of independent work • Is research oriented • Will require an Honors thesis • Honors students can join Phi Theta Kappa Honors society • Transferring to a top university is easier
  • 19. Student Support • Online Learning Management System • Extensive online library facilities • Online tutoring for out of class help • Personalized advising for transfer
  • 20. 2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree • Risks • Visa • Financial ability for the two years in the USA • How to handle risks? • Go to another country (Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, etc.). • Hong Kong – City University of Hong Kong • Singapore – SUNY Buffalo programs • Japan – Temple University • Choose a university that gives scholarships
  • 21. 2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree • Websites : www.nms.edu.in/cie http://westcampus.nms.edu.in www.broward.edu/international
  • 22. 2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree • My contact info: Pushpa Krishnaswamy Director, Admissions pushpa@nms.edu.in Cell: + 91- 93848-63178 Phone: +91 - 44 - 42151804
  • 23. Thank You! 2+2 American Bachelor’s Degree