Roadmap to success triathlon off season webinar


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Find out how to get strong, powerful, and FAST with the finest triathlon training there is at Pursuit Athletic Performance. We are the only training that starts with a clinical gait analysis for every athlete then builds those results directlyinto your training.

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Roadmap to success triathlon off season webinar

  1. 1. A Roadmap to Success Triathlon Off-Season Webinar
  2. 2. Your Guide toThe Most EffectiveOff- and PreseasonTriathlon Training
  3. 3. What You Will Learn• How to train from general to specific• How to train for long-term vs. short-term success• The essential three training periods• Keys to building an aerobic base• Our unique integration of your gait analysis results right into your training.
  4. 4. We Start With This Question:As triathletes seeking our best season ever, what should be our general andspecific objectives for the off- and pre-season?
  5. 5. Our General Objectives:•To prepare you for optimal success in theracing season that follows.•To prepare you to have the best chancefor long term-success.•To achieve the above while remainingvibrantly healthy in the context of a well-balanced life.
  6. 6. Six Essentials for Long-Term Success #1Consistent improvements in durability.Being resistant to injury will allow you to continue training, enjoy the sport and continue to improve. You cannot train when you are injured.
  7. 7. Six Essentials for Long-Term Success #2Maintain and sustain optimal health and youthfulness.No person should ever exchange good health for “fitness.”
  8. 8. Six Essentials for Long-Term Success #3Consistent improvements in movement quality and overall athleticism, which will help ensure that you have the opportunity for continued improvement.
  9. 9. Six Essentials for Long-Term Success #4 Consistent improvements inswim, bike, and run peak speed and peak power!
  10. 10. Six Essentials for Long-Term Success #5An optimal balance of body, mind, and spirit, and the triangle of life: family/work/sport.
  11. 11. Six Essentials for Long-Term Success #6Maintaining and enhancing balance will ensure a happier, more satisfied, and ultimately faster athlete!
  12. 12. Simply put, our goal is to: Move WELL Then Move STRONG Then Move FAST Then Move FAR!
  13. 13. 6 Specific Off-Season Objectives #1 RESTORE BALANCE AND BUILD THE FOUNDATIONEstablish basic fundamental movement quality and get strong!
  14. 14. 6 Specific Off-Season Objectives #2 TRAIN THE NERVOUS SYSTEM• Improve skills in all areas• GET FAST• Build that endurance base!
  15. 15. 6 Specific Off-Season Objectives #3TEACH YOU HOW TO DEVELOP TRUE SPEED! Where does it come from?•Enhanced coordination•Enhanced strength and force production ability•Enhanced nervous system/muscular system integrationAll placed upon a stable, stronger frame that moves well.
  16. 16. 6 Specific Off-Season Objectives #4Develop our ENDURANCE/AEROBIC BASE in a smart and efficient wayIntegrate high velocity based training vs...• gradually building up mileage while running slowly, or• hammering high intensity training without a solid base of functional strength.
  17. 17. 6 Specific Off-Season Objectives #5 HOW TO BE BETTER THAN EVER! By improving our skills in all sports including functional strength training.•Skills set the upper limit to how far our “training” willtake us.•More “fitness” on top of a poor skill set simply helps usto struggle a little better.
  18. 18. 6 Specific Off-Season Objectives #6 PREPARE TO TRAIN FOR YOUR RACES• Take the enhanced coordination and strength you’ve developed, and raise your endurance, muscular endurance, functional threshold, and power, to the highest levels ever.• Improve remaining weaknesses so you will be ready to train for your most important races.• Sport specific fitness: raise your run, bike, and swim fitness to a higher level!
  19. 19. Pursuit Athletic Performance Three Training Periods
  20. 20. Period 1RESTORE HEALTH – Establish Body Balance: Quality MovementOurs is the ONLY program that startswith a gait analysis for EVERY athlete then integrates those results directly into your training.
  21. 21. Before And Six-Weeks Post Gait Analysis
  22. 22. Period 2 Integration – Progression: Speed-Skills-Strength-BaseFact #1: You will never reach your TRUE potential as an endurance athlete until you maximize the quickness and efficiency with which your nervous system controls the muscles involved in swimming, biking, and running.Fact #2: The most powerful and efficient way to build an endurance base in running and cycling is to integrate sprint-based, high-intensity training
  23. 23. Period 3 TAKE YOUR PERFORMANCE TO A NEW LEVEL Integrate your improved strength, power, and improved pure speed to take your triathlon training to a new level…….doing it BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE, because you’ll do it under the umbrella of better MOVEMENT QUALITY, and true balance in your body.
  24. 24.