Low carb high fat fueling-a better way


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Low carb high fat fueling-a better way

  1. 1. Pursuit Athletic Performance Low Carb-High Fat Fueling: A Better Way? “We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that we used when we created them.” - Albert Einstein www.pursuit-athletic-performance.com© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  2. 2. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Our Goals For This Evening: Fueling: Is There a Better Way? •Beware: Confirmation Bias •Disclaimer: What do we know to be true? •What are we hoping to achieve? •If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it •Three “million dollar” questions A Review •Where do we begin? •Multiple sources of fuel •Training intensity & carbs and fat as fuel: Inversely related? What’s Next? •What can we conclude? •Potential benefits of a low carb, high fat approach •What to do? Tips, Suggestions, & Resources© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  3. 3. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Beware of Confirmation Bias • The tendency to favor information that confirms a preconception or hypothesis regardless of whether it is true or not •Contributes to overconfidence in personal beliefs; maintains or strengthens beliefs in the face of contrary evidence •Wishful thinking; illusionary correlations http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  4. 4. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Disclaimer: What do we KNOW to be true? • There is no ONE size fits all for EVERY athlete; We are ALL an experiment of ONE • The scientific community argues about all of this, all of the time; there is still much to learn • For even the very leanest of us, body fat stores vastly exceed maximum stores of carbohydrates • Finding our own unique “best” strategy will only happen with diligent, aware, open minded, persistent, educated, common-sense practice and experimentation • As time goes on, we will learn more! Stay tuned!© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  5. 5. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance What Are We Hoping To Achieve? • To be able to easily oxidize fat for fuel, reducing our reliance on sugar and eliminating our body fat • To better spare muscle/liver glycogen, so we finish every race strong and recover quickly • To improve our sensitivity to insulin, to live longer and be healthier every step of the way • To be leaner, healthier, and younger looking! To be BETTER AND FASTER!© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  6. 6. Pursuit Athletic Performance Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken: how do you know? Do you suffer from any of these? • Poor endurance or difficulty finishing training sessions or races strong (bonking)? • Fluctuating daily energy levels or poor recovery? • GI distress that disturbs performance outcome during your hardest, longest races? • Health issues, e.g. blood lipid profile or difficulty improving body composition© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  7. 7. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Three “million dollar” questions: Is a high carbohydrate diet an obligate component of every athlete’s diet? Should you adopt a better, more refined strategy of nutrition periodization (cycling) that involves specifically CARBOHYDRATE and FAT? Should you adopt a lower carbohydrate, higher fat approach to daily eating? Or as fueling for training & racing?© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  8. 8. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Review: A Basic Philosophy Where we begin: 1. Good health and longevity through balanced, smart, clean eating habits: good fats, quality protein, low sugar, zero processed (our De-tox) 2. Periodize* our eating and fueling through out the year, as we do our training 3. Aim for the 3 hour window: normalize insulin before training, and in between training sessions 4. 150-250 calories from CHO/Pro per hour (depending upon body size and other factors) during race-specific key training sessions and races *Periodize: to cycle through eating and fueling cycles based upon our training focus© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  9. 9. Pursuit Athletic Performance Review: multiple sources of fuel • Glycogen (muscles and liver), stored fat, ketones (for the brain), protein (BCAs), lactate (for the heart) Source: http://www.sportsscientists.com/2010/01/exercise-and-weight-loss-part-3-fat.html© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  10. 10. Pursuit Athletic Performance Related to Intensity: Carbs vs. Fat • aka MEP - “metabolic efficiency point” (Seebohar) • Goal is to push the “crossover” point ( ) to the right Source: http://www.sportsscientists.com/2010/01/exercise-and-weight-loss-part-3-fat.html© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  11. 11. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance The Research and Our Experiences: What Can We Safely Conclude? • How you eat DOES impact your endurance, performance, and your ability to burn fat as a fuel.1 • A high carbohydrate diet locks a person into a dependence on carbs as the dominant fuel for exercise • High carb intake seems to be worse for cardiovascular disease risk than is saturated fat intake, and is worse for your health status overall • Daily eating has a profound impact on what your body prefers to burn in training and racing 1. Hawley, JA et al., Sports Med; 25(4) 1998© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  12. 12. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance • Improving our sensitivity to insulin and controlling blood sugar has a profound impact on both our training AND health status •Lower insulin levels is connected in research with longevity • Daily eating appears to directly impact your “Metabolic Efficiency, or Crossover Point.”1 • This is not a “training only,” or “nutrition only” issue. •Both need to be manipulated to achieve the desired outcome. •For example, training at a low intensity doesn’t in and of itself, “teach” the body to burn fat as a fuel • On this point: aerobic training SHOULD BE aerobic! •Avoid “gray zone” efforts. Train smart! 1. Seebohar , Bob, MS, RD, Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  13. 13. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance • This is NOT about starvation or training in a depleted state (glycogen depletion). • There’s no evidence that MAF (maximum aerobic function, e.g. Maffetone method of restricting HR based upon age for ALL training) and these concepts, are or must be connected. • Sodium levels may fluctuate and/or be different if one adopts this eating pattern. •Thus sodium may need to be supplemented depending on training and environmental conditions • Anecdotal evidence seems to support that you should take in LESS calories if those calories are coming from slow burn carbs (Ucan) or fat (MCT). Less is more. 1. Hawley, JA et al., Sports Med; 25(4) 1998© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  14. 14. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Potential Benefits of a Lower Carb, Higher Fat Approach • It may allow you to need less total calories DURING training and racing, decreasing reliance upon blood sugar or stored glycogen • It may allow you to access (oxidize) body fat stores more easily, extending endurance • Improved insulin sensitivity AND body composition • Lower risk of cardiovascular disease •Low carb adaptation accelerates the body’s use of saturated fats for fuel allowing a higher intake without risk • Get in tune with your true hunger signals and gain better control of emotional eating patterns • Training the body to oxidize fat at HIGHER intensities delays the accumulation of lactate, thereby raising lactate threshold / functional threshold (your fitness rises!)© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  15. 15. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Suggestions: What To Do? • Don’t over react and make huge changes; is what you are doing now working, or not? Consider all of your options • Remember: the pendulum will always swing to the extremes • Fueling: experiment diligently, making small changes one at one time • Do not eat or fuel prior to morning training sessions • Learn to ride on water only • Begin by not fueling for any session lasting up to 90minutes • Progress up to 3 hours • Beyond 3 hours, fueling is an option • Always CARRY fuel with you, in case you need it for any reason (bonking!) • Make your routine choices “clean” and whole food based when possible© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  16. 16. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Suggestions: What To Do? • Start to think of meal planning differently; prioritize your food selection 1. First: a healthy portion of veggies and fruits. 2. Next: a good source of omega 3 rich fats. 3. Next: a good source of protein. 4. Last, depending on needs: add quality sources of grains or healthy starches depending upon training and fueling needs (periodization and carb restoration?) • Get the simple sugar food and fueling choices out of sight, and thus out of mind. Break the bonds to sugar!© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  17. 17. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Suggestions: What To Do? • Do NOT restrict total calories or think you need to “starve” yourself to become a good “fat burner” or to develop endurance • Respect the 3 hr window when at all possible • Consider experimenting with a MCT fat during training and see how you feel • Consider experimenting with a slow release starch such as UCAN and see how you feel • Resist the temptation to “drink” the magic bullet / shortcut cool-aid: There is NO secret “recipe” to burning fat or developing endurance! It takes time and smart consistent work© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  18. 18. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance • Experiment, practice, refine, experiment some more, listen to your body, refine, practice, repeat. •You will reap what you sow; we’re all an experiment of 1! • Follow smart daily eating strategies 80-90% of the time. •You’re human, act like it!  Don’t expect perfection • Consider these two different training/fueling strategies: 1. Fat “adaptation” followed by carbohydrate “restoration” over a 7 to 10 day period of time before an event or key training day 2. Carbohydrate “unloading”1: reducing carbohydrate intake by a certain amount (500 grams per day reduced down to 100 or fewer grams per day, as an example) each day, progressively over a 5 to 7 day period of time 1. Seebohar , Bob, MS, RD, Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  19. 19. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Daily Eating Suggestions for Fat and Protein Sunflower Seeds Pecans Hazelnuts Olives Olive oil Sesame seeds Coconut Coconut butter / oil Butter Avacado Cheeses Whole fat yogurt Walnuts Peanuts Creams Whole fat cottage cheese Nut butters Pumpkin seeds Medium Chain Triglyceride Macadamia nuts Almonds (MCT) Meats (grass fed) Brazil nuts Mayonnaise Bacon (highest quality) Tofu Eggs Beans Peas Edamame Flaxseed Flaxseed oil ?© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  20. 20. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Daily Eating Suggestions for Veggies and Fruits Blackberries Strawberries Cranberries Blueberries Apples Celery Raspberries Turnips Squash Tomatoes Zucchini Brussel Sprouts Peppers Cucumbers Kale Collard Greens Okra Broccoli Alfalfa sprouts Leeks, Jicama Beans Spinach Onions Asparagus Mushrooms Cabbage Bok choy Cauliflower Water chestnuts Rutabagas Artichokes Black Cherries ?© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  21. 21. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Resources:  Two articles: from Torbjorn Sindballe: How To Tap Into Fat For Fuel, and the Sport Science guys, Ross Tucker and John Dugas triathlon.competitor.com/2012/06/nutrition/inside-triathlon-magazine-fat- burning-machine_31034 http://www.sportsscientists.com/2010/01/exercise-and-weight-loss.html  Any book or article written by Bob Seebohar, RD, on the topic of Metabolic Efficiency Training  Two books from Volek/Phinney on low carb training and living: The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance and Low Carb Living http://www.amazon.com/The-Art-Science-Carbohydrate- Performance/dp/0983490716© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  22. 22. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Team Pursuit Athletic Performance!  Online Triathlon Training Team • Novice to Elite, Sprint to Ironman  We get our athletes STRONG, STABLE, MOBILE, BALANCED, AND FAST!  VIBRANT COMMUNITY • Online Forum where we connect with athletes every day • Massive Online Training Resources— audios, videos, ebooks, etc. • Plans delivered through Training Peaks • Camp, Clinics, Events Around the Country—and growing!  Training Truth, Not Fad. Unleash Your Ultimate Potential!© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  23. 23. Pursuit Athletic Performance Thank you for attending! Visit us at: pursuit-athletic-performance.com for more information! Consider joining our TEAM!© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE