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How to change your career to consulting
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How to change your career to consulting






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    How to change your career to consulting How to change your career to consulting Presentation Transcript

    • Launch Your New Career:Overcome 5 Great ObstaclesFebruary 22, 2013
    • First real life case you will be solving will be YOU. 2  
    • Your case framework will look like this…3  
    • Your case’ framework You. External Internal factors factors Consulting Your firms background Consultants Your talent Case Your studies passion4  
    • No help available,Lot of help available You are the only expert You. External Internal factors factors Consulting Your firms background Consultants Your talent Case Your studies passion 5  
    • Why me? Not many years back, I was in your place. 6  
    • Objective: Prevent you from making the same career mistakes that I made 7  
    • Each one of you can become a Strategy Consultant 8  
    • This is a brain.Any smart brain. 9  
    • Left Brain Right Brain Numbers Creativity Logic Analysis Imagination10  
    • So where is the strategy consulting located in the brain? 11  
    • StrategyConsulting12  
    • Which means all smart people can become strategy consultants?13  
    • Just having it in your brains is not enough! 14  
    • Let’s look at an example: Here is my brain…15  
    • Business Management Architecture Finance InnovationProject ArtManagement16  
    • With a StrategyConsultant’sbrain, I felt like aqueen.17  
    • That was an illusion. 18  
    • This was thereality.19  
    • Then how did I survive and thrive? 20  
    • So let’s start my story, at the beginning …21  
    • When I decided to become a consultant …22  
    • Looks familiar? That’s how I look when Ipull my hair. 23  
    • On self diagnosis I found…24  
    • The 5 Great Obstacles25  
    • New My Ex Kids Starting Point Networking Perfect Fit26  
    • Solution? Let’s work on this case together, 27  
    • Structure for solving the5 great obstacles: 1.  Obstacle 2.  Your Solution? 3.  My Solution. 28  
    • Obstacle #1. My Ex29  
    • #1. My ExEx careers areingrained inour identity 30  
    • #1 My Ex: My Solution Tell yourself you are a consultant31  
    • #1. My Ex: My Solution Hold on to the transferable skills and let go the non transferable skills Look at yourself from a new perspective. Let it reflect in the way you introduced yourself to people, and the way you plan your career. 32  
    • Obstacle #2. Starting Point33  
    • #2. Starting Point Where Do I Start? 34  
    • #2. Starting Point: My Solution Be your own consultant35  
    • #2. Starting Point: My Solution §  Research yourself §  Do your own SCQ (situation, complication, question) §  Build a strategy for answering the question in SCQ §  Design a career action plan, including a plan B 36  
    • Obstacle #3. Perfect Fit37  
    • #3. Perfect Fit Where Do I Fit? 38  
    • #3. Perfect FitBig firm/small firm? Management consulting/ Industry? strategy consulting? level? Analyst/ US/ home country? Consultant/ Sr. consultant/ Project Manager? For profit/ non profit? Where Do I Fit? 39  
    • #3. Perfect Fit: My Solution Once again! Think like a Consultant40  
    • #3. Perfect Fit: My Solution Talent Market PassionFind that sweet spot. 41   Ref:  Greg  McKeown  in  a  blogpost:  #1  career  mistake  capable  people  make  
    • Obstacle #4. Networking42  
    • #4. NetworkingNetworkingNot Working?43  
    • #4. Networking:My Solution Become a nicer person, stop selling so hard44  
    • #4. Networking:My Solution §  Make mentors, make friends §  Interpersonal relationships §  Trust people (remember you are asking strangers to trust you!) and respect their time §  Cast wide but focused net 45  
    • Obstacle #5. New Kids46  
    • #5. New Kids Younger people getting hired more easily? 47  
    • #5. New Kids:My solution Develop and show off new abilities48  
    • #5. New Kids:My solution §  Ability to adapt §  Ability to learn §  Flexibility 49  
    • Working around these 5obstacles helped meachieve what I wanted. 50  
    • New My Ex Kids Start Point Networking Perfect Fit51  
    • Consultant New abilities Consultant Nice person Consultant52  
    • And now that I am already a consultant, it’s your turn. 53  
    • More obstacles? Questions? Comments? Sarcasm? Say now or email later: purnima@refineandfocus.com54