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  • Bed, Bath & Beyond cannot compare to these products! Excape is a premium shower gel. It only takes a dime size amount on your pouf to have you feeling clean and refreshed. But why stop there? After showering with Excape, lotion up with our Entice body lotion. You can get it in the same scent as the shower gel, to enhance your favorite scent!
  • Okay, so you’re all dried off, and have your lotion on. The next thing to do is to kiss your skin with our Kiss body spritz. It is unique because it last so much longer than store bought sprays. One of the very first things I purchased from Pure Romance is the final goody in our spa line. It’s Glow. Glow goes on like a lotion, but it feels like silk when you’re done. Use Glow, and you’ll have silky, shimmering skin. That’s right, it makes you shimmer! These items also come in your favorite scents.
  • Who can forget the Pulsa Ball? Not us! Right now, as a special for this party only, you can get a FREE Pulsa Ball when you purchase one of each of the other spa line. It’s purpose is not only to get you clean, it’s also a toy! Use it for yourself during your shower, or share it with your partner for an erotic massage!
  • That’s right, Ladies. COOCHY is our best seller! It has earned it’s reputation. COOCHY is not just for women anymore! It is our famous rash free shave cream! It will leave your skin feeling smooth and sexy! Don’t forget about our men! Who doesn’t want their man to have a little COOCHY on his face? Once he uses this, he will never want to go back to the store bought stuff again!!!To make the COOCHY even better, though, follow up with our Body Dew! Body Dew goes on like a spritz, rubs in like a lotion, and acts as an oil! When you get out of the shower, you spray it on instead of toweling off. Rub in it, and it will lock all of that moisture into your skin! With winter coming up, our skin needs the extra help!
  • Another one of our best selling products is Basic Instinct. For those of you who don’t know about this product, it is a pheromone based oil that helps bring out our sex appeal.Pheromones are a natural oil that our bodies product to attract our mates. Each of us have a unique scent that is ours alone. As we get older, our bodies produce less and less pheromones. Also, when we shower each day, we are washing away the pheromones that were produced the day before! Using Basic Instinct is a quicker and easier way to get our pheromones back!
  • Why stop at our spa line? Pure Romance now offers so much more!!! There is lip stick and gloss. We have mascara. We have oils and things that make our skin shimmer.
  • I have never tried these products. I have been told by another consultant, though, that More Drama can feel a little thick and sticky. I was told it feels more like a paste than a lip stick. Perfect pout is our lip plumper. Forget about plastic surgery! Perfect Pout will give you the movie star lips you long for!
  • At a competitive retail price, Bedroom Eyes is sure to be a hit. Lure him into the bedroom with your sexy, “come get me” eyes! This product comes in regular and waterproof!
  • This oil really is a miracle! It can be used for just about everything! Miracle Oil is a healing formula. It contains Vitamins E, Hemp seed, Tea tree & apricot. All four things to help heal & aide in the reduction of swelling. It will save you hundreds of dollars in your medicine cabinet I promise!As an antiseptic it is great for cuts scrapes or abrasions of any kind. If you get cut & want to heal it quickly without any scars to the body this will help! Now not all scars or stretch marks can be healed, but some can. Do they change colors? If they change they can be healed. If you or your child gets stitches & you want them to heal with no scars use this!Great for cold sores! You never need to buy abreva again! Ever feel that tingle of a cold sore coming on? If so take one drop & rub it in for a minute. Do this like 4 times that day & the cold sore will not expose itself! Have one already? This cuts the healing time down in half!Poison Ivy? Apply to the affected area & watch the redness go away quickly & healing time quicker then anything else! You will also notice the skin does not keep that discolored look you sometimes get with poison ivy till the skin renews itself! Plus it helps the itch!Bug bites? No need to use Calamine lotion ever again! Apply a drop to the affected area & rub in for a minute. The bug bite will never itch you again & if you continue to apply it for a day you will see the bug bite gone with in 48 hours!Burns hurt! Apply as soon as you burn yourself & do so a few more times that day & it will never blister! Keep applying & will be gone within 24-48 hours depending on how bad you burnt it!Warts! I had a seed wart on my finger & with talking with my hands I wanted gone right away! So I tried Compound w for 6 weeks & it went nowhere! I finally though you know what?! If this stuff is a miracle then it will work! So I applied it to the wart 2x's a day & I rubbed it in for like 3 minutes & then applied to a band aid & wrapped that around & within 3 days I went to my nail tech & showed her & she was amazed it was half way gone! I filed it daily & continued to do the same process & boom 7 days completely gone & never came back!Dandruff is also a fungus & a lot of people do not know that! Apply 10-20 drops into a regular size bottle of shampoo & you have a dandruff shampoo. Apply to a dandruff shampoo & you have a medicated shampoo~ Large salon bottles then you want to add 3-5 droppers full depending on how bad the dandruff is. Shake it up & it mixes in & you have no worries of it making the hair oily.Also the tea tree oil when added to your child's shampoo helps keep the lice away from them at school~
  • Shimmertime has 4 wonderful colors! Shimmertime is the cream that gives your body the shimmer you desire! It is a great way to have your shimmer match your outfit, or accent your eyes! Put a little between your breasts to attract all the attention you deserve!For a lickable shimmer, Body Bling is the way to go! Body Bling comes in Vanilla or Cinamon! It adds a natural looking bronze to your skin along with the shimmer! Put it on for a night out on the town, then let him lick it off when you get home!
  • Scentuality is a great product for those of us constantly on the move! Keep a stick in your purse, diaper bag, glove compartment, or even in your pocket! It will offer just the right amount of scent without overwhelming those around you!
  • Okay, time to talk foreplay. For some, it’s a foreign concept! However, Foreplay can sometimes be the most importand part of the sexual experience.
  • DUST ME PINK is a kissable body powder that every woman should have in her collection! The best thing to do with this is to put it in 4 places on your body. Tell your man that you have put it in 5, and let him search! He will explore your body, looking for that 5th spot! BOSOM BUDDY is a great niple stimulator! It adds just the right amount to zing to your zang! BOSOM BUDDY is not just for the niples, though! This product is also a must have for the winter coming up! It is the best lip balm sold! It will keep your lips nice and smooth throughout the blistering cold.
  • Sensations is a warming lubricant. To use sensations, start with a dime-sized amount for a small body massage, oral favors, and other foreplay activities. It is best to use a small amount of sensations at first, then add more later to avoid stickiness. This playful lubricant gets warm when you rub it and hot when you blow on it. It comes in a variety of flavors. One bottle is up to 4 months worth of product!WHIPPED is a delicious lubricant. No words can tell you exactly how good this tastes! To use whipped, apply a dime-sized amount of Whipped to the area that will be massaged or lubricated, or directly onto the toy. (Add more as needed.) It is a water based lube and is great with male enhancers and c-rings. This tube holds up to 2 months worth of product.
  • Of every new clit stimulator on this page, a personal favorite is the Hidden Drama. It looks like a lip stick, so it can be discretely be carried with you anywhere you go. When you are in need, you can just slip away to a nice quiet place and achieve ecstasy with this 5 speed clit stimulator! The Life Saver is simular to it. The Life Saver is a necklace that you can wear around your neck, or carry in your purse. It’s nice and compact so nobody will know that you have a life saver on hand! The Life Saver is a one speed bullet.USB is also a 1 speed bullet. The unique thing about this is the fact that it plugs into your computer! Have a hot number in a chat room that you love to spend late nights with? Then the USB is for you!The incognito is unique, not only in it’s design, but also because of it’s flexibility. This 10 speed toy is excellent for on the go pleasure!Get a Grip Clitoral vibrator. Ergonomic handle. Flexible head. Soft texture. 3 speeds.OMG Clitoral vibrator. Large head is perfect for erotic massage. Five speeds derived from powerful motor. Use for erotic massage in the shower or bath. Intenslypowerful clitoral vibrator. Waterproof.Just Sayin’ Clitoral vibrator. Ten functions. Small bullet design with strong pulsations.Intense functions feel smooth under the soft texture. Easy on/off buttons give you complete control. Waterproof.Jaguar Clitoral vibrator. Seven functions. Feel the power of seven creative pulsations. High-end, modern luxury design. Soft touch rubber coating feels smooth and sleek on the clitoris. Waterproof.
  • Jelly Tool Belt is a great toy for Us and them! It’s our #1 selling couples toy, and now it has been improved! It has a 7 function battery pack! This toy will please him with the snug fit, and you with the vibrations that stimulate your clit! It is also water proof, so you can use it in a variety different settings. The Jelly Tool Belt with leave you both wanting more!!Good year is a perfect fit for him! It has tickling teasers and treads that are great for your pleasure as well! It’s descrete design makes it ideal for traveling!Put your old bullet into this sleeve for a whole new toy! It adds pleasure because of it’s soft texture and flexible design. The 2 bunny ears stimulate multiple areas.Magnetic Attraction uses magnets to provide added pleasure! The bullet at the top of the toy intensely teases the woman, while the ring provides the man with ultimate satisfaction. It’s extra appendage and perfectly placed nubbies make the experience a while attraction!
  • Who doesn’t have those moments when we want to get straight to the point? I know I do. For those moments, Pure Romance offers a variety of g-spot vibrators. They’re great because they take us right where we need to go.In addition to our previous line of g-spot vibes, more have been added. Privacy Please is soft and flexible with nubbies in all the right places. The nubbies will ensure that your spot gets all the attention it deserves while the quite motor will ensure that you have the privacy you need to climax.Moby G is another new g-spot vibe. It has double the motors for double pleasure. Not only does Moby curve in just the right way to hit your spot, he has an added clit stimulator for your pleasure! He’s also water-proof! So with all the variety Moby allows with place to use him and speeds to use him on…you are sure to never get bored!
  • It’s not out with the old just yet! Daddy from the Nati’ is here to stay. We went looking for a few good men, and found Daddy From the ‘Nati in Cincinnati. This dual-action mechanical man has an impressively sized shaft and an independently controlled vibrating soft clitoral bunny to rock your world day and night.R.O.D. is from our platinum line, with good reason. If Rod could take out the trash and bring home the bacon, there would truly be no need for a man in our lives. Rod is a great step in technology for women everywhere. He has the rotation you need to hit the g-spot, the butterfly you need to hit the clit, the ball bearings that change direction at will for vaginal stimulation and the most amazing thing about Rod….he also thrusts while performing! That’s right, Ladies, he thrusts!
  • Have you ever wondered how the world began? With a Big Bang! There’s no argument here, this high performance dual-action vibrator is the evolution revolution! With intense reverse action ball bearings and a three-pronged clitoral vibrator, Big Bang will surely rock your world! Waterproof. Big Bangisn’t something you have to go out with, it’s more for staying in with it’s rotating shaft that hits the g-spot perfectly, reverse rotation, 3 prong clit stimulator, and rotating ball bearings!Work it, girl, with the Ultimate Beaver. It’s a great toy to keep in your night stand! This soft jelly dual-action vibe will drive you wild with 10 levels of rotation and 10 levels of vibration! The beaver’s little tongue won’t quit; it tickles in just the right spot! Soft tapered shaft features a lifelike head and pretty textured swirls.Wild Hare · Dual-action vibrator; Large rabbit eared clitoral vibrator for all over excitement. Powerful motor with reverse feature. Perfectly placed ball bearings. Waterproof.Succulent VibeThe newest dual-action addition to our luxurious Platinum Collection is Succulent Vibe. Imagine your most sensitive pleasure zone, entirely enveloped in bliss. Meet Succulent Vibe. Three powerful levels of vibration and rotating ball bearings add sensation where it counts. Waterproof. Requires three AA batteries. Length: 5.25”, Girth: 5”All Night Bender Dual action vibrator. 10 function. Bendable shaft. Waterproof. Angled shaft for g-spot pleasure. Size:Length: 5 1/2 ” / Girth: 5 ”LuxeVibe Dual action vibrator. Soft material for exciting, smooth pleasure. Smaller discreet design is great for a first dual-action purchase. Ten functions to thrill and delight. Soft curvaceous clitoral vibrator is perfectly placed for direct excitement. Waterproof. Size:Length: 4 1/2” / Girth: 3 1/2”Diva Dolphin Soft. Sexy. And so versatile! With seven incredibly smooth functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, plus three speeds of rotation, this will have you diving right into pleasure! Rotating beads and fluttering bullet are independently controlled so you command the action.
  • Come Clean is sooo important, that if you spend $100 or more on toy(s) today, you will get a FREE 8 oz bottle! Think of it like this: When you take a shower, would you wash your hair with body wash? Would you put Tide in your dishwasher? No. We don’t do things because there is a specific cleaner for each part of our lives. Our toys are no different. Did you know that if you wash your toys with plain soap and water, it can cause them to rot of the inside out? How gross is that? Toy cleaner is important for your vaginal health!
  • As we get older, our bodies start changing. For each change, Pure Romance has a remedy! Add a dab of rich Nympho Niagra™ enhancement cream, and prepare for an incredible pleasure rush! Nympho Niagra™ is odorless, colorless, and flavorless—safe for even the most sensitive woman. Formulated to provide that perfect tingling sensation to any sexual experience. Phenomenal!Ex-T-Cee is perfect for those who have never used an arousal cream before. It is mild, in comparison to X Scream. However, if you are experienced with arousal creams, X Scream is the way to go. It is formulated to give you a mind blowing tingling. Formulated for both his and her pleasure. However, with X Scream, if you have a fan, you don’t need a man! Just put a dab of this on your clitorous and open wide. The fan will take care of the rest!!!!
  • Sometimes it’s nice to fix what isn’t broken….(but don’t tell that to Facebook.) Up all Night is formulated to make your man last longer for your enjoyment. Rub this on his shaft, head, and testies during foreplay, and it will decrease the sensitivity in his nerves, causing him to ejackulate less quickly. Dare him to resist Lickity Stiff™! This long-lasting, playful lubricant is specifically formulated to intensify lovemaking and erotic massage, and adds just the right amount of tingle. This lubricant’s sensation and texture are so pleasurable, he will love it!Great Head is a flavorful way to treat him and yourself after he’s had a long, hard day. Great Head not only tastes great, it also helps you control your gag reflex and relaxes the muscles in your cheeks. Don’t let oral treats for your man become a chore for you, use Great Head so you both can win!Like a Virgin makes every sexual experience feel like your first time. This tightening cream makes your vaginal walls contract for about 24 hours.Like the anal play, but hate the initial pain? Booty Eaze is for you! Booty Eaze is a numbing gel that helps you enjoy an experience that can sometimes be very painful.
  • Just in time for Halloween, Pure Romance has gotten together a fabulous line of clothing! Be the star of any party this season with your choice of any of these costumes! I guarantee delivery by October 15th.
  • Pure romance by shirley online party

    1. 1. Pure Romance by Shirley<br />
    2. 2. Welcome<br />Thank you for coming to the very first Pure Romance by Shirley ONLINE party!!<br />I would like to take a minute and let everyone get to know one another! We are going to do that by playing a game!<br />First, I’m going to need everyone to get a piece of paper and something to write with. (Since this is online, it’s okay if you have to use your eyeliner or lipstick!)<br />
    3. 3. The Game<br />Number your papers 1 to 6, please.<br />#1 Write your name.<br />#2 Write how you know me. (It can be true or made up.)<br />#3 Write the 1st male celebrity that comes to your mind.<br />#4 Write the 1st body part that comes to your mind.<br />#5 Write the next body part that comes to your mind.<br />#6 Write a phrase or word that you commonly use.<br />
    4. 4. Great. Now, I want you all to put your answer according to this…<br />What’s your name? Shirley <br />How do you know Shirley? Met her in a club.<br />If she was taking you on a cruise, and told you to invite any 1 person, who would you take? Matt Damon <br />You would put your ______ boob<br />On his _____ Butt<br />And he would say _____ Beat it!<br />(My name is Shirley. I met her in a club. I would take Matt Damon on the cruise and put my boob on his butt and he would say “Beat it”.)<br />
    5. 5. Pure Romance is a party plan that allows women to gather in a fun and comfortable setting and discuss the taboo subject of sex.<br />I started selling Pure Romance in April of this year. It was the best decision I have ever made. (For those of you who know me, that may not be saying much. Lol) <br />It has allowed me to be at home with my kids whenever I need to be, and I still make enough money to support them. I get the freedom of being my own boss with all of the support and networking of a large company. I get to be as creative as I want to be, and best of all, I party for a living!!!<br />Okay, is everyone ready to get started?<br />
    6. 6. BEFORE WE BEGIN<br />We can’t taste, touch, or smell the way we would if this were a traditional Pure Romance Party. Neither can we play the games that I would usually schedule. To make up for that, I am going play online games. The winners will get FREE $20.00 gift certificates to use with Pure Romance by Shirley Meadows that will be good for the next 7 days. <br />Also, if you book a traditional party with me, and commit to a date, I will give you a 10% discount on your purchase today. <br />If you book an online party or a catalog party with me today, you will get a 5% discount on your purchase today!<br />Let’s get started!<br />
    7. 7. Ever feel blah? Like you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, more less face the day ahead? Those days, it takes a little extra make-up, or a spritz of your favorite perfume to make yourself feel like you’re able to face the world.<br />Pure Romance has the perfect products for those days.<br />The Pure Romance Spa line, infused with pheromones (which we will discuss later) is the perfect solution. <br />
    8. 8. Excapeis our bath/shower gel. It’s a perfect way to feel like a woman again after showering. Comes in a variety of scents, all matching to the rest of the spa line. <br />8 oz. $15<br />Entice is our lotion. After showering with Excape, pamper yourself with our Entice lotion, also in a variety of scents. The perfect accent to a clean feel. <br />7 oz. $16.50<br />
    9. 9. Kiss<br />Just a light spritz of Kiss Body Spray after each shower, and you feel rejuvenated with sweet scent and green tea and white tea extracts. But it gets better: the scent can make you feel completely irresistible!<br />is our refreshing body spray. It really does feel like your skin is being kissed with a mist of lovely! Unlike most body sprays, kiss lasts longer. One bottle of kiss goes a long way!<br />4 oz. $19<br />Sexy Glow Body Shimmer is sure to lead to an unforgettable night! Apply Glow Body Shimmer where you want to shine, and the essential oils and silk proteins help moisturize dry skin and leave you feeling silky smooth. Plus its scent and shimmer will make you feel completely sexy from head to toe.<br />2 oz. $18<br />
    10. 10. Don’t forget the Pulsa Ball!<br />Trade your loofah for a toy you’ll love! Use the Pulsa Bath Ball Vibrating Sponge to lather up in the shower or bath — then turn on the discreet sponge for an exciting water adventure. Requires two AA batteries.<br />Directions<br />To insert the batteries, twist off the handle of the product and follow the instructions listed inside the battery compartment. One battery will be inserted in the positive (+) end up and one will go negative (-) end up. Twist the cap back on the toy. Twist the cap clockwise to turn on.<br />Features<br />·  The Pulsa Bath Ball is the ultimate bath time toy. <br />·  Can be used as a bath sponge or personal massager. <br />·  An intense bullet embedded within the ball adds unbelievable sensation during massage. <br />·  Waterproof.<br />Your Price: $16.00<br />
    11. 11. COOCHY is our #1 selling product!<br />Coochy Shave Lotion has been a bestseller for 17 years! Shave with this gentle, unisex conditioning shave cream and keep those unsightly red bikini bumps from crashing your most intimate moments. Sure to become a staple in your shower, Coochysmells great and is gentle for all areas of the body — in fact, it can do double duty as a moisturizing hair conditioner. Coochy is a must have!<br />4 oz. $12 8 oz. $18<br />Body Dew Moisturizer keeps even the driest skin happily hydrated and feeling years younger! This gentle moisturizer is infused with beneficial carnation oil; a spritz after each shower will keep your skin feeling softer than ever. Spray your legs with Body DewMoisturizer before going out for extra sexy shine. Makes tattoos look great, too!<br />7 oz. $15<br />
    12. 12. BASIC INSTINCT<br />BASIC INSTINCT is another one of our top selling products. It is a pheromone based oil that helps bring out our body’s natural sex appeal.<br />Pheromones are a natural oil our bodies create to attract our mates. It is our “scent”. Each scent is unique to the woman it is on. As we grow older, our bodies produce less and less pheromones. Also, as we shower each day, we are washing away the pheromones that our bodies created the day before. <br />Basic Instinct allows us a quicker and easier way to replenish those pheromones.<br />3 oz. YOUR PRICE: $28<br />
    13. 13. Pure Romance beauty products do not stop with our spa line!!! Now, there is soooo much more!<br />
    14. 14. FOR KISSABLE LIPS<br />More Drama<br />Rich in pigment and stay-put endurance, this is the lipstick with More Drama! Exclusive to Pure Romance, each color allows you to transition from day to night with effortless ease — and delicious, kissability.<br />YOUR PRICE: $15<br />Perfect Pout lip plumper gives you movie star lips without the Hollywood price tag! This lip plumping serum contains essential oils, making them feel firmer, smoother, and better defined. The result? Sexy, sensual, kissable lips! Plus, the luscious cinnamon quality of Perfect Pout makes smooches spicier than ever. Perfect Pout is a Pure Romance exclusive!<br />Your price: $24<br />
    15. 15. NEW: Bedroom Eyes<br />Mysterious. Alluring. Bedroom Eyes Mascara! The Pure Romance-exclusive formula adds smoky-eyed sexiness, luxurious length, and just the right amount of volume for a lash look that makes an impression. Available in waterproof mascara, too! <br />.22 oz. Original or Waterproof.<br />Your Price: $15 <br />
    16. 16. NEW: Miracle Oil<br />Miracle Oil is a healing formula. It contains Vitamins E, Hemp seed, Tea tree & apricot. All four things to help heal & aide in the reduction of swelling. It is an antiseptic & an antifungal It will save you hundreds of dollars in your medicine cabinet I promise!<br />Use for:<br /><ul><li>Antiseptic
    17. 17. Stretch marks
    18. 18. To heal wounds without scars, (even those with stitches.
    19. 19. An antifungal
    20. 20. Poison ivy
    21. 21. Cold sores
    22. 22. Dandruff
    23. 23. Keeping lice away!</li></ul>YOUR PRICE: $20 1 oz.<br />
    24. 24. SHIMMERTIME Time to shimmer! Every jar of Shimmertime contains four colors— Bronze, Gold, Pink or Silver —use them alone or all together to add extra pizzazz to special occasions! Shimmertime body cream is a great way to accent your eyes, hair, cheeks, shoulders, cleavage, and legs. Sexy!<br />2 oz. Your price: $12<br />Body Bling Kissable Body Bling shimmers luxuriously for all occasions. Body Bling’s elegant powder shimmers in rich shimmering gold and can be worn all day and night.<br />15 oz. Your price $15<br />Great for those nights out! Also tastes great!<br />
    25. 25. NEW: Scentuality<br />Sexy scent on the go! Scentuality includes six perfume fragrances that linger lightly all day long. Addicted to Love, Cashmere, Havana Nights, Indian Summer, Island Romance and Sexpot. .07 oz. each.<br />Features<br />· Perfume Sticks.<br />· Perfect for travel or to keep in the purse.<br />· Six amazing scents.<br />· Scent lightly lingers all day.<br />Your Price: $9<br />
    26. 26. LET’S TALK FORE-PLAY<br />Foreplay can sometimes be the most important part of the sexual experience. Without foreplay, the act of love-making can become dull and routine. The last thing we want, ladies, is a routine sex life!<br />Foreplay isn’t when he crawls in bed with you after you have had a long day, and snuggles up next to you just so he can get that “poke” in. It needs to be so much more than that.<br />Foreplay is suppose to be erotic and most importantly….exciting. Let’s explore some products to help up spice up that foreplay!<br />
    27. 27. Bosom Buddy will enhance many areas of the body! Apply this smooth, silky, kissable, moisturizing cream to nipples and lips for a tingling sensation and more supple skin. Bosom Buddy is great for both men and women!<br />Strawberry or vanilla cupcake<br />1 fl. Oz. Your price: $14<br />Dust Me Pink kissable body powder introduces fun, playful, kissable flirtation to your lovemaking! Use the included sensual feather to dust each other with the kissable powder, and then take your time exploring each other’s bodies by kissing off the berry sweetness! Dust Me Pink smells great, too.<br />77 oz. your price: $16<br />
    28. 28. ARE YOU READY FOR LUBES?<br />Lubrication is a very important part of the experience, as well. Without the proper lubrication, sex can be less pleasurable, and even painful. <br />Ever been the first person down a slip-n-slide? Not very pleasant when the slide hasn’t quite had time to get wet enough. That’s what it can feel like for a man when he is entering you without enough lubrication. OUCH!<br />Luckily, we have amazing products that work for us!<br />
    29. 29. Just like me is my favorite lubricant. Maybe because it fascinates me a little. Just like me is awesome and unique because it not only lubricates, it also re-wets by itself! It is truly a blessing to have in the bedroom, especially on those drinking nights, when things seem to stay heated a little longer!<br />Your price: $16<br />Just Like Me<br />Just Like Me® is the lubricant that feels just like your natural moisture! Perfectly imitate lubricant with this pH balanced, water based lubricant. The consistency is smooth and easy to control, with its mild and gentle formula. Just Like Me® is available in Original, Blueberry or Strawberry, which adds a sensual atmosphere to any activity. 4 fl. oz. / 120 ml. BLUEBERRY, ORIGINAL, OR STRAWBERRY<br />Directions<br />To use Just Like Me®, simply pump a dime-sized amount of the product onto the fingers and apply either to the vagina, onto the toy, or onto a partner’s penis prior to sexual activity (more lubricant can be added as needed).<br />Features<br />· Water-based lubricant.<br />· Enhances vaginal moisture.<br />· The Original formula has no artificial scents.<br />· pH balanced for a woman’s body.<br />· Measured dispensing pump.<br />· Approximately three months’ worth of product.<br />
    30. 30. Sensationslubricant starts cool, warms up, and finishes hot! Out of the bottle, Sensations feels cool on the skin. Add a little friction, and the lubricant warms. Give a gentle blow, and the air activated formula delivers exciting heat! Sensations™ is available in mouthwatering varieties and Original. <br />4 fl. oz. / 120 ml. <br />BANANA SPLIT, HOT BUTTERED RUM, ORIGINAL, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, STRAWBERRIES AND WHIPPED CREAM, OR WATERMELON<br />Whi<br />YOUR PRICE: $15.00<br />Whippedlubricant is like icing on the cake! Designed with your man in mind, this cream lubricant contains skin-softening shea butter, giving it an emollient texture that makes it perfect for use with c-rings, and sleeves. Whipped comes in several kissable varieties or in Original. 3 fl. oz. / 90 ml. CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE, FUNNEL CAKE, ORIGINAL, STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE, OR SUGAR COOKIE<br />Your price: $15<br />
    31. 31. BREAK TIME<br />We are going to take a 5 minute break. <br />Get up, stretch our legs, refresh our drinks.<br />See ya in 5.<br />
    32. 32. Let’s Stroke it !!!!!<br />
    33. 33. Before bedroom accessories, let’s play! This game is “Stroke it”.<br />1. Have you ever given oral favors on the highway<br />2. Have you ever pulled over to a rest area and got a quickie<br />3. Have you ever done it on the 50 yd line <br />4. Have you ever had champagne sipped out of your belly button<br />5. Have you ever broken the bed during sex<br />6. Have you ever given/received oral sex in a movie theater<br />7. Have you ever had sex with more than one partner in the same day or night <br />8. Have you ever fondled each other underneath the table at a restaurant or other public place<br />9. Have you ever had sex in an elevator<br />10. Have you ever had online sex <br />11. Do you like to be spanked or do you like to spank<br />12. Have you ever been tied up or tied your partner up<br />13. Have you ever had marathon sex in which you did not leave the house for hours<br />14. Have you ever had sex in the same room with another couple who was also having sex<br />15. Have you or your partner ever involved a fruit or vegetable in sex<br />16. Have you ever appeared in a “Girl’s Gone Wild” video<br />17. Have you ever had sex at your place of business while on the job<br />18. Have you ever had sex in a place you could have been caught<br />19. Have you ever gotten caught having sex by a police officer<br />20. Have you ever had sex in a vehicle<br />21. Stroke it again if it was in a police cruiser <br />22. Stroke it one more time if it was with the officer who belonged to that cruiser<br />23. Do you have any piercings below the waist<br />24. Have you ever had sex that involved more than one person<br />25. Have you ever masturbated while your partner watched or you watched your partner <br />26. Have you ever given a “B-J” while driving – with other people in the car<br />27. Are you wearing underwear<br />28. Have you had sex since midnight last night<br />29. Have you ever had sex in the shower<br />30. Have you ever had sex on a trampoline<br />31. Have you ever dated your ex’s brother<br />32. Have you ever messed around with a much older guy while you were still in HS<br />33. Have you ever answered the door naked knowing it was you partner<br />34. Have you ever answered the door naked thinking it was your partner and it wasn’t<br />35. Have you ever answered the door naked knowing it wasn’t your partner<br />36. Have you ever used a lube<br />37. Do you use a lube every time<br />38. Is your lube from Pure Romance<br />39. Have you ever rented a hotel room for sex<br />40. Have you ever had cybersex w/ a complete stranger<br />41. Have you ever had sex with a person whose name you didn’t even know<br />42. Have you ever made your own x rated movie<br />43. Have you ever had sex at your parents house<br />44. Stroke it again if it was in their bed<br />45. Do you have a condom in your possession right now<br />46. Have you ever used a blindfold, handcuffs or a whip during sex<br />47. Do you use toy cleaner<br />48. Stroke it again if it is from Pure Romance<br />49. Have you ever attended a Pure Romance party (other than this one)<br />50. Stoke it again if you were the hostess & loved your FREE products!<br />
    34. 34. Send me the total number of strokes in the comments! As soon as I tally up the winner, I will announce it! <br />
    35. 35. How’d we do Strokin’ it?<br />As soon as I tally up all of the strokes, I will announce a winner!<br />Congratulations! The winner is…..<br />You have a $20 gift certificate to spend with Pure Romance by Shirley any time in the next 7 days!<br />The person with the least strokes is…..<br />To increase your strokes, you win a $10 gift certificate to spend with Pure Romance by Shirley any time in the next 7 days!<br />
    36. 36. Okay, let’s talk bullets!<br />Bullets are great for a number of different reasons. They can be used to give a sensual massage. Just hold the bullet in the palm of your hand when you massage your partner! <br />They can be use for personal satisfaction. Bullets offer a great clitorus stimulation!<br />They can be used during sex with your partner. <br />Right between the man’s anus and his balls, there is that one little spot that can be very stimulating for a man. If you decided to use a bullet on him there, make sure you communicate this to him. Men have a natural reflex that may not end up well for you without that communication!!<br />7th Heaven<br />7 different speeds for added pleasure!<br />Your price: $28<br />
    37. 37. NEW CLIT STIMULATORS!<br />Life Saver<br />$21<br />USB<br />$19<br />Get a Grip<br />$45<br />Hidden Drama<br />$35<br />Jaguar<br />$59<br />Incognito<br />$39<br />Just Sayin’<br />$32<br />OMG<br />$65<br />
    38. 38. NEW SLEEVES AND RINGS<br />Good Year<br />$18<br />Jelly Tool Belt<br />$55<br />Magnetic Attraction<br />$39<br />Hop On It<br />$18<br />
    39. 39. STRAIGHT TO THE POINT WITH G-SPOT VIBES!<br />PRIVACY PLEASE!<br />Shhhh! Just looking for some Privacy Please with this G-Spot Vibrator! With a small, discreet design and an ultra quiet motor, this g-spot wonder offers variable speeds and an angle designed to please. And look closer: the nubbies are placed in just the right spot! Waterproof.<br />$28<br />MOBY G<br />Double the motors, double the fun! Moby G G-Spot Vibrator offers three extremely powerful speeds and a luxuriously curved design for a pleasing fit every time. Operate the motors independently for a new combination every time! Waterproof.<br />$45<br />
    40. 40. Our Dual-Action Vibrators are sure to please!<br />We went looking for a few good men, and found Daddy From the ‘Nati in Cincinnati. This dual-action mechanical man has an impressively sized shaft and an independently controlled vibrating soft clitoral bunny to rock your world day and night.<br />Your Price: $48<br />R.O.D. is the dual-action vibrator that is always Ready On Demand! And he’s oh, so talented. His impressive shaft vibrates, rotates, and thrusts; his revolving row of girthy ball bearings can change directions at will; his bunny’s ears vibrate and tease the clitoris just right! In the sheets or in the shower, R.O.D. dual-action vibrator is always ready to blow your mind!<br />Your Price: $159 <br />
    41. 41. NEW Dual-Action Vibes<br />All Night Bender<br />$59<br />Succulent Vibe<br />$149<br />Wild Hare<br />$49<br />Big Bang<br />$59<br />Luxe Vibe<br />$79<br />Ultimate Beaver<br />$149<br />Diva Dolphin<br />$129<br />
    42. 42. MUST HAVE FOR ANY TOY!<br />The most important part of using any toy is making sure it’s clean! Come Clean is the perfect solution! <br />
    43. 43. Arousal<br />Nympho Niagra<br />The woman’s Viagra!<br />$20<br />Ex-T-Cee<br />Ex-tremely erotic!<br />$15<br />X Scream<br />Very Intense<br />$20<br />
    44. 44. Enhance Performance<br />Lickity Stiff<br />$15<br />Up All Night<br />$14<br />Like a Virgin<br />$19<br />Great Head<br />$17<br />Booty Eaze<br />$10<br />
    45. 45. Just in Time for Halloween!<br />
    46. 46.
    47. 47. Thank you all for coming to my very first ONLINE party!<br />Have questions? Private message me now, and I’ll answer them.<br />Ready to order? Private message me now, or send me an email at surleysue@hotmail.com<br />Comments or suggestions? Post them on the discussion board, or private message me!<br />Interested in changing your life by taking control and becoming a consultant? Message me for more info.<br />Want to book a party? No Problem! Send me a message or email!<br />Call anytime for any reason! 812-744-5001 or 812-571-3108<br />