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Email Marketing: Maintaining The Backbone Of Your Digital Campaign In The Fast Moving Digital Arena


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Biggest impact is how they read your email – enormous shift to mobile and tablet devices. Recent seatwave campaign – we regularly see 50% plus for smartphones
  • You may not know much about the email address but if you know which device they opened their email on you can do some very specific.
  • Android 71% more likely to have never left the country 12% more likely to have pets Iphone 67% more likely to have a household income in excess of $200k 27% more likely to live in a city
  • You can now run a fully android optimised campaign to this segment giving them a great offer to become customers.
  • Talk about Frequency Type of content Even time of day (if you can stick to it) Retargeting can exacerbate the situation
  • New members of David Lloyd get 7 free sessions, and get a lifecycle of campaigns telling them what they have booked into and what they have left to book into, use dynamic content to populate information. Once they have booked into a session they receive an SMS to confirm the booking.
  • Bad too specific – actually my better half looking for my birthday present not realising that she was logged in as me !
  • Use themes to personalise not specifcs
  • Transcript

    • 1. Email Marketing: Maintaining TheBackbone Of Your Digital Campaign In The Fast Moving Digital Arena Marc Munier
    • 2. It isn’t about Pure360
    • 3. What we are covering• Examining consumer usage trends to effectively target your email campaign and achieve optimum results – how are consumers receiving their emails an what impact does this have on your targeting strategy? – what frequency of contact should be used? • exploiting targeting options to overcome wastage and potential annoyance• Creating and personalising dynamic content to reach your consumers – when is too far? – how to hit home• Demonstrating tangible results from campaigns and feeding back insights – intelligent tracking to increase your ROI
    • 4. The momentum is buildingThe number of Smartphones sold now exceeds the number of PC’s
    • 5. Incredible stats25% of consumers research online before buying offline
    • 6. Incredible stats II89% of mobile purchases are on iPads!
    • 7. Profound changes 2012Name Plus:Age DeviceGender Social ConnectednessAddress When they shopABC? How they like to shop& stuffHow to use these new attributes
    • 8. Device impact
    • 9. Dynamic campaigns
    • 10. That’s all very basic stuff...
    • 11. The sweet spot
    • 12. When and where - MATTERS More in depth content to keep you entertainedQuick easily digestible content
    • 13. Quick easy content
    • 14. Uber content
    • 15. More advanced techniques•
    • 16. Making the most of what you have• Mobile is driving more and more revenue – we as marketers need to start marketing differently to take advantage of this trend.• Track what device people are using – the send them content optimised for their device but also what you can infer from their device.• Consider what “mode” they will be in when they get your email, wanting a full story or just a snapshot?
    • 17. But don’t go too far ….
    • 18. Unsubscribing/marking as spam • People actually don’t like doing it – based on an emotional attachment to receiving emails • So let’s make that emotional attachment strong • To do that
    • 19. It is essential to manageexepctations
    • 20. #2 Manage Expectations Comments from subscribers Link to the last newsletter Talk about frequency “I am really glad the newsletter is back. I missed the informative wit, erudite tips, and easy links to fascinating facts.”“Thanks for your newsletter. I enjoy your commentaries and insights tremendously. You have given me information on books which I have purchased and enjoyed.”
    • 21. Creating and personalising dynamiccontent to reach your consumers
    • 22. Too specific
    • 23. Use themes to personalise
    • 24. So how do you know if you’ve gone toofar?• Build the relationship early• Welcome emails build early loyalty• Use information they have given you (goals)• Stick to dynamic content in product categories (as opposed to specifics)• Measure when people unsubscribe – and do something about it
    • 25. Demonstrating tangible results fromcampaigns and feeding back insightsKey requirement that you integrate: – Analytics – CMS
    • 26. Tracking post click
    • 27. Key takeaways• Focus on device • Consider What it implies • Optimise for devices which convert • Build emails which allow for different “modes”• Don’t overdo it! • Build the relationship – from the beginning • Target on what you know – but don’t be too specific• Integrate your channels • Single Customer view may be out of reach • But islands of excellence aren’t
    • 28. Questions >>> AnswersThanks for listening, can’t wait to hear all your questions...Go on... Ask lotsFollow me @marcmunier and @pure360Email me