Creative Deliverability


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Creative Deliverability - The basics of avoiding the junk folder in email design

2. Deliverability What?

3. Other content deliverability words

4. Image blocking

5. Junk/content filters: Avoiding the junk folder

6. Spam assassin

7. The rest of the inboxes

8. Reputation - Deliverability credit rating

9. Takeaways

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  • Bulk emailing is different from normal “messaging”, this word was invented to categorise the ‘science’ behind it.All decisions are made by computers’ and their algorythms but these are all made by people, so empathising those people will tell us why things happen and how to play along!
  • Lots of buzz words and brand names of tools etc that are thrown about, it all sounds like bumpf, hopefully by the end of this it won’t
  • We all know the junk filters, the oldest and the concept that all users are familiar with in the basic content filter.All content includedSome filters learn as the spam button is used, some just blacklist email addresses, like OutlookThe main basic filter is SpamAssasin, globally used, free and open source, our basic checker uses it, soon our advanced checker will do more.The larger ISP do much much more. - In this instance and ISP is the inbox host, not technically a internet provider anymore.
  • Pure360’s basic spam checkerOpen Source (Apache)Freely AvailableMost used/referred toRules Explained5 points = Junk, sometimes lessNot relied on by big ISPs but similar
  • Fairly new in it’s current form,Used to be mainly IP addresses and now it is pretty much everything.Used to be just the big ISPs but now there are loads of them
  • Creative Deliverability

    1. 1. Creative DeliverabilityThe basics of avoidingthe junk folder in email design
    2. 2. DeliveraWhat?Deliverability:The Abilityto deliverbulk emailinto the inbox
    3. 3. Reputation InboxPlacementJunkFolder domain OptOutEngagement SpammyKeywordsISP SpamTrap domain prefixemail-address SenderScoreImage-to-text-ratioOther Content Deliverability Words
    4. 4. • Spammers sent spam• Filters learned to read junked keywords• Spammers sent spam in images• Filters junked image only emails• Spammers sent images and normal text• Filters required multiple images• Spammers split the images up• Filters asked for more text than images• Spammers added even more text• Inboxes blocked imagesImage blocking
    5. 5. Junk / Content Filters: Avoiding the JunkFolder• Includes Subject Line and “From Name”• Outlook: yes or no, not self learning• Spam Assassin: explained rules• Most large consumer ISPs learn• Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc• Reputation decides leniency
    6. 6. Reputation - Deliverability Credit Rating• Only important Since CreditCrunch• Have DDs & Pay your credit cardbefore asking for mortgage• Content filter leniency• Speed and volume of acceptance• Mainly the large ISPs
    7. 7. • 60% text vs 40% images• Text size does not count (12px)• At least 3 images not all touching• Always have a plaint text version• Plain text links on a new line• Good quality & fairly complex HTML• Test sending speeds• Test sending times• A/B Content Testing• Intelligent Time Sending• Engagement Filtering (Open Reach)• Test, Test, Test, always be testingandy thorpedeliverabilty &compliance managerLinkedin/andythorpe@captaininbox