Purdue Student Affairs Spring 2014 Division Meeting


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Purdue Student Affairs Spring 2014 Division Meeting

  2. 2. Agenda 8:30am – 9:00am 9:00am – 9:15am 9:15am – 10:00am Refreshments and Mingling Welcome/Purpose (Introducing VIP Guest) Student Government Greeting Kyle Pendergast Departmental Updates – Prize Drawing ** Office of the Dean of Students Jim Hintz Development David Lasater** University Bands Jay Gephart (Mo Trout) Center for Career Opportunities Tim Luzader SA Business Office John Globoker** Air Force ROTC Colonel Seth Bretscher (Maj Mike Miller) 10:00am – 10:15am Break Departmental Updates – Prize Drawing** Convocations Purdue Musical Organizations Division of Rec Sports Navy ROTC Student Health Center Todd Wetzel (Abby Eddy) ** Bill Griffel Howard Taylor** CDR Troy Mong (CDR Craig Remaly) Gail Walenga** 11:00am – 11:15am Professional Development Reports Susan Bush 11:15am – 11:30am 11:30am – 11:40am 11:40am – 12:00pm Professional Development Reports** (2 staff members) Break State of the Division Dale Whittaker
  3. 3. ODOS-DRC Student Success 1. Assist students with disabilities in facilitating accommodations 2. Serve as an advocate for students with disabilities 3. Provide testing center for students with disabilities What’s Next 1. Seeking more accessible Office location 2. Partnering with Wright State University to apply for a NSF REAL (Research on Education and Learning) Grant with Wright State University. 3
  4. 4. ODOS-Horizons New Staff 1. Nicole Wilson, Academic Coordinator 2. Cecilia (Sam) Walters, Administrative Assistant Student Success 1. Serves 488 students: 100% are lowincome and 66% are both lowincome and first-generation 2. Student Success Services include academic advising, career advising, tutoring, supplemental instruction, faculty mentoring, peer mentoring, freshman seminars, service learning, subsidized study abroad opportunity 3. Department of Education success measures 2008-2013 – Persistence 90% – Good Academic Standing 91% – 6 year Bachelor’s Degree Attainment 44% 4 What’s Next 1. 2015 federal grant competition to continue services from 2015 through 2020 2. Restructuring of academic support program to focus on increasing bachelor’s degree attainment 3. 2014 Study Abroad Course on Global Leadership in Valencia, Spain
  5. 5. ODOS-OSRR New Staff What’s Next 1. Robert Kirchubel, Graduate Assistant Professional 2. Leslie Charters, Student Legal Services Director 1. Student Legal Services is expanding to serve graduate and professional students 2. CAS self-assessment this Spring 3. Evaluation of Community Standards Board for Student Organizations Student Success 1. 171 students from Sept 3 - Dec 31, 2013. Average on survey (satisfaction rating) is 96.3% (agree and strongly agree). 5
  6. 6. ODOS-SAC New Staff What’s Next 1. Lauren Hussong, Receptionist 2. Deb Winger, Secretary 3. Greg Douglas, Testing Center, Clerk/Testing Proctor 4. Caylen Redden, Testing Center, Clerk/Testing Proctor 1. Education campus community on scope and services Student Success 1. 2. 3. 4. 6 Crisis Response / OOT Advocacy Emergency Loans Adult/Non-Traditional Student Support 2. QRP Program-Suicide Prevention Training 3. Crisis Hotline Support
  7. 7. ODOS-SAO New Staff 1. Jennifer Sula, Assistant Director Fraternity, Sorority & Cooperative Life Risk Management 2. Chris DeEulis, Assistant Director Fraternity, Sorority & Cooperative 3. Roger Stewart, Student Affairs Specialist 4. Kelley Stier, Coordinator CoCurricular Experience Student Success 1. SAO furthers students’ intellectual, personal, and professional development through co-curricular programs, services, and events that are intentionally designed to provide purposeful, challenging, experiential, and reflective learning opportunities. 7 What’s Next 1. Strategic Planning Implementation 2. Co-Curricular Transcript Campaign 3. History of International Students Exhibit (April 7-18 Hicks Library) 4. MLK Day of Service (January 20) 5. Hosting Elect Her at Purdue (February 22)
  8. 8. Development Student Success 1. Completion of the Al G Wright Chair in Bands and Orchestra 2. Parents Committee Big Give What’s Next 1. Bailey Hall Building Dedication 2. CSEL Building Dedication 8
  9. 9. Purdue Bands and Orchestras Faculty and Student Success 1. 2. • • 3. • • • 4. • 9 Over 750 students participated in Purdue bands and orchestras during the fall semester! Matt Conaway: Assistant Professor Recieved music commissions from SW Indiana Festival of Bands & Zeeland (MI) JH Bands Guest Conducted the SW Indiana Festival of Bands and the IBA All-District Honor Band (Bloomington, IN) Ishbah Cox: Assistant Professor Judged the Circle City Classic Battle of the Bands (Indianapolis, IN) Adjudicated the Lowndes High School Marching Festival (Valdosta, GA) Guest Conducted the Northern Illinois University Wind Ensemble Andy King: Associate Professor Guest Conducted Texas District Honor Orchestra What’s Next 1. The 24th Annual Purdue Jazz Festival will take place Saturday, January 18th, featuring Purdue jazz bands, under the directon of Dr. Mo Trout, and guest artists Snarky Puppy, Steve Allee and Donny McCaslin. 2. The annual Percussion Theater concert, under the direction of Dr. Pam Nave, will take place April 13th in Loeb Playhouse. 3. The 2014 Band/Orchestra Showcase Weekend is April 25-27, featuring all concert bands and orchestras and internationally famous composer Julie Giroux. 4. The Purdue All-American Marching Band will celebrate its 94th performance at the Indy 500 in May! 5. PR/Marketing Director Susan Xioufaridou has created a new marketing plan for Purdue Bands with implementation in 2014.
  10. 10. Center for Career Opportunities New Staff What’s Next 1. 1. Emerging Employers Career Fair - New 2. 3. Tamara Clarkson Career Services Consultant Allison (Ali) Mears Career Services Consultant Iyad Uakoub Career Services Systems Associate Student Success 1. Communicating career and job search resources 2. Conducting outreach programming 3. Providing individual assistance 4. Hosting employers on campus 5. Tracking graduates’ first destination success 6. Measuring student satisfaction and learning outcomes 10 2. Mandarin-Speaking Internship/Career Fair - New 3. New CCO web site rollout 4. Linked-in Boot Camp 5. Speed Interviewing with Employers 6. Career Clothes Closet Campaign - New 7. Summer Camp Job Fair 8. Teacher Recruitment Day 9. Just-in-Time Job Fair 10. Career Coaching/Motivating the Reluctant Candidate - New
  11. 11. BUSINESS OPERATIONS • • New Systems Concur – Travel System  Major win – implementation of Visa Travel Card  Need assistance – resources & help are available • Ariba – Procurement System  Opportunity – transition more product purchases to online procurement system and reduce Pcard usage  Reduces time and effort spent on reconciliation and audit of Pcard purchases  Provides more spend data for Strategic Sourcing • Kronos – Online Timekeeping System  Rec Sports rolled out in November and things are going well    11 Supervisors – time investment upfront to build schedules Rest of Student Affairs will roll out in 2014 Major win – elimination of paper time cards
  12. 12. AIR FORCE ROTC New Staff What’s Next 1. SSgt Bernie Reyes 1. 21 programmed to graduate in May Replaces TSgt Robert Sawtell who is now stationed in Korea. 2. Spring Break Trip in March 3. Drill Team Competition and USAFA April Student Success 1. Four Cadets Commissioned in Dec Two in Nursing One Chemistry One Law and Society 12
  13. 13. Break Time
  14. 14. ARMY ROTC New Staff What’s Next 1. 2. 3. Mark Swenson, Chief of Operations Ronnie Baxter, Training Manager Ralph Merrill, Assistant Professor, MSL II 1. Staff Ride: Event includes a visit to Washington D.C., the Pentagon, and Arlington National Cemetery (30 Students) 4. New Department Head: LTC Carl Poppe – July 2014 2. JROTC Drill Competition: 20 secondary schools from IN, IL, KY, MI, WI 3. Combined FTX: An event with 8 other schools regionally that includes Rappel Training, Obstacle Courses, and computeraided tactical training exercises Student Success 1. 2. 14 Five students commissioned into fulltime junior management positions in the U.S. Army, one student commissioned into Indiana Army National Guard Three new 100% STEM scholarships
  15. 15. CONVOCATIONS Student Success What’s Next 1. Black Cultural Center 1. Development of Theme-Year programming for Purdue (in cooperation with SATS) 2. Native American Educational & Cultural Center 2. Presidential Lecture Series soon-to-beannounced 3. Indian Classical Music Association of Purdue 3. Booking the 2014-15 season now. 4. TEDxPurdueU 1. Collaborations this year with student impact: 2. Service to P-12 and Collegiate segments for the Fall semester include 14 events reaching over 3,700 students. 3. Pre-professional Interns for 13-14: 1. 2. Matthew Parr, production 3. Alex Bolten, PR/group sales 4. 15 Aaron Whiteman, production Cory Wonderly, design/video 4. Yo-Yo Ma/Kathryn Stott rescheduled! (Oct 15, 2014)
  16. 16. Purdue Musical Organization New Staff What’s Next 1. 1. Bailey Hall 2. 3. Jermaine Hill (Assistant Director of the Purdue Varsity Glee Club, Director of Heart and Soul) Sarah May (Assistant Director of Purduettes, University Choir, Director of All Campus and Community Chorale and the PMO Kids Choir) Rhonda Blacklock (Director of Purdue Bells) Student Success 1. Fall Performances 2. 80th Anniversary Purdue Christmas Show 3. Scholarships 4. We are Growing 5. Academic Success 16 • We are thrilled with the progress of our new home, Ralph and Bettye Bailey Hall! The construction continues to progress quickly. We hope to be moving in sometime early this summer! Let the packing begin! 2. Performances • We are thrilled with the progress of our new home, Ralph and Bettye Bailey Hall! The construction continues to progress quickly. We hope to be moving in sometime early this summer! Let the packing begin!
  17. 17. RECREATIONAL SPORTS New Staff 1. Matt Clark – Club Sports Intern, (September) What’s Next 1. Lighted Tennis Courts West of TREC 2. Pickett Park Improvements Student Success 1. Student Employee Academic Success 2. Student Employee Learning  Assessing learning is a priority with all of our 600+ student employees.  Learning Domains Include: Leadership, Customer Service, Communication, Critical Thinking 3. Participant Learning  Programs designed to intentionally contribute to learning.  Learning Domains Include: SelfEfficacy, Communication, Time Management, Knowledge Acquisition 17 VPSA - Student Success Story
  18. 18. NAVY ROTC New Staff What’s Next 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. Mariner’s Skills Simulator integrated into navigation class CDR Craig Remaly LT Joshua Maciejewski LT Megan Redlawsk LT Adam Sheppard 2. Expect to commission 6 Ensigns (2 Nurse Corps) and 3 Second Lieutenants in May 3. Naval Leadership Conference @ Notre Dame Student Success 1. MIDN Hernandez named 2013 Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Award Corporation (HENAAC) Cadet Role Model 2. Commissioned 6 Ensigns and 2 Second Lieutenants in Dec 3. Produced 3 Nuclear Power Officers 18
  19. 19. PUSH New Staff • • • • • • • Becky Conkright, RN, Medical clinic Kathleen Biggs, Business Office James Allington, CAPS Psychology Resident Jason Schwenker, CAPS Psychology Resident Jennifer Walsh, CAPS Psychology Resident Guyanne Lillpop – SWO Sect. Caitlin McPherson, GA Risk Reduction and Prevention Partners Student Success  Trained two nurses to provide Sexual Assault Nurse Exam (SANE) Services at PUSH  Collaborated with Environmental Health and Public Safety to implement 24 hour Crisis Line (495.4357) in Jan. 2014. 19  Initiated weekly nurse consultation services at LGBTQ Center.  Grew Online medical appointments from 6% to 39% of all appointments made.  Collaborating with the LGBTQ Services and Aspire Indiana to provide free HIV testing for students  SWO has distributed approximately 500 cold/flu kits and is promoting influenza vaccinations through electronic media.  Received a Parents Grant to provide financial assistance for medical expenses to students who have been assaulted.  CAPS increased number of clients seen by 17% over Fall 2012.
  20. 20. PUSH Student Success  On call appointments increased by 55% over Fall, 2012. What’s Next  PUSH Medical Services is developing a collaboration with School of Nursing, Pharmacy School, The Masters of Public Health Program, and ISD/TCDH to provide a shorter treatment option to students with Latent Tuberculosis Infections (to prevent them from becoming infectious to others)  The Healthy Campus Coalition initiated by the Student Wellness Office continues its mobilization and assessment of campus health and wellness issues.
  21. 21. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT GRANT AWARDEES SPRING 2014 Karen Barnard Lance Connolly Norma Douglas Trevor Foley Marty Jacoba Terry Knight Beth Kozik Travis Pashak Lygia Vernon Michelle Whipple Michelle Blackburn Deb Denno Patrick Edwards Tyler Ford Nicole Jasinski Katy Kopp-Miller Stacey Lee Elsa Schirmer Rosa Villarreal Susan Xioufaridou
  22. 22. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT GRANT AWARDEES Terry Knight Vice President for Student Affairs Office – Business Office Account Assistant Attended: Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach Seminar Tammy Loew PUSH-SWO Health Advocacy Coordinator Attended: 2013 International Town Gown Association University – City Relation Conference
  23. 23. Break Time
  24. 24. STATE OF THE DIVISION A. Dale Whittaker, Ph.D. Acting Vice President for Student Affairs