2013 Purdue Family Convocation


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Family Convocation presented during the 2013 Summer Transition, Advising, and Registration (STAR) program at Purdue University

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  • As you heard Dr. Exum speak earlier, we are here to help you.
  • Ask the question, has your son or daughter talked to the roommate, because that will be the first question the RA, REC, AC, and Asst. Dir. will ask. If they have and still have issues, then they should utilize the RA. Talking to the roommate more than once is okay and it is normal to solve problems in this fashion (Example husband and wife issues, you and your partner, you and your co-workers).Do not let an issue fester/grow this leads to stress and is not conducive to student successBegin your roommate relations by respecting each other and that will lead to friendship. Respect begins with communication and not assumption. Utilize the roommate agreement to set boundaries/guidelines and work through concerns. We will work with your son or daughter to come to a resolution where both students feel comfortable. This may require give and take aka compromise for both students.
  • 2013 Purdue Family Convocation

    2. 2. PURPOSE OF THIS SESSION1.Strategies to help your student2.Provide you information andresources3.Start the transition process
    3. 3. WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT YOUR STUDENTS!• Highly motivated• Involved with the community• Deep passions andcommitments• Accustomed to being a winner• Very connected to you
    4. 4. DIRECTOR: JIM HINTZ PURDUE.EDU/B-INVOLVED• Over 900 studentorganizations!• Leadership development• Community service• Diversity andinclusion• Fraternities• Sororities• Cooperatives• BoilerLink• Co-Curricular Transcript• Student SuccessSTUDENT INVOLVEMENT: B-INVOLVED!
    5. 5. WHO IS HERE TO HELP?Resident Assistant (RA)Residential Education Coordinator(REC)Area Coordinator (AC)Assistant Director of Residential Life(Asst. Dir.)DIRECTOR: BARB FRAZEE HOUSING.PURDUE.EDU/RESIDENTIALLIFE
    6. 6. ROOMMATE CONFLICTSCoaching your son ordaughterThe sooner the betterFriends or Respect or bothRoommate AgreementDIRECTOR: BARB FRAZEE
    7. 7. MEAL PLANS20 Meals/Week $250 Dining Dollars15 Meals/Week $350 Dining Dollars12 Meals/Week $450 Dining Dollars10 Meals/Week $250 Dining Dollars7 Meals/Week $0 Dining DollarsDIRECTOR: BARB FRAZEE
    8. 8. DIRECTOR: HOWARD TAYLOR PURDUE.EDU/RECSPORTSIn order to succeed in life, God provided us with twomeans, education and physical activity.Not separately – one for the soul and the other for thebody, but for the two together.With these two means, one can attain perfection.-PlatoRECREATIONAL SPORTS Access to the France A. Córdova Recreational Sports Center (Co Rec) and ourvarious programs & services. Facility Highlights Eight different fitness “neighborhoods” Climbing Wall & Bouldering Wall Recreation Pool – vortex, water volleyball, water basketball Numerous gymnasium courts Numerous multi-purpose rooms: perfect for group ex classes, dance,martial arts
    9. 9. DIRECTOR: HOWARD TAYLORRECREATIONAL SPORTS Programs Intramural Sports & Club Sports: What are theyand how are they different? Fitness Classes – Group Ex Pass and “Learn ToPlay” Instructional Fitness Personal Training Services Massage Therapy Cooking Demonstrations Climbing Wall Instructional Workshops Learn To Swim and Aquatic Certification Classes Other Services Free sports equipment rental: basketballs, volleyballs, softball bats, etc Free fitness workshops periodically Equipment sales for various items: goggles, climbing equipment, tennis balls,etc. Locker and towel rentals Fuel Smoothie Bar & Convenience Store located in Atrium Lobby
    10. 10. DIRECTOR – DR. GAIL WALENGA PURDUE.EDU/PUSHPUSH: PURDUE UNIVERSITY STUDENT HEALTHMEDICAL SERVICESThe source for Primary Care, Women’s Health, SportsMedicine and Allergy and Immunizations Services toPurdue StudentsMedical Clinic: Mon-Fri 8 -5Extended Care Services: Mon – Fri 8 -8Weekends 10 -6Laboratory, Radiology, Physical Therapy services alsoavailableSame day and future appointments may be scheduled byphone or onlineCheck out the Parent Page of the PUSH websitefor more information
    11. 11. DIRECTOR – DR. GAIL WALENGAStudent Wellness Office• Alcohol, Tobacco & OtherDrugs Information• General Wellness• Nutrition Counseling• Sexual Health Information• Information for ClassProjects
    12. 12. DIRECTOR – DR. GAIL WALENGACounseling and Psychological ServicesOur specialty is College Student Mental HealthOUR FOCUS: to serve Purdue students and the universitycommunity, by providing..• Clinical service delivery for mental health concerns via avariety of treatment modalities• Prevention and education services aimed at developingand enhancing skillsOUR SERVICES• Emergency assessment and intervention for mental health issues• Individual, couples, and group therapy• Psychiatric assessment and medication management• Formal testing for Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders• Specialized assessment of substance use/abuse• Case management services• Workshops, class lectures and presentations, and training sessions• Consultation with parents, faculty, staff and students• Liaison relationships with under-represented student communities• Liaison relationships with residence hall staff
    13. 13. OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF STUDENTS PURDUE.EDU/ODOS• Case Management• Class Absences• Campus and CommunityResources• Counseling Services• Disability AccommodationServices• Drop-in Counseling• Emergency Loans• Emergency On-CallServices• Grief Absence Notification• Scholarship Opportunities• Span Plan Adult StudentServices• WithdrawalSTUDENT ASSISTANCE AND COUNSELING
    14. 14. DIRECTOR: JEFF STEFANCICSTUDENT RIGHTS &RESPONSIBILITIES• A unit within the Office of the Dean ofStudents• Tasked with reviewing incidents the couldviolate University Regulations and the Codeof Student Conduct• Policies are grounded in state and localstatues and to support the academic missionof Purdue• The University Conduct process is designedto be educational• Encourage students to review UniversityRegulations and University Residencespolicies
    15. 15. DIRECTOR: JEFF STEFANCICSTUDENT RIGHTS &RESPONSIBILITIES• Designed to give students anopportunity to respond to situations• Opportunities to learn from mistakes• Disciplinary sanctions can range fromwarnings to separation from school,plus educational requirements• University process is separate from anylegal process that may also occur
    16. 16. Events each year have the potential to affectsignificantly the safety and well-being ofstudents, faculty, and staff at Purdue University. Incase of an emergency use the yellow EmergencyTelephone System (ETS) call boxes located acrosscampus.PUBLIC SAFETYDIRECTOR: CHIEF JOHN COX
    17. 17. The following communication methods make up the UniversitysEmergency Communication Plan:SIRENS AND ALARMS:• All Hazards Emergency Warning Sirens mean to immediatelyseek shelter in a safe location within closest facility/building.• Fire Alarms mean to immediately evacuate the building andproceed to your Emergency Assembly Area.• EMAIL: An e-mail can be sent to all people with a purdue.eduaddress.• TEXT MESSAGING: Purdue University faculty, staff and studentsmay sign up to receive an emergency notification text message.• WEB: The Purdue home page (www.purdue.edu)• RESIDENCE HALLS: has procedures for alerting people inindividual halls.• MEDIA: The University works with the news media -radio, TV, newspapers, and Internet to help spread the word.• THE BOILER TELEVISION EMERGENCY ALERTING SYSTEMPURDUE ALERT: EMERGENCYWARNING NOTIFICATION SYSTEMDIRECTOR: RON WRIGHT
    18. 18. Fire ResponseEmergency Medical ServicesAdvanced Life Support ProviderHazardous Materials ResponseAirport Rescue & FirefightingFire Prevention and EducationPURDUE UNIVERSITY FIRE DEPARTMENTDIRECTOR: CHIEF KEVIN PLY
    19. 19. 1. Maintain Perspective2. Communicate (Listen)3. Use Resources4. Resist The Urge ToRescueSUMMARY TIPS FOR PARENTS
    20. 20. Boiler Gold Rush Sunday, August 11Classes Begin Monday, August 19Family Day at Purdue Saturday, September 28Homecoming Saturday, September 28Classes End Saturday, December 7PURDUE’S FAMILY PROGRAMS
    21. 21. 765-494-5776 officevpsa@purdue.eduwww.purdue.edu/vpsaCONTACT NUMBERSMelissa E. Exum, Ph.D.Vice President for Student Affairs