Using Puppet for Deploying Hyper-V OpenStack Compute Nodes - PuppetConf 2013


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"Using Puppet for Deploying Hyper-V OpenStack Compute Nodes" by Peter Pouliot, Sr. SDET OpenStack, Microsoft.

Presentation Overview: A discussion about using Puppet to deploy openstack on Hyper-V and my experiences writing puppet manifests for Windows.

Speaker Bio: Peter has been evangelizing for OpenStack Hyper-V integration since March 2011, now as a Microsoft employee within Microsoft’s Open Source Technology Center, he is working on OpenStack Hyper-V integration. He is the official subject matter expert on OpenStack for Microsoft as well as the Hyper-V/OpenStack community manager and is currently working to build the continuous integration infrastructure to support the ongoing community development and integration of OpenStack and Microsoft technologies.

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Using Puppet for Deploying Hyper-V OpenStack Compute Nodes - PuppetConf 2013

  2. 2. Bio u  Peter Pouliot, CISSP u  Email: u  Education: u  BA Philosophy - Rhode Island College u  Certificate Windows NT Administration - Boston University CEC u  Oracle DBA 8i – Oracle University u  MS Telecommunication Security - Boston University MET College u  Graduate Certificate Digital Forensics - Boston University MET College u  Certifications: u  CISSP, MCSE+I, MCT (NT4/2000), OCP (8i), Network+ u  9 years working on Datacenter/Network Infrastructure and Linux/Windows interoperability for Ximian/Novell/SuSE. u  May 2011 Deployed first Openstack/Hyper-V cloud while working in the Novell/Microsoft Joint Interoperability Lab u  March 2012 Started working for Microsoft to return Hyper-V support to Folsom release u  Currently tasked with building a CI infrastructure to support Hyper-V in OpenStack
  3. 3. Agenda u  Puppet at MS u  Brief introduction to Hyper-V and OpenStack u  Why Puppet? u  A history of the OpenStack Hyper-V puppet modules u  Challenges of Using Puppet on Windows. u  State of Devops for Windows IT Pros
  4. 4. OpenStack/Hyper-V u  Nova: Hyper-V can be used as a compute node in OpenStack u  Python application running on Hyper-V u  Publically Available MSI u  MSI Includes Neutron/(formerly Quantum) agent for Hyper-V u  Neutron u  Currently has VLAN Support u  OpenVSwitch for Hyper-V coming u  Cinder: Windows can be used as a block storage node. u  Cloudinit functionality for windows provided by Cloudbaseinit. u  Public MSI available.
  5. 5. Puppet at MS u  Currently using puppet to build the OpenStack CI Infrastructure for Hyper-V u  Puppet 3.2+ on Windows and Linux. u  Running Puppetmaster/Passenger u  Using Kickstart/Preseed/Unattend.xml/Cloudinit as entry for puppet deployment and registration u  Using both centralized and decentralized puppet.
  6. 6. Puppet on Windows? u  Needed a way to configure Windows Hyper-V nodes consistently and rapidly. u  OpenStack deployments on Hyper-V using public binaries is complicated. u  Lots of Hyper-V tidbits need to be configured. u  Lots of additional software requirements. u  Manual process does not scale. u  Wanted to help CERN deploy Hyper-V into their OpenStack infrastructure.
  7. 7. Brief History of Puppet and Openstack on Hyper-V u  8 months ago Began automating deployment and configuration of Hyper-V using puppet 2.7+ on windows server 2012. u  Created a basic framework for deploying OpenStack nova using public python binaries, with locally served files on Windows. u  Included Windows configuration, vswitch creation and nova configuration. u  Deployment of additional software. (Git, 7zip, Python, python Modules) u  After initial configuration moved to building supporting linux deployment automation. u  Development pace quickened and skill level increased.
  8. 8. Hyper-V/Puppet History Continued Began automation of windows PE creation for windows pxe automation, including integration with Linux PXE infrastructure. Refactor of original Hyper-V/OpenStack module to automatically retrieve all components with help from Octavian Ciuhandu from Cloudbase Solutions. Inclusion of deployment from MSI using Cloudbase Solutions prebuilt MSI for Nova Compute on Hyper-V A move to puppet 3.2+ on Windows 2012 and Hyper-V Server 2012 Major refactor including a Virtual Switch type/provider from Luis Fernández Álvarez of CERN including dependency on Josh Cooper’s Powershell Modules
  9. 9. Puppet Projects Puppet-quartermaster: A pxe provisioning infrastructure for deploying linux (kickstart, preseed, unattend.xml) based installations of linux and windows puppetized nodes. Puppet-petools: Generates a x86_64 Windows PE image using the Automated Deployment Kit. Includes retrieval and installation of the adk. Slipstreaming of virtio- drivers for windows and other Puppet-openstack_hyper_v: hyper-v compute node configuration and openstack nova deployment.
  10. 10. puppet-openstack_hyper_v u  Installs a complete Python environment u  Creates external virtual switches u  Enables live migration u  Enables the iScsi initiator service u  Enables RDP Remote access u  Configures NTP u  Joins node to Domain u  Installs Git, 7zip, and other dependancies u  Installs OpenStack (Package, Public Binaries, Source)
  11. 11. puppet-quartermaster u  Creates a basic PXE infrastructure u  TFTP, HTTP, Samba, NFS u  Squid-Proxy (package caching) u  DNSMasq (Proxy DHCP) u  Puppetmaster u  Retrieves necessary pxe kernels and files, generates menus, and necessary automation (kickstart, preseed, unattend.xml) for deploying operating system u  Includes as OS automation retrieval and installation of puppet and registration with puppetmaster.
  12. 12. Puppet-petools u  Downloads and Installs Microsoft’s Automated Deployment Kit u  Creates a Windows PE x86_64 image u  Mounts the Windows PE Image u  Installs necessary Windows PE Packages u  Retrieves and Installs KVM VirtIO drivers into WinPE Images u  Installs additional Windows Drivers into winpe image. u  Modifies startnet.cmd to map appropriate drives to launch a script on a windows share. u  Finalizes WinPE image and Copies all necessary files to allow for WinPE to PXE onto a windows file share.
  13. 13. Challenges of Puppet on Windows u  Windows isn’t Linux. u  Lack of public modules for Windows. u  No windows package management u  Spaces in path naming u  Reboots u  Previously was no powershell provider for puppet/windows. u  Move from using native .exe commands to the powershell equivalent.
  14. 14. Windows IT Professionals and Devops: A problem u  Problem: u  Devops is a new concept for the Windows IT Pro u  Continuous Integration and Delivery are also new concepts for Windows IT Pro u  Skills need to updated u  Enterprise shops usually have highly segregated skill sets. u  Typical windows workflows are not automated or automation
  15. 15. How do we fix the problem? u  Organize the Windows Puppet Community. u  Share experiences u  Share code u  Create a rich catalog of public Puppet Modules for the Windows IT Pro u  Evangelism: Windows can be automated too u  Education: u  Remember, It’s only computer science!
  16. 16. More information u u  IRC: Freenode: #openstack-hyper-v u  Meetup: OpenStack Boston u  Hyper-V MSIs for OpenStack: u u  Email: