Keynote Address - PuppetConf 2013


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"Keynote Address" by Luke Kanies, CEO and founder of Puppet Labs

Puppet Labs CEO and founder Luke Kanies gave the first keynote of PuppetConf 2013, discussing the growth of the Puppet community and the ways in which automation and DevOps are in the vanguard of IT.

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  • Sorry we couldn’t get a nicer hotel
  • We’ll have Q&A at the end; here’s the short link
  • Massive investments in infrastructureEnterprise is moving faster than ever
  • Cloud cloud cloud cloudBut who is cloud actually disrupting?
  • Netflix, Google, AWS are at the edgeMost aren’t near it
  • You still have to build it yourselfNot yet operationalized, not yet productizedStill interesting, but very hardToo hard for most companies still
  • Nope, you’re weirdYou recognize the problemBut want a shared product, a community of peoplePeople with the same problems and the same goals
  • Goals, problems, technologyA stronger communityMoving the industry
  • Training pollTrained 1700+ this yearDemosI learn from all of youAnd learn from each other
  • Last year the big complaint was you couldn’t go to all the talksWe decided to make it dramatically worse
  • A couple of pollsWho is here now? Who has been to an event before? PuppetConf?Event outside of US?Who’s new to Puppet? Using it now? 2012? …05?
  • You saw all the great stats in the intro video9 million product downloads in the last 12 months1.2 million Puppet Forge downloads1400 modules on the Forge
  • His great work at Spotify with PuppetHis awesome pull requests that improve Puppet and other tools
  • Taking over DashboardImproving it greatly
  • Co-organizing PuppetCamp GhentWorking with us on many sysadmin events and projects
  • Answered more than 60 questions on in the last 6 monthsContributions to projects like r10k (Puppet env and module deployment tool)On his honeymoon instead of at PuppetConf
  • Many many contributions to puppetGreat work using Puppet at Mozilla
  • Customers in every vertical, of every sizeSolving every kind of problem
  • 121st fastest growing company
  • Critical partner, now largest investorPervasive virtualization is amazing advance, but brings its own problemsStill heterogeneous: OpenStack, AWS, GCE, Azure
  • So heterogeneous, we’re moving beyond computeLots of investment in managing network devicesOriginal work done by Brice Figureau
  • We have freed OSS to move faster, break thingsBe more innovativePE is about building a wider ecosystemOf support, training, integrations, certified modulesAnd best practices. Also enables layered products
  • We’re not done yet
  • Puppet was founded to enable reuse and sharingToo much repetition and reinvention
  • Easy: Geppetto, online learningPerformanceStabilityClean, Documented APIsPE 3 with better performance,PuppetDB, etc.
  • Network: Cisco, Juniper, AristaF5, MySQL, NetApp
  • Cross-node dependenciesContinuous Delivery
  • Already made a ton of progress on higher quality modulesAll Puppet Labs modules will soon be supportedFixing the whole chain to make use and contribution easier
  • Invite Joe Wagner on stage to demo
  • Demos, Test PilotsTry the products, tell us what sucksExplain your biggest problems
  • Keynote Address - PuppetConf 2013

    1. PuppetConf 2013 Luke Kanies Founder & CEO | Puppet Labs @puppetmasterd
    2. #puppetconf Welcome to PuppetConf!
    3. #puppetconf
    4. #puppetconf An interesting time
    5. #puppetconf A strange time
    6. #puppetconf “The Future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed --William Gibson
    7. #puppetconf Intersection between innovation and production
    8. #puppetconf Normal?
    9. #puppetconf PuppetConf
    10. #puppetconf A great place to learn
    11. #puppetconf • Brian Stevens on Open Sourcing the Cloud • Gene Kim on Selling DevOps • Bess Sadler on ending the war between sysadmins and developers To share
    12. #puppetconf To connect
    13. #puppetconf You’ve been busy this year
    14. #puppetconf People have done great things
    15. #puppetconf Erik Dalén Github: delan
    16. #puppetconf Aaron Stone Github: sodabrew
    17. #puppetconf Kris Buytaert Github: KrisBuytaert
    18. #puppetconf Greg Baker Github: Ancillas
    19. #puppetconf Dustin Mitchell Github: djmitche
    20. #puppetconf We’ve been busy too
    22. #puppetconf
    23. #puppetconf
    24. #puppetconf
    25. #puppetconf Building an ecosystem around Puppet Enterprise
    26. #puppetconf An interesting time
    27. #puppetconf Automation can be easier
    28. #puppetconf You can change faster
    29. #puppetconf Level up from Technology to applications
    30. #puppetconf Turn existence proofs Into product
    31. #puppetconf DRY
    32. #puppetconf DevOps Culture must Spread further
    33. #puppetconf What we’re working on
    34. #puppetconf
    35. #puppetconf Making the core better
    36. #puppetconf Going Horizontal
    37. #puppetconf Going Up the Stack
    38. #puppetconf Adding Fuel in the Form of Content
    39. #puppetconf One More Thing!
    40. #puppetconf We Need Your Help
    41. Questions?
    42. Follow us on Twitter @puppetlabs Collaborate. Automate. Ship.