Puppet camp London 2014: Module Rewriting The Smart Way
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Puppet camp London 2014: Module Rewriting The Smart Way



"Module Rewriting The Smart Way" presented at Puppet Camp London 2014 by Martin Alfke

"Module Rewriting The Smart Way" presented at Puppet Camp London 2014 by Martin Alfke



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Puppet camp London 2014: Module Rewriting The Smart Way Puppet camp London 2014: Module Rewriting The Smart Way Presentation Transcript

  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Module (Re)writing the Smart Way Martin Alfke <martin.alfke@buero20.org> ! Puppet Camp London 2014
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 About Me • Freelancer - Berlin/Germany • Automation and Cfg Mgmt • PCP 2013 • Module Contributor • PuppetLabs Partner Martin Alfke - at home
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 What is this talk about? The story of finding a module, learning that it is not useful for you, rethink and rewrite new shared, public module from scratch use it in your private roles and profiles and maintain it for other users. Martin Alfke - SFO -Vesuvio Cafe View slide
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 What else? Why contributing is better than building a golden porcelain tower in the dark of your closet. or The Puppet community way of getting a task done. Martin Alfke - Berlin - Hotel du Rome View slide
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 The Task Yes, we will have that task finished by yesterday ! http://www.mid-day.com/articles/day-29-in-bigg-boss-6-its-vrijesh-vs-major-sidhu/187949
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 How to start? We build a Puppet module !! ! But … how should we start? http://designtaxi.com/article/101902/How-To-Start/
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 The Lone Warrior Way Martin Alfke - Lassen County, California
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Coding Puppet … class webserver13 { package { 'apache2': ensure => present, } file { '/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default': ensure => absent, } file { '/etc/apache2/sites-available/10_webserver13': ensure => file, source => 'puppet:///modules/webserver13/10_webserver13', } file { '/etc/apache2/mods-enabled/alias.conf': ensure => link, target => '/etc/apache2/mods-available/alias.conf', } file { '/etc/apache2/mods_enabled/alias.load': ensure => link, target => '/etc/apache2/mods-available/alias.load', } ... }
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Documentation / Bugfixes Who is doing reviews? ☞ YOU Who does documentation? ☞ YOU Who will support you? ☞ YOU http://lonewarriorswa.com/
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Features? Changes? poor lonesome cowboy I’m a poor lonesome cowboy I'm a long long way from home And this poor lonesome cowboy Has got a long long way to roam Over mountains over prairies From dawn till day is done My horse and me keep riding Into the setting sun http://smellslikescreenspirit.com/2009/12/warner-bros-2010-preview/Poor lonesome cowboy - Pat Woods
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 The Smart Way Is there something available? DevOps means to understand and reuse foreign code. Use Puppet as a framework. http://www.thindifference.com/2011/02/11/what-is-the-best-way-to-brand-the-middle/
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 You are not alone There are: - companies using the same technology - developers using the same framework - sites which collect informations - people talking about their solution http://clivehicksjenkins.wordpress.com/
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Sources puppetlabs.com github.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Microsoft-Staff-1978.jpg
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Found the solution? Give feedback Cooperate / Fix bugs / Improve http://www.positoons.de/leistungen/character-design-info/eierlegende-wollmilchsau/
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Reusing Modules class webserver13 { class { ‘::apache’: default_vhost => false, default_mods => false, } include ::apache::mod::alias ... }
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Reality? We were checking for a module for cloud management We found one We talked to upstream: “Oh, …, yes, …, this module, …, ahem, …, do yourself a favour, …, rewrite it” or What if you found nothing? http://technorati.com/entertainment/celebrity/article/the-12-steps-of-reality-tv/
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Start Writing Public Code Start a shareable, parameterised generic module Always keep in mind separation of code and data Let others decide which data source they want to use. Do never put private data in your repo Start using public repo immediately Take care on proper license (AGPL, GPL,…) http://www.security-faqs.com/why-your-company- should-issue-open-source-security-packages.html
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Combine Public/Private Use your public module like any other (e.g. puppetlabs apache) Add data only to your private (wrapper) module Search for “Puppet Roles and Profiles” to understand this separation http://www.internetmarketinginc.com/blog/share-or-not-share- thats-the-question-going-public-with-private-information/
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Responsibility Be a responsive upstream Always remember that other people might want to solve similar problems (not identical) Make your code run on different platforms Build a community around your module Review Pull Requests in time http://ryaneller.com/guest-post/guest-post-friday-the-power-of-responsibility/
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Improvement Take your time to implement or merge improvements Write test Write good documentation and usage examples Write more tests Use your code
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Summary - 1 Work smart, not hard Write good documentation, examples and tests Write blog posts (mention your module and company) Be a responsive and responsible upstream Review other users contribution Allow access if contributors code quality fits your requirements Martin Alfke - SFO
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Summary - 2 Never refactor Restart prevents old bugs in new module There will always come more requirements Parameters, parameters, parameters Let other users decide for their preferred data source Use a proper open source license Martin Alfke - SFO
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Summary - 3 K.I.S.S (Keep it simple and stupid) “perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) Martin Alfke - SFO
  • © Martin Alfke - 2014 Module Rewriting the Smart Way Martin Alfke <martin.alfke@buero20.org>