Puppet Camp DC 2014: Keynote
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Puppet Camp DC 2014: Keynote



Puppet Camp DC Keynote given by James Sweeny, Puppet Labs

Puppet Camp DC Keynote given by James Sweeny, Puppet Labs



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Puppet Camp DC 2014: Keynote Puppet Camp DC 2014: Keynote Presentation Transcript

  • PRESENTER NAME @jsween_y IRC: supercow james.sweeny@puppetlabs.com
  • A Quick Poll
  • We live in Interesting Times
  • More. Faster.
  • Old practices are constraints ...
  • ...and old constraints are gone
  • Major IT movements
  • No future....
  • SaaS sets the trend
  • Enterprise pays the bills
  • Driving down the cost of technological change
  • Started 8.5 years ago
  • Datacenter and Cloud Automation
  • Language: Easy to Get Started class ssh { ! package { 'openssh-server': ensure => present, } ! file { 'sshd_config': path => '/etc/ssh/sshd_config', source => ‘puppet:///modules/ssh/sshd_config', require => Package['openssh-server'], notify => Service['sshd'], } ! service { 'sshd': ensure => running, enable => true, require => File['sshd_config'], } ! }
  • Facts The node sends normalized data about itself to the Puppet Master. 1 Catalog Puppet uses the Facts to compile a Catalog that specifies how the node should be configured. 2 Report Puppetʼs open API can also send data to third party tools. 4 Report The node reports back to Puppet indicating the configuration is complete, which is visible in the Puppet Dashboard. 3 Report Collector (Puppet or 3rd party tool) Node Puppet Master SSL secure encryption on all data transport Lifecycle of a Puppet Run
  • Puppet Architecture Web Server Database ServerApplication Server Reporting GUI & Workflows Content Admin & Security Virtual Machine CloudHardware PUPPET MASTER SERVER PUPPET AGENT PUPPET FORGE CONTENT MARKETPLACE PUPPET AGENT PUPPET AGENT PUPPET OPEN SOURCE PLATFORM
  • Puppet Enterprise
  • Solid platform
  • Ecosystem Support
  • Get there faster
  • Interactive Event Analysis
  • Live Management: Remote Control of Puppet Agent
  • Live Management: Resource Browsing and Centralized Inv.
  • Non-Root Puppet Agent Support
  • Supported Modules
  • Current Supported Modules
  • Puppet Forge
  • Puppet Forge
  • Open Source
  • Technical Proving Ground
  • Highly Flexible Core Components
  • Puppet • Core language for specifying infrastructure state • Transactional system for enforcing it • Resource Abstraction Layer • Reusable modules: Puppet Forge Puppet Enterprise built on top of Puppet
  • MCollective (mco) • Parallel, real-time execution across your whole network • Real-time discovery of all nodes and their functions • Powerful command and control tool Drives Orchestration Engine in Puppet Enterprise
  • PuppetDB • Stores all configurations, facts, and reports • Knows everything there is to know about your infrastructure • Foundation for nearly all reporting and analysis Foundation for Puppet / Puppet Enterprise data storage
  • Facter • Facts: bits of data that you care about • Core inputs for customizing Puppet configurations per host • Easily pluggable to collect new data or store it in existing databases • Supports rich data structures Foundation for Puppet / Puppet Enterprise Inventory
  • Hiera • Separate site configuration data from reusable code • Iterate and promote code quickly without having to manage dev/test configuration differences Foundation for Puppet / Puppet Enterprise Hierarchical Data
  • Razor • Rules-based provisioning for bare metal hardware and virtual servers • Feeds directly into your Puppet Infrastructure • Physical machines as easy to provision as VMs Provision servers, then use Puppet / Puppet Enterprise
  • Puppet Labs
  • Customers Everywhere
  • We’re Hiring! • Professional Services (everywhere) • Engineering • QA • Modules • Forge • Windows • Platform • Solutions Engineering • Support • ...and lots more puppetlabs.com/about/careers
  • What’s Next?
  • Join the Community • Learn from others • Ask/Answer questions • http://ask.puppetlabs.com • mailing lists • IRC • Help with bug triage • Contribute code • Contribute modules on the Forge puppetlabs.com/community
  • Take In-Person Training & Get Certified
  • People Love our Worldwide Training! I liked being with other sharp admins in an environment where "cross-pollination" and experimentation were encouraged. “ “A brilliant course to jump into using puppet fast and effectively. “ Very useful information, a good start for our Puppet team, and would highly recommend it.
  • Take Online Training puppetlabs.com/learn
  • Influence Products
  • Questions? Questions?
  • Thank You! ! Learn More: http://puppetlabs.com http://puppetlabs.com/community http://puppetlabs.com/puppet/puppet-enterprise/