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Puppet at janrain
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Puppet at janrain



James Loope, Janrain

James Loope, Janrain



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    Puppet at janrain Puppet at janrain Presentation Transcript

    • Puppet at Janrain James Loope
    • In the beginning...
    • Awesomeness
    • More awesomeness
    • Less awesome
    • Opposite of awesome
    • Totally awesome
    • Wagons Ho!
    • Were not in Kansas Anymore
    • On demand resources! Features! APIs!
    • Impermanence! Competition! APIs!
    • Sometimes you have to let go its not your puppy, its just an instance
    • Persistence does not make it better Entropy will get you in the end
    • Do it right the first time, make it repeatable
    • Puppet keeps us saneclass apps::zookeeper-server ( $nodes ) { package { "zookeeperd" : ensure => installed } service { "zookeeper": ensure => running, enable => true, hasstatus => true, pattern => "zookeeper", require => Package["zookeeperd"] } file { "/etc/zookeeper/conf/zoo.cfg" : content => template("apps/zookeeper/zoo.cfg.erb") }}
    • Version control lets us work together>git branch -rorigin/HEAD -> origin/masterorigin/developmentorigin/master
    • Environments keep us safe development > staging > production
    • Scary APIs?
    • Simple tools keep us efficient> createaserver.rb -a ami-e2af508b -n test1.janrain.com -SFog launches an Ubuntu base amiserver = compute.servers.create(:image_id => options[:ami], :flavor_id =>options[:type], :groups => options[:groups], :user_data => puppet: conf: agent: server: puppet.janrain.com certname: "test1.janrain.com" environment: "development" pluginsync: true waitforcert: true
    • ● Ubuntu cloud-init installs puppet ○ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CloudInit ○ also: work around for provider prerequisite problem ● Puppet starts up and waits for signing ○ our utility signs the cert over the REST api ■ http://docs.puppetlabs.com/guides/rest_api.htmlcurl -i --cert ~/.puppetcred/puppet.crt --key ~/.puppetcred/puppet.key --cacert ~/.puppetcred/ca_crt.pemhttps://puppet.janrain.com/development/certificate_status/test1.janrain.com -H Content-Type: text/pson -X PUT --data{"desired_state":"signed"}
    • ● Puppet starts up and installs our base from common modules ○ users ○ groups ○ ssh pubkeys ○ common apps ○ metrics and monitors ■ collectd ■ nagios ■ mcollective
    • ● Puppet sets up the DNS ○ via REST API ○ http://dyn.com/dns/dynect-managed-dns/● Puppet manages our instance volumes with lvm ○ https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppet-lvm● Puppet deploys application code with vcsrepo ○ https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppet-vcsrepo
    • Tadah!ssh test1.janrain.comWelcome to Ubuntu 11.04 (GNU/Linux 2.6.38-8-virtual i686)jloope@test1.janrain.com:~$
    • The dashboard gives us insight
    • Avoiding the Stampede ● Its hard to keep the PuppetMasters load predictable ● Puppetcommander ● Initiates runs in an orderly fashion ● Can be globally disabledhttps://github.com/puppetlabs/mcollective-plugins/tree/master/agent/puppetd/commander/
    • Whats next?● External Node classifier● LXC Development Environment● Build => Bundle => Scale● Puppet and Zookeeper via Facter
    • In conclusion