Opsinthecloud - david nalley
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  • 1. Ops in the Cloud Puppetconf David Nalley [email_address]
  • 2. # whoami
    • Horrible at slide aesthetics
    • 3. Recovering sysadmin
    • 4. Community Manager for CloudStack
    • 5. Contributor to a number of F/LOSS projects
      • Fedora
      • 6. Zenoss
      • 7. Number of others to lesser degrees
  • 8. What this isn't
    • Telling you how to be the next {Netflix, Facebook, Zynga, Google}
    • 9. A presentation about the cloud (hopefully you know what that is)
    • 10. A detailed checklist of what to do to get it right.
  • 11. The problem domain
    • Provisioning of machines and services isn't centralized, and perhaps not even human driven.
    • 12. Scaling means that machines come and go and come and go, and come and go.
    • 13. You may or may not have the same level of access that you are used to.
    • 14. Things happen MUCH faster
  • 15. Foundational Elements of Cloud Ops
    • Automated Provisioning
    • 16. Config Management
    • 17. Monitoring
    • 18. Orchestration
  • 19. Automated Provisioning
    • Cloud has typically meant golden masters. FAIL
    • 20. No access to the typical things you'd likely have access to even with virtualization.
    • 21. AMI, VHD, OVA, OVF, QCOW2, VMDK, oh my!
    • 22. Have disk image, how to start? Multiple clouds?
  • 23. Config Management
    • Machines come and go whimsically – no time to edit nodes.pp or manually handle certs
      • How do I ensure that it gets correct manifests applied.
      • 24. Is autosigning really secure?
    • Lots of potential for cruft to build up if done wrong.
  • 25. Monitoring
    • Scaling means you might not care about single instances.
      • If a single instance goes down, and no one notices, should you care?
      • 26. At what point do you alert?
    • What do you do with all of the data (that machine only stayed up for 30 minutes or 30 hours)
    • 27. Did the machine die, or did something magically decommission it? Or is it 'Cloud HA'?
  • 28. Orchestration
    • Config Management gets you to a state – but is a small slice.
    • 29. Scheduling batch jobs, app deployment.
    • 30. How do you know how many appservers there are at any given time that you should be orchestrating?