Effort to improve Pune Traffic


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Effort to improve Pune Traffic

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Effort to improve Pune Traffic

  1. 1. “Mission 10vi Pass” On Road Activity 2-4 Mar 2010 Ninad Patil 4th March 2010
  2. 2. Mission 10Vi Pass • “Mission 10vi Pass” (MDP) is a Pune City wide campaign to significantly improve traffic discipline & is a brain-child of SPTM. (Save Pune Traffic Movement) • As the traffic discipline in Pune city is deteriorated to it’s highest low, time has come for “back-to-school”. • The campaign is a citizen’s campaign with a step- by-step reinforcement of traffic rules, starting from the simple to more difficult rules to implement. (10 steps/ standards) • The campaign is supported by Govt. authorities like PMC, Police & RTO along with Corporates, educational institutes and other citizen’s bodies.
  3. 3. Mission 10Vi Pass • As a part of on-road awareness and “Visibility” of the campaign, it was decided along with Police (DCP Traffic Mr. Manoj Patil) that Cummins & SPTM volunteers would create awareness on select crossings in Pune, where traffic infrastructure is in place (Signals & Zebras in working condition). • This part was named as “Opration Ishara (alarm)”, which will be then followed by “Operation Achanak (Sudden action on violators)” carried out by Police. • Sections of busy Karve Road were selected (Nal Stop & Khandujibaba Chowk at Deccan Gymkhana)
  4. 4. Mission 10Vi Pass • This on-road activity was very well led by Cummins India Limited (Kothrud Plant) . Besides sponsoring awareness placards, over 120 volunteers from Cummins also participated in the activity. • The activity was also supported by 30 MBA students of RIHMS( Research Institute of Health, Science & Management, Pune) • Similar activity was carried out in Dec-09 as well. At that time about 100 volunteers from Cummins, participated in the activity. • These volunteers worked closely along with Police and wardens in the busy time slots of 9.00am- 11.00am on 2-3-4 March 2010.
  5. 5. Mission 10Vi Pass • While Cummins volunteers took the morning slots, the evening slots were covered by RIHMS & SPTM volunteers. • The entire activity was pre-decided and supported by Police under the guidance of API Mr. Sureshkumar Raut of Kothrud Police station & PI Kutwal of Deccan Police station. • Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic Division) Mr. Manoj Patil visited us on 3rd March’10 and appreciated our campaign in support of improving traffic discipline. • The activity coincided with the start of National Safety Week. DCP Patil also appreciated Cummins volunteers for wearing safety jackets while conducting the activity. • Following slides exhibit some of the pictures of the entire exercise.
  6. 6. Cummins Volunteers get ready
  7. 7. Effective ?
  8. 8. DCP Manoj Patil Over-seeing our activity
  9. 9. DCP Patil reviewing our Placard
  10. 10. Gemba: On-the-Spot Review of issues with Police & volunteers
  11. 11. DCP Manoj Patil addressing the volunteers
  12. 12. Women volunteers in action
  13. 13. Police catching the violators with help from our volunteer
  14. 14. Cummins Volunteers in action
  15. 15. Cummins Volunteers in action
  16. 16. Key Observations: +ve • Commuters respect volunteers, even when Police are not around. • Police feel charged with help from volunteers. • Many commuters thank the volunteers for their efforts. • Volunteers educate commuters about ‘stop line’ and ‘no free left turn’.
  17. 17. Key Observations: +ve • Good team work between SPTM, Cummins and Police. • Volunteers were thanked by pedestrians for helping them cross safely. • Safety Jackets worn by Cummins volunteers increased visibility of the campaign and safety of volunteers.
  18. 18. Key Observations: -ve • Police become little relaxed after getting volunteers in action after some time. • Some volunteers were not effective. • Few confrontations with Commuters could have been avoided. • Violations increase after releasing volunteers from the place. • Number of violations fined were not available easily from Police.
  19. 19. •Thank you