Future Is A Butterfly!


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A mini report on corporate creativity. Can creativity be taught? What about the ROI on creativity training? Where to start the initiative in an organisation?

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Future Is A Butterfly!

  1. 1. The Future Is a Butterfly!A Mini Report On Corporate Creativity!www.creacos.com 91- 9820003092
  2. 2. Corporate Creativity?Why do we need creativity and innovation more than ever?Lets go back in time: About 15 years.Imagine a conference room in a premium Mumbai hotel.Nokia was our client and they hosted a seminar...the branding expertsspoke about Nokias human technology positioning."Human technology! Its not just about technology, its about thecustomer. Its future proofing the brand. So that the brand remainsrelevant in spite of the changes in the market place!"The argument was convincing.The applause was loud and clear.Now lets fast forward to...today!Nothing future proof today.Nokia is struggling to keep its placeintact in a market which is being directed by computer companies.The only way to future proof a business today is to innovatecontinuously.To create the future before others invent a different version of it!You think telecommunications is a silicon valley game?Lets get closer to home...
  3. 3. There is No Competition!We know everyone out there!A small hall in a developing indian city.We were talking to a group of newspaper guys.( I am holding the name for reasons of confidentiality)The whole team was there...Editors, Feature writers, circulation guys,space selling executives.Their newspaper is one of the leading daily in the region.The distribution guy told the group, there is no need to worry.No threat to the future of business.He informed us..Every vendor knows me by name.We are a family. I attend the marriges in their homes.Its just difficult for any other group to shake us here!"I heard the same applause once again.The mention of internet didnt make any difference.They were all unanimous in the conclusion:People want to hold the newspaper in the hand.They want to carry it in their bags.Now, we told them about the Electronic paper.A thin paper like an electronic sheet which can be used to receivethe news any time of the day!It will be like an electronic newspaper!
  4. 4. With such an invention you can get your own editionwhenever you want. And the reader can customize thenewspaper as per her choice.There was a pin drop silence!The current newspaper vendors wont make a difference insuch a scenario.The game will change!To give them credit, they agreed its a possibility.And they knew they have to be ready for such a future.Today the competition is not just our own industry. It canarise from unexpected corners. Even from garages wherefuture versions of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are planning theirnext moves!“The world is moving so fast! Even to stand inyour own place...You must...RUN! run! RUN!”:Captain Creaco
  5. 5. Innovation: The Core ValueThe secret which is written on the wall!Now let’s walk into an organization.It can be almost any organization.There is every probability that you will seeInnovation as one of the core values of the organization.The corporate executives are much more aware of the need toinnovate. They know the pulse of the times.But yet...If we make an honest effort to discover the innovation efforts there, wewill only find some Idea boxes in various corners of the organization.These boxes might be empty. Or full of complaints!Everyone knows the truth:Competition is toughThe targets are highpeople are stressed.Where is the time to think Ideas?
  6. 6. More Questions!Can creativity be taught?Is it possible to un-condition peoples thinking?Will creativity and innovation training be useful forour own organization?And where is the ecosystem to make such powerfulimpact?
  7. 7. Can Creativity Be taught?How to teach a butterfly to fly straight!I am a creativity trainer. And invested bigger part of my lifein creative endeavors. So my response to this question will bea biased one.Various rigorous researches on innovation efforts will giveyou an objective picture.1:In a Torrence research, it was found: Age Creativity Score 3-5 98 % Scored genius 8 -10 32 % Scored genius Adults (25 +) 2 % Scored geniusIn other words, creativity scores declined as people grow older.So, the real challenge in creativity training is to give people in ourorganizations, a chance to rediscover that creative streak.The good news is: It’s possible. Various calculations done onCreativity training and it’s ROI suggests that creativity trainingworks!And works remarkably well!
  8. 8. 2:Organizations, such as 3M, Frito-Lay, and Texas Instruments, haveintroduced systematic creativity activities into their training andproduction processes with outstanding results.Frito-Lay, for instance, reports documented cost savings over a four-year period of almost $600 million due to their creativity trainingprograms.4:The Wall Street Journal reported that a two year in-house creativitycourse at General Electric resulted in a60% increase in patentable concepts.5:Participants in Pittsburgh Plate Glass creativity training showed a300% increase in viable ideas compared with those who elected not totake the course.6:At Sylvania, several thousand employees took a 40 hour course increative problem solving.ROI: $20 for every $1 spent.7:Hewlett-Packard invested over $2 billion in R&D in 1999, andgenerated more than 1,300 patent applications.Net revenue: $42.37 billion.I must add, all these were well planned, consistent efforts.Creating a culture of creativity needs commitment.
  9. 9. Will it be useful in ourorganization?The most important question!We can choose any yardstick. Whether neuroscience researchor the various researches done in organizations, it’s provenbeyond doubt that committed innovation efforts are fruitful.But yet, how to make sure it will work in our organization?We can take a few tips from our farmer friends in this regard.I learnt it while traveling across India to understand farmersapproach and habits in using pesticides.They use tested and proven products on 95 % of their crop,but a 5 % part of the field is reserved for experimentingwith new innovative products...This serves 2 purposes:They compare the crop and its quality obtained from newproducts vis-a-vis the crop from old products.If new product gives better result , they use it for the next cropcycle. And reap the benefits.If the new product doesnt work for them, it doesnt make adifference to their overall results.
  10. 10. I propose the same method.Even when we know innovation is the need of the hour, we don’tknow where to start? There is a voice in us that says, may be itcan’t be done in our place.But let us look closely. Have an intention to make a change. andwe will discover there are many idea champions.They are the ones who kickstart new initiatives.Recognize them and enable them to amplify their innate qualities.Let us give them tools and techniques to achieve better results.Once the positive results are seen, it becomes much easier toimplement the initiatives in the larger system.......................................................................................................................................There are 2 questions still remaining:1: Is your organisation innovation ready?May be it is.If it is so, we will like to learn from your success. Please sharethe success stories with us, so we can learn from them.Creativity and innovation training is not in the forefront ofindian industries yet, so any positive news will be inspiring.May be innovation drives are on your agenda but you needhelp. In that case we can help you.
  11. 11. 2: Who are we?We are:Creacos: The Creative CommandoesA creativity and innovation training company.We can help you create the Indian case studies inbreakthrough thinking.To know more about us please visitwww.creacos.com/training.htmlYou can also enroll your idea champions in our upcomingopen training programme:Creative Power HouseMumbai: 20th Oct. 2012This unique creativity thinking module will immensely helpyour idea champions.To know more please visit the link below;Tell us more about Creative Power House.........................................................................................There is an idea factory in all of us, what weneed is a punch card to get in!Mail: punito@thecreativitymission.comOr call:09820003092