The 2nd most important lesson by a creative coach...

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  • 1. WWW.CREACOS.COM The 2nd most importantlesson by a creativecoach!What will you learn?You will learn some very important lessons. Like:1. Coaches need not be serious all the time. Sometime they can be funny and also can crack jokes.2. The lesson number 2 is more important than the lesson number1 1.Let’s  begin  with  lesson  1:I wanted to be a pilot. I appeared and passed theNDA (National Defense Academy) entrance exams,even the PABT(Pilot Aptitude Battery Test).But I couldn’t pass the medicals. You know, thesemilitary people take out all your clothes for themedical checkup. I mean ALL.Now I don’t know what they didn’t like under myclothes!May be they detected some germs on my underwear ormay be doctor was in a bad mood that day…or...whatever…The truth is I am not a pilot now, but a coach.Obviously my first lesson in success to everyoneis this: “Wear hygienic underpants!”
  • 2. WWW.CREACOS.COM And if you are still here,my second most important lessonto you will be:“Right now, goto a surgeonand tell him totake out theExcuse Machinefrom your body.That will help you more thananything else inachieving the super success youalways crave for!”And if the doctor makes any excuses, like:He has never learnt of such a machine in the humanbody, or the fact that he never attended hismedical classes regularly, so he might have missed
  • 3. WWW.CREACOS.COM this important lesson on human anatomy, don’twaste your time! Hit him on the head and run toanother doctor!Because the truth is:No one has become really successful in the worldwith that excuse machine whirring inside the head.You must have seen thousands of people, who canexplain at length why they are not successful.Or not as successful as they want to be! Assuccessful as they can be!• Because heredity was not with them.• Because there upbringing was not correct.• Because they can’t butter up other people in authority.• Because they are plain and simple people and plain and simple people don’t succeed in life.And thousands of other excuses. But…think of it:You won’t find a single soul excusing herway to success!Excuses works on such a subtle level that we don’teven realize this machine is on, inside us.Some people start making excuses in their headseven while they attempt the task, “what am I goingto tell people if I don’t succeed”.This excuse machine sucks energy to make sure youdon’t succeed.
  • 4. WWW.CREACOS.COM If you find yourself criticizing other successfulpeople and finding reasons why they shouldn’t besuccessful, please look inside and switch off thatexcuse machine…Because this is nothing but a wayof telling yourself why you are not successful.Now if you hit me for saying this, you have anexcuse!I am provoking you.I am provoking you to be successful my friend andthis machine won’t let anybody be successful.Why I am so hell bent on getting this machine outof your system.Listen carefully! I am serious now:Let’s take an example. A pilot wants to reachLondon from Mumbai.Pilots have certain directions but it’s not asdefined as for car drivers. So in the course oftheir journey they deflect 100s of time from theirprescribed path.They have instruments which tell them how far awaythey have gone from the reference point.Just imagine, if they start making excuses as towhy they deflected?“You know the air is behaving funny.”“I am going the right path; in fact theseinstruments are all wrong!”“I can’t help; the Saturn has just entered myhoroscope!”
  • 5. WWW.CREACOS.COM I know I am exaggerating a bit here. But the truthis, a plane would reach nowhere with that kind ofa pilot.The pilots don’t make excuses.They take the feedback for correcting the path andthey do so again and again many times in thecourse of the journey.That’s how you reach the destination every timeyou take a flight.I would say they have a “feedback using mechanism”in their heads.In contrast the excuse machines convert thefeedback into an ego battle.It generate excuses and then more excuses forjustifying those excuses.If we switch off the excuse machine we can takethe feedback coming from the environment as justthat- feedback.• And we can use the feedback to change our actions.• Or if needed we can choose to change the whole action plan to achieve success..• If the feedback says, we are not good enough for something we can practice and get stronger in that area.• If our understanding of the environment is not correct we can always change our course of action and make new attempts.
  • 6. WWW.CREACOS.COM • If we are good but others are better than us, we can always put more efforts, we can ask masters and mentors to help us out, and can use better equipments to get better results.Important thing is to reach the destination. Nothow many times you had to correct your path.So, go and get that excuse machine out.No one has yet succeeded with one whirring insidetheir head!Or a dirty underwear on their body!………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Don’t just LIKE and SHARE this document.Honestly ask yourself:What are your excuses for not getting the kind ofsuccess you want for yourself?What are your arguments to convince yourself thatyou have achieved enough in your life?What feedback is there in your barriers, failures?What actions will help you change the feedback?When are you going to act?What’s your excuse for not beginning right now?Let no excuse come in your way. Take an action. Anaction towards success right now. Even if it isminuscule!And drop a mail to me:punito@thecreativitymission.comPuneet Bhatnagar,Captain Creacowww,
  • 7. WWW.CREACOS.COM This report is sole property of:Creacos:The Creative Commandoes.www.creacos.comYou can distribute it free, as is, withoutchanging the content in anyway.For more information