Understanding Men in Advertising


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An informational cutsheet including infographic design on advertising to young father demographic profiles.

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Understanding Men in Advertising

  1. 1. MEN. DO ADVERTISERS REALLY UNDERSTAND THEM? IT’S TIME TO DITCH THE STEREOTYPE. It’s not just technology, sports and beer. Men spend a lot of time online comparing prices in what’s considered more “female” categories like health and wellness and food and cooking.1 More than half of them read reviews of products and services and nearly as many share positive research results with friends. Nearly as many men as women will call a friend to ask advice about a purchase while they’re shopping in a store. MEN AREN’T AS BRAND LOYAL AS WOMEN. They like to know how to use stuff. They turn to search engines, comparison sites and brand sites to educate them – if the information isn’t compelling, they start over. And more men than women look up product reviews on their smartphone while in the store. Planning their futures and careers, saving, getting married and having children. Grocery shopping, co-parenting (and changing diapers!) and cooking a lot of the family meals. IT’S TIME TO RETHINK MEN. MEN CAN BE HARDER TO PERSUADE THAN WOMEN. While men and women recall advertising at similar levels, men are generally less responsive to advertising messages overall. MEN ARE MULTITASKERS. It can be hard to capture their attention when they’re on three devices at once. RELYING ON PREVIOUS STEREOTYPES TO INFLUENCE MEN WON’T WORK It may even alienate them. The portrayal of the lazy guy or Dad that doesn’t know how to wash clothes or feed his kids is out of touch with reality and further perpetuates negative stereotypes.
  2. 2. PRE-FAMILY MAN YOUNG DAD DAILY TIME SPENT WITH MEDIA 10.4 HOURS3 0.2 Watching Movie in Theater 0.0 0.6 Reading 0.3 1.6 Playing Video Games 1.0 1.7 Listening to Radio/Recorded Audio 2.1 3.0 Going Online/Using a Computer 1.8 0.2 Watching Pre-recorded Video 0.1 3.1 Watching TV 3.1 8.6 HOURS3 Not all media options listed. 8.9 NON-LEISURE 2.8 OTHER LEISURE 8.6 SLEEPING 12.6 NON-LEISURE 2.2 OTHER LEISURE 7.9 SLEEPING AVERAGE SPEND ON MEDIA (PER MONTH) TOTAL $368 Content $121 Services $247 $ 27 13 12 10 10 27 CONTENT Video Games DVDs/BluRay Discs Live Events Tickets Books Movie Tickets CDs $ 19 12 10 9 10 -- SERVICES 32 17 19 6 6 7 Mobile/Smartphone Cable TV Internet Satellite TV Landline Phone Newspaper Subscription (Online) 38 15 14 10 7 -- TOTAL $396 Content $118 Services $278
  3. 3. OPPORTUNITIES FOR MARKETERS PRE-FAMILY MAN THEY’RE BIG GAMERS: 75% spend more than 7 hours gaming and also connect their game console to the internet to watch movies/download content THEY LOVE THEIR TOYS: Spend the most time online researching autos, 50% are influenced by digital advertising; 44% are loyal auto and tech enthusiasts THEY’RE HIGHLY MOBILE AND THEY’RE SOCIAL: 87% primarily communicate via mobile phone and 90% use Facebook THEY GIVE ADVICE ABOUT TECH PRODUCTS: 72% give advice to their friends and family about tech products “ My primary focus right now is to build myself a base for my career, for the next 5 years, while still enjoying myself. In the next 5 years, I’ll probably have a family. Some ankle-biters. MALE, AGE 25 YOUNG DAD “ …advertising and products that are family friendly… MALE, AGE 29, 3 KIDS ” THEY’VE CLEANED UP THEIR ACT: 70% say the type ” of media they consume is more ‘family’ friendly THEY STILL TRAVEL: 54% expect to travel this year THEY’RE STILL GAMERS: but 79% use their console for streaming movies and other family friendly content THEY GIVE ADVICE ABOUT HOME PRODUCTS and they’re social: WRAP UP “ 54% give advice to their friends and family about CPG products and 94% use Facebook ” Several devices I use have become more useful since having a child, from internet searches, to online shopping and bill pay… to apps for my iPad to monitor the baby or read stories and to Skype relatives who live too far away to visit often. MALE, AGE 29, 1 CHILD Women may be the heavy shoppers in their house, but research shows men are catching up. Our advice to marketers is to look beyond their typical target (female) audience and make men feel at home. Our ads enable advertisers to tell their stories how they want to, control their message in a brand-friendly environment, and are more persuasive than ads on competitive sites. And our properties attract guys who have a higher likelihood to make purchases compared with other sites. Only Microsoft Advertising combines high-quality content with proven technology across multiple screens to help advertisers reach and engage men at the point of purchase. 1 Survey by Men’s Health magazine and GfK Roper 2 Pew Internet & American Life Project 3 Ipsos MediaCT, March 2012