Research on online behavior of the urban indian home makers


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Research on online behavior of the urban indian home makers

  1. 1. Bing ApplicationsFor the Urban Indian Home makerRemodelling search engine experience for 1.Comparative Analysis and User needs documentationusers with limited computer skills NID Bangalore Classroom Project
  2. 2. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerUnderstanding internet users in IndiaHow the users are segmented (iCube 2008) India has 39.3 million active internet users (iCube 2008) 818 • Total Population (in million, NRS 2006) 573 • English speaking population 94% acces the internet from homes and office 140 • Computer literates 91% of users are from urban areas 87.1 • Claimed Internet users 39.3 • Active internet users
  3. 3. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerSkewed sex ratioInternet continues to be male domiantaed15% of internet users are women 2% are home makers 40% are school and college kids
  4. 4. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerWhy target Urban Home makers?The untapped potential Internet penetration in SEC A/B households have theIndian women continue to play a strong partof a middle class household and generally highest growth (iCube2008)enjoy freedom in decesion making on do- Women are given freedom to make decisions on do-mestic issues. mestic issuesWith increasing internet penetration, more Women have the power to influence financial decisionsfamilies have access to personal computers of the familyand internet from home, but there exists adisproportionate number of women using Homemakers have daily routines which are easy tothe internet. identifyFrom statistics on the internet usage, it is Homemakers have still not been specifically targeted bypossible that there exists a large number of internet mediahouseholds that have access to a computerbut are not utilised by the women at home. There has hardly been any studies on barriers prevent- ing home makers and women using internet
  5. 5. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerBackground study: Women behaviour onlineExamining gender differences in online behaviour (PEW/Internet 2006)Women like Internet for the human connections it promotesWomen get information mainly on mail, personal problems, health, medicine and religionWomen are more likely than men to value their email with friends, family, and work colleaguesMore men than women perform online transactions, although both share a rapidly growing enthusiasmfor the internet’s function as a tool of commerceTransactions represent some of the fastest-growing online activities among men and women alike, withparticipation in banking more than doubling over the last five years54% of men and 40% of women have self-confidence as searchersWomen feel the glut of online information more than men doWomen start searches on familiar, proprietary websites or following recommended linksWomen are more concerned than men about general criminal use of the internetParents are more likely to be online than nonparents
  6. 6. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerChalking up a roadmap Market Study Market Segmentation Identifying opportunity Background Study Comparative analysis of Examining previous studies Preliminary field study existing products Research Questionnaire planning Field research Online survey Analysis Insights from User needs Persona extraction Opportunity analysis research documentation Conceptualization Scenario Selection and Brainstorming Idea generation User testing creation refining of idea
  7. 7. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home maker Comparative analysis of existing products Landing page of top four search engines in IndiaSearch Engine (Market Share) Google 64% Yahoo 20% Rediff 7% Bing ( 2%-MSN) No image. Though the styling of the brand keeps changing according to the Usage of image on the page occasion. No image. which changes everyday.Elements Icons + labels + news etcSearch box Available Available Available Available -the web -the web -the webSearch - Pages from India - Pages from India the web - Pages from India Not Available at 1st page Not available at 1st page Option of typing search is Translator available in global languages under Not Available in first page. Comes later in Language convertor underLanguage translation available in local languages advanced search result page in local languages more and preferences options Web, Images, Maps, News, Orkut, Books, Gmail, more-Translate, Scholar, Web, Images, Videos, News, Blogs, Youtube, Calendar, Web, Images, News, Local, more-Search Web, images, videos, local, travel, jobs, Maps, Photos, Documents, Readers services like Image, job , product , yahoo more-Image search, local ads, Bus more-images, webs,Main links etc search blog search,map search translator,community Visit us on mobile, set as homepage, iGoogle, search settings, sign US, Sign in , Create a Make Bing your homepage,Secondary links in Not Available Rediffmail account Sign in , India, Preferences Available under advancedCustomization of search search Available under advanced search Not Available Available under preferencesSearch suggestions while typingkeywords Available Available Available Available Available under advertising Available under post your add on resultAd Posting programs Not Available page Not Available
  8. 8. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home maker Comparative analysis of existing products Search result page comparisonSearch Engine Google Yahoo Rediff Bing Offers special topic pages Offer s special topic pages with with links to most relevant Offers special topic pages with links to most links to most relevant documents relevant documents Offers special topic pages with links to documents most relevant documents Present the results in pages Present the results in pages with a fixed number of items Present the results in pages with a fixed with a fixed number of items and allow the users to move number of items and allow the users to move Present the results in pages with a fixed and allow the users to move easily from one page of items easily from one page of items to another number of items and allow the users to easily from one page of items to another move easily from one page of items to to another Home link navigation another Home link navigation Home link navigation Yahoo gives some categories for the Google provides random searched results. It also gives other related Home link navigation Bing gives other related searchNavigation Pattern search results. search options options Rediff gives other related search optionsNo of search results per page 10 10 10 10 Under show options we have All results- Images, Videos, News, Blogs Anytime- Latest, 24 Hrs, Past More information about the week Search pad- makes a note of ur search word page and popular links related Timeline, Safe search -allows user to costomize options to that link pops up when weAdditional options like Language, Display & layout, No of pages. Post your ads hover over the search resultFeedback Available Available Available AvailableSponsored sites Available Available Available Available
  9. 9. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home maker Comparative analysis of existing products Image search comparisonSearch Engine Google Yahoo Rediff Bing Image search gives the Image search gives the thumbnail images with 4 thumbnail images with the different options to change link to the sites along with Image search gives the thumbnail images the view of the search. the size and the file type. with the link to the sites along with the size and the file type. Image search gives the thumbnail images Advanced options like image with the link to the sites along with the Arrangement of advanced size, type and colour are Advanced options like image size, type and share option. option is there at the side in there but need to be selected colour are arranged in collapsible form along expandable form and Repeated by the user. with check boxes. Only size option is available navigation pattern is followed.Description It follow faceted navigation.
  10. 10. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerPreliminary Research: Meeting home makersHaving informal interviews with the target group to assess the scenarioTo asses the existing scenario and verify our Objective was to asses the perception of internet andassumptions from the background study technology among older generationphase, we decided to go into the field and Target users for preliminary interviews were men overhave informal talks with the target usergroup to collect preliminary information for 60 and women over 40research. Sample Questions: Have you used the internet/computer?This was done to ensure that there existed aproblem to solve and also get a good idea of How comfortable are you with technology?the target user environment to conduct amore detailed study. What are the problems you face with the internet? How do you think you can benefit from internet?The study was conducted by interviewingwomen during their evening walks in an What would you like to do on the internet?upscale residential complex. Who use the internet the most at home?
  11. 11. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerDefining the problem statementIdentifying the core design problemTo identify what really the problem to betackled was, we examined the responses we Problem statement:got from informal talks with the homemakers. “How to make the internet easierAfter making a list of common issues that for women to explore”was encountered, we could identify thatoverall women were not confident of explor-ing the internet on their own.We definied the problem statement so as tokeep our design concepts focused.
  12. 12. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerPlanning the researchPreparing questions to askWith the focus on the problem statement,the research was planned in such a way as to Field Researchgive insights on the main barriers thatwomen and home makers face while usingthe internet and their attitudes about tech- Observations on behavior andnology. environment of home makersIt was decided to collect data through fieldresearch as well as an online questionnnaire.The field research would be to observehousehold setup, economical background, Online Surveyleisure activities and their perspective ofinternet Quantitative data on interests, educational background, profession and computer skill of women
  13. 13. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerField research methodologyInteracting with the target group in personThe field research was conducted at two residential Data points:areas: Platinum City, Yeshwantpur and HSR Layout. AgeThe participants were initially picked on random Educational qualificationbasis, but was later chosen on referral basis to Professionexclude those who did not have computer access, Family details including spouse and childrenbachelors and others who were outside the target Hobbiessegment. Interest in technologyThe interviewees were primarily homemakers above Experience with internet and computers40. After a general chat session about technology Online activitiesand family, a questions session was conducted usu- Offline activitiesally with the presence of other family members. Social behaviour Problems faced with internetA total of 28 personal interviewes was conducted Search behaviour
  14. 14. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerOnline research methodologyCollecting data over the internetThe primary purpose of the online survey was to Data points:collect quantitative data and statistics of women Access to internetbehaviour. Educational qualification ProfessionThis data was used to assess the type of interests Size of householdwomen had and how search engines could be opti- Interest in technologymized for them. It was also used to collect details ofbarriers women faced using internet and how suc- Confidence using computerscessful they were with searching for information on Success using search enginesthe internet. Time spent online Online activitiesThe survey was made using google docs and was Problems using internetpublicised through facebook, twitter and to friends Level of assistance required while using com-using chat. 117 responses was collected over 3 days. puters
  15. 15. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerInsights from Research Profession (Segmented) Profession High School home makers Graduate home makers Home maker educationHome makers Working Women Teacher/Education Other working upto High School Graduate or higher 15% 31% 27% 38% 15% 69% 62% 43% A good proportion of the Indian women cotinue to be home makers and work mostly in the education sector Majority of urban Indian homemakers have education atleast upto bachelors level
  16. 16. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home maker Insights from Research Internet access for home makers Problems faced by home makersHigh school educated with access Graduate with access with internetNo internet access Language No leisure time 23% 24% Ignorance of internet Lack of Assistance 53% Low Technical Skill 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Graduate High School 77% of the homemakers have access to internet from home Low technical skill and understanding of computers is cited as the biggest barrier for using the internet Ignorance about the features of the internet is a common problem for all homemakers Language is more of a problem for homemakers with only high school education
  17. 17. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerInsights from Research Assistance require by homemakers to Online activities of home makers Searching confidence by home use internet Graduate High School makers Rarely, can use independently Needs help often Very good Average Bad Scared to use without help Not interested in internetSocial Networking 6 2 Entertaintment 8 4 14% 14% 26% 49% Information 19 8 28% 37% 32% Email and Chat 32 20 Email is by far the most common online activity for homemakers Searching for general information on topics and news is the next most performed task Social networking has still not caught the attention of Indian home makers Only 14% of home makers expressed high confidence levels while searching for information on the internet 26% of respondents claim to be comfortable using the internet on their own, 60% require help 14% of home makers were not interested to use the internet at all Majority of the users spend minimal time on the internet, just to finish one task and do not explore
  18. 18. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home maker Observations from ResearchMost home makers had a good social network and were interested in what others were doingIt was found that a good number were curious about the internet but lamented that nobody was there to help themlearnSome home makers wanted a class or workshop where they could be trained and given an introduction to computersMany home makers had unique talents and interests which they pursued like cooking, dancing or singingMajority of women were found to be religiously inclined and had an interest in devotional activitiesHome makers felt that priorities have changed after marriage and no longer had the leisure time and enjoyment theyused toWomen were not comfortable making transaction online and felt that it was unsafe to disclose personal informationover the internetFew women felt that computers and internet has spoilt the younger generation and has made people lazyWomen liked havng someone nearby to ask for assistance while using computersOlder women felt that computers are meant only for the younger generation and was too technical for their operation
  19. 19. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerExtracting personasFinding patterns in research data Persona comparison Chart Grey represents old ageBehavioural patterns that were observed in Size represents relative financial freedomthe research data were grouped together toform personas which were based on thoseobserved during the field research. A Acceptance of technology >A total of 4 personas were extracted whichreflected the range of interest levels in inter- Bnet, educational qualification and the levelof ease by which they could be made to Cexplore the internet. DAll the personas have limited computer skills. High School Graduate Postgraduate Educational Qualification >
  20. 20. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerPersona A: The social home makerPriya Mohan Age 38 Hobbies interior decoration, yoga, cooking, Educational Qualification B.Com walking, movies and music Profession Home maker Social behaviour Has plenty of friends, likes to meet new Husband Senior Manager at ParleG people and attend parties Children Daughter in 3rd Std Uses internet for Email and voice chatting, cooking recipies “I love the internet, its become so easy to keep in touch with my friends in other cities”Priya’s does not feel the need to work since they are financially well offShe spends her time at home talking on the phone with friends, she regularly goes to their houses and has small gettogethersShe is particularly interested in yoga, enjoys cooking new dishes for her husband and daughterShe uses the internet mainly to check her email and voice chat with ther friends in other cities. She likes forwardinginteresting mails to friends. She uses google occasionally to look for recipies. Her activities are influenced to a largeextent by her friends.She has her own bank account, credit and ATM card which she uses for her shopping
  21. 21. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerPersona B: The busy home makerAnita Mathur Age 42 Hobbies takes tutions, classical music,interior Educational Qualification M.Sc Chemistry decoration, devotional activities Profession 12th Std Chemistry teacher Social behaviour Does not have time to socialize because Husband Engineer at Electricity Board of tutions Children Son in 11th Std Uses internet for Email, she tries to use google to get info, but is not comfortable with it. “There is so much of useful information on the internet, but its so difficult to get what you want”Anita is busy most of the day either at school or taking tutions after coming homeSince her husband returns late from work, she has to handle the house all by herself including paying bills.She hardly has any leisure time to meet people or talk on the phoneShe uses the internet only for checking her mail, she is not confident to explore the internet because she does not havethe time to learn.She is not able to figure out how the internet can help her reduce the strain in her lifeShe has her own bank account trough which she handles house finances, generally takes financial decisions with hus-bands consent
  22. 22. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerPersona C: The experienced home makerMrs Bharathi Age 68 Hobbies listening to old music and movies, Educational Qualification 12th Std reading regional magazine, devotional Profession Home maker activities Husband Retired Engineer from TATA Social behaviour Has friends nearby, talks to relatives on Children Son is working in US, 29 phone often Daughter is married in Delhi, 33 Uses internet for Voice chat with children “The internet has brought the whole world to our fingertips, its amazing”Mrs Bharathi is content with her life, her children are settled in life and they are financially well offHer son recently bought them a PC and internet connection so they could communicate using skypeShe loves speaking with her 1 year old grandaughter over webcam whenever she can, but needs the help of her hus-band to set up the connectionShe is fascinated by the advancements in technology like the mobile and the internet, but is scared to use it on herown, she fears she will spoil it by doing something wrongShe is not interested to operate the computer but rather prefers getting her husband initiate voice chats and readingemails
  23. 23. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerPersona D: The reclusive home makerRadhika Jain Age 39 Hobbies cooking, interior decoration, fashion Educational Qualification B.A Literature in Hindi and lifestyle, reading newspapers, hindi Profession Home maker books, seeing movies Husband Has a trading business Social behaviour Has very few but close friends, goes for Children Daughter is in 9th Std movies, does not like mingling Uses internet for Feels its waste of time “The internet has made the younger generation very lazy”Radhika’s husband is a businessman and is away from home regularly on workShe used to be a hindi teacher, but had to quit owing to family pressure to take care of the home after she gave birthto her daughterShe has a passion for Hindi and poetry, she loves reading regional magazines and going for movies with her closefriends whenever she canShe tries to keep herself occupied at home by reading books, talking with her friends and running errands, she feelsTV and the internet are a waste of timeHer daughter is in the 9th Std and she is very particular about her academic performance and futureShe has a joint bank account and uses it for accounts related to home. She does not use a credit caard
  24. 24. Bing Applications for the Urban Indian Home makerOpportunity areasAreas to work onComputer training and assistanceAwareness about relevant internet services that are available to homemakersSimplified interfaces which use metaphors from daily objects and actions, like phones and televisions etc.Targeted advertising and services that match routine of home makers, like grocery shopping, or arranging partiesMake ecommerce/bill payment sites easier to access and remove myths regarding safetyEasier shopping and product comparison sitesLeverage the social nature of women by allowing sharing of comments in a more simplified mannerViral marketing to advertise servicesRemember information for later retreival quicklyMake finding relevant or daily/routine information easierNot overloading pages with information and instructionsUse of visual content over textual contentContent sharing platforms to let home makers share their knowledge